Session 174
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Saturday, May 17, 1997 (Public) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Carole (Aileen), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and ten new participants, Mary Jane (Kaileen), Charles (Darius), Carol, Pam, Madelon, Janet, Tony, Molli, Joan, and Roy. (Charles will be abbreviated CHRLS)
We would like to thank Norm and Reta for opening their home and inviting guests to what we consider our second public session.
Elias arrives at 3:24 PM. (Time was thirty seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. Welcome to all of the new essences present this day! (Smiling) We shall be investigating information which is related to your genetics, in continuation of the introduction which has already been offered. I shall be focusing this day upon the relationship of your focuses to this manifestation that you identify with presently within this now. (Elias terms "focus" as "lifetime")

Many individuals speak of reincarnational lifetimes. I find this terminology to be inadequate, as all of your focuses are simultaneous. They only appear to not be simultaneous within your identification of linear time frameworks. You understand time within this dimension in a certain type of definition. In actuality, all of your focuses of essence are occurring within this present now. This is all of what you term to be your past focuses, and also future focuses. These are important to your present now, for they are influencing of you within this present now.

I have begun speaking of genetics as being a choice of alignment. In manifesting physically into this dimension, there are many elements that you choose to align with. This is, to your way of thinking, an extremely complicated process. You do not merely choose the parents that you wish to be manifesting through. You also are identifying with physical genetic codes which have been accepted within the established physically-focused family lineage. You also incorporate your own genetic codes, which are established throughout all of your focuses. Therefore, you may experience within a lifetime some element which may develop which seems to be outside of the genetic heritage of your family.

An individual may manifest within a particular focus an ailment which to your sciences may be unexplained, for in examining the history of the family throughout the generations, there may seem to be no evidence of this affliction through heredity. You may carry the encoded messages genetically within each focus. Therefore, you may manifest elements within one focus that seem inconsistent with your heritage of that particular focus. I have stated previously that you generally, not always but for the most part, choose to be manifesting within the same physical type. You may choose variations, but generally you manifest within this dimension of this physical focus with the same general type of body expression. You also carry the same type of genetic elements. This does not hold true entirely, for you may choose within any focus to deviate from this, and within extremes. As I have stated, this is a generalization.

It is to an extent valuable to be aware of elements of your other focuses as we are approaching your shift. As you approach your shift in consciousness, many more subjective elements shall become obvious to you. You shall be incorporating many more subjective bleed-throughs. Therefore, it is valuable to you to be holding an understanding of your other focuses, for they are influencing of this focus. They are not only influencing of this focus physically, but they are also influencing of this focus emotionally. This dimension of physical focus which you have chosen to manifest into is based in emotional experience. Therefore, this is an extreme element in importance, for your experience.

Your emotional state within this particular focus holds influences from your other focuses also. In this, your fears within this particular dimension and within this particular focus are also influenced by fears within other focuses of this dimension. I specify this, for you hold focuses of essence within many dimensions. You are not only manifest within this particular dimension and physical focus. There are numberless physical focuses occupying the same space arrangement. The focuses which are influencing of this focus, to which you recognize as you, are those which are also within this dimension. This is not to say that some of your other focuses within other dimensions do not bleed through or influence you, for they do; but for the most part, your encoding limits itself to one dimension. Therefore, you hold a framework of reference subjectively to be functioning efficiently within this dimension.

You may be choosing many manifestations within this dimension, and you may be allowing recently some bleed-through information into your objective awareness. This occurrence is a natural action which is happening presently as you are approaching your shift within consciousness. This shift shall allow you more of an awareness than you have incorporated within the entirety of your history upon this planet. We have spoken of lessening or eliminating the trauma that may be incorporated within this shift in consciousness. Many individuals do not understand what may possibly be creating of trauma with regard to this shift. I express to you that as you allow more subjective information to become objectively known, this becomes very confusing; for this subjective information does not fit within the framework of your accepted reality. You are not only changing small elements of your reality within the action of this shift. You are changing essentially the entirety of your manifest reality within this dimension; for you shall approach all of this reality differently as you incorporate much more subjective activity. It is quite obvious to you all that the movement within what you classify as psychic activity is growing tremendously. This continues upon a daily basis, and you all lend energy to the continuation of this movement which is altering and shifting the consciousness of your globe. This is not limited to a small area. This encompasses the entirety of your planet.

Were you not to allow yourselves the information of subjective activity and the understanding that this is also an element of yourselves and that you are much more than what you view within your mirrors as one physical entity, you would be experiencing much conflict within the confusion of information which shall be bleeding through. You have chosen this action collectively. Therefore, the information shall bleed through. You shall incorporate experiences of interaction with individuals within transition. You shall connect with information of your own focuses of essence. You shall recognize that all about you is your own creation, and also is not quite as solid as you view it to be! You also may surprise yourselves at your own abilities to manipulate energies in ways that previously may have seemed impossible.

Other focuses are lending energy to you presently within the movement and accomplishment of this shift; this being why, futurely and presently, you shall be encountering more of your own belief systems. They shall be becoming more obvious to you; for within the action of this shift you have chosen to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging that they exist within physical focuses, but also that they are nothing more than belief systems. These hold no power unless you allow them. In this, as you move into the accomplishment of your shift you shall experience much less conflict and what you view to be tension, for you shall understand that these belief systems that you hold are not truths. They are belief systems. They may serve you, or they may not. They are not dictating to you.

(Smiling) I must express that we are aware of an interesting array of energy within this forum this day! I shall allow you a break, and as we return you may ask your questions.

BREAK 3:50 PM RESUME 4:13 PM (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Before accepting questions from all of you, I should like to focus upon your focuses. Let us briefly deviate for a moment and explore some of your focuses which may be influencing of this present now, that you may incorporate as information to be helpful with your experience presently within the beginnings of this shift. (Pause)

(To Molli) This essence holds a focus, which you deem to be past, within European countries. This has been a frail focus of essence, with the direction of experiencing those elements of poverty and disease which lends to this focus a compassion for other individuals. You shall view that elements of other focuses of your essence are lending energy to this focus which you identify with.

(To Tony) This essence identifies with strength and control; this being within your identification of historical elements with Greeks. Much pride has been attached to within that particular focus, which adds to underlying belief systems within this focus. There are elements of control issues which you may be wishing to be overcoming. Recognize that underlying this is an influence of another focus, which you do not necessarily need be incorporating within this present now and this identification.

(To Madelon) Peasantry, within time periods of pyramids. This focus lends presently to an identification of appreciation of earth, nature, and elements.

I express to you that I do not focus within this area generally, but as this lends information to the subject for this day, I have chosen to offer small amounts of information to you to be identifying with yourselves and all of the aspects of self, for they all are aspects of you. This shall be helpful to you in viewing yourselves as more than one physical entity which you view visually, for you are more than one aspect, although you view only one manifestation.

(To Pam) Ah! Elements of sorcery within what you term to be in your history of your medieval time period; dabblings in earth magic and attempts to be connecting with non-physical elements of existence. A recognition also of other physical manifestations, which was not entirely acceptable within expression of the time period; not quite fashionable to be expressing of aliens (laughter) within medieval time periods! This lending to an openness within this particular focus, in a recognition of the present shift within consciousness.

(To Roy and Joan) A connection of this individual and this individual within future focus, to your thought process, in development of more efficient energy systems within your planet; this being within the time period of your new city which you are creating presently, which is also manifest presently within your future time period. These individuals being counterparts, and also lending energy to this shift within consciousness.

(To Carol) Indian; although this I am aware is an incorrect terminology, for you may now express the term of Native American. This focus lending energy to this present now with a desire to seek out information to be helpful to you in what you view to be spiritually; a recognition of all elements being one.

(To Mary Jane, chuckling) A confusion within this particular physical focus, in attachment to objects with cultural relationship. You do not hold a focus within the location that you identify as Japan, but you do hold a focus within the location of China. In this, there has been a relationship to ancestors of one individual which has been named Peter within this forum. You may investigate this if you are so choosing; this focus being also of peasantry, although an experience of comfort, and also following within the intent of Sumafi, being that of a record keeper.

(To Charles) This individual holds focus, in your present location that you term to be Russia, as instructor. This would be quite anciently, within your terms, that which is affecting of this present focus; this focus being within a Siberian location and quite involved with metal work; gold. The alignment with this present focus would be that movement into the area of non-physical elements; a wishing to be exploring of transitional elements within physical focus as opposed to transition within non-physical focus. Within that focus or lifetime, as you are choosing to be expressing of this, this metal worker also held fascination with star constellations which was influencing of thought processes of non-physical existences; that which you may view as heavenly domains. Within this present focus it has shifted into an interest within the element of transition, and the non-physical action that may be translated into physical focus.

(To Norm) Native of what you now term to be New Guinea. This individual holds explorations within physical aspects of existence quite primitively, but this also bleeds through into this present existence that you recognize. Within this other individual, there is little concern for elements of non-physical existence. The quest, so to speak, is to be identifying of all elements of physical existence, and therefore allowing an understanding of mechanics.

(To Reta) Location of South America; this being influencing of belief systems within this present now of this focus. Within this other focus you have manifest also as female, with many children; this being within a small village holding little material affluence. This is influencing within this present now in the manner of wishing for and also movement in the direction in relation to children, to be manifesting in what you view to be adequate accommodations within their lifetime. The focus is heavily influenced within the area of children, in relation to this South American focus.

(To Carole) A focus upon quite strict religious elements within Victorian era. This is affecting as almost a counterpart action of yourself, within what you view to be opposite terms, of this focus; recognizing within this focus these belief systems and allowing a movement into your definition of opposite direction. In this, be wary that you do not incorporate the strength of belief systems within the other swing of the pendulum.

(To Janet) Another gypsy, one who has quite colorfully explored a focus within the intent of communication with many diverse individuals; this lending to this particular focus in a tolerance of many different types of individuals and their expressions, allowing an interaction within ease of many individuals. You have acquired a great acceptance within this focus.

Each of you may view aspects of yourselves within this information, and you may incorporate more of an understanding of that which influences and helps to be motivating of you. It is also advantageous to you to be viewing all of your aspects of self, for these all lend energy to your intent within each focus. Your intent within each individual focus is not always the same; but as all things are interconnected, as all energy may not be separated, all lends beneficially to all. It is quite too often viewed or thought of that your other focuses may be negatively influencing of this present focus without your permission. This is incorrect. You are not the victims of conflict within other focuses. You are lent energy from your other focuses to be accomplishing of your intent within this focus, as in like manner this focus lends energy to all of your other focuses to be accomplishing of their intents.

I shall allow you the opportunity to be asking your questions, if you are so choosing.

JOAN: Sometimes they speak of these times as being the end times. Could you kind of go into that? You say we're having a transitional shift. How will we experience that? I know it's not the end of the world as we know it, but there's gonna be a change. Maybe you can get my intent within the question. How will we experience life?

ELIAS: You are coming to what you may view as the end of your religious era. You have created a religious era within your history which now no longer serves your purposes. Therefore, you view that you are wishing to be expanding within consciousness into a broader area of encompassing consciousness within physical focus.

Now; within the religious belief systems of very many of your physical religions, it is expressed that you shall reach a point of cataclysmic event. This is unnecessary; this being the reason that you view information offered to you by essences, and yourselves, to be reminding you that these are belief systems.

Now; you may be choosing to be creating of catastrophe if you are lending energy to these belief systems. Therefore, I and many more speak with you, to be reminding you that it is unnecessary to be creating of devastation to be creating anew. You may be expanding and creating a new element within consciousness without also creating what you have prophesied within your religious belief systems. It is unnecessary. These also are your choices. You may be choosing to be manifesting devastation if this collectively is within your intention and your choice for drama, or you may be choosing within the action of this shift to be lending energy to each other and dispelling of the movement of energy which may be creating of disastrous effects.

RETA: Might you expand upon the reason that we are here, that we have chosen to be here to get this information, to expand with that good element? Would you kind of enlarge upon that?

ELIAS: You are each participating within your own endeavors within consciousness, in affecting of all of consciousness within an ease of movement into the element of this shift.

Many individuals may interpret the actions of subjective bleed-through within present belief systems. As I have stated, bleed-throughs shall occur. You already view evidence of this. As these bleed-throughs become more frequent and more obvious to you, they also shall be causing individuals to be questioning of themselves within your psychological and religious belief systems. Individuals may believe themselves to be losing of their sanity. They may also view themselves to be attached with demons, as they are aligning with their belief systems. These are not in actuality accurate assessments of the occurrences. They are merely noticings of subjective action which is becoming more objective, which is the point.

You have chosen to allow yourselves greater freedom within creativity. Therefore, you have chosen to be allowing yourself less separation of essence within physical focus, and more understanding of your own capabilities and your own multidimensionality.

RETA: Thank you.

CHRLS: I have a two-fold question. My first question is: Would you be so kind as to inform me what my soul name/higher self name might be?

ELIAS: Darius.

CHRLS: Darius? I will remember it until the day I pass over! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Very good! You may also incorporate a chanting action if you are choosing, which shall indeed create great spirituality!

CHRLS: Wonderful! Just wonderful! (Laughter) My second question is: How may I, in my own privacy, be able to communicate/channel through to a master source like yourself in my own privacy? What procedure, what method, what technique should I use privately to accomplish that?

ELIAS: Let me be explaining to you that within the action of an energy exchange, there is much preparation that is involved. It is an agreement between the essence non-physically focused and the individual focus which is physically focused. Within this, the essences non-physically focused incorporate, to your way of thinking, much time period in preparation with the physically-focused individual, for the accomplishment of the energy exchange.

There are many elements involved within an energy exchange. To your way of thinking, physically it may be viewed quite complicatedly. There are vibrational qualities which must be adjusted. There are physical elements which must be adjusted. There is a "leading up to" the actual physical manifestation or occurrence, which you generally objectively are not aware of the interaction which is occurring.

If you are choosing to be exchanging, or in your terms contacting a non-physically focused essence, you may accomplish this; although this may not indicate the action which you term to be channeling. An energy exchange is different from an interaction with an essence which is non-physically focused. You may privately ... or to your way of thinking privately, for there is no privately (grinning) ... be in communication and contact with another essence, and you may hold an objective awareness of this interaction. There is no magic trick! There is only an acceptance and a willingness for exchange. As you are allowing yourself an openness and an acceptance of self, you shall also incorporate an acceptance of essence, which shall allow you to be within communication of non-physical essences.

You may offer yourself objectively as a facilitator of an energy exchange, but this is also dependent upon the agreement of essences which are non-physical. Therefore, without the agreement you may be chanting quite often, (laughter) and you may also hear your own self and not another essence! I express to you though, that within your own essence is the vastness of the entirety of the universe of information. Therefore, tapping into self shall offer you satisfaction in the same regard as exchanging with another essence; for no one essence is more, or more glorious, than your own.

Note: Elias terms his interaction with Mary as an "energy exchange," differentiating between an exchange of essence and tapping into self.

CHRLS: Agreed. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Grinning at Charles)

NORM: I have a question in regard to the families associated with the people here. Are many of them Sumafi?

ELIAS: Within this forum presently, all individuals are within the families of Sumafi and Sumari.

PAM: Elias, I understand that I am new to your group, but I feel such a closeness. I was wondering if you could tell us just a little bit about you, or about when you were on the earth plane, or in the physical sense an essence in the physical being. Would that be acceptable to share a little with us?

ELIAS: Quite. So, you are holding recognition of this energy! Within this physical dimension that you recognize presently, I express to you that within the focus that I have offered you this day, you hold connection with this essence (Elias), and also with the apprentice which is known now within essence name of Michael (Mary); for this being within the same location and time period. These two individuals serve the position as teachers to Michael within that particular focus. Therefore, you are correct. Physically focused there has been, in your terms, interaction which has occurred. This individual (Roy) also being that of a stable boy within the same location, and holding fascination to the goings on within the secretness of the dwelling of the sorcerers. These individuals did not dwell together. They held a relationship in what you may term to be deep friendship, and also an alignment in teaching. (

We shall break, and you may continue if you are so choosing, or you may be choosing to be discontinuing.

NORM: I'd like to continue.

ELIAS: Very well.

BREAK 5:10 PM RESUME 5:31 PM (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing; we shall address to clarification for your transcribing. Focus was presented to Juno (Tony) as Greek; this being the identification which you shall connect with within the material. This explanation offered within the focus of sorcerer is a connection of this essence (Elias) and that of yourself (Pam) within a cooperation of teaching element to a young apprentice, which you shall now identify as Michael (Mary). You may continue with your questioning.

NORM: Last night on 20/20, Barbara Walters and company presented a case where I believe at about age of forty-five, this woman with a very serious heart disease received a heart and lungs of an eighteen-year-old that had previously died in a motorcycle accident. She became quite healthy and has been healthy for nine years, but she has acquired psychological and physiological characteristics of the young man that died. For example, she now walks with a swagger of a man. She had an idea of the ideal physical shape of a woman prior to the placing of the new heart and lungs, and then she changed her idea of what an ideal woman would look like.

RETA: She even had some tastes in her ideal taste of food change.

NORM: For example, she liked beer afterwards. It was quite unusual in that it was presented in a national forum. Of course, none of the people up there could understand the physical consciousness of the human body and the relationship of the consciousness of all of the organs of the body, but I thought it was quite curious how it affected her mentally. Would you care to comment on this?

ELIAS: You lean in the direction of believing that each individual upon your planet physically manifest holds a different essence. This is incorrect. At any given moment upon your planet, one essence may manifest many focuses. In this, this physical manifestation is not quite so unusual throughout your history of these types of transplantations, although some manifest more obviously than others. This does not always occur, for within the transplantation of tissue or organs from one individual to another, the body consciousness recognizes the difference of another essence and its creation. Therefore, within many transplantations they shall eventually be assimilated into a cooperative action with the existing body consciousness, although at times they may not be accepted at all. Within manifestations of the same essence, the transplanted elements are recognized within consciousness as being aspects of that essence. Therefore, they are not only incorporated physically, but they are also incorporated within allowance of the expression of memory.

Your physical expression, that which you term to be your body, holds memory. This is a subjective element incorporated into an objective manifestation. There are many more elements of your physical form than you understand presently. You have created quite a magnificent creation in form, which functions quite efficiently!

Within intent, some individuals may choose within one particular physical focus to merge physically. Therefore, the essence has manifest more than one focus within the same time period; and though these individuals may hold no objective knowledge of each other, they may, through design, merge physically through such circumstances, and therefore incorporate the memory of both into one focus. This shall allow a wider awareness for the individual continuing within physical focus. This may also be likened to what you each accomplish within each physical focus, in exchange with alternate selves. You are exchanging with alternate selves quite often within each individual focus. This is an example of a physically manifest demonstration of the same principle, in your terms.

NORM: On that same show, they had youngsters ... although boys and girls do this, they only had girls ... talking about compulsive, obsessive disorders. My interpretation or my intuitional thought on that could be that it has a retained belief system from a very rapidly remanifested transition. Would that have any truth to it?

ELIAS: In many situations, yes. For individuals choosing to be remanifesting without incorporating much element of transition, there are many manifestations that may occur that you may deem to be consequences ... although they are not consequences! They are simply manifestations in extreme of retained belief systems.

CHRLS: Is it true or correct that when I pass over into the spiritual world, or however we wish to identify it ... universe ... that I personally will have the unlimited capability that no matter what I wish to think of creatively, that my thoughts and the energy behind my thoughts will manifest into spiritual form with unlimited possibilities? Is that correct? True or not true?

ELIAS: (Grinning and chuckling) As you disengage this physical focus in the action of what you term to be death, you shall enter a new country. This country shall hold a new language to you; which you shall spend, to your way of thinking, a time period adjusting to and learning this new language, just as you would similarly were you to relocate your physical self within this present now to another country upon your planet. In this, initially you shall retain some of your objective awareness; that which is tuned to this physical existence and is continuing to hold belief systems; this being the purpose of this transitional time period, to be undressing yourself of your belief systems. At this point, as you have shed your objective awareness and your belief systems, you shall move into an area of non-physical awareness and existence. In this area, you may choose from a myriad of elements of consciousness.

In this, as I have expressed in like manner to physically moving to another country upon your planet, you shall acclimate yourself to this new area of consciousness which shall specialize in certain endeavors, that which you are choosing to occupy your attention with; just as if you are relocating from your present country to Switzerland. You shall acclimate yourself to the terrain and the climate and the new language, but you shall not be incorporating the culture of Japan. You shall be incorporating the culture of Switzerland; this being in like manner to non-physical focus.

It is a belief system which is perpetuated by your religious beliefs, that as you "cross over to your other side," which is not another side, (humorously) that you shall be all-knowing of all of the universe, and you shall be infinitely creating of whatever you are desiring of; this being the belief system of your enlightenment, your nirvana, your heaven, or what have you. In actuality, consciousness and essence seeks to explore itself continuously. It is within a continuous motion of becoming. There is no limit. There is no boundary to this action of becoming, and as you continue the action of becoming, you perpetuate the becoming. Therefore, you create the becoming as you accomplish the becoming. Therefore, how may you know all, as you have not created all yet? (Smiling)

CHRLS: May I just ask another question related to the same thing in a different way? One of the creative concepts that could be, or that I would have would be, in the spiritual world, to go inward, to enter a higher dimension, and then again to go inward further, with my total objective to achieving oneness with god.

ELIAS: You are already! (Grinning)

CHRLS: Yes, but my statement is still the same. Even though I am oneness with god, I'm referring to in the spiritual world, going through the different dimensions inwardly into higher frequencies.

ELIAS: You are already! (Laughter)

CHRLS: I'm there already? How wonderful! I love that answer!

ELIAS: You are your highest expression. (This statement is drowned out by laughter)

CHRLS: I'm closer than I think, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

CHRLS: Hallelujah!

ELIAS: You are ultimately creative. You are your highest expression. You are god! Therefore, what shall you merge with?

CHRLS: I'm removing all limitations tonight! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Excellent! We shall be applauding of your motion!

CHRLS: I'm excited! (Charles had us in stitches with his delightful sense of humor and enthusiastic personality)

CAROLE: Elias, oftentimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, it seems that my tie and connection to this objective reality has been loosened to such a degree that with no action on my part, I experience subjective activity in many different forms. Being here with the people from the forum also has seemed to have contributed to this subjective action speeding up, or my having more of it. (Carole was visiting from Connecticut) One of the things that happened this week ... I woke up in the middle of the night, and my consciousness split; first in two, and then in four. It was like rather than looking out from one focus, I was looking out from four focuses. What would that be? Which inner sense would that be correlative with? Is that something that should be developed, or is that just maybe an indicator or a feeling of becoming connected more with the feeling of not being singularly focused?

ELIAS: This is a conceptualization. This action is another example of that which we have spoken within this day, of your subjective consciousness bleeding through into objective awareness. This, as I have stated, shall become more frequent and more obvious as you are moving into the action of your shift. This is the action which I have expressed to you all that is causing of concern to many individuals, for they hold no explanation of that which they are creating and connecting with. You hold an understanding of subjective bleed-through. In this, you also hold a responsibility to be sharing with other individuals helpfulness for their understanding of this action. You offer yourselves more subjective activity, that you may be understanding of other individuals and their experiences.

CAROLE: Thank you. It is difficult though, in this physical focus, to be able to decide or have a way that feels comfortable to be able to share these things. You could share it with someone, and they would just be totally closed. It's just really difficult to figure out which way to do this.

ELIAS: Your indicator shall be the individual which you face. Do not approach another individual from the guidelines of yourself, but be accepting of the individual which is before you; and be understanding, through your empathic sense, of the individual and their understanding. In this, you shall allow yourself to guide yourself efficiently into communication or connection.

JOAN: This is sort of related to what Carole's saying. I've had that problem where I try to share, and I feel emotionally battered. I wish I could see it coming, but so often it takes me by surprise. Someone might be a good friend and it just might be an innocent remark, and I feel like I got hit over the head or something.

ELIAS: There are several elements involved with these situations. One is that you must be trusting and accepting of self. In trusting and accepting of self first, you shall move into an area within self of knowing that objective expression matters not. Also, within focusing upon self and trusting and accepting within self, you may also allow yourself, as I have expressed to Aileen, to be recognizing of the consciousness of the individual before you.

Many individuals choose to be approaching of other individuals and expressing themselves in the manner that they have found the way. They have found the path. They are in possession of the truth. Your definitions of truth within physical focus are quite distorted! It is unnecessary to be converting another individual to your thought process. You may delude yourself and you may express to yourself, "I am offering only helpfulness, for this individual needs this helpfulness. This individual needs this information, and I shall deliver this information as their savior!" The individual before you shall draw themselves to the information that they are needing. In actuality, many times you as the individual are needing to be expressing of your own belief systems, and in this not accepting of another individual. There is no wrong expression! Therefore, all individuals are acceptable and all of their expressions are acceptable. You may be sharing in likeness and accepting, knowing that all individuals are also you. Therefore, why must you convince you of your truth? You already hold your truth!

CAROLE: Elias, I am finding myself more and more going in the opposite direction of doing anything to impart anything that I've learned to anyone. Now I don't feel like doing any of that anymore. Will that still be helpful within the shift, if I just don't say anything anymore? Because that's what I really prefer to do now.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are all always affecting; although within some expressions of non-expression, you also lend energy to established mass belief systems.

CAROLE: So in certain instances it would be appropriate, and that would be within trusting myself to know when those instances have arisen?

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you all this day much affection, and I shall anticipate interaction with you once again if you are choosing objectively, and I shall interact with you subjectively regardless! (Grinning) I shall depart from you all quite lovingly, and express au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:08 PM.


(1) Last year, Mary connected with this same focus/lifetime in a state of hypnotism. She saw herself the sorcerer's apprentice, and Elias as her teacher. She also described the stable boy. Going on the theory that the focuses we choose to remember are the ones most affecting of this focus, it's interesting that we have encountered another person who is presently interacting with Mary in a significant manner within another focus. I would speculate as to whether there may be an agreement between Mary and Pam; an exchanging of roles, so to speak. For example, perhaps they have chosen to "trade places" in the teacher/student relationship within these two focuses. Or perhaps Pam's role as teacher in the other focus is bleeding through to this one, which would explain her offering information and helpfulness to Mary. Any thoughts out there?

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