Session 1737

Defining ‘Balance’ and “Cooperation’


“Defining ‘Balance’ and “Cooperation’”
“The City”

Tuesday, March 29, 2005 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Luana (Ring)

(Elias’ arrival time is 12 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LUANA: Good morning, Elias. It’s been a long time!

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

LUANA: Well, originally I set up an appointment with Faye, who lives up at Ten Mile Ranch. I’ve discussed with you before about the ranch. She had another commitment that came up, so I’ve wrestled around and gotten a bunch of questions up myself. I think we’re not going to talk about the ranch so much or her health, but we’ll talk about me and other things that are happening in the world right now.

ELIAS: Very well.

LUANA: I guess the first thing I want to talk about is Jim’s transition. I haven’t talked to you in about six months or so about what’s happening with him. Can you tell me where he’s progressing in his transition, please?

ELIAS: Quite similar to our previous discussion. Remember, time is different in the reality that he is generating. Therefore, what may seem to you to be a considerable passage of time linearly, to the other individual it may appear quite differently, and there may not be a perception of much time passing at all.

LUANA: I understand that. Is he around his location here on earth somewhat, or ever, or is it just deposits I’m picking up here sometimes? What is the situation as far as his objective awareness?

ELIAS: He is projecting energy, and you are noticing his energy at times. In this, it is merely a matter of you generating an openness to be noticing more frequently.

LUANA: Does it help make the connection when I’m talking out loud to him?

ELIAS: It can, for in that action, you are more focused with your energy.

LUANA: Is that also true with you? I read in one of your sessions that you said, “I don’t read minds,” and I wondered how you perceive when we are interacting with you, that if it’s also helpful if we talk out loud to you.

ELIAS: Correct, for that generates more of a directedness of your energy, and you automatically, generally speaking, focus your energy more specifically. In that, it serves as a type of filter. You may be engaging several subjects simultaneously, but if you are verbally communicating, you focus your attention more clearly upon one subject in a particular moment, which allows for less confusion. That generates more of an efficient interaction between yourself and myself.

LUANA: Does it also help, at the same time, to visualize or have something in front of us that is the blue color?

ELIAS: That would be dependent upon the individual. It may, if the individual chooses to be incorporating some type of object as a focal point to also center or focus their energy. But as I have stated, it would be dependent upon the individual.

LUANA: In my particular case, does it make any difference one way or the other if I focus on blue at the same time I’m speaking out loud to you?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

LUANA: One of my friends has been, for about two weeks now, informing me that she is in connection with you and that you are sending messages to me through her. Is that what is happening?

ELIAS: No. That would be unnecessary. If I am interactive with any of you, I am interactive with you directly.

LUANA: This is kind of creating a problem for me, because she is giving me directions supposedly from you to me and is also saying that she is to be interactive on some of these things that she’s telling me to do. I don’t know how to handle the situation, because she believes it is truly coming from you.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I AM generating interaction with this individual, but not concerning other individuals.

LUANA: So, what would you suggest I do with her, then, coming to me and wanting to do things with me that she perceives that you are telling her to do with me?

ELIAS: Such as?

LUANA: Well, for instance, I have been working on some intentional tools, which are focusing tools, and I’ll talk to you a little bit about that in a minute. She has been telling me that she is supposed to be interactive with me making the tools, setting them up and what I should do with them and how I should make them and so on and so forth. I could simply do it, which is okay, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem... I don’t know; it seems sort of like a falsehood to do that, since I know it doesn’t come from you. I presumed it didn’t come from you, because she has said things that you say to her that I know are not the information that you have given in your sessions with me in the past.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: I don’t want say that’s not true or that’s only what you believe, because I don’t think that’s a good way to approach it, but I don’t know what to do about this now.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and it is not necessary to discount the other individual. Yes, I am interactive with this individual, but there is also a considerable interpretation and filtering through the individual’s beliefs that are influencing her translation of that interaction. Therefore, what she is translating is a considerable distortion from what I am projecting in energy.

As to your own situation, you may merely express yourself that you choose to be engaging your project with yourself for it is your experimentation, and that you choose to engage this action as your own method of focusing your energy or offering yourself information to yourself, and that it does not require the participation of another individual, and that this is your preference to engage the action in the manner that you want.

LUANA: I just worried about her feeling rejected. She’s pretty vulnerable right now and really trying to reach out, and I felt that this was her process to try to make more of a connection with me. I thought that that would be kind of pushing against her, and I really didn’t want to have her feeling rejected right now because she is vulnerable.

ELIAS: Perhaps you may engage a different type of interaction and generate a different direction with this individual.

LUANA: That’s sort of the conclusion I came to, too.

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to express a supportiveness, but not necessarily move in the direction of compliance with what does not ring true to you.

LUANA: I’ll skip right on to the project now. After I read your session that you had with the group, I believe it was in Castaic, about the tsunami, the large earthquake and tsunami that happened in Southeast Asia...


LUANA: mentioned that the background behind that event was that things were out of balance.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: At the same time, I’m reading articles about the weather situation on earth and how out of balance it is, and that this global warming is beginning to happen and have fairly severe consequences, particularly for the animals up in the Arctic area. Also, I’m aware that we create the weather, that in general, all the people on the earth create the weather, and that part of this situation with being out of balance is this not accepting of each other. So, what I did was I started to build a balancing tool to project out and to put focus on balancing, so that the weather that’s being affected by human emotions and feelings and all that would come more into balance. I wanted to know, is this an efficacious project or tool, this intentional tool that I’m doing to help with the situation?

ELIAS: And what is the presentment of the tool?

LUANA: I don’t know what you mean by that.

ELIAS: What is its design?

LUANA: When I got this into my mind, first of all, I go down to the beach and I look around for things that call my attention that this needs to be done, and I also project out. First of all, I found a large stick. I had projected out that I wanted something with three strong prongs up at the top to represent the two different opposite sides and the balancing mechanism in the middle. The balancing mechanism in the middle is actually the acceptance of each other’s beliefs and differences so that there’s less conflict in the world, so that there is less disturbance and people are more, perhaps we can say, calmly interacting with each other. Different things have started to appear, now, to put onto this balancing beam. It’s about nine-foot tall; I plan to put it in the ground. I’ve done a meditation on it with a coil that goes around it. I’ve also gotten some crystal hearts and a statue representing the polar bears and another one with the arctic fox, and different things are just coming together to put together with the tool.

I’ve actually gone up to talk to Faye up at Ten Mile Ranch and she said that’s fine to put it on top of a hill on the ranch there. It sort of represents not only a balancing of myself and the balancing of other people, but a balancing of the weather situation at the same time. Can you kind of get an idea of what I’m talking about?


LUANA: So, sometimes I work with these. I don’t know whether these are actually only for me or if they actually help the situation with things like the Shift that’s creating so much intensity that things are really out of balance now. I just wanted to get some feedback from you.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, first of all, the significance of the individual. Therefore, in your engaging this tool and balancing and centering your energy, you do generate an affectingness, for that generates a rippling effect, so to speak, in relation to the collective. In that, as you continue to project a balanced energy, that does affect your environment, and it also moves to seek out other energies of similarity that will cooperate and intensify that energy. Are you understanding?

LUANA: I am.

ELIAS: Therefore, I would express to you my encouragement and acknowledgment that it is an effective method to engage.

Now; I also may express to you, in this, you are not changing other individuals’ energy that they are projecting, but you are projecting energy in a manner which seeks out similar energies to generate more of a strength, and that is noticed by opposing energies and does generate an influence to lessen that opposition.

LUANA: When we talk about balance, there are several different ways of balancing things, and I really wanted to get a clarification from you on what you meant by balance.

ELIAS: You are correct, balance may be expressed in many different manners, but what I am expressing is being aware of what type of energy you each as individuals are projecting, and paying attention clearly to what you are actually doing, for that IS your indicator of what type of energy you are projecting.

I may correct one statement that you expressed in association with the collective feelings and emotions being that which affects your environment and your weather, which that is incorrect. It is the type of energy that you are projecting, which your feelings and your emotional communications are not necessarily an indicator of what type of energy you are projecting. What you DO is much more of an indicator of what type of energy you are projecting. The significance of this is to not be projecting an energy of opposition or extreme, and therefore generating a balance.

LUANA: There’s different kinds of balance. When I think about balance, it is sort of like a teeter-totter. The extremes are that people are way out on the end of the teeter-totter, and it goes way up and way down according to how one pushes. But there’s also a balance, where if you move closer to the fulcrum of the teeter-totter, or actually if you’re in the center of the fulcrum, there’s no movement back and forth. Is that kind of the intensity that you’re talking about, is not to have extreme opposites but move more towards the center, then?


LUANA: So you’re talking about the energy of what we do, not necessarily the emotional reactionary energy.

ELIAS: Emotion is not a reaction.

LUANA: Right. It’s a communication.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: I’m a little bit lost on what you’re saying as far as the projection of energy, when you’re talking about things being extreme.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, you as an individual hypothetically can be experiencing yourself in a particular day and you may actually FEEL neutral within that day. You may not necessarily be offering yourself significant emotional communications. You may not necessarily FEEL very many signals within a particular day.

Now; an automatic association with that type of experience within one day may suggest to you that the energy that you are projecting is neutral or calm, but that may not necessarily be the situation. For within that day, although you may not necessarily be FEELING many feelings, you may be DOING different actions that are automatic responses. You may not even incorporate much thought concerning what you are actually doing, and therefore, you are not paying attention and not generally noticing what you are doing. Perhaps you encounter another individual within that day, and the other individual expresses some information to you that you disagree with.

Now; you may incorporate logic, and you may incorporate drawing upon information that you hold, and therefore, regardless that you disagree with the information that the other individual is offering to you or expressing, you may respond in a type of neutral manner and not necessarily appear to yourself to be opposing. For you may excuse the other individual’s expression within yourself, and you may express many different expressions to yourself to justify the excusing of the other individual, but underlying of those actions, you are also incorporating another action. You may not necessarily be genuinely accepting of the other individual’s information. You may not necessarily genuinely be accepting of the difference. You may surfacely appear to be accepting, for you are not challenging it.

LUANA: I understand perfectly what you’re saying. In fact, one of my questions is that about two days ago I ran into three or four of these incidences, where information was given to me and I could see it was different than mine. I merely accepted that person’s reality, and I dropped into what I call a “state of grace,” which is very calm, very aware of myself, very peaceful within myself, and it felt like a sense of balance. Is that kind of what you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Yes. But that requires being aware of what you are actually doing and being aware of your energy, and evaluating whether you are merely surfacely appearing to be accepting of these differences but genuinely opposing them.

LUANA: I think it was genuine, and I think that’s why...


LUANA: ...the mood changed into that “state of grace,” is what I call it.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

LUANA: So, that’s a balanced state, actually.

ELIAS: That is an example of what I am expressing — knowing what type of energy you are projecting and knowing that you are not expressing opposing energy.

LUANA: Yes, and that’s exactly what happened. Thank you for that. I like that clarification. One of the individuals was this woman who gives me messages from you, and I just accepted that that was her reality. It didn’t make it right or wrong or anything; it was just how her reality was and how she perceived it. Whether it was distorted information is not up to me to say. It’s what she believes is true.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: Another thing I wanted to ask you about, about two weeks ago or so, not in a sleepy or in-between stage of sleep and awake, I had... I don’t know what to call it exactly, but this voice called out my name very strongly, I think it’s the first time I ever realized it wasn’t hearing, it wasn’t thinking, it wasn’t actually hearing with my ears or with my inner dialogue, but it was something else. It was like a knowing that came to me, and I wanted to find out what that was or who was calling my name.

ELIAS: And shall you venture an impression?

LUANA: I thought perhaps it was you; I thought perhaps it was Jim.

ELIAS: That! Your partner.

LUANA: I’m really trying more these days to have this conversation or dialogue on a verbal level. Is this the start of this?


LUANA: It is! Good! I know I was in a very relaxed state. Is this all that I need to do, or is there something else that I can do to help activate this so that I can talk with him or other individuals who are not physical?

ELIAS: Practicing with that type of relaxation is quite beneficial, for that allows you much more of an openness.

LUANA: It’s kind of like a body-hearing or inner-sense hearing. Is that what’s going on with this? Is this the same kind of communication that nonphysical to nonphysical communicates?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. You translate it within your physical reality. You translate it into thought, but in the actual experience, you are correct, it is not actual audible speaking and it is not thought, but it is a knowing, and you receive the energy quite clearly.

LUANA: Is this a reflection of the same way that you yourself communicate with other nonphysical beings or personalities?

ELIAS: It is more of an action of how I communicate with all of you.

LUANA: So, when you are communicating with other nonphysical essences, is yours more along the line of impressions rather than words?

ELIAS: Impressions would also be associated with your physical reality. There is no actual communication in the manner in which you recognize it. It is all energy and an intermingling of energy.

LUANA: So there’s no real way for me to know what that is like.

ELIAS: You may, if you are engaging your inner sense of conceptualization. That moves you into the action, and that is what would more accurately be experienced as communication within consciousness.

LUANA: Would our sense of ideas be closer to that inner sense of conceptualization?


LUANA: Perhaps I don’t understand what that type of conceptualization is. If it’s not thought and it’s not impressions, is there a way you can describe it to me?

ELIAS: It is allowing yourself to move into the action, to move into the action of a subject.

LUANA: I think I read that quite some time ago, but I’m still not aware of what that means.

ELIAS: Consciousness is not a thing. It is an action. Therefore, it is a matter of moving into the awareness of the action, which does not incorporate an objective awareness.

LUANA: But the subjective awareness is aware of the movement.

ELIAS: Yes. The objective awareness is incorporated merely in association with any type of physical reality, for the objective awareness is necessary to generate physical reality. The objective awareness is the observer. Objective awareness is not necessary in nonphysical expressions of consciousness.

LUANA: Another thing I want to talk to you about is the City. I’ve started to think about it, and in the process of building a Web page or what they call a blog to put on the Internet, to gather up all the information on the City. It’s got a multiple purpose for me, a lot of it having to do with creativity and connecting up with other people. I read in one of your earlier sessions, quite early on, that you were telling the participants in the session that they had better get busy working on planning and making buildings and doing things because the time was running out on that, and I didn’t understand what you meant by that. (Pause)

ELIAS: This city is being constructed and shall eventually actually be inserted into your physical reality. In this, it is also associated with this shift in consciousness, and it being inserted into your physical reality is dependent upon how it is constructed in the movement of this shift.

LUANA: Can you clarify that, please?

ELIAS: You are all widening your awarenesses. You are expanding. In that, you are constructing this city, quite in conjunction with this shift, in an unfamiliar manner. Rather than constructing it in the familiar manner in which you incorporate architects and laborers, you are constructing it through energy. In your very visualizations of different elements of it, you are actually creating those aspects of this city. But you also incorporate the potential to, in a manner of speaking, destroy it before you even insert it.

LUANA: How so? I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: This city is dependent, its construction is dependent, upon your movement.

LUANA: Of the Shift?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, its construction is dependent upon your movement. You are now engaging this wave in consciousness addressing to truths, and it is tremendously powerful. This is what we were discussing previously concerning opposition and balance and not generating polarization or extremes, for in that, it distracts from the construction of this city.

LUANA: So by building a Web page and having other people contribute to this, is this going to be helpful in strengthening the sense of balance and also the manifestation of the City?

ELIAS: It can, yes.

LUANA: So this would be helpful not only to myself but to other people, to have a place to focus our energies on that?


LUANA: I’m also reading a lot of culture and things, so does it depend upon that, the ideas that are put into the City, whether or not it is manifested?

ELIAS: Partially, for what you are generating in this action is the reinforcement of cooperation, and that is the most significant.

LUANA: That leads me to another question. There seems to be opposition between what you say on one hand, where everybody is to direct their own actions in the future, and yet there is a sense of this cooperation at the same time. They seem like opposites to me in some ways.

ELIAS: In what ways?

LUANA: Well, I’m going to use an example of the ranch, which I’m still supposed to inherit, and I’m having a great deal of trouble with Faye because her idea about the ranch is that everybody is a separate individual. There’s very little cooperation up there at all, except when there’s an extreme emergency, and the emergency is usually a threat against the land, which there is right now. There’s a lawsuit against the land, which means the person who is proceeding with the lawsuit may inherit the land. So, I’m into a lot of conversations with Faye about the land.

My focus on how I would interact with the people at the ranch is more on a cooperative basis rather than on an individual basis, and she is adamant that the people that come to the ranch there, the way she operates it is that everybody should run their own life, and it doesn’t have any need for cooperation. I can see that this is a division between us because she wants to keep it as is, where every individual has their own life, has their own home, has a separate existence from everybody else, and there isn’t any need for cooperation. I’m having trouble with this, and using this as an example of the conflict between cooperation and self-responsibility.

ELIAS: And how do you define cooperation?

LUANA: Oh, working together to accomplish things or playing together or fun together or anything together. There’s no togetherness there at the ranch at all. In fact, one of my other questions is how to handle situations where even though it’s a community and they have things like a water system where everybody uses the same water, you will have one individual or a couple of individuals that don’t act quote responsibly and misuse the water and then nobody has water up there. One of the forms of cooperation would be that people are considerate of each other, and knowing that they are all on the same water system, they are careful with how they utilize the water instead of just saying this is what I want to do and heck with the rest of you.


Now; let me express to you, cooperation may be expressed in many different manners, and that does not necessarily incorporate an interaction with each other. I may also express to you what would be, in this situation, an expression of a lack of cooperation would be that of what you are expressing in relation to the water.

Now; in this, if you are directing of self and if you are genuinely expressing your ultimate freedom, you are also expressing clear responsibility to self. In expressing responsibility of yourself, your responsibility is to be directing of yourself and to be generating a clear awareness of that, but not to be discounting or opposing of other individuals.

Now; in that, you cannot be a victim if you are genuinely expressing self-responsibility. You also shall incorporate an awareness that whatever your guidelines are, they are applicable merely to you and not necessarily to other individuals. You also begin to generate a genuine awareness that difference is not a threat, but in this, that it is not necessary to be not merely not opposing of other individuals, but it is not necessary to defend self or justify self.

The act of what you define as greed or the lack of consideration, both of those actions are actions that are motivated by self-defense or protection, which is not an expression of genuinely expressing responsibility for self, is not expressing your genuine freedom, and is also not directing of yourself, but perceiving that other individuals incorporate the ability and the power to take from you, which motivates what you would term to be the strike-first action — take first before another individual can take from you. That is not self-directing, and it is not generating cooperation. In actual self-directing, you naturally generate the by-product of cooperation, for what you discontinue is competition. Without competition, cooperation is a natural by-product of self-directing.

LUANA: I understand everything you are saying and agree with it, but when you have individuals who are not acting that way and they affect other people, say, up at the ranch...

ELIAS: But that is not your responsibility.

LUANA: But it may become my responsibility.

ELIAS: And that would be your choice.

LUANA: My choice would be that Faye operates the ranch as an authority figure. My wish or my want or my desire is that it be operated under more cooperation rather than there being a central authority figure, the owner of the property. Yet, she tells me and others tell me that that is not possible, that here needs to be a person who would go to the person who is wasting the water and say you shouldn’t do that or you can’t do that or so on and so forth. There isn’t a sense with the different people on the ranch... The water is only one issue. There’s many issues where there isn’t a cooperation, and so an authority figure supposedly has to take over and then do the directing of the individual’s responsibility. That’s what I’m coming into conflict with.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and we have discussed this previously. I shall reiterate to you now what I have discussed with you previously. These are all choices, and what is the most significant in this situation is that you genuinely pay attention to you and your preferences and choose in accordance with that — not to be engaging a choice to attempt to implement certain expressions with other individuals.

You inquire to myself to be defining of balance or to be also explaining what I am expressing to you in relation to being aware of what type of energy you may be projecting in any particular moment and how to identify that, and that feelings and emotional communications are not necessarily an indicator of what type of energy you are projecting. This scenario provides yet another example of what we have been discussing. You incorporate one idea; other individuals incorporate a different idea, but both directions are generating an attempt to express an influence in association with other individuals to alter what they do. Both directions incorporate expectations. Both are an attempt to be directing of other individuals.

What you actually accomplish in that is opposing energy, and you generate fertile ground for disappointment and frustration, for you cannot engage other individuals’ choices and you cannot create their reality. Also, regardless of how much energy and information you offer to them, you cannot widen their awareness. That is an action that is only expressed by each individual. In this, you are not generating a cooperation, either, for you are attempting to dictate to the other individuals how they should be cooperating. That is not a cooperative energy, either. Therefore, in what you are DOING, you are expressing the reverse of what you are saying.

LUANA: It’s real ticklish to handle.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This is the reason that in our previous discussions I expressed to you quite strongly to pay attention to you and what you want and what is in keeping with YOUR preferences, what generates the least amount of conflict with you, and to be aware of what type of energy you are projecting, what is motivating you, and not to be deluding yourself with the false glory of generating a physical contribution to create a particular atmosphere in a particular situation with other individuals, but to genuinely evaluate within yourself that you may accomplish that type of expression and that type of contribution without engaging this type of scenario.

LUANA: It’s a whole new realm to me, I’ll tell you that. (Elias laughs) I’ve always been on my own, not part of a large community like this, and it’s a whole new realm for me to investigate now. Thank you for all of that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LUANA: Let me see, a little bit away from my personal stuff... There is a growing body of evidence, or reality one could say, that everybody is worried about oil in the earth, that we’re reaching a point where there’s no more oil. But there’s also another whole realm of people who are now convinced that the oil that we’re getting out of the ground isn’t left over from the dinosaurs and forests and whatever, that this is an inner process, a chemical process of the earth itself. Is this a reality that we are creating for ourselves, that we no longer have to fear running out of oil and there being this massive change to all of our lives because there’s not going to be any more energy?

ELIAS: It is a significant potential, but there is another significant potential that you may move in the direction of generating an entirely different direction.

LUANA: A totally different kind of energy?

ELIAS: Correct. There are...

LUANA: Is it close to being manifested now?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

LUANA: Will this help alleviate the wars that we are engaged in now? Our President of the United States is about to go to war with yet another country, supposedly over the oil situation. Will this help alleviate that and help prevent this possible nuclear disaster that’s coming?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for although you commonly express that your wars are generated in association with economics, your wars are actually generated in an expression of opposition and the mass expression of the lack of acceptance of difference and the continuation of discounting of yourselves en mass, and therefore generating the need for justification.

LUANA: Basically it’s a conflict of beliefs, I would guess.


LUANA: And not just religious beliefs, either.

ELIAS: No. It is conflict concerning your truths.

LUANA: You mentioned reconfiguring energy to make energy and time go faster. I didn’t understand that. What did you mean by making energy go faster or raising the vibration? What do you mean by that and how do I go about doing that?

ELIAS: You are already. You naturally incorporate that action. As you perceive your time to be accelerating, you are also generating an acceleration of the movement and the vibration of energy. That is what generates the acceleration of the time. It is all involved with the mechanism of perception. As you incorporate widening your awareness, you also incorporate expanding the periphery of your perception, and in that, you generate more awareness of your abilities and how to manipulate your reality.

LUANA: Like if we go to the movies or watch TV or whatever, or even in real life, there is more and more going on. There’s faster and faster movement of things perception-wise, particularly with young people. They are highly speeded up now, and people are doing more and more. All of this is part of the raising of these vibrations, supposedly?

ELIAS: Yes, for you can. You can incorporate and accomplish more, for you are allowing yourselves to focus your attention in the moment. Previously, time may have seemed or appeared to you to be passing in a slower manner. The reason that it appeared to be moving in a slower manner, and which it actually was, is that your attention was not as focused in as much clarity. Therefore, your awareness of what you can do was less. Therefore, you incorporate less attempt at doing. Now you are becoming more and more aware of what your abilities are, and that sparks curiosity to be experimenting. Therefore, you are doing more. But in order to do more, you must also focus your attention more clearly to utilize what time you incorporate in an efficient manner.

LUANA: So, as you move more and more into having your focus, your attention in the now, this is actually a part of the process of speeding up. Because the closer you are to being in the now, moment-to-moment all the time, this is actually increasing time and increasing perception also?

ELIAS: Yes, for it moves closer to the incorporation of the perception in simultaneous time.

LUANA: In simultaneous time, I presume, there is no time at all.

ELIAS: Correct.

LUANA: That’s where your perception is able to move with its belief systems in order to generate what you want in a moment-to-moment basis.

ELIAS: Correct, although within your physical reality, as linear time is an element of the blueprint of your reality, you shall not eradicate that. You shall not eliminate the movement of time in a linear fashion, for that is an element of the design of your particular physical reality. But you are reconfiguring it in a different manner, and allowing yourselves to experiment with the flexibility of time and the bend-ability of time, and to recognize that it is not as solid as you previously perceived it and that you do actually change it. You can actually accelerate it or decelerate it.

LUANA: As it’s accelerating it, you begin not to see objects as solid anymore, you begin to see them in an energetic state?


LUANA: And then you are able to change them by slowing down the time and solidifying them in different forms, then, if you want?


LUANA: So that’s the process we’re all going through now?


LUANA: The new children that are coming in now, they know this already?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

LUANA: Sometimes I look at what has to happen with the Shift, with people accepting each other and the movement into the flexibility of accepting each other’s beliefs, and some people are so solidly formed, I can’t even imagine their being able to shift that. The only way I can see that the Shift would happen is that new people who are arriving on the planet aren’t solidified so much in those beliefs. To shift those beliefs, particularly religious beliefs, is extremely difficult for people. I mean, the civil war going on in Iraq right now between two different factions that are both connected with Islam, they have been fighting for thousands of years. They still believe in their own beliefs, and to expect them to shift out of them seems to me very unlikely.

ELIAS: And this would be the reason that there is tremendous potential for trauma in this shift. I have never expressed to any of you that this shift would be accomplished easily. (Laughs)

LUANA: No, you have not. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but for some people, religion is not such a strong belief in their lives anymore, but for other people, it is their entire culture.

ELIAS: But that is not the point. You are not eliminating beliefs. What you are moving into is an acceptance of those beliefs and an acceptance of difference.

LUANA: That’s what I’m talking about with certain religious beliefs. They do not accept anybody else’s beliefs.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

LUANA: That’s why I’m saying it’s so difficult to imagine how that would happen.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and once again, this is the reason that there is tremendous potential for trauma.

LUANA: And conflicts, which we are having now, major conflicts all over.

ELIAS: Yes, which is directly associated with this wave addressing to the belief system of truths and how very absolute they are.

LUANA: They are very absolute.

ELIAS: But there are no absolutes, and that is the point and that is what generates the trauma, the realization that what you have viewed as such absolutes are not actually absolute. The foundation of how you generate perception within your reality is being shaken.

LUANA: Good luck to all of us!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Hear, hear! I agree.

LUANA: Interesting times. Well, I’m a little bit over my time, so I’m going to bid you adieu again. Thank you very much for all your valuable information. I’ll listen to the tape. The key point for me, one of the key points for me, is I still don’t quite understand the action of conceptualization, but somehow that’s going to come to me, I hope.

ELIAS: Very well, I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement.

LUANA: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my dear friend. I express to you tremendous affection, as always, and great lovingness. I extend to you tremendous fondness in friendship.

LUANA: Thank you, my friend.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

LUANA: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 7 minutes.

(1) Session #1695, 1/15/05.

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