Session 171
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The Secrets Session II


"The Secrets Session II"

Sunday, May 4, 1997 (Group) © 1997
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Gail (William), Bob (Simon), Drew (Matthew), Tom (James), Donovan (Dakas), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Carole (Aileen).
Elias arrives in fifteen seconds. (No times were recorded tonight)

ELIAS: Good evening! Before we begin, I shall inquire to your progress of your inner senses once again. (Pause) No progress?

RETA: No practice.

CAROL: I've had some progress with the time element. I wasn't setting out to do it, but it started to happen. I was listening to a tape of yourself, waiting for my son's wife in the car. I had the tape on and I was sort of like drifting off to sleep. I would leave off with one word that I would hear, and then I would go into this place where other things would be happening but it would feel like no time was passing, and then I would almost start to come back to that reality and I would hear only the next word. So I know that no time passed on this plane, but yet a lot had transpired. I had a feeling while it was happening that this is weird, time is really weird, I'm playing with time, and I knew that's what was happening. And then I started to read the latest transcript where you were talking about that, so I thought once again, it's amazing that what I'm experiencing is what's going on within the forum and what you're teaching about.

ELIAS: And this alters your perception of the reality of time?

CAROL: Yes. Time no longer seems to be an absolute. It seems to be like this slippery, slidey thing that can actually be manipulated.

ELIAS: Correct. This is an interesting inner sense to be manipulating, for it shall bring the reality to you that time is quite elastic and bendable, and that you may very efficiently and consciously manipulate your time framework. It is not an absolute, it is not consistent, and it is not static. Therefore, you may enjoy playing with this inner sense in games of hide-and-seek from yourself within time frameworks. And no one else is experimenting with these inner senses?

VICKI: I experimented this week with conceptualization while doing yoga, which was interesting and resulted in a very different sort of imagery, and also some interesting physical sensation which I haven't experienced previously.

ELIAS: You may experiment with conceptualization and involve body consciousness. This particular inner sense is very versatile. It may be expanded into many various areas and involve all elements of your physical consciousness. You may be physically experiencing an action of a concept, as well as within ideas or within what you think of as mind consciousness experiencing the action.

TOM: I've been very noticing of time when I drift off to different visions, but I have noticed it more so and I'm playing with it.

ELIAS: It shall serve you well to be practicing with these inner senses. Just as you may identify many elements of your environment and your reality by your outer senses without thought process, you may identify much subjective activity and bring this into an objective awareness with practice of these inner senses. This shall also serve to lessen your confusion as you allow yourself to widen your awareness, as you move into this shift.

Now, on to our exercise for this evening! I have designated that this evening shall be devoted once again to a secrets session, and have expressed to you all to be offering of some aspect that you might not necessarily be so willing to be sharing with other individuals, and also to be attempting to identify the belief system that is attached to this secret. Where shall we begin? (Pause)

GAIL: I'll start. Let me just try to explain what I've noticed. Ever since I was really little, whenever I looked in old buildings or found old things, I always wanted to connect myself with that person who either lived in the house, or ... well, I just wanted to be connected to something. In the process of being connected with older people, I always wonder if they will leave me anything ... and I'm not sure why I do that ... either in their will, or if they just leave me something of theirs. I don't know why I want to do that, why I want to be connected or have that.

ELIAS: And may you identify any belief system? (Pause)

GAIL: I'm not sure. It's probably connected to fear of being alone or disconnected from people.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this evening, many of you shall be sharing the same belief systems attached with the issues that you focus upon.

Within this desire, which has been ongoing and continues to this present now, the belief system that is held is that which suggests that if an individual values you, they shall express this by giving to you something that they value. In a lack of feeling that others value yourself, you are drawn to objectify this within areas that feel safe. (Gail agrees) Within attachments to strange places and strangers, you may fantasize without a feeling of loss or disconnectedness, and you may also not be acknowledging to self those elements that are reinforcing of duplicity and lack of worth. As individuals within past have reinforced this belief system of lack of self-worth, this has been a great obstacle to be overcoming.

There are elements that continue within this issue. Instead of creating nightmares that reoccur throughout your lifetime and consuming subjective activity which you value within time to be spent constructively within your movement within your thought process, you objectify instead with this fantasy which does not appear to hold negativity. Therefore, it does not make you feel inadequate or upset. It is reinforcing of worth and allows you to be expressing this issue within what you view to be a positive, constructive manner, although it continues for it is unrecognized or addressed. It is not an issue that is objectively causing of conflict, but one that you continue to remind yourself of. Eventually, within your movement and your own chosen process, this fantasy shall be addressed also and recognized as unnecessary for your reinforcement, for in actuality it is reinforcing of those elements which deny self-worth; for within, you are knowing that these are strangers and unknown individuals to you objectively. Therefore, the possibility of their gift is very slim. Within small amount of your time period this also shall moved through, within continued movement as you are manifesting presently.

GAIL: Thank you. (Pause)

CAROL: I can go next. This information and this thing that I do, I correlate it to a dream that I have all the time, except that I know that it correlates to objective reality too. When I was a kid, sometimes I used to watch ... There was a movie out called "A Slight Case Of Larceny," and I remember I identified with that; having a slight case of larceny. I have a dream and it has many different scenarios, but the same scene is played out. It's that I'm finding money and it's not my money, and I should either leave it there or take it to someone to find out whose it is, and there's no way of identifying the money. When I'm having this dream ... I usually can look at my dreams and figure out what's going on ... and the me, the other me, will say, "So what are you going to do this time? Are you going to take the money and put it in your pocket, or are you just going to leave it there?" And then I'm really disappointed if I put it in my pocket. And then I wake up and I say, "Carole! I can't believe you didn't get past that yet. You put it in your pocket! You should have left it there." I disappoint myself. There have been times when I haven't, but most of the time I still do. I think the belief system is still a belief in scarcity and not recognizing and identifying totally with essence, which has enough of everything, and being afraid that maybe there won't be enough. Maybe it's more than that, but that's all I'm coming up with.

ELIAS: Very good. This also would be indicative of belief systems that you en masse hold collectively, that there are certain behaviors that are acceptable. This is also connected with this issue of duplicity; the right and wrong. Within your dream imagery, you may move within any direction that you choose without condemnation, for your belief systems are suspended temporarily. Therefore, it is acceptable to accomplish certain acts and events within dream state that you may not allow yourself within waking consciousness. You allow yourself permission to move into areas outside of your belief systems within dream state. As you awaken, you immediately move back into your belief systems and then place judgment upon your own self for the activity that you have engaged. (Carole agrees)

This is interesting for you each to notice also, that you intuitively, automatically, not objectively consciously, recognize that your dream state is reality, and that you are creating a reality within dream state. If you were not recognizing of this, you would not be chastising yourself upon waking; but you do know within you that this is not merely imagination, that you have in actuality created this scenario and executed it. You filter this through your waking belief systems, and these actions are unacceptable.

Within waking state, this dream imagery is held to be helpful in your movement of acceptance that there is no right or wrong; that what you create, you create. It is an experience. It is not for your judgment; it is for your experience. You hold belief systems of right and wrong which you then judge your actions within, but this is unnecessary. This serves only to be reinforcing of your own duplicity, which you battle with.

CAROL: That makes a lot of sense.

ELIAS: You may each practice within your remembering of your dream imagery and express to yourselves acceptance of any imagery, knowing that this is also reality, but that it is acceptable. You have created this, and you have offered yourself the experience within a safe area of consciousness which is not violating of your accepted official reality within waking state.

CAROL: Thank you.

VICKI: Okay, I'll go. My issue is that for the most part I feel like I'm a jerk, and that throughout most of my life, within things that are important to me, the better, so to speak, my intentions, in my opinion or perception, the more misunderstood I am. So once I get to that point, I come back to the fact that well, it's just that way because basically I'm a jerk, and I can't get it right. I would imagine this would involve belief systems of right and wrong and duplicity, although I can say those words but I don't really understand them.

ELIAS: You are correct that this is the belief system that attaches to these experiences. As I have stated, this is the same with very many individuals. You are facing yourselves with these belief systems within this present now collectively. Therefore, they may be seeming to be exaggerated to you. In actuality, no more occurrences are happening than you normally create or draw to yourself, for you do not create all of the experiences, but you may feel that it has snowballed upon you. The situation is exaggerated for your attention.

These are difficult areas for all of you to be addressing. You hold these belief systems so very strongly; that you may not be placing too much worth upon self, for this is arrogance. You also believe that as a good and responsible individual, you shall be assuming entire responsibility. We have discussed this issue many times throughout the course of these sessions. I have expressed many times, you very well have much to concern yourselves with within your own focus and your own essence. You are so multidimensional and hold so many elements of self, that you need not concern yourself with any more than only self.

You magnate to the reinforcement of belief systems. The belief systems dictate to you fault, guilt, wrong, inadequate, bad, and any number of other negative terms that you may choose. You automatically gravitate as a magnet to these elements and assume these, for good individuals assume responsibility. Bad individuals shall push this away upon another individual. There are no bad individuals! There are no good individuals! You are all perfect. You may not believe this, for the belief system of duplicity is very overriding. It is extremely intense. Therefore, you automatically turn inward, and express the fault be upon yourself.

You shall view within your creation of physical focus that individuals shall magnate to one aspect or to the other, and they shall have very, very, very few in the middle. You either are responsible and the cause of all ills, or you are responsible for nothing. It is always another individual's fault. Very few individuals may balance within the center and recognize that they create their own reality, but they also draw themselves to other individual's realities, and that all other individuals create their own reality also. You may draw yourself to another's creation, that you may recognize issues or elements within self, but you may not necessarily be creating of the drama.

It is difficult to identify the line of how you are creating and what you are responsible for and what you are not, but I return to expressing to you to be concerned with self. This shall be your haven; for if you are concerned with self and are not concerned with the creation and the belief systems of other individuals, you shall begin to feed more the self that acknowledges you, and you shall begin to starve out the one that expresses to you of how bad you are. Be remembering of our little angel and our little devil, although I shall express to you all at this moment that these are symbols. I do not express in terms of devils and angels for there are none of either, but these are familiar symbols within animation to you. As you do not reinforce the little devil which whispers to you of your lack of worth and your adeptness at creating negativity, you also allow the little angel to feast; and as this becomes stronger, you become stronger within your trust of self. You are not trusting of self if you are expressing how very bad you are!

VICKI: No. May I ask one question?

ELIAS: You may.

VICKI: It's confusing, the idea of focusing upon self, because it seems like you should have a caring about how you are affecting of others.

ELIAS: And we shall return to our discussion of Catherine. Within your expression to another, are you wishing harmfulness?

VICKI: Not normally.

ELIAS: Are you projecting negativity?

VICKI: Well, that's the rub. I don't feel like I am, but I seem to do that.

ELIAS: You do not create another individual's reality! You create your reality. I do not suggest to you that you discontinue seeking efficient expressions within exchange of other individuals. I also do not suggest to you that you must not care of other individuals. These are natural expressions. But I do express to you that you may care for self first. Be taking care of self and nurturing of this first. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn to be accepting of self and concentrating upon this before you are concerning yourself with all others, for as you distract yourself with other individuals' expressions, you divert your attention away from self and reinforce your own duplicity. I have spoken with you within your time period to this present now of two of your years, and I have expressed this from our onset ... and shall continue to do so for many years to be coming futurely as we continue, for it is continuously not accepted!

VICKI: It's really difficult!

ELIAS: Eventually I shall, as I have knocked upon Michael's head, knock upon all of your heads also, until you are realizing and expressing of what glorious creatures you are! (The group sighs)

I may be expressing an exercise to be marching within a circle expressing, "I am a glorious creature (laughter) and perfect within all of my expressions and creations, without mistakes!" For you are! And I do not believe this. I know this; for I do not filter through your belief systems. This is not fact which may be changed. It is reality.

VICKI: Will it ever be part of our reality??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: As you allow it!

We shall break briefly, and we shall continue with your expressions. (Staring and grinning at the people who haven't participated yet) Simon may not hold these secret expressions, within alignment to Olivia ... who are both perfect in every way! (Chuckling)

BOB: I'm perfectly glorious! (We're cracking up)

ELIAS: You are radiating glory within the room!

BOB: (I couldn't hear what Bob said here, but it must have been pretty funny because even Elias started cracking up)

ELIAS: Very good! (Laughing) Break!

BREAK (As noted, no times were recorded tonight) RESUME (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: Okay, I'm supposed to jump in there before anybody else does, for Michael. (Laughter) This might be a bit difficult for me because this has only been discussed once, so bear that in mind. The issue that Michael wants me to present is of the accident in which he injured his back. The accident happened in a work environment, and Michael felt that even though it did appear to be an accident or in fact was an accident, the feeling was that Michael has willed the accident to happen. I think that feeling stemmed from a lot of frustration over a duration of time within the workplace. Within feeling that the accident had been willed, there was a lot of guilt attached to that. As a result of the feelings, the legal proceedings were not handled in the way that they normally would be handled. The reason that Michael doesn't talk about this very much is because he feels that his handling of the matter as a result of the feelings was stupid, and that a lot of people are stupid, and that a lot of people will think that he's stupid because of the way that he handled the situation; this being attached to a belief system that there's a lot of stupid people out there, and not wanting to put oneself into that category of everybody thinking you're stupid too.

ELIAS: In actuality, this is not the belief system that is attached to this situation. The belief system that is attached to this situation is that of honesty, and in like manner of duplicity; that good people, honest people, do not create deceiving events. He views this as being a deception. As you have stated, he views that he has willed this to happen. Therefore, he is being deceptive with other individuals in dealing with the subsequent actions of the accident. In actuality he has created the reality, but within what he viewed subjectively as a means to an end without conflict; although he has created much conflict within the means to the end!

There are, as you and some others also are aware, other issues involved with this one particular scenario. This is not a singular issue. There are other belief systems which run much deeper in conjunction to this event which he created. These are difficult areas to be addressing.

In like manner to many of you which are dealing with this issue of duplicity, this issue also of Michael's would be falling into this category. Many elements of duplicity are reinforced by your religious belief systems. This has been reinforced within this individual for much time period, and although he views that he has moved away from this thought process, elements of this remain. There are also issues involving family once again, that are connected with this same event.

In the event itself, this is viewed as very bad, for it is not dealing efficiently with the situation at hand. He was not adequately accomplishing dealing with the issue within the employment. Therefore, he was creating of this accident, which he views as a failure; an inability to accomplish settling the issue within his workplace. Therefore, in your terms, he considers this a giving up. This strikes a very large belief system within Michael, for this is not acceptable. This has been an issue within the forum of these sessions. This individual holds a belief system that it is bad to be giving up. You must persevere! You must continue! You must strive! You must accomplish! These are belief systems. This belief system holds an exaggerated scene within Michael. Therefore, he experiences embarrassment in expressing of this situation.

As I have stated, there are also issues intertwined involving family. I ask, within your discernment, your opinion, if he is wishing information of this element.

VICKI: Yes, I think so, because that was part of what was related to me that I kind of forgot about, and I will relate what I remember now; that there were issues of several family members being crazy and that Michael viewed himself, at this point in time that this accident occurred, as possibly being crazy too, and that this is totally unacceptable. Within that context, I think it's acceptable to offer information.

ELIAS: Very well; this being also a mass held belief system, in assessment of acceptable behavior. Some individuals choose within physical focus to not be aligning with the accepted, official guidelines of the agreed-upon reality. These individuals are classified as not normal and holding mental deficiencies. Within this situation, Michael experiences a family member with the same label of disturbance as do you, Aileen. (Schizophrenia) In this, many individuals within your mass belief systems view this as unacceptable and as bad. Within some cultures and societies, it is focused upon more excessively. This has been reinforced within Michael's focus for much time, that this is very unacceptable. Bad blood! One side of family genetics being acceptable and normal, one side being not acceptable and not spoken of; with acceptance of expressions that this behavior and genetic encoding is wrong, bad, a contagion, and to be eliminated. This has created a fear of lack of acceptance. Therefore, this is not spoken of. It is unacceptable to be associated with family members which may be classified as lunatic.

These are very strong and disturbing belief systems, therefore secret; for obviously, if you are affiliated with family members holding this contagion, you are also a carrier of this disease; and we shall not allow anyone to be viewing of this disease, for this is very unacceptable. Within the onset of these sessions, this has reinforced this belief system with Michael! (Laughter) Therefore, he has held a larger issue, questioning to himself if he has in actuality actualized this contagion, and is now infecting of all of you! As I have stated, this may be appearing to you to be silly, although within this individual, this is quite serious. Other family members have been less fortunate, and have been committed within your medical profession with this same affliction. Therefore, it is posed as a looming threat, although this has not manifest within this focus to this present now, and I wager to express to you that it shall not manifest at this point in your time period, for it is unnecessary and it also is not within his creation of probabilities within his intent or his experience; but it continues to be a fear. I express that he has accomplished much movement in the allowance of these sessions, as this is a tremendous fear and this action is quite reinforcing of this fear.

Each individual holds their own fear within themselves, whether they are objectively aware of this fear or not, that is their own demon; that haunts each of you. It may appear in any aspect of your reality. You may not objectively become aware of these demons, and you shall move through your individual focus and you shall not connect entirely with all of your probabilities. This is not to say that you do not follow your intent, but you shall block yourself from some of your choices as you do not confront your individual area. This is moving to an objective area, although not completely within this present now, but it shall be materializing futurely within short time period. William also has addressed to the individual demon; this being that element of each of you that you may at any given point project outwardly, and this may be interpreted in what you view to be possession; for you project that element of fearfulness that you hold within self and create a form, for it is this powerful.

Within individuals choosing a final manifestation, you shall each address to this element of yourselves, in your connecting with all of self and learning to be trustful of self, and in moving on into non-physical focus. Those individuals choosing remanifestation may not be always choosing to be confronting of this element of self. This is a natural byproduct of separation. Just as I have expressed natural byproducts of essence, there are also natural byproducts of separation from essence. Within this particular focus, fear being the largest of these byproducts.

Although you may view within your society changes in the mass opinion of individuals that you may call crazy, within many individuals as Michael, old belief systems are held still. Lunacy is very bad! This is an element to not be spoken of and to not be shared with other individuals, for they may suspect you. Express to Michael, have no fear. He has not become a lunatic to this moment presently. His sanity is not threatened within this present now, although he may be believing of this as well as Lawrence is believing that he is a glorious creature! (Laughing)

NORM: Looking back at my childhood and knowing that evidently we have as a focus decided to come here, there must be some agreement between the focus that is arriving and the mother and father. In my case, I'm kind of curious because my childhood was a little bit different than normal, in that I was always totally independent. I guess probably a lot of children are this way today, but I didn't really relate too much to my parents. I suppose it was part of the situation that I would be totally independent of them. Was that an agreement before I even arrived on the scene?


NORM: It was? Okay. Is there a relationship between my entity and their entity? Is there usually a close relationship between entities? And was there in my case?

ELIAS: Yes. There are belief systems that suggest to you that parents and children must respond to each other within certain guidelines. Parents must be loving and responsible with children. Children must be loving and respectful with parents. There is expected to be a bond, obviously, and a sharing of intimacy within feelings and shared activity within much time element. These are the official accepted belief systems within your societies. Therefore, anything outside of these guidelines is unusual or unacceptable. This also is affecting of individuals to be questioning if there is something wrong with themselves, that they are not experiencing the same aspects of relationship that all others seem to be experiencing.

There are agreements made between essences within the intent of manifesting physically. The manifestation of each essence focus into physical focus requires an understanding of fulfillment of all individuals involved. Objectively, you may not necessarily view the benefit, for you judge within positive and negative terms according to your belief systems and also according to the official guidelines of mass belief systems in regard to family. The value fulfillment may be accomplished outside of the guidelines of officially accepted belief systems of family. Each individual may fulfill their intent without complying with mass belief systems.

Each individual is individual. None is the same as another. Therefore, each manifestation is unique. Within this particular focus, you have chosen not to be aligning with family within the accepted guidelines until you have created your own family.

NORM: Very true.

ELIAS: In this, you have chosen to be experiencing the parent role, and not the role which is officially accepted within your belief systems of the child to the parent. These are simply choices. These are choices for your experience. Within your manifestation within this focus, subjectively you have concentrated upon the accomplishment of the parent role throughout this focus; this being distracting to your interaction as a child. This is responded to within agreement of the individuals serving as your parents. In this, information is offered by these individuals to be accumulated and assessed by you within childhood years, and to be utilized within adult years as a parent. Therefore, the function has been served within all participants.

NORM: I have another question. When I was sixteen years old and working two thousand miles away from home and had been out there for quite a while, I had a decision to make; whether or not to go back or to stay. Did that result in a probable self?

ELIAS: Yes, as do all of your major decisions within your focus create probable selves.

NORM: Is that person still alive?


GAIL: Is he the one with the less child?


NORM: He had children too, then.


NORM: Did he go into science?


NORM: What did he go into?

ELIAS: This individual has focused more creatively, within work of hands; pottery; a creative expression which is latent within yourself, and therefore expressed within the probable self.

NORM: Fascinating. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RETA: Could I ask a side question to that? I have parents that I adore, and like to be closer with my children and haven't waited for a payback, but we have a different idea of the relationship with the children. My belief system says there should be more time and energy spent individually one-on-one, to involve myself in helpfulness for them to grow and to be nurtured and to be loved. Sometimes I get absolutely frustrated because I am not doing this. My belief system says I should be doing this. This same thing happens in the workplace. I do a lot of things for a lot of folks in helpfulness, and I get walked on. What am I doing to myself? In my idea of being helpful and being alert and being on the ball, what is it in my belief system that I allow myself to get walked on?

ELIAS: Interesting parallel and perception! Your perception is that of being a victim, but holding the perception of being a good and helpful individual. Within your own issues within self, which you do not identify with, you move around the issue and you express to yourself that you are a good and caring individual being helpful to other individuals, and they are non-appreciative of these efforts. The expression which is projected is within part to be helpful, and also within part to be in control and to be directing of another individual's perception. In this, within your thought process, you think to yourself that you are offering helpfulness. Within the reception of another individual, they view this as non-helpful and as dictating. Therefore, their response is what you view to be negative and hurtful.

Many, many individuals create this same scenario over and over again. Almost all individuals hold belief systems of themselves being right, and expressing a more efficient method for accomplishment; and therefore their mission is to be enlightening another individual, or all other individuals, to their secret of accomplishment. Now; be understanding that all of these individuals, as I acknowledge with yourself, hold objectively the thought process of being helpful. It is not offered objectively within a hurtful manner or a wishing to be controlling or manipulating, but it is also not accepting of another individual's choice of their creation within their own reality. This is a very difficult area for many, many individuals.

Within the belief systems of parenthood, of motherhood, there are dictates of what mothers should be offering to children. They should be offering helpfulness and guidance and supportiveness in all areas, but they are also expectant of their children to be receptive. As their children may not be receptive, they experience conflict; this being why I address to the element of acceptance so very many times with you all, for you shall be eliminating of much of your conflict if you are accomplishing acceptance. As you realize that you may be offering helpfulness to another individual without, without ... underline ... expectation, then you may be realizing that they may be accepting of your expression, and you may be accepting of whatever way they are choosing to be accepting your helpfulness, and employing it or not employing it. In this, you do not become the victim, for they shall not be retaliating; and you have not offered with expectation. Therefore, you may not be disappointed.

It is quite difficult and it requires much attention; and as I have stated, be understanding that it is understood within essence that the motivation is for helpfulness, but this is filtered through belief systems which creates expectation and a lack of acceptance. If you are offering helpfulness without expectation, it shall be received and you shall not experience conflict. If you are offering helpfulness with expectation, you may offer no helpfulness and you may accomplish more efficiently.

RETA: When you stop offering helpfulness and you have the ability to help, how can that be helpful?

ELIAS: If you are offering helpfulness with expectation, you are not being helpful. It is not received as helpful, and you create conflict for yourself. Therefore, if you hold the ability to be helpful, be offering of this with no expectation. Allow the helpfulness to be offered freely, and accepted in however it is chosen to be accepted.

RETA: Within my life and within this forum I can see what you're saying, but on a daily basis in a workplace where your expectations are to accomplish and to facilitate that accomplishment and you know the one-two-threes of how to do it, the expectations make it run. Expectations, deadlines, just getting in and doing the job makes it run. If I were to sit and wait for them to have acceptance, it might be six months before it got done. So that's completely different, and that's how I've trained myself. And of course with my family it's different. But this is a difficult issue, because in the issue of offering helpfulness in this forum I've almost decided not to come, and I have a lot to offer. But in becoming a victim of dissent, I will offer nothing.

ELIAS: Let me be reminding you that there are no victims! There is no thing as a victim. You create your reality, as all other individuals create their reality also. If you are looking to self and concerning yourself with self and expressing as the little sapling, it should be of no concern to you of other individuals and how they are creating of their reality. Occupy yourself with the creation of your own reality, and being the sapling radiating. Accomplish for self, and you shall not feel as a victim. Be remembering, there are no victims! Another individual may not perpetrate against you without your agreement. Another individual may not accomplish any act involving yourself without your agreement. Therefore, how may you be a victim if you have agreed to draw the experience to yourself?

You may not be creating, as I have stated earlier this evening, of all of the events yourself, but you involve yourself. Therefore, you draw the experience to yourself and you are within agreement ... and you are not a victim! You choose to draw the experience to yourself to offer yourself information of self, to be accomplishing within self more efficiently and therefore to be trusting of self more completely.

NORM: I have another question regarding parenting. As you said, I had an agreement with my parents in regard to the independence that I would have. I think that my wife and I also had an agreement prior to this focus for each of us, that we would be parenting this time versus previous encounters where we were not. Is that true?

ELIAS: Together; yes.

NORM: So we had made this decision before we came, and it was actually made because of past lives.

ELIAS: Within your terms, yes.

NORM: Interesting.

RON: Okay, I'll go next, but I need to change the tape first.

ELIAS: Very well. We shall break, and you may adjust your equipment.


Upon resuming the session, the tape didn't get turned on right away. Elias has arrived and is staring at Ron, and everybody is laughing.

RON: Okay. My issue ... Well, I don't know if it's an issue. My secret has to do with my unusual sex habits. (Here, everybody's attention, which was pretty scattered, is immediately focused on Ron) For example, I like to go into the dirty chat rooms on the computer and pretend like I'm a girl and talk to guys about sex. I'd probably get bored and quit, but I'm really good at it and they keep calling me back. (We all crack up) So I think the belief system probably has to do with that same good and bad thing. Otherwise, I wouldn't consider it a secret.

ELIAS: Actually, this may be what we may classify as a secret; for within this seemingly comical expression, there are also latent thought processes and feelings that attach to this and to the manifestation of the expression. You are correct also in your assessment of the belief system, which also continues with the duplicity. As I have expressed, this being a very large issue being addressed presently. This you may consider a wave within your consciousness. As you widen your awareness, each of you shall experience a recognition of this duplicity objectively and address to it.

Within your expression, you have found what you consider to be harmless and entertaining outlet for those unexpressed aspects of self. The duplicity moves into play as you align with mass belief systems, in that certain behavior is unacceptable. Within essence, there is a recognition of no quality of gender. Within subjective movement recently, there is also an identification that these gender qualifications are relative to this physical manifestation within this dimension as you view them, but within this dimension you have created certain official, accepted manifestations of reality. Just as I have expressed to you, if you are choosing to be manifest within this particular dimension, you shall engage at the least three experiences within this type of physical manifestation, this being based upon sexual orientation; for within this particular dimension, you are creating of your reality within a sexual orientation. You identify male and female.

Just as other individuals have experienced bleed-throughs of subjective movement and activity, this is expressive of this also. The belief systems that enter cloud your understanding of the objectification of the bleed-through. Within itself, the bleed-through is a recognition, as stated, of the reality that you are all, and possess no gender. Only within this particular dimension is this relevant; but as you hold deep belief systems that express to you that as a male individual you are expected and you expect yourself to be performing and actualizing and creating your reality in this manner, in conjunction with the accepted, official reality, and you have not chosen a non-sexual focus within this particular focus, you "should be" manifesting within these specific guidelines. As you deviate from this, you remind yourself of previous thought processes within earlier time periods, which you also look to as wrong; not within the normal guidelines of your accepted reality. Therefore, you are reinforcing of this belief system. You are not recognizing this as a bleed-through. You are attaching a thought process of a throwback or a remanifestation of past thought processes. Therefore, this becomes disturbing and creating of conflict, for you may not fit this into what you have accepted as your official reality.

In accepting that these thought processes are not wrong or bad, and accepting that you hold qualities of both genders within each individual focus, although you magnate to one and therefore manifest physically as one gender, you may allow yourself the freedom to be expressive of self without condemnation, and therefore you may also experience a lessening of attraction to those elements which you view to be bad. They hold attraction, for they hold excitement in acting-out areas that are unacceptable but within a relatively safe environment. This you view to be daring. You may be crossing your line and tempting fates, but you also hold wariness of the acceptability of this behavior, and you hold a lack of trust of other individuals to their understanding. Rightly so, for they also hold this same official belief system. Therefore, not wishing to be invoking condemnation of other individuals, it shall be secret.

Be acknowledging to self that all expressions of self are acceptable. Blocked impulses create conflict. You are multidimensional, and hold many more aspects of self than may be physically visible to yourself or to other individuals. Therefore, why should you not acknowledge all of yourself, for it is all creative? Realize that your conflict or confusion stems only from belief systems which are only relevant within this focus, and also only may be affecting if you are allowing them to be affecting.

RON: Thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Here, Drew and Gail both start talking at the same time)

DREW: Can I follow up with a question about that? (To Gail) I'm sorry, do you want to go first?

GAIL: Yeah, I wanted to ask about yesterday and my silly crisis with identity, of being around so many males and wanting to feel feminine. Is that sort of the same issue?

ELIAS: This is slightly different, for you identify with the focus that you have chosen and the manifestation within gender that you have chosen, and wishing to be projecting of this within an exaggerated manner for yourself. This is an element of identity. This issue with Olivia is not an identity issue. It is an issue with belief systems concerning the acceptability of behavior of each gender. You do not accept behavior of one gender emulating the other gender. You all possess one focus within this dimension that you may consider to be, in your terminology presently, as homosexual; this being one of the three manifestations within the circle that you choose within this particular dimension. You choose male, you choose female, and as I have expressed for those of you of more delicate nature, one other; other being that of homosexuality, for the experience.

Within this situation of Olivia, it is a crossing over of the genders within a bleed-through of subjective movement, in acknowledging that there is no gender within essence and that each manifestation of gender is acceptable. There is no wrong, although there are belief systems held of the wrongness; that each particular gender should be staying within the guidelines of its official manifestation, and not crossing over to be manifesting activity of the other gender. Therefore, this would be a different situation. In this scenario that you have manifest yourself, this is a temporary identification of self within the accepted gender.

GAIL: I'm curious about why I created a male personality.

ELIAS: As I have stated, you hold elements of both genders within you. All of you within this dimension hold both. You manifest physically within a choice of one physical camouflage or the other. You hold elements within you of both.

GAIL: So I just allowed that one to come out.

ELIAS: Absolutely, for it is an intimate aspect of self.

GAIL: Okay, I understand.

DREW: Due to belief systems, all things are not acceptable in this focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: And so how is one to deal with impulses, which you recommend we follow, that may go against what is considered to be acceptable?

BOB: (Whispering) You keep them secret. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: No, you do not keep them secret!

BOB: I was teasing! I'm sorry. I thought you were advocating of much fun! (We all crack up, including Elias)

ELIAS: You may within yourself enact your creativity, and you may offer yourself alternatives. All of your choices are not either/or. You have endless probabilities at your disposal. You may create whatever you choose to create. You are not locked into any system. Therefore, you may offer yourself creative choices in all situations, that you may continue within the guidelines of your accepted reality if you are choosing ... for some individuals are not choosing ... and you may also not be blocking of your impulses.

I also express to you that your impulses not blocked shall not be causing you distress. It is as you continue to be blocking and not acknowledging of impulses that they are pent-up energy which shall express itself, and it may not express itself within acceptable behavior within your belief systems, for it shall erupt. This is not to say that your eruption may be destructive or extreme, but it may be unacceptable. As you allow yourself to be acknowledging of impulses and following of your impulses, recognizing that they are natural and that they are not wrong and that they are you, you shall naturally express energy and not be creating conflict within you. You are only distorting of this energy as you deny it.

DREW: Well, let me ask you a question about that energy. For me, sexual energy is extremely intense, to a distraction. We talked about this a little bit recently and we talked about some of the ways to handle it, like you've been talking about. But I'd like to know why, for me, the energy that I have chooses to, or why I choose ... I don't know exactly how to word this correctly ... to direct it that way, as opposed to all of the other myriad ways I could choose to express that energy? Why for me is that such a predominant focus?

ELIAS: For this is an extremely intense experience. (Intensely) As you hold energy that you view and feel to be intense, you seek to express this in what you believe to be an adequate manner which is expressive of your feelings. Sexual energy within this dimension and this manifestation is also an extremely powerful and focused aspect within your creation and within your creativity. You are sexual beings within this manifestation. You have created your reality including this as a very intimate element of your reality. You have created myriads of belief systems concerning this one area! You focus upon this one area very much, for you have created this reality within the guidelines of sexuality. If this were not so, you would not be male or female. It would be unimportant.

You have not only created yourselves within this sexuality, you have created all your creatures within this same sexuality. You have created your vegetation within this same reality. You have male trees and female trees which bear fruit. All of your creation within this dimension revolves around this aspect of your reality. Therefore, why shall it not be a very important channel of your energy?

DREW: What makes it an issue for me is that I feel like it's out of balance.

ELIAS: But it is out of balance as you choose to create this imbalance, for you have chosen to be denying of this. As you are denying of your natural inclinations, then you shall be creating imbalance; for the energy shall be expressed. This is not unusual or abnormal within your species; for as I have stated, you are sexual creatures. Many individuals within their belief systems choose to be channeling energy into other areas and denying completely of this sexuality, but this shall be manifest within other areas and shall be, in your terms, destructive. As I have stated this evening, this is a part of your being. It is not an element that has been created to be denied and to not be experienced. You have created these focuses to be experiencing. Therefore, experience! (Laughter) If you are choosing not to be experiencing, poof away!

Many of you hold belief systems that you must be curtailing of these impulses; that this is a ravenous animal that must be contained. I express to you that this ravenous animal shall be like these lions within the wild. They may be quite ravenous, but as they consume an antelope they may laze within the sun for days, content within the satisfaction of their impulse being met. You are no different, except that you do not indulge the impulse. Therefore, it grows.

DREW: Okay. Thank you.

RETA: I want to ask one other thing. He (Norm) was asking about an alternate self or a possible self. Can you tell me what happened to my other self that was a singer/dancer when I was young? What happened to that person? (Pause) Success or not? (Pause)

ELIAS: No continuation of this probability, for its choices within its reality created circumstances in which it has disengaged.

CAROL: Elias, within the psychological field, there is a category called sociopath or psychopath that's described as a person who does not know the difference between right and wrong. We know from your teachings, and other things we've learned also, that there is no right and wrong. These individuals, is this something that somehow they have tapped into that truth and so run their life that way? I wonder sometimes, because I've studied a lot on psychological situations and how they correlate to different perspectives of looking at it through the types of teachings that are reality. It's interesting, the different perspectives on it. So these people, basically they do not know the difference between right and wrong. They don't think there is any right or wrong, and this is considered an aberration. But as we know, it is not. So do you have any comments or ... It's a curious thing with me.

ELIAS: These types of individuals choose not to be aligning with your official, accepted belief systems. As I have stated, within the design of this physical manifestation, you may choose whatever you are wishing to be manifesting within this physical focus. You have provided an ultimately elaborate fabric of creativity that you may design into whatever you choose. No thing is impossible. In this, there is great allowance within this dimension for expression. Within many other dimensions, the creativity is much more rigidly limited. Within some focuses, you may be creating of a certain manifestation with very little leeway of variance. Within this particular dimension, there is tremendous variation and tremendous allowance for expression.

Some individuals choose to be physically manifesting for the experience of physical manifestation, and the experience of exhilaration and excitement and drama within this physical, emotional creation. They may not choose to be aligning with the official, accepted belief systems, and therefore hold to an understanding that there is no right or wrong and may choose to be experiencing the heights of drama and exhilaration emotionally and physically, and therefore may create events that are exceptionally unacceptable within your official guidelines.

I do not express to you that within your belief systems, it is acceptable for individuals to be running amuck; but within essence I do express to you, these individuals manifest for experience and it is not wrong and it is not right. It is experience. You do hold official belief systems though, and you have created official guidelines for behavior, and within this you do deem some behavior as unacceptable. I express to you only the explanation of what you view within unacceptable behavior.

CAROL: That's something I've always wondered about, that it seems to correlate the way essence operates, yet it is so outrageously considered unacceptable in this reality. I have a brother who committed murder, and he doesn't really think he did anything wrong. He thought this person should have been blasted off the earth, and said he would do it again if he had the chance. But yet by the same token, there are many other aspects of this individual that are extremely loving and caring and a lot of things that official reality would deem to be very acceptable and admirable, but this other aspect is there also. It's just kind of interesting because I have a good sense of drama myself, although I haven't committed any acts like this. But I don't really judge him for what he did, and I do understand the way he thinks when he describes this. I can see where he's coming from is a comfortable place within his understanding of the acts that he committed, although he paid for it as far as society was concerned. The crossovers between what essence says and what official reality dictates, sometimes it's just very interesting the way it works together.

ELIAS: Quite. You must be understanding also that you have chosen to be entering into physical manifestation. Therefore, your guidelines are not wrong! You have created these purposefully. You have accepted and agreed to be creating your reality within this fashion. Therefore, it is not wrong to be aligning with these official belief systems and guidelines for reality. This is not the entirety of essence. It is this dimension within these focuses for these experiences, but there are individuals that choose to be manifest not within your official guidelines. I wish you only to be understanding that your alignment with mass belief systems and official accepted reality is not wrong, and these individuals that you deem to be lunatics or murderers or out-of-control individuals are not "better" within essence than you, or more connected within essence than you. They are not. They are only experiencing physical reality differently.

BOB: If I can interject, initially you to some extent described a sociopath as someone who doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong; which at least my experience has been that the sociopath has a complete understanding of what he thinks right and wrong is. You even said that your brother felt okay with the murder, but that this person that he murdered deserved to be blown off the earth. So he obviously had some assessment of right and wrong in terms ...

CAROL: But a different assessment.

BOB: Well, yeah. He's not in alignment with everybody else, but he's still not a creature who is completely above belief systems of right and wrong. He just chooses to align ...

ELIAS: ... outside of the mass belief system.

BOB: Right. Because sociopaths seem to have very strongly-held belief systems of who should die and who shouldn't, and who gets to do what and why.

CAROL: The interesting thing is that within closed circles in this particular situation, the police force agreed with my brother. They were very happy that this person was wiped off the face of the earth, and actually went up and shook his hand. So the interesting thing is that there are often unspoken considerations that people don't talk about, but exist. There's a whole faction there that thought the same way that he thought.

BOB: That's in alignment with my whole issue tonight; that on the one hand I see myself as tolerant or at least wanting to be tolerant, and in that context can accept some of the more outrageous behavior more easily than I can accept the person who claims to be good, but I view them not as good.

CAROL: I agree with you. I have that issue too.

BOB: I get like really angry and almost homicidal myself! (Much laughter) So I can relate to your brother. There's some people out there that I'd love to see wiped off the face of the earth! And that certainly creates certain conflict within the confines of good and bad, does it not?

ELIAS: It does! (Cracking up now)

CAROL: I can take people like that easier than I can take people who are always acting holier-than-thou, like "I do everything so good and so wonderful and I don't ..."

BOB: Well, even the ones who aren't wholly (pun?) hypocritical, those people are almost laughable. I saw something on TV ... this little boy. He was like fifteen or sixteen and he was this wonderful role model for other kids and he was inventing the cure for some tooth disease and his parents were both physicians. They asked him, "What do you take from all this?" or "What's your advice to other kids your age?" And he said, "Listen to your parents." I'm thinking to myself, just because you had a couple of good parents who happen to be doctors doesn't mean ... So should the kids who have drug-addict asshole parents listen to them too and be drug-addict assholes? (A few people start talking at the same time here)

RETA: You shouldn't get mad at him, because he did make the right choice!

BOB: No, I get mad at the naiveté of someone saying, "Children should listen to their parents." That's absurd! People should listen to themselves about what they sense or feel is right and wrong! He was not wrong to listen to his parents because his parents were giving a good, positive message, assuming there is such a thing.

RETA: Yes, there is.

BOB: Well, okay. I just don't want to argue with him! (Indicating Elias) You I can argue with! (Much laughter) You know what I'm saying? But if the parents happen to be despicable creatures ...

RETA: ... you gotta have something inside that knows that. Right.

BOB: Exactly. So I get angry at this kid. I'm just saying, you little jerk! You got this wonderful life! Your parents are doctors! Of course, it also pissed me off that he was getting a ninety-thousand dollar scholarship to go be somebody, and I'm thinking, your parents are both doctors! What do you need a scholarship for?

RETA: Don't get mad at him. He earned it!

BOB: No, he didn't! His parents should pay for it! See, I just get really angry! (We're all cracking up)

RETA: No, you're jealous! You're not angry, you're jealous!

ELIAS: This shall be requiring of much attention!

BOB: Yeah, I know. Well, I could tell you what you ought to say to me and all that stuff. I understand it. I'm still pissed off!

ELIAS: I shall be suggesting ...

BOB: Actually, your whole answer to Vicki was exactly my answer. I know it already!

ELIAS: ... that you shall be attending to these impulses and these feelings ...

BOB: Yeah, I know!

ELIAS: ... that you may not be creating of huge geysers, as in alignment with James ...

BOB: Who's James? (Somebody says "Tom") Oh. Okay.

ELIAS: ... and I shall spare you a lengthy discourse and express to you, reincorporate that which has been offered to Lawrence this evening, and be focused upon self; and also be listening to what was offered to Dehl, and be focusing upon self.

BOB: I know. I knew that even before I got all worked up. I just wanted you to see the depth of my belief systems!

ELIAS: You shall be eliminating of much of your own conflict if you are implementing this action, but I am also aware that you are enjoying much of your conflict within this area! (Much laughter) Therefore, you may not be wishing to be eliminating of this conflict as of this present now!

BOB: You mean tonight? Or in this focus?

ELIAS: I shall be expressing, I am wishing you not to be eliminating of another individual within this evening!

BOB: You mean both of us might poof away??? (Elias is grinning) No, don't worry about me. I'll be okay. Actually, I used to not like murderers and I'm crazy about them now, so I think I'm moving towards ... something! I think it's cool!

RETA! Oh dear!

ELIAS: This is quite an unusual turn of events! Let me express to you that within my own focuses I have experienced the company of murderous individuals, and you may not be, within yourself, enjoying their company as you may think!

BOB: I know more than what you might think! (Elias starts laughing and we all crack up again) Anyway, I get your point. I wanted to ask a question, though ...

ELIAS: You may.

BOB: ... as a follow-up to Olivia's scenario. As we move more into the shift and there's a widening of awareness and periphery, will sexual issues, gender issues, be less important? Because they seem to be held more in essence than in belief system, and because we hold them in essence we create belief systems around them. But it strikes me that as we become more aware of the nature of sexuality and gender and that whole arena, that the belief systems seem to sort of break down naturally and are not as critical to be moved through as certain other belief systems, like religion ...

ELIAS: This has already begun. It is a difficult movement, for you have held strong belief systems within centuries of your history. Therefore, movement away from these belief systems shall appear initially to be sluggish, although they are already moving quite swiftly in an acceptance which grows more and more, of your sexuality and the lack of importance of choices of expression within this. If you are expressing within this area and you are not being hurtful, it matters not what you choose as an expression to be manifesting.

BOB: Why the distinction about hurtfulness, if murder isn't a bad expression?

ELIAS: This being an expression of essence; and as you are moving into your shift and widening your awareness and knowing of this, you shall be moving into an area that you shall not be intentionally being hurtful to each other. Within your belief systems presently, you continue to view this as not an agreement; as victim and perpetrator. Therefore, I qualify that until the time of acceptance of this shift, hurtfulness is unacceptable.

BOB: Okay. Thank you.

NORM: I have just one or two more questions. In regard to some talent with my hands and pottery, do I also have some talent in regard to ships and the sea?

ELIAS: Within another focus.

NORM: Our discussion tonight in regard to our understanding of essence, is there actually going to be a time on this earth when more than fifty percent are actually going to believe what we are talking about tonight?

ELIAS: There shall come a time upon your planet, within the accomplishment of this shift, in which your entire globe shall hold an awareness of which we speak. Be assured of this, for it is already done within simultaneous time.

NORM: It must be beautiful!

ELIAS: It is, I shall express, an incredible accomplishment within your dimension.

CAROL: Elias, is this ... what's happening with the shift ... is this part of why now there are so many people that are experiencing already trauma, hence all of the new drugs? (Here, Carole mentions four drugs which the typist is mostly unfamiliar with, one being Prozac) Has a lot of this come about because of the shift taking place and people being confused and going back and forth and not knowing how to cope with the changes?

ELIAS: Yes; this being why you gain information, as do other individuals also; to be understanding and to be helpful.

I shall be departing this evening, and I shall be engaging audience with you all soon. To you all, much affection. Au revoir!

Elias departs ... late! (No recorded times, remember?)

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