Session 1629
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Lottery Numbers Are a Creation


“Lottery Numbers Are a Creation”
“Past and Present Focuses and Simultaneous Time”
“The Exercise in Clarity”
“Not All Physical Manifestations Are a Signal or a Communication”
“Other Essence Exchanges”

Saturday, September 18, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Markus (Mikah)

(Elias’ arrival time is 13 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

MARKUS: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how shall we proceed?

MARKUS: Well, I had quite an interesting time since we spoke last, two weeks ago. Funny things were happening on the day after our session. I was walking in the park, and an overhead light just went out as we passed there. (Elias chuckles) I tried to make some tea, and I had a timer clock for that, and the clock totally went berserk for two days! (Elias laughs) Was that you or was it me?

ELIAS: Both. (Laughs)

MARKUS: The information you gave me last time regarding my girlfriend and the life in Ireland where I died as a small child has been quite interesting and very helpful, and I really want to thank you for that. I told her about the story, and for a moment she had thought it was an emotional breakdown, but that released a lot of energy that seems to have been blocked, which she even wasn’t aware of. During the last two weeks, she said she noticed a lot of ease coming to her, or taking things a lot easier. This has been really, really helpful.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARKUS: After our session, I also tried to come up with a bit more focus information, and I have a few things that I would like to run by you to see if they are correct, or how correct they are, or where there may be distortions.

ELIAS: Very well.

MARKUS: My girlfriend’s name in the life in Ireland, would that have been Katarina?

ELIAS: Katherine.

MARKUS: Ah, so that would be the German version of that. The life there, I think she spent a good deal of time as a nun in a monastery.


MARKUS: Probably the child, Mikah — me — who died there, was that an illegitimate child?


MARKUS: Did that result from a connection actually inside the monastery, like having been together with one of the monks, or probably many of the monks?


MARKUS: The child would have been raised by the grandmother?


MARKUS: Would the grandmother be Lynda, Mary’s assistant?


MARKUS: Another life that I had information about was a life when I had been a Roman food merchant, and she had been a black slave girl. Would my name there have been Claudius?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: And her name something like Minnubeh?


MARKUS: Has there been some sort of misunderstanding with her name? I had some sort of a hilarious story popping up in my head regarding that name, that goes along the lines of when we first met there, someone asked her about her name and what she actually said in her language was, “My name is Nubeh,” or something like that, and the person just took the whole thing as her name.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughs)

MARKUS: The hilarious thing would be that every time during the rest of her life when anyone would call her, to her that would basically mean that that person who calls her said, “I am Nubeh.”

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

MARKUS: Did we have a son named Marc?


MARKUS: Is that the same Mark that I know here in my life now?


MARKUS: Wow. That’s pretty clear information. (Elias laughs) I’m really amazed that during those last weeks, beside the lights going on and the timer going berserk, I had quite some acceleration of energy. Things are coming quite easily to me, like remembering such things in quite a bit more detail, and also being able to create things far more easily — which is quite some sort of a challenge, because unwanted things also manifest quite a bit more quickly than I’m used to.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I may express to you, there is an acceleration in energy associated with the movement of this shift in consciousness.

MARKUS: Is the fact that I’m experiencing that acceleration of energy during the last two weeks more related to the shift in energy or is it more related to our sessions, that through the verification of information through you in the sessions, I’m allowing myself to let loose of more energy and let it flow more freely?

ELIAS: Both.

MARKUS: I have another friend or acquaintance through the Internet. Her name is Marina, and I would like to know her family belonging and alignment. I would like to offer my impressions. Family belonging I’m pretty sure is Sumafi.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: I’m not so sure about the alignment. I talked to her about that, and her own impression for the alignment is Sumari. One of my impressions regarding the alignment would be Borledim.

ELIAS: The latter is correct, although the individual does express some qualities in a strength associated with the Sumari family. But the alignment is Borledim.

MARKUS: I tried to find some information how we may have been related as a focus, and one of the focuses in relation to me who popped up there was the German writer Stefan George. My first impression was that she had been the mother of Stefan George, but I’m not entirely sure. I looked up a website with information about that focus, and I saw a picture of Klaus Mann. That gave me pretty strong signals, in my typical way of chills and goose bumps, so I’m not sure. She may also have been Klaus Mann, and the mother of Stefan George may have just been my first impression. I’m not sure about the connection there.

ELIAS: The latter is correct, and the connection to the mother is counterpart action.

MARKUS: She also feels a very strong connection to the writer Karl May. She lives in a place quite near there and has read all of his books and stuff like that. Can you tell me if or what kind of connection she has with Karl May?

ELIAS: Observing essence and also incorporates another focus that expresses a tremendous admiration for that individual.

MARKUS: When I made contact with Lynda, I had an impression that we share a life in an intimate relationship in an environment where we probably would be pirates. Would that be true?


MARKUS: She would be the wife? She would be female and I would be male?


MARKUS: Also interesting information that popped up here — last time we talked about the event with the spiritual teacher John David and that one of the events with me and John David and my friend Markus has been that there was sort of an incipient battle where I had come to help Markus, but the battle between Markus and John David actually did not happen. The funny thing was when I had that impression, first I naturally thought that we, Markus and me, were the good guys and the ship commanded by another focus of John David would have been the bad guy. But now, when I came up with the pirate information with Lynda, it occurred to me that probably in normal regular moral terms it may have been the other way around, like John David may have been commanding an official ship like from a country’s marine, and we would have illegal ships like pirates or something like that.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Correct, but it is a matter of perception, is it not?

MARKUS: Absolutely, absolutely! (Elias laughs) I share that in that focus; I still see myself as the good guy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Quite!

MARKUS: Would that be the same pirate life together with Lynda?


MARKUS: Also, I had some sort of an impression that my girlfriend’s son, Kenny, and Lynda, that there would be some sort of rivalry there. It may have to do with the fact that she had been in that Irish focus in the monastery and the child had been raised by the grandmother, and she probably blamed the grandmother for the death of the child. But I think there are also other focuses where the two of them sort of fight amongst each other for intimate relationships with me.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: Both correct?


MARKUS: I guess I don’t need to verify things with you any longer. (Both laugh)

Another acquaintance of mine, his name is Dave C., he’s basically in the computer industry, but when he writes things like press releases or information for people, he is a really beautiful writer. I had tried to come up with information about him, and the first thing that popped up was the American poet and writer T.S. Eliot. Would that be another focus or some connection?

ELIAS: Observing.

MARKUS: Does he have a focus as a well-known writer whose name I would know?

ELIAS: He does incorporate a focus as a noted writer, but not as notable as other writers — somewhat more obscure but known.

MARKUS: Another person, a very close friend of mine, her name is Sonya. I would like to first offer family and orientation for her. I can’t get belonging and alignment clearly together, but I think she would be Sumari and Milumet.

ELIAS: Reverse.

MARKUS: Belonging to Milumet?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: And the orientation would be intermediate?


MARKUS: That’s obvious! (Elias laughs) Could you give me her essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Tilly, T-I-L-L-Y.

MARKUS: Thank you.

Yet another friend of mine, his name is Thomas. He’s living in the United States, and I know him from our business. From the onset when we met each other, we had referred to each other more as brothers rather than being friends. I think we have shared focuses in relationship of brothers in the southern Civil War of the United States. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes, and other focuses also.

MARKUS: Can you tell me how many focuses I share with him?

ELIAS: Twenty-six.

MARKUS: I think that’s enough focus hunting for now. (Elias laughs) I don’t want to spend my time exploring other focuses — I have my own focus here and just a limited amount of time of life! (Elias laughs) It’s very, very interesting to see how easy that kind of information can be obtained. In the past I always had thought that it would require a deep trance and to ask questions, and then I would wait for images to pop up. But it’s so ridiculously easy!

That’s why in the full daylight with the eyes open I ask myself a question, just wait what answer I come up with. If you wouldn’t verify that stuff, I would just say oh, I’ve got a wild fantasy and I’m just making that up.

ELIAS: (Laughs) As I have expressed many times, information is quite easily accessible to you. It is merely unfamiliar. It is a matter of listening to yourself and trusting what you communicate to yourself.

MARKUS: I think the trusting part is an important thing. That’s where I’m very grateful about the option of having your verification here, because all the stuff that I have just asked in the last twenty minutes just came through in the last two weeks. It was so easy that I really wouldn’t have thought that all of that would be okay or correct.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But this also reinforces your trust of yourself, and in reinforcing that trust, you allow yourself more of an ease in listening to yourself.

MARKUS: That’s basically what I have observed after having verified my first bunch of impressions, which we did two weeks ago. It was like when I saw that all of that was correct, it was like a dam breaking and allowing myself more easily to access other information just as I want to.

ELIAS: Correct. And I may express to you also that any type of information may be accessed as easily as you are noticing offering yourself this type of information. It is merely a matter of paying attention.

MARKUS: I should try that with the numbers of next week’s lottery. (Elias laughs) That’s basically what everybody asks me, like if it’s so easy to come by this information, just try with the lottery numbers!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) That would be somewhat of a different action, for that would be creating those numbers.

MARKUS: Together with about 90 million people in Germany who also try to create these numbers!

ELIAS: (Laughs) That is not merely an action of accessing information but of actually generating an action of creating.

MARKUS: That would be basically a difference between past and future.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for all of it is created now.

MARKUS: But the information that I access about other focuses is also created now, and that would be an accessing of information. But the lottery numbers would be a creation of situation?

ELIAS: Correct, for all of your reality is being created now. That which you view to be the past and the future is an illusion. It is all being generated now. Therefore, it is continuously changing and altering in creations and situations.

It is somewhat more challenging for you to be creating the numbers, so to speak, for the lottery, for that is a different action. Essentially, it is the same action, but in association with your beliefs and your perception, it is a different action, and your trust of your ability to create wavers in association with generating that type of a creation.

MARKUS: So basically, just for the sake of this discussion — which seamlessly leads us to the topic which I had in mind for today anyway, which is time — if we take the lottery numbers for next week and the lottery numbers for last week, if I access those, both would be a creation?


MARKUS: And the difference in creation would be that I believe that I can create last week’s lottery numbers by just looking them up on the Internet or in a magazine, and by not believing that I will be able to do the same with next week’s numbers?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not trust your ability to generate the same action if it is perceived to be a future action, which is associated with your perception of actually creating all of your reality and that you actually DO create all of your reality.

But in some situations, you incorporate the belief that you do not create all of your reality: there are some elements of your reality that are created by other individuals. This is what generates the challenge in association with certain manifestations within your reality that you believe yourselves to be acquiring, such as money.

MARKUS: Yes, sure, because if I would be generating money, I wouldn’t have to play the lottery anyway.

ELIAS: Correct, or you can play the game and incorporate the fun of the game and also generate the money. But the challenge in that action is that you do not believe that you are actually creating that. Your belief is that this is a game that involves chance, and the reason that it involves chance is that it is being created by another individual. Therefore, as you are not creating it, you may perhaps win the game and ACQUIRE the money, but you have not CREATED the money. This is a challenging belief for many individuals.

MARKUS: (Laughs) I can understand that! Basically, everybody in Las Vegas lives with that belief!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Money is one manifestation within your reality that most individuals do not quite understand yet that they actually create it. They do not acquire it.

MARKUS: The funny thing is that the money part of my life works quite well, so I don’t give it too much thought.

ELIAS: And this is the reason that you do not incorporate much challenge with it, for you trust your ability to generate it.

MARKUS: I basically trust my ability to generate a bit more than I need, or actually quite more than I need. (Elias laughs) I’m still not able to generate any arbitrary amount of money. But that would be possibly a waste of energy anyway, because I don’t spend it and I don’t need it, so why should I create it.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I quite understand!

MARKUS: I’m trying to understand time, and time with other focuses. In the past you offered the TV analogy, with a room full of television sets and every television playing one life film or one focus film, and the essence could be compared in this analogy to someone watching all of the TV films at the same time.

Those other focuses are living in what we call the past, but they are sort of still active or playing while we think they are actually dead. For example, Mike asked you for the actual reason or the actual cause of the death of the Stefan George focus, and you answered him with some sort of illness with which he had come down. The question now is in this moment, if essence would view all the TV sets with all the focuses of my life, would the Stefan George focus still be playing?


MARKUS: So I could basically go somewhere in Germany and visit his grave, and at the same time your information would be correct that he came down with the illness of whatever it was?


MARKUS: Can you try to explain how that goes together? The question that would be further interesting is if Stefan George would contact you in this now or would contact essence in this now, and if essence would be watching all the TV sets and he would inquire about his own death, the answer would probably be that it’s still a probability and has not been played out yet.

ELIAS: Yes and no, for it is a matter of attention.

All of the focuses are occurring simultaneously. Time is a construct of your physical dimension, or the configuration of time as you know it is a construct of your physical reality. It is generated through the mechanism of perception, which is an objective mechanism.

Now; as essence, all of these focuses of attention are occurring simultaneously. They are being expressed in what you may term to be more of a sideways action rather than a forward-and-backward action. You view them in a forward-and-backward action in association with how you perceive time and the movement of it in a linear fashion. As essence, it is not actually that essence would be viewing all of these televisions but would BE all of these televisions that are all playing simultaneously.

In actuality, I may express to you, you yourself in this focus incorporate the ability to shift your attention and to merge with another focus within another time framework and be that other focus. THIS focus would physically continue, but the attention is moved. Therefore, what this focus generates is a physical manifestation without the attention.

Now; that may occur temporarily, as I have also offered information concerning physical manifestations and the attention associated with them. For you can temporarily remove the attention of the individual from the physical body consciousness and direct it elsewhere, but only temporarily.

MARKUS: That would be like being unconscious or in a coma.

ELIAS: Correct, for removing the attention entirely for an extended time framework does affect the physical body consciousness and would generate what you term to be death. But in this action, you can actually move your attention so fully to another focus that you become the other focus, for they are all you.

Now; each focus incorporates a unique attention. This is the reason that you may merge with another focus and you may become temporarily the other focus but not entirely, for you incorporate a unique attention and all of the other focuses of essence do also.

In this, attention is the significant element of the focus and how that associates with the configuration of your linear time. They are all simultaneous, but that must also fit within the blueprint of your physical reality, which incorporates linear time.

This is how attention plays in this picture, for all of the focuses are being generated simultaneously, but — yes, you are correct — some may be perceived to be dead and some may be perceived to be living. Those that are perceived to be living continue to incorporate the attention. Those that are perceived to be dead, the attention is removed. It continues to be in existence and there continues to be an energy associated with that existence, but the attention is moved.

Therefore, although those focuses continue to exist and you can access them and you can merge with them for they are being expressed simultaneously to you in actuality, some of those focuses have removed the attention, and the attention continues in a different direction.

MARKUS: Speaking of that room full of televisions, some of the TVs might still play scenes of life here on Earth in the past, present or future, while others may play a film in another physical reality or even nonphysical reality.

ELIAS: Correct. In a manner of speaking, let me incorporate a figurative explanation that may be more understandable to you. As you are choosing to incorporate the analogy of the televisions, within your programs that you incorporate in your physical reality associated with your televisions, at times your television may play a program repeatedly, correct?


ELIAS: One that was originally generated in a particular time framework and subsequently is not being generated any longer presently. But you may continue to view that program, for it is shown upon your television repeatedly, correct?

MARKUS: Yes, sure.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, some of those televisions that are being expressed by essence are generating that type of repeated program, for the attention has moved but the program continues.

MARKUS: Basically, in the same way, I’m just someone who moves his attention to the program and incorporates a change there.


MARKUS: So that would basically be what happened during the last two weeks with my girlfriend with the information that she and I are now together in some sort of relationship. She said she had the impression that the other focus would be able to somehow ease her grief or let go of that event and give her whole life some sort of a different direction or emotion or intent.

ELIAS: Yes. Not necessarily a different intent, but it may offer comfort to the other focus in realizing that whatever has occurred within that one focus, it is not an absolute, it is not permanent, that there is continuation and reconnection.

MARKUS: Which, at least it was my impression, has been an intent of the focus anyway. I had the impression that the expression of that focus had the intention to move attention like inward and deal more with ideas of god and philosophy in general after having led a couple of other lives which were very much objectively expressed.


MARKUS: In a manner of speaking, the intent of that life has now sort of been met by another life a few hundred years later, which of course is simultaneous.

ELIAS: Correct. (Laughs)

MARKUS: When I heard this analogy of the televisions the first time, I had the impression that not only the other focuses are simultaneous, but basically, if you speak of one focus, the whole life of one focus would be simultaneous also. So basically, if one wants to push this analogy even further, there would have to be a TV set for each moment of each focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: So what I term the past would be consisting of, let’s say, a few million moments, and these would be all simultaneous and sort of replaying until I or another focus chooses to revisit them and change them in any way. Then the changed version would be playing and would have its effect on all the other televisions that play in the room also. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. (Laughs)

MARKUS: Oh, my god! I’m beginning to really, really appreciate our simple perception of time!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And this is also the significance of paying attention to the now.

MARKUS: Definitely! I had this experience already last week when I came up with so much other focus information. Comparatively, that wasn’t much — it was just like a few impressions from three focuses — and I just thought, oh man, I wouldn’t want to have all the impressions of all the 700-something focuses at the same time!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am understanding. That may be somewhat overwhelming!

MARKUS: If I took into account every moment of every focus, not just mine, that would be quite overwhelming! (Elias laughs)

Revisiting those other focuses, my understanding is, like you said, some of the films would sort of be replaying while the attention is elsewhere. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all the films that play in what we term the past are actually replaying, so there may be active attentions...


MARKUS: the past, and there may be dead attentions even in the future.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

MARKUS: That sort of also explains the thing that I asked in the last session regarding Mike’s focus questions in his sessions of 1999 and the year 2000. You said that he had three current-time focuses and none of these would have been German, and now I’m a focus of the same essence speaking in German. So in a crude form of analogy, my TV set would have just been entered in this time span, and the film is sort of playing pretty new and actively, while even another film which was playing in the Nazi time or in the past may already have been what we might term closed or finished or the attention moved elsewhere. At the same time, yet another focus like a life in the time of the Roman empire may also still exist.

ELIAS: Yes, for it is a continuous movement and shifting of attentions.

MARKUS: I had some sort of impressions like those, but so far I couldn’t verify that from sessions that I read from you or from other nonphysical teachers, so I just wanted to take advantage of these telephone conversations and try to get a bit clearer picture about that than I had before.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It is quite intricate, is it not?

MARKUS: Absolutely, yes. It’s sort of amazing, and I’m just not even beginning to understand.

ELIAS: Ha ha! And this is the reason that I have expressed previously many times, you are much more vast than you perceive yourselves to be! (Both laugh)

MARKUS: I don’t see it, but I can sort of conceptualize! This single focus is already incorporating infinite moments and infinite aspects and infinite probabilities.

ELIAS: Correct, and that is one focus! (Laughs)

MARKUS: By the way, I’m not so much into focus numbering, at least not the same as Mike, but the first time I came across those types of questions, like how many focuses do I have there and how many focuses do I have with this person together and so on, I just tried to get an impression of the total number of focuses at that time — this was probably six or eight weeks ago — and this number tremendously differed from the number you gave Mike in the year 1999 and 2000. I just want to run the number by you to find out if it was somehow correct and if the number of focuses had in fact increased in that amount or number, or if it was just an incorrect or distorted impression. My impression was that the number of focuses would be somewhere around 1700; the actual number was 1764.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you, I have expressed this information to other individuals also. As I offer any physical numbering of focuses within your physical dimension, that is offered in the moment, for that is also continuously fluctuating.

It fluctuates in association with many different actions that are generated by essence, by you. It may fluctuate in association with the essence generating new and more focuses or generating less focuses, or it may also fluctuate in association with observing essences. For it is the choice of each focus of attention which essence it shall be incorporating as it aligns with more strongly, if there is an incorporation of observing essences. Not all focuses incorporate observing essences, but those focuses that do incorporate observing essences also incorporate the choice of which essence it shall be.

Therefore, as I have expressed from the onset of these interactions with all of you, one focus of attention incorporates the entirety of essence. You ARE the entirety of essence. Each focus expresses the same as the entirety of essence, and the focus of attention is NO LESS; it is not a part. Therefore, the individual manifestation is equally as significant as what you conceive of essence.

MARKUS: (Sighs) Even time, compared to that, is easy to understand!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I am understanding. In that, this is the reason that I repeatedly emphasize to all of you the significance of your individual self, for your choices and your energy is significantly affecting. For it ripples throughout all of not merely YOUR manifestations as essence but throughout consciousness, and therefore is also affecting of not merely your reality within your world but all realities.

MARKUS: That’s even harder to understand! (Both laugh) Let’s stay more in the closer reaches.

Basically, why I asked the question regarding the number anyway was just that I was amazed that the number could more than double.

ELIAS: It may alter in what you would perceive to be many different extremes. They are not actually extremes, but you may perceive them as such. Perhaps in another moment, you may incorporate as few as seventy. It is dependent upon the action that you are incorporating as essence in any particular moment.

MARKUS: The higher number was somehow inspired by some sort of feeling that I have been on this planet forever. (Elias laughs) There is this sort of — I don’t know how they call it — like a classification of young souls, old souls and that kind of stuff.


MARKUS: I really haven’t read much about that, but just from the first impression when I came across this idea or this concept, I had the impression that I feel many, many, many things here on this planet in a great variety of forms, and that somehow translated into a lot of focuses.

ELIAS: Yes, and also in your terms, in your classifications, you may consider yourself what you term to be an old soul. (Chuckles)

MARKUS: (Laughs) I’m not quite young. That’s something hard to take in times like these where everybody wants to stay young forever.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Ah, but you may also perceive it as incorporating wisdom.

MARKUS: Yes, absolutely. Basically, that sort of inner wisdom that our (inaudible) translated or what rang true with this number of some 1700 focuses, and that was one of the reasons why I was amazed to read that Mike had just 730. (Elias laughs) I think that numbers are not really important, because they are lives which are probably very, very intense and would bring more wisdom than, say, 100 other average focuses, if there’s something like an average focus.

ELIAS: Perhaps. It is dependent upon what the individual offers to themself in information in their exploration of this physical reality. An individual may offer themselves considerable information and not necessarily generate intensity. (Chuckles)

MARKUS: That would probably not be me! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And I may also express to you, in viewing yourself to be an old soul, you may consider yourself to be in good company. For as I incorporated manifestations within your physical reality, I would also consider myself to be an old soul! (Laughs)

MARKUS: It’s nice to meet people like oneself, if I may say meeting you is people! (Elias laughs) I think from Mike’s sessions we had a couple of focuses together anyway, and I’m not very interested in the numbers because they probably all would change! (Elias laughs)

I found it quite interesting that there were focuses where we incorporated a relationship of enemies. (Elias laughs) Would that kind of enemy-ship have something to do in one focus with a fighting between you and me in the form of a male focus over a wife?


MARKUS: That was one of the first impressions that came up when I read that, that I wanted to run by you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you that I view these types of focuses to be quite entertaining and quite amusing!

MARKUS: I think I would do the same.

ELIAS: Ha ha! They do incorporate a colorfulness!

MARKUS: Bleed-through in the form of an emotion of enemy-ship from that essence to this one, I think after those lives, if you could term it like that, we would have had a beer together and just laughed over the fun we had.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would be in agreement!

MARKUS: I’ll have a beer or a glass of wine on you!

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall present my energy to you. (Both laugh)

MARKUS: Oh, I am not sure if I am too happy about that! (Elias laughs) The playfulness, I will probably have to watch my glass or stuff like that! (Elias laughs) I am looking forward to it anyway; I like playfulness.

ELIAS: I shall express to you that I shall contain my energy and merely present my energy in acknowledgment of your invitation. (Laughs)

MARKUS: Don’t (inaudible). Do what you want. (Elias laughs) I’m creating what happens in my life, anyway.

ELIAS: Correct! (Laughs)

MARKUS: I will see what kind of stunts we, you and me, can put together here in this focus!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well!

MARKUS: This is amazing. I’m looking at my time here, and I had anticipated that in this session, time would just fly like in the last two. I booked an extra-long session, and now I find myself obviously being able to modify time in a way to put more topics into one hour than I have probably put into the last two sessions together! We still have a lot of time for a lot of questions. (Elias laughs)

One of the topics that I would like to revisit is the way of paying attention to oneself and creating signals. One of the signals I am repeatedly creating to myself is that I’m creating reality in the form of or multiple forms of external noise, like construction sites popping up under my window or in the next house, and (inaudible) do it in the house behind that, and also having bars and restaurants in the area where I live where they at times play very loud music. If those are not so loud, the neighbors will start to turn up their music or will have more parties in their court.

I’m having a bit of a hard time to come to terms with that, because on a normal objective level it sounds like these guys all around me are making all that noise. I have noticed the consistency in which this kind of noise appears, like one construction site closed and then another opened. One of the bars is pretty loud, and if I go down to them and ask them to be not so loud in the future, someone else in the house next to ours or in the same house will start to play loud music.

I think there’s some sort of communication here which I’m just not yet understanding.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may offer the suggestion to you that you incorporate practicing with the exercise in clarity that I have offered previously.(1)

MARKUS: I’m aware of that, yes.

ELIAS: For what you are presenting to yourself is another example of what we were discussing previously. Many, many, many individuals perceive that they do not create the element of their reality that manifests in money, as we have discussed. You do not concern yourself with that particular manifestation, but there are other manifestations that you may present to yourself that you do not perceive you are creating, and therefore other individuals are creating it. Therefore, other individuals are creating certain elements of your reality.

In practicing with the exercise in clarity, you allow yourself to realize objectively that you do incorporate the ability to manipulate your reality in different manners. It allows you to recognize that you actually do incorporate the ability to manipulate your actual senses, and if you can manipulate your actual senses, this reinforces your trust of your ability to be actually creating your reality. In a manner of speaking, it allows you a type of sense of control. It is not actually control, but it moves you out of the role of victim and offers you more of a sense of empowerment that you do incorporate the ability to manipulate whatever is being generated in your reality.

It is not an accident that you are generating this volume of noise, for that DOES incorporate your attention! (Laughs)

MARKUS: I have played with this exercise in clarity already and found that at times I am, for example, able to move my attention to a book and sort of get lost in that book in a way that I’m not hearing those noises anymore. But at the same time, I’ve found that manipulating the hearing sense for me is one of the hardest things to do of all. If I have a physical pain, it’s not so much of a problem to move the attention away from that in the same way as it is for hearing.

ELIAS: And therefore I repeat my suggestion that you allow yourself to practice. (Laughs)

MARKUS: What’s also amazing is how hard the exercise in clarity actually is.

ELIAS: It is quite challenging.

MARKUS: I’ve been trying the objective part, like noticing everything that comes in through the senses while I was walking in the park or doing stuff like that, and I find myself almost unable to do that just for sixty seconds in a consistent way.

ELIAS: It is a challenging exercise to be incorporating, for your outer senses are quite automatic. You generate many automatic responses in association with these senses. It is unfamiliar to allow yourself to actually manipulate them, for you incorporate the perception that they are almost independent of you, that they are things, in a manner of speaking, and that they generate their own experiences being things — but they are not. They are expressions of you. They are avenues of communication, and you can manipulate those avenues of communication. You do with other avenues of communication. You may be quite efficient at times at manipulating the emotional communications — and ignoring them! (Both laugh)

MARKUS: I hear you! The thing that I find hardest is basically to consciously keep the attention in one place because of all of the sort of impulses that come through the senses in the form of sensual information. It’s amazingly hard to just stay with the attention on the data that the senses bring in or which I create through the senses and not bouncing off to thoughts related to that, and in the same moment ignoring further data that’s coming in through one of the senses until some stronger signal comes in through yet another sense, and then that starts to move the attention to a different place, be it in the past, present or future. It’s just like a pinball flipper machine, bouncing around all the time, and keeping that steady is amazingly hard.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But it also offers you evidence of how flexible your attention is and how easily it may move.

MARKUS: Yes, and how easily it may be manipulated through someone else. (Elias chuckles)

One question regarding the physical body situation, I’m basically what we call healthy for many, many years now. But one of the symptoms or you might call it an anomaly that accompanies me since I think the age of five is that I have abnormal sight or what we call farsightedness together or in conjunction with astigmatism. I’m wondering what kind of signal or what kind of mirror action that is and what possibly I could do to create that in a different way.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, not all physical manifestations are necessarily a signal or a communication. Some physical manifestations are generated in association with an individual’s intent or a manner in which the individual has chosen to be experiencing their focus. Figuratively speaking, not merely in association with vision but in many different types of physical manifestations that an individual may perceive to be not normal, individuals at times create those manifestations to be experiencing their reality through a different type of lens.

I may express to you that what you have generated with this physical manifestation is one of those types of manifestations. It is not necessarily a signal, and it is not a communication. It is a manifestation that you have generated to incorporate a type of different influence in your experiences as you move through this focus.

Now; that is not to say that you cannot alter that. You may choose to be incorporating a different choice and generating a different expression in association with your vision. But that may be somewhat challenging, for that would incorporate a trust of your ability to alter this physical manifestation, and also it would incorporate somewhat of an alteration in your intent.

MARKUS: That goes a bit along the direction which I had thought, because with basically any type of other physical symptom I have been able to resolve those and to understand the signals of issues quite quickly in the past. It’s only that this visual thing is here so long, and I just couldn’t... One of the things that had irritated me was that I couldn’t even make out a signal that might be related to that. That’s why I wanted to ask the question, to see if it was something obvious that was just sort of transparent to me so that I would overlook it or not understand it, or if there’s something else behind it altogether.

The fact that you say that it’s more aligned with my intent makes sense because of the fact that I’m wearing glasses or, during the last year, I started to wear lenses, and it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s almost as if the glasses are a part of me. So it’s not really a problem I’m dealing with; I was just interested in what the whole issue was about.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and I am also understanding your questioning of yourself and your association that a physical manifestation is a communication and perhaps it would be a communication that would appear to you to be so very obvious that you would overlook the communication. But as I have expressed, not all physical manifestations are associated with a communication, and they are not all associated with a signal. This is the reason that you were not offering yourself information in association with a message or a communication, for this manifestation is not a communication.

MARKUS: What kind of intent would that be related to? I could quite clearly view it as some sort of what you have termed in the past as a mirror action. If someone said I’m a farsighted person, there would be hardly anything that could be said about me that would be truer than that, because I’m always looking at the far-reaching implications of things. I’m more interested in the broader picture of things, and that’s where I’m quite clear on a symbolization of that type of vision problem, but I...

ELIAS: But it also encourages you to be viewing yourself. It incorporates both. It is a manifestation associated with viewing the big picture, so to speak, but viewing yourself in the big picture.

MARKUS: I see. Yes, I can see the two-sidedness of that in my life.

ELIAS: Which is what you would term to be the symbolization of the two lenses: your own lens and the lens of the glasses.

MARKUS: Where at the moment I’m using exterior or objective help to be able to view the closer things to myself in a clear way.


MARKUS: Which probably would be a symbolization for the fact that I have you on the phone now.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes.

MARKUS: Speaking of intent, I saw the question about the life intent a few times in the sessions that I read of other people. I had given that a bit of thought but didn’t come up with something entirely clear.

I remember that you normally ask people to look for that which has always been present in all of their life, and one of the things that is present in my life all the time is communication, all forms of communication, like speech or verbal communication. Also I’m a programmer, which means that I’m dealing with programming languages or communications with machines. Also my software is mostly used to enable people to let different computers communicate with each other or transmit information between different computers.

So I would offer the impression that this life intent has to do with exploring the realm of communications, probably even the realm of verbal communications, since the programming languages are sort of a verbal thing.

ELIAS: That is an element of it. The theme or the general intent is an exploration of translations, the inner and the outer translations, which is expressed in a more specific avenue in association with communications and different directions that you have incorporated in relation to communications. But the general theme would be an exploration of translations, which is associated with what your previous question concerned: the two lenses, the inner and the outer, and the translation of information and pulling together the inner and the outer, placing yourself in the big picture. Therefore, it is an exploration of translations of your placement in any time framework in the big picture and the relationship of the two.

MARKUS: I remember at some point in the past I had someone do an astrological birth chart for me, and what he said was that this chart incorporates basically two extremes, one extreme being the attention or focus on the outside or the physical world, and at the same time an equally strong attention to the inner world, which probably means, speaking of families of consciousness, this would be a Zuli and Milumet thing at the same time.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: Which is interesting, because at some point when I was pondering my own alignment with the families, there was Zuli and Milumet in the picture also. Is Milumet also a family alignment that is fluctuating in and out of my life like Zuli and Sumari?

ELIAS: Not as strongly, but at times. But remember also, you all express qualities of all of the essence families.

MARKUS: Yes, I definitely can see that there are a few essence families which do not resonate that much. I think Gramada is one of those that I have just a little bit or no resonance with. But there’s really a couple of others that I can find myself with in some degree, some more and some less.

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

MARKUS: I’m sometimes dealing with other nonphysical entities. Mostly I’m deriving my knowledge and information from Seth and from you, and now I’ve started reading Kris sessions and also I’ve listened to Abraham, which all together blends into each other quite nicely. But sometimes I get references from friends who come across other nonphysical entities, and my understanding is that they are basically countless.

One of the more well known or more popular entities calls himself Michael, and it’s known in the U.S. as Michael’s Teachings. I’m actually asking this question because a friend of mine who had come across your material and subsequently across Seth’s material had previously been dealing with the Michael material for many, many years, or at least the Michael material through a German channel.

In Michael’s teachings, there is sort of a system of levels, which from your and Seth’s teachings I understand don’t exist, like physical plane, astral plane, causal plane, Akashic records, and then mental plane, messianic plane and buddhaic plane, and all of that flows into the Tao. Also, the system is really strongly based on the number seven. They have a system of personalities which is based on seven types, sort of like the Enneagram, which is based on nine.

She asked me if I could ask you how that would fit into the broader picture or in the picture which you are presenting which does not have planes and which falls into the nine families of consciousness and not into seven types of something. Basically, that’s the question she has or wants you to comment on.

ELIAS: I may express to you as I have expressed to other individuals previously, there are different essences that incorporate exchanges with individuals within your physical reality, and their intentions may be different, their direction may be different. Their general direction is generally in alignment with this shift in consciousness, and they offer information in association with that. But the information that they offer may vary, and this is purposeful. There is no competition, so to speak, in association with those differences of information that is offered by different essences, for individuals incorporate differences, and in those differences they generate different interests and are drawn to different information.

Much of what that particular group of essences expresses is filtered through and associated with much of your religious beliefs. But there are many individuals that are drawn to that type of information, for it does not challenge their religious beliefs, which in a manner of speaking serves its purpose also. For the point is not to be forcing energy in opposition to your beliefs, which I have expressed many times, but rather in shifting, allowing yourselves to be accepting of your beliefs and therefore incorporate the ability to manipulate more efficiently and to generate more of a freedom in choice.

Therefore, some individuals are drawn to information that is more in keeping with their expressed beliefs. Some individuals are drawn to information that is incorporating less distortion, and some essences incorporate the intention and direction of offering information with less distortion. Some essences do not concern themselves with the element of distortion for that is not their direction, and therefore, they also may incorporate an exchange with individuals that is not concerned with the element of distortion. Therefore, it matters not with that particular essence that the individual that may be participating in the exchange filters some of the information through their beliefs also. But it matters not, for it does not invalidate the information.

Some essences offer information which is more associated with your physical reality and offering information concerning how to be generating more efficient movement in creating what you want, such as myself. Some essences do not concern themselves with that type of information and may offer information concerning other areas of consciousness or other physical realities. Some individuals are drawn to that type of information, and therefore it is available.

But regardless of what information is being expressed, I would not express to any of you that it is invalid or that it is wrong, for it is not. It may not necessarily be associated with your physical reality, but that does not invalidate it.

MARKUS: That was sort of the first impression I had when I read more closely about that material, that this essence is offering material which helps to sort of build a bridge between traditional Eastern beliefs and what we now call our New Age beliefs and a wider awareness, but offering to people who are not so willing or able to just throw everything overboard in one movement and who want to move in that direction step by step.

ELIAS: Correct. Also, I may express to you that in the incorporation of information concerning other aspects of consciousness, that also serves its purpose, for what it generates in association with all of you within your physical reality is a recognition that there is much more beyond this one physical reality, that there are many areas of consciousness, that there are many realities, and that what you have previously associated with being imaginary and not real may in actuality be quite real, and that whatever you can imagine is some expression of consciousness and exists.

MARKUS: Through the action of imagination.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARKUS: I have just recently come into contact with someone else who is also dealing with New Age things and also with channeling. This person is associated with a corner of the New Age movement who sees the Earth being helped by a galactic federation, and the planet of Sirius having sent people here, changing ideas and energy with other stars and that stuff. Even if it’s not real in the physical sense, all that becomes real to those people, and becomes even more real the more they begin to deal with that and offer impressions and ideas and move with each other.

ELIAS: It is real in their reality, and that IS the reality.

MARKUS: Yes, that’s what I figured out through the few mail exchanges or exchanges in the public online forum that I had with that person so far. It is absolutely quite real, and he doesn’t doubt it. These are the guidelines along which he organizes his life.

ELIAS: They may not be real within your reality, for you are not creating that. But within the other individual’s reality, it may be quite real, for that IS what the other individual is creating.

Now; there are also situations in which an individual may be tapping into some information and may be filtering that information through their beliefs and offering information that is not actually accurate. But it matters not, for each of you shall draw yourselves to whatever type of information that resonates with you to be incorporating a supportiveness in your movement in shifting.

MARKUS: Yes, that’s probably the case with that person. Now he has drawn himself to another forum where people are seeing things in a bit of a different form, and maybe he’s using that as the next step in what he intends to do, to somewhat alter his reality in accordance with that shift.


MARKUS: One last question, since we mentioned other nonphysical teachers. I’m listening to audio recordings of Abraham from time to time. My impression regarding that kind of teaching is that this teaching is very much aligned with the family of Tumold. Would that be true?


MARKUS: So, I think that’s quite enough for today.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well, my friend! I shall be anticipating our next discussion.

MARKUS: I will see if I will be able to come up with more questions. It’s amazing. I would never have thought that I would end a conversation with you by running out of actual questions! (Elias laughs) But I thank you very, very much for all the insight and information that you have provided. I want to thank you again for the information and help which you provided last time in relation to that Irish focus of my girlfriend, because that helped us a lot and helped make this world really a bit of a better place.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend, and I shall be anticipating our sharing of your drink. (Laughs)

MARKUS: And I shall be anticipating your playfulness at mine!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I express to you tremendous fondness and great affection.

MARKUS: The same, very much the same to you, my friend.

ELIAS: In great playfulness, my friend, au revoir.

MARKUS: Bye-bye.

(Elias departs after 1 hour, 57 minutes.)

(1) The exercise in clarity, from Session #122, 9/22/96:

Within the beginning elements of this exercise, I shall be asking you to be holding your field of vision, not closing eyes; for you are turning to this attention, this station, this channel. You are noticing and allowing clarity of this channel. Therefore, the purpose is not to be altering your state.

In this, I will ask you to sit comfortably. Focus upon any given object within your room, but do not concentrate intensely upon this object. Allow for your vision to normally encompass the entirety of the room, with one main focal point. Do not strain, and do not force yourselves to be concentrating very hard upon any given object. In this, now tune your consciousness to your senses. Notice your vision. Allow your vision to be as clear as it may possibly be. Tune to your hearing. Notice all of the sounds that occur. Many sounds are occurring that you automatically tune out and pay little attention to. Notice your body, your physical feelings, your body temperature. Notice your sense of touch. The air touches your skin continuously. Your clothing touches your skin. These are all elements that are a part of the clarity of your focus, to which you pay little attention to. Notice smells. You pay little attention to your sense of smell throughout your individual, mundane day. Notice your sense of taste. You view that if you are not consuming something, you are not tasting anything. Your senses are highly tuned, and respond regardless. They incorporate continuous stimulation. You only choose to not be clear upon these senses.

Take a moment to concentrate, unstrained, upon the activity of all of these senses that you incorporate throughout every moment of your physical focus. (Here there is a ninety-second pause)

Now, I will be instructing each of you to be closing your eyes and allowing your attention to drift. Do not be focusing upon your outer senses, so to speak. Allow yourself to feel comfortable, and calm, and quiet. (Here there is a thirty-second pause) Enough drifting!

You will notice that with your eyes closed, you will drift. You have experienced, within your attempts at meditation at times, difficulty in holding your focus. You experience, much of your time within your dream state, an inability to hold your focus and manipulate within that focus. This exercise of tuning your directed attention, your consciousness which is tuned to this channel, will be very helpful to you in instructional areas of developing your ability to be manipulating within alternate channels. Altered states, as you term these, are all alternate channels. If you hold the ability to consciously manipulate within the consciousness that holds your attention, you will more easily learn to manipulate and understand within alternate channels of consciousness. Therefore, throughout this week, until our next meeting, I shall offer you the opportunity for what you would term to be homework! I shall be instructing you to be practicing this exercise three times within each of your days. You may incorporate this exercise at any given moment, for your eyes are open, and you are attentive to all those individuals around you and also any activity that you may be engaging, for you are tuning your consciousness more clearly. You are not drifting. You are not placing yourself into an altered state. Therefore, this exercise will not be interrupting of your normal activity.

In this, incorporate one time for initiating this exercise within your evening time, while you are relaxed at your home, individually. Therefore, you may follow your directed “tuning in” to your attention channel by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift. In this, while you are allowing yourself to drift, you may incorporate this action briefly, only within a time element to be noticing those events that are occurring. This may be color flashes, it may be feelings, it may be scenes. You may incorporate visualizations. You may incorporate mental images, as you term these. You may find yourself incorporating thoughts “slinging” by you rapidly. Notice what occurs.

Do not concentrate intensely upon the experience. It is only an exercise. It is unnecessary to be very serious and directed! You may incorporate this as fun, and it may be brief. It is not necessary for you to be setting aside hours of your time and very directedly concentrating on accomplishing! It is more important for you to be tuning consciously, eyes open, to the awareness that you are familiar with; for as you learn to be directed, and manipulating within that directedness, you shall also learn to be directing within alternate realities.

I express to you that you may be manipulating within your clarity; for what you have experienced presently within this exercise is only noticing. As our week progresses and you are incorporating this exercise, you may attempt to manipulate these senses. Allow the clarity of your hearing, and then intentionally turn it off. Allow the clarity of your sense of smell, and then disengage. Allow yourselves the opportunity to view your own ability to manipulate your own consciousness and its functions; for in this, you may much more easily recognize how to be manipulating when encountering different events within alternate focuses.

©2007 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

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