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Pooling Energy in the Shift in Consciousness


“Pooling Energy in the Shift in Consciousness”

Thursday, June 3, 2004 (Private)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Gerhard (Doro) and Elisabeth (Sebastia)

(Elias’ arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BOTH: Good morning.

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

GERHARD: We have one question for Astrid. She wants to know her essence name and alignment and orientation.

ELIAS: Essence name, Bistha, B-I-S-T-H-A (BEE stah). And the impression?

ELISABETH: Sumafi and Borledim?

ELIAS: Correct.

GERHARD: Orientation common?


ELISABETH: She wants to know how many focuses she has.

ELIAS: Eight hundred sixty-two.

ELISABETH: And she wants to know how many she has with her husband.

ELIAS: Seventy-one.

ELISABETH: How many do I share with her?

ELIAS: Forty.

ELISABETH: I had a dream that we were black women singing like gospel or something. I want to know if it was only a dream or if it was really another focus together.

ELIAS: Yes, that you share together.

GERHARD: I thought that I just ask you whatever comes to my mind when I sit before you...

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughter)

GERHARD: ...and I just thought about how I’m interested in the sort of collective movement. For instance, how the individual can direct himself, what changes democracy has to undergo that individuals really can express themselves. Is there something like the development of the collective of democracy or something like that?

ELIAS: Yes. The individuals direct that. The individuals, in expressing themselves, draw to each other more and more of what you would term to be like-mind or like-spirit, and as their direction is similar, they pool their energies together and draw more and more individuals in commonality with themselves. This is the manner in which change evolves in societies, in a collective. But it begins with the individuals, and as the individuals draw more and more of a similar expression to themselves, this generates a collective, and the more energy that is pooled together in the collective, the more it ripples outwardly and draws more to it.

GERHARD: Now, addressing to groups, it seems more that the energies that are against individual development are in the foreground...

ELIAS: Or so it appears. It appears to be the situation, for those individuals that you view to be opposing are louder. Therefore, they generate stronger attention to themselves, for they are projecting outwardly, and individuals that project their energy outwardly and their attention outwardly very strongly do draw attention to themselves. But individuals that are focusing their energy upon themselves draw energy to themselves and attention to themselves also, but in a different manner. For the individual that is paying attention to themself is expressing an example. That individual is expressing the energy of the straight little sapling, and therefore they also draw attention but in a different manner. It appears to be more subtle, but it is nonetheless powerful.

You each offer yourselves examples of this, for you draw individuals to yourselves in the type of energy that you project. You project an energy outwardly that reflects your attention to self and that emanates a type of example to other individuals, which draws individuals to you. As you continue, you objectively meet and interact with more and more individuals. This may not mean that your reality and your world be newsworthy, but it is nonetheless powerful, and it ripples outwardly equally as strongly as the individuals that are quite loud. (Chuckles)

This is significant, for individuals, generally speaking, do not recognize the powerfulness of their own energy, and individuals, generally speaking, view themselves to be somewhat insignificant within the vastness of their reality. They view other individuals as authorities to be much more powerful, but you are equally as powerful as any individual that you view to be an authority, and you generate as much strength in your energy. You are merely manipulating it in a different manner. Not necessarily to be drawing the attention to yourself and setting yourself in a position as authority, but generating an energy of sharing, which creates a very strong energy as it pools together. It creates a type of adhesiveness with each other, which is quite strong in bonding. Whereas, the individuals that are drawing great attention to themselves but are projecting their attention outwardly and are not paying attention to themselves, they do not generate this adhesiveness around them with other individuals. There is very little bond in energy. Therefore, it appears that they may be much stronger, but their foundation is built upon sand and therefore dissipates easily.

GERHARD: The bonding makes a good feeling. I can imagine that the other feeling is not what I would like to have.


GERHARD: I am quite content with my life, and I don’t know exactly if I should put much energy into experiencing those things that I would like to experience. I think I am going to experience them somehow. Sometimes I tell myself oh, that would be nice, I would like to do that, and then I think that is a little bit pushing in energy in that direction, and so I do not do much to change or something like that.

ELIAS: It is not necessary. At times individuals generate thought processes within themselves in which they begin to express expectations of themselves in association with this shift and movement of this shift, and therefore they express to themselves that they SHOULD BE doing more. But it is not necessary; that is not the point.

The point is to be paying attention to yourself and familiarizing yourself with yourself, your truths and your beliefs, and to be moving into an expression of acceptance, which generates much more of a comfort and a satisfaction. It is not necessary to push or to force your energy to be generating other experiences. You shall generate whatever experiences you want in the time framework in which it is most satisfying and comfortable and not overwhelming to yourself. If you are generating satisfaction with your movement now, it is unnecessary to be attempting to change, for this occurs naturally and effortlessly.

GERHARD: It’s really beautiful to live in this time and to have you also and to know what is happening.

ELIAS: You are experiencing interesting time frameworks, interesting movements, interesting change. In your terms, a world of new awarenesses and awarenesses of choices.

GERHARD: So I try to hear inside and I do not hear a question. Why is this?

ELIAS: And perhaps you do not incorporate any question in this time framework, and perhaps you merely choose to be sharing company. (Chuckles) And you are not always generating inquiries to your friends, are you? But you are enjoying sharing company.

GERHARD: That’s true.

ELIAS: And shall I be different? (Laughter)

ELISABETH: I have a question. I want to know if we share some focuses, Elias and me?


ELISABETH: And is it in France?


ELISABETH: We share more?


ELISABETH: How many?

ELIAS: Eighteen.

ELISABETH: Did we share in Vienna also?

ELIAS: One. I may assure you, I have been quite dispersed in my travels within your reality! (Laughter) I have enjoyed many colorful experiences. Ha ha ha! I have found this reality to be quite adventurous.

ELISABETH: Do we share one in England also?


ELISABETH: Because always when I’m thinking of you, I have a young English dandy. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ah yes! And I may express to you, you are quite accurate. Investigating those focuses may be quite interesting and playful with you. (Chuckles)

ELISABETH: And have I been a woman or a man in England?

ELIAS: A woman — and not always pleased with my antics! (Laughter)

ELISABETH: That’s funny.

ELIAS: And what adventures have you been creating in your recent experiences?

GERHARD: I think what I like most is that we now meet Gottlieb more often, and that’s also interesting.

ELIAS: Offering yourselves more opportunities in sharing and developing a clearer understanding of information as you share with each other.

GERHARD: I’m happy that my sister has found a great place for herself and managed to do very well.

ELISABETH: Was she our child in another focus?


ELISABETH: We thought she was. We always feel like she’s our child!

GERHARD: I often call my sister Elke, which is the name of my daughter, and I call my daughter Heidi, the name of my sister.

ELIAS: And recognize the familiarity.

GERHARD: It was a really nice experience to see that she had integrated her experiences.

I’m a little bit disappointed in one aspect of my work that offers room for people to do something. There is not very much wanting of people to take this opportunity. Is it my motivation that is blocking something, or how is this flowing?

ELIAS: No, you are not blocking, but I may express to you that you may be more encouraging if you are allowing yourself to merely relax and allow other individuals’ energies to flow freely without attempting to be directing. Merely expressing an energy of allowance generates more of an openness and that creates an attractiveness — offering and allowing rather than offering and soliciting, not attempting to pull but merely allowing.

GERHARD: (To Elisabeth) Your experiences?

ELISABETH: I created to hurt my knee, and I’m asking myself why I didn’t get any answer to why I create this.

ELIAS: And you incorporate no impression?

ELISABETH: Maybe to care more for myself or something.

ELIAS: And to be more nurturing of yourself. You are quite accustomed to being nurturing outwardly with other individuals, but you do not always express that gentleness with yourself. You have created a physical manifestation to draw your attention to yourself and to provide yourself with an opportunity not merely to pay attention but to be expressing that gentleness and that nurturing with yourself, and practice. (Chuckles) You do not require practice in expressing that outwardly — you are quite accomplished in that action — but to be expressing that inwardly may require some practicing! (Laughs) It is not quite as a familiar action as the other.

ELISABETH: Yes, that’s right!

ELIAS: Perhaps as you practice, you may not view it necessary to be generating a physical manifestation of uncomfortableness to be accomplishing that action.

But this is also one of your directions that you are incorporating now to be expressing more of your freedom, more of your own attention to yourself and a freedom to be expressing that gentleness with yourself and not demanding of yourself to be continuously focusing in association with other individuals — caring for you now.


GERHARD: Did we make it rain because we like more to sit together than to go out visiting places?

ELIAS: Actually, that is an element of what you are creating, for in association with these gatherings in which we incorporate these group sessions, I am aware of the energy that many of you generally project, and that generates a push to be doing, doing, doing.

But I may express to you that there are changes that are occurring, for as we met in our previous group encounter within your location in Germany, I expressed in that time framework that there was a turning point occurring, and associated with that turning point was not merely an expansion of this phenomenon and not merely an expansion of this forum, but also a turning of individuals in genuinely becoming much more aware of their own preferences. This is strongly associated with this wave concerning truths. Now individuals are paying attention to what they genuinely prefer rather than what they expect or what they perceive is expected of them.

You are expressing more of your preferences to not be pushing, pushing, pushing in energy and doing, doing, doing, but rather are allowing yourselves to express your preference of sharing in company. I may express to you, most of the individuals that have chosen to be participating in this particular gathering are expressing quite similarly. Not incorporating a tremendous desire to be doing, doing, doing, but expressing more of a desire to be sharing with each other in company, which allows all of you to not be generating expectations — which is somewhat of an accomplishment! (Chuckles)

GERHARD: The last time I asked you that I would like to come in contact with my shaman focus. I had a dream a couple of days ago, and I had a name of Omar Al Sharif. I don’t know if there was a name of the location in the dream, because I don’t remember the dream exactly. Could that be the real name that would have told me about a focus? Has this to do with some focus of mine?


GERHARD: But it is not the Omar Sharif, the actor, but an old...

ELIAS: Correct.

GERHARD: from the Persian times.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

GERHARD: Because I didn’t feel like an actor. (Laughing)

ELIAS: That focus would have been much older.

ELISABETH: So in this time you and Gerhard were together?

ELIAS: Yes, and have had encounters with other individuals in that focus also.

GERHARD: What time framework would that be?

ELIAS: 1400s.

GERHARD: And my shaman focus, is it Siberian or Eskimo?

ELIAS: The latter.

GERHARD: Eskimo?


GERHARD: There was a time, it was before I knew about the material, that I was fascinated by the name Angakok, and I still think there might be something.

ELIAS: I shall offer you a name: Niwah. Now you may investigate your shaman! (Laughter) And you shall recognize the individual and you may express, “Greetings, Niwah!”

GERHARD: Yes, very good! (Laughter)

ELISABETH: I just this moment thought that I was sharing a focus with Howard when it was this gold rush. Was it California?


ELISABETH: And did I come from Chile, or was that another focus of mine?

ELIAS: You do incorporate focuses in that area, but this individual that you are speaking of was not...

ELISABETH: Oh, it’s not the same focus.

ELIAS: No, but the individual that you are identifying did move to that area that you identify as California from South America, of Argentina.

ELISABETH: Oh, Argentina. (Pause)

GERHARD: We didn’t expect that we’d become so well involved with a small dog. (Laughs) (Polly, Mary’s dog, has been in Mary’s lap during the session.)

ELIAS: It is interesting imagery. Paying attention to the small dog, which we have spoken of many times previously. The small dog is the one that incorporates more of your information, and the large dog is merely noisier. But in that imagery, the small dog incorporates larger energy than the big dog.

GERHARD: Yes, very. It has good attention.

ELISABETH: I want to know if I’m a final focus.


GERHARD: But I am not.


GERHARD: I was quite sure of it, because I took over so much from the Nazi focus, so many beliefs or something like that, that is already much to do in this focus. It seems to me I would not have a place for it, to see more focuses, because I have put so much attention on that one.

ELIAS: Let me express to you a clarification. The identification of a final focus is merely a designation of position. It is not an indication of continuance or not continuance. Each individual that is physically manifest within this physical reality, once disengaging, continues in their exploration in whatever manner they choose to be moving into. They do not continue in this physical reality. That is a belief concerning reincarnation. There is no re-incarnating, for it is not necessary, for you incorporate all of your focuses simultaneously. Therefore, each attention moves in its own direction upon disengagement. The identification of a continuing focus or a final focus or an initiating focus is merely the identification of a position.

Continuing focuses are all of the focuses that are not designated as the initiating or the final. The initiating focus is the spark that creates all of the focuses to be expressed within a physical reality, and the final focus is a designated position, so to speak, that as that particular focus disengages, it is the signal to all of the other focuses to be not participating any longer within this physical reality — unless there is a choice to be fragmenting and therefore continuing within the participation of physical manifestations within the particular physical reality. This is your choice as essence. It is your expression of your blink in and blink out.

GERHARD: I have a theme in these two focuses, one with interests on one side, and similar interests on the other side.


ELISABETH: I think we have to close now.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I express to both of you tremendous lovingness and affection, and great encouragement in your new expressions of freedom.

BOTH: Thank you.

ELIAS: And remember to be gentle! To you both as always, my dear friends, I express appreciation of our sharing in company. To you in great fondness, au revoir.

BOTH: Thank you very much!

Elias departs after 59 minutes.

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