Session 155

Computer Questions


"Computer Questions"

Monday, February 24, 1997 © 1997
Participants: Mary and Vic.
Note: This session was held to ask questions sent via computer. A very business-like and serious Elias tonight; very unusual.
Elias arrives at 5:29 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Bon jour.

VICKI: Hello, Elias. I guess we're going to try to attend to these questions, if that's acceptable with you.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: I'm going to start with the briefer ones. (Or so I thought) First, for Tom, he would like to know his essence name.

ELIAS: Malhai. M-A-L-H-A-I. (Rhymes with gal-hi)

VICKI: For Linda; this question came in about a month ago. Some of these are old, but I guess they're not really old, are they? "I'm wondering if our mutual pal Elias has been in my dreams lately. The other night I dreamed I was working on a sort of maintenance device behind the scenes, of ideas and urges. It seemed that all of our ideas, urges, intuitions, etc. come with these stripes attached. These are sort of like bars attached to a computer screen. They're things like sex or power or money that are sort of like hidden agendas that we're not aware of. I was carefully going in and removing them from all of our great ideas. And another thing! Why have I created such isolation in my life lately?"

ELIAS: This individual's perception is correct, of interaction within dream state subjectively with this essence. These images of bars may be more appropriately likened to strings of consciousness. These are strings which are developed or created, influenced by belief systems within physical focus; creating a mesh on top of, so to speak, a layer of creative consciousness, which would be your subjective activity. These strings of consciousness, or bands of consciousness, she has quite creatively displayed to herself within dream imagery in identification of information which was being sought as to the differentiation of the creative subjective consciousness, versus objective consciousness which is banded by belief systems. Therefore, the imagery is created in what is understood presently within your common technology and society, computers, and these bars which she is attempting to be eliminating. (The sentence structure in this session is also unusual, even for Elias) Be suggesting to this individual that the misinterpretation is the elimination or erasing of these bars, which are in actuality bands of consciousness similar to what you physically view within your biological bands of what you recognize as DNA or chromosomes, which are physical bands. Within consciousness, you also create bands of consciousness which are produced by belief systems which mold the character of your focus, as genetically these physical bands mold your makeup or determine your makeup physically. They are your creation, but they are also expressive of your makeup. Consciously, these bands of consciousness represent the same type of element.

As has been stated within our sessions, you very precisely throughout all elements of your physical creations mirror manifestations in all areas. It is completely ordered and precise. Therefore, what you view physically you may also, in a manner of speaking, view a non-physical counterpart; not in the same definition as we have discussed with this word of counterparts, but within your physical definition of counterparts. You may view also within consciousness an element of counterpart to all physical manifestations within all dimensions. This imagery is quite creative in dealing with recognition of belief systems, which has begun with this individual within what you would term to be its beginning stages.

As to the issue of isolation, this presently is a commonality with very many individuals. It is another wave, just as you view your flu season as a wave that you en masse align with, although you individually choose to be engaged within the wave for your own individual reasoning. Therefore, each individual engages the participation of the mass wave in this objective feeling of isolation collectively; in this, lending energy to each other for the accomplishment. I have expressed to you that within mass belief systems you all believe that rapid movement is better. Therefore, you lend energy within waves to each other to create this situation of swift movement. You engage mass belief systems and mass movement to be reinforcing within energy of each other. This is helpful to you all in accomplishing more quickly what you seek, as within your desire.

Commonly, throughout this experience of isolation you may also view this situation as what you term to be a growth process. Within your choosing to be identifying of belief systems and widening your awareness, you also temporarily isolate yourselves to be concentrating singularly upon yourself and your belief systems uninterrupted.

VICKI: For Melinda, she has two questions: "What exactly is the specific nature of the counterpart action between Mary and me? I don't have too much sense about this one, except that I can occasionally sense a sort of healing/supportive energy whenever I think about Mary channeling Elias."

ELIAS: Quite intuitive! This counterpart situation would not be in what you view to be opposites, but also not quite paralleling. These two individuals are influencing of each other's intents within this counterpart action. In their own individual manifestations and awarenesses, they lend energy to each other for accomplishment within their own intent; just as once again we revert back to Peter and the example of the counterpart, in influencing of the action of his one counterpart. In this same manner, these individuals are influencing of each other, but not opposite, so to speak, within their intents. (This example of Peter is in reference to a young lady who attended sessions for a while and her counterpart in China. She is overweight and her counterpart is basically starving)

This individual holds an intent of healing; not within the accepted common terminology, but within the family intent. Michael manifests physically, which lends itself in motivation for movement within the other. They are quite connected within consciousness, although they are unaware of each other.

VICKI: Would they experience the same blankness were they to meet objectively? (Melinda and I could only stare at one another)

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This uncommonly occurs between individuals physically. As to certain issues within this individual and also within Michael, the probability that is most probable would be that they would neither one lend themselves to this action, for there is a drawing back and a caution, individually.

VICKI: Okay, her next question: "What subjective projects are Vicki and I working on, as reflected in the recent dreams that we've had? I would think that this has to do with broadening our respective bandwidths of perception, but I'm not sure."

ELIAS: Once again, this enters your dream mission area. Therefore, it is more beneficial for you each to be noticing and investigating and exchanging information that you gather to yourselves for your understanding of your creation of your dream imagery. It is important that you recognize, as do you presently and does Michael also, that your imagery that you are creating within your dream state and also your imagery that you are creating within your waking state, although not illusion, are not in actuality the entirety of the action occurring. Therefore, it shall benefit both of you to be noticing of this imagery; for be remembering, engage your periphery. All things all not quite so singular as you view them to be. Much of your imagery within dream state expands far beyond singular interaction of only two individuals.

VICKI: Melinda and I continue to create very similar dream imagery consistently, of being at a Seth conference together.

ELIAS: Think to yourselves, individually and together, of a more expansive view of your dream activity, for you are choosing imagery which you view consciously to be common to you both. This is not necessarily the action that you are engaging within your dream state, but you choose common imagery within a familiarity to you both. In actuality, you may shift your perception to be noticing the commonality, carefully listen, of your actions and your relationships and your focuses as involved within the action of this shift, with Michael, and with this essence. Your key word is your commonality. You image a conference, for this is a common interest which parallels another common interest. This shall be a clue to your dream mission. Be understanding that you choose a parallel language within your imagery. You choose quite creatively. Therefore, examine the parallel actions, for they exist.

VICKI: For Uriel; he has several questions here spaced out over the last month or two. When we were talking about some of the unusual experiences that we were having, you related some of that to some individuals as a remembering and to some other individuals, for example William, as an empathic connection with an individual that was remembering. Bruce was having the same unusual experiences, and his initial question was as to which one of these he was exhibiting.

ELIAS: A remembrance, (pause) which may be investigated also; for in like manner to this previous individual, great connections within consciousness are held with this individual also.

VICKI: Yeah, I've been trying to convince him of that! He's a hard sell! And in fact, in his next communication he states, "I truly do wish Elias would badger me a bit, or point me in the right direction. I don't have to be out there for him to do that, right? As we used to say when our basketball went into the next court, how about a little help, Elias? Although he's probably already giving me help. I'd be interested to know if he is with me sometimes, but that's a personal question so I won't officially request it.

ELIAS: Unofficial information. You may express to Uriel to be noticing of unofficial information and small twinges that may be felt and also activity that may seem easily discounted. Yes, this essence is interactive, with all of these individuals. Once again, you view very singularly and you equate essence with what you know within physical focus; individual. This word of individual holds an entirely different meaning outside of your physical framework. It is much more expansive; and just as an atom may be in more spaces than one, and just as our links of consciousness are everywhere at once simultaneously, so are you also, although you are objectively unaware of this. I am not unaware. Therefore, I may take full advantage of the manipulating ability that I hold within consciousness to be interactive and intersecting with many essences simultaneously; for I am aware and recognize the multidimensionality of this self. It is not so unbelievable that I may be interactive with individuals although they may be placed within what you view to be far locations, for there is no far location! You may also express to Uriel that I am interactive with individuals much farther than the opposite side of your one country upon your one small planet.

VICKI: Also for Uriel; this is a question based on a recent session: "Elias was talking about blocking subjective movement due to fear; briar patches on the trip. As you know, I've felt blocked for a while. I'd like to know if it's fear that is the culprit, or if there is some other explanation."

ELIAS: Yes, fear is the reason, although I express that fear may be manifest and expressed within an individual in many different aspects. It is not always expressed within an emotion. You may express fear within actions and within blocking of your own movement, and not experience the emotional effect. Therefore, you may not objectively hold the awareness that you hold this fear, for you believe that you must feel fearful to be experiencing fear. You may be experiencing fearfulness and not feeling, but you may be hindering your own subjective movement; (intently) for as I have stated previously, your objective consciousness is not subject to or less than your subjective consciousness. It is all intertwined. As I have expressed to you all, your subjective element of self does not create choices and decisions independent of your objectivity.

VICKI: That's a tough one because that's the same belief system as this anything outside of you belief system. It's a tough one.

ELIAS: Quite! But you do hold objective awareness and choice. Your objective consciousness is not determined or dictated to by some mysterious subconsciousness. It is quite powerful within itself and its creative ability, and holds the same ability to block movement within subjective activity as subjective activity may block objective activity.

VICKI: Noticing unofficial information here. I'm having a really hard time reading words off of a piece of paper! Also, for Uriel and Rameau, there's a lot of confusion still about this explanation from Paul and what is happening with Rameau. She has dream imagery that tells her to get out of Bruce's way. If she attempts to communicate with him say regarding a transcript, she gets physically nauseous. This has been quite upsetting for her and she doesn't know what to do and she doesn't understand why these things are happening. I wonder if you could clarify a bit for all of us.

ELIAS: This also being unofficial information which is being offered, and the individual may choose to be heeding of this information and lessen conflict, or may choose not to be listening and may continue conflict. These are the choices. You offer yourselves information continuously, as has been stated. Within the present now, this individual is allowing subjective information to be shouting, but continues to question. This is quite amusing to us, that you may create a mallet for your head and you may crush your skull and you may still not listen to yourself!

This individual also must be realizing that information offered is helpful and is not absolute or concrete. This is not offered to self to be engaging complete removal. It is information offered to be noticing of the times in which the individual offers what you may call too much information. Just as we offer information to you that you may assimilate, we also allow for your own investigation; for if you do not experience individually, the information holds no meaning.

VICKI: Are you saying that sometimes Rameau offers Uriel too much information?

ELIAS: Correct. This is offered within helpfulness, but at times it is less efficient and beneficial to be offering too much information. You as a species, all, individually and collectively, automatically magnate to allowance of direction by another. Whether this be what you term to be an outside force, a divinity, or another individual, you automatically lean to allowance of non-investigation and allowance of direction from what you perceive to be outside of yourselves. You view this to be easier!

VICKI: I attempt to do this with Olivia. Olivia doesn't respond.

ELIAS: I shall tell you what to do and you shall follow these instructions and you shall be content, for you shall engage no effort and you shall also incorporate no responsibility! And you shall not incorporate your experience! Therefore, many individuals, within a desire for helpfulness, may be offering of direction and instruction to excess. Their desire is to be helpful, but within actuality they are not being helpful always. Therefore, within certain situations it is helpful to be allowing the individual to be experiencing themselves, as we await your experiencing and then offer information for your clarity. This is more impactive. This also is your "purpose"!

VICKI: Well, before I go on to the next person, I didn't want to bring this up in our regular session because I hate to have to explain myself sometimes. This English poet, when I was connecting with this focus I identified this individual as (name deleted). So out of curiosity, since that time I have been trying to find a biography of this man. I've looked everywhere. I can't find one. I assume that's some sort of information in itself to me, but I'm not sure what. I know they've been written. I can't even order one! (Update: I was finally able to order a soon-to-be released bio)

ELIAS: It shall come to you within your time element that you truly draw this information to you. Within this isolation and this focus upon individual creations and belief systems, there also occurs a natural repelling of too much information within one time period. You may view to yourself that you may be onslaughted and buried with information concerning your belief systems, but you shall only draw to yourself what you may accommodate. You also automatically shut out, so to speak, and do not draw to yourself more information than you may assimilate within a certain time period. Therefore, you allow this drawing to wait.

VICKI: My immediate assumption was that I must be incorrect. It's just another example of how easily we discount ourselves.

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: But that makes sense to me. I accept that. For Vivian: "Will Elias tell me why I found his voice through Mary so familiar? I remember walking into the common room at the conference and hearing that voice and feeling almost like I'd come home in some way. To tell the truth, it almost made me cry. I can still hear it clearly."

ELIAS: It is a resonating tone; a remembrance. I have often stated to you that you shall know truth. You shall draw yourself as a moth to a candle.

VICKI: For Margot: She is wishing to confirm Sumafi family aligned with Ilda for herself and Howard.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Also for Margot: "Has Elias said anything about the role of ego in 'allowing yourself different imagery, but this also is dependent upon your desire and your trustfulness and your amount of fear that you hold within the focus?' I ask this because I've always felt it's my overly-protective ego that tries to screen things."

ELIAS: Within physical focus, you make many separations and differentiations of self. You are expertly versed in separation of all things. It is difficult for us to be addressing your issues of ego. As you may note, throughout our sessions we do not discuss ego. These are inventions and belief systems scientifically oriented within your cultures, within this physical focus. Those before me have spent much concentrated time expressing of this subject of ego. I choose not to be entering this area for this is reinforcing of more separation, as you automatically separate this as a section, oranges oranges! of self. You also view this section of self as holding great power over some other section of you which is less powerful and subject to this ego, which is some sort of monstrous creation out of control! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Once again, there are no separations. There is no element of self which is more powerful than another. It is all the same. You are not subject to any element but you! There is no fire-breathing ego which is moving into your way and influencing you against your will! These are psychological beliefs. This is not to say that they do not hold their own reality, for all belief systems hold their own reality. You believe this. Therefore, it is your reality. It is real. But there are other realities. You are not bound to one. You hold periphery within consciousness, just as you hold periphery within your physical vision. You may place yourself in your way, so to speak, for you choose within the moment not to be entering certain areas, but you choose this action. It is not involuntary.

VICKI: Just like we choose everything, right? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Absolutely. (Seriously) (

VICKI: This other question has to do with the experience that Drew related during a session, as to his knocking in his dream. "So, I wonder what's happening with me. It happens quite often. I always jump out of sleep because I'm so certain somebody is at the front door. Could knocking be some sort of universal symbol the self uses for bringing someone back? But why would that be necessary when one is safe in bed? Ego again, protecting me from something in my dreams? Is the ego even on duty during the subjective state? I've never thought so. Is the inner self guarding the gate, so to speak?"

ELIAS: All imagery, all symbolism, is highly individualized. You may incorporate the same terminology. You may incorporate the same imagery; but the action behind, so to speak, this imagery is individualized, and this imagery is your own language to yourself.

Now; within consciousness it is also commonly accessible to all other consciousness, therefore may be intersected or connected with, however you choose to perceive this; but it is still individualized imagery. It is created as a translation of your own action. This is not what you think of in your physical terms as universal symbolism or imagery. In a manner of speaking I may express, "Yes, you may create this", although we shall not enter this area for this shall be confusing to you, for you automatically shall attach your own belief systems to this statement. Therefore, it is retracted until such time as your belief systems are accepted and your understanding may encompass this concept, for it relates not at all to your thought processes of universal symbolism. It is far removed. Therefore, I shall express, "No, there is not universal symbolism being created. All of your imagery is extremely individualized and personal to you, although interactive with other consciousness. Once again, ego is not entering, although objective awareness does intersect; not always, but it may. Objective awareness always meshes with subjective awareness within imagery, for this is your objective translation.

VICKI: For Aileen: "My class I did entitled 'self-hypnosis for personal empowerment' went very well. I felt a little extra energy boost here and there. Was Elias co-presenting with me?"

ELIAS: Not co-presenting; only offering support.

VICKI: "Regarding my issue of personal responsibility; is it that I am responsible for too much of my son's life or that I don't take responsibility for my own life enough, or both? They often go hand in hand."

ELIAS: Hand in hand; both.

VICKI: This third question has to do with her desire to start her own discussion group. "I just wondered if one in our group would begin to channel from some other personality essence aligned with Elias, or should we simply use the transcripts and start on the material chronologically? Any input would be helpful."

ELIAS: Shall I respond to your telepathic message? This would be your choice! Although if Aileen is waiting for an energy exchange to be materializing, the time period may be more expansive than wished for.

VICKI: "Is my son Tom also a fragment of Elias?"

ELIAS: No. (Answering immediately, cutting me off)

VICKI: "Is it only the name Tom as used by Elias in the focus of the rolling green fields that is a fragmentation of Elias?"

ELIAS: The name was/is Thomas. This is a focus, not a fragmentation. The response within naming is a remembrance.

VICKI: Within naming of her son, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: "How does my former husband Thomas fit into this situation?"

ELIAS: These are different directed attentions. I shall not express that they do not hold any commonality within consciousness, for all is connected; but within the directed attention of this individual and physical manifestations and choices within probabilities, in this respect they are unrelated. They are related within consciousness, within experiences chosen in line with intent, which also is in line with this essence and these probabilities of this present now and this interaction. Therefore, they are all intertwined, and in a manner of speaking, leading to other probabilities; although within the context of the question, they are unrelated.

VICKI: "I really felt that the place of the rolling green hills was not this earth reality, because the consciousness there was of a much higher vibratory rate and people were there consciously to learn. There was no competition, no grades or graduations, just learning and cooperation."

ELIAS: This is a perception; an interpretation presently. This space is a physical space upon your planet within British Isles, of Ireland; although similarly to Michael, this physically manifested place is remembered but also projected into a non-physical manifestation of a place, an imagery place for meeting with this essence.

VICKI: Similar to the pond?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I hesitate to ask this, but these aren't my questions. "Please ask Elias if we were just friends, or lovers."

ELIAS: Within this particular focus of which I have offered information, this relationship was of marriage.

VICKI: "Why upon arriving in California did I suddenly effect a complete recovery from an upper respiratory illness that normally would have lasted at least eight or nine days? Why did I again become ill upon returning to Connecticut with a debilitating migraine, complete with vomiting? What am I trying to rid myself of? Also, why did Lawrence feel ill during my stay?"

ELIAS: Once again; within your thought processes, the manifestations are individual. They are unrelated, in your terms; Lawrence's manifestation being for his own noticing and reasoning, Aileen manifesting in response to unexperienced emotion. In arrival to be interacting within this forum, a response to the unexpressed emotion was resulting in dissipation of physical manifestation. In arrival to home space, unexpressed emotion of disappointment and discouragement was manifest physically. Slightly, to an extent, both emotions were expressed, but not allowed to be expressed within the intensity of what was felt. Therefore, physical responses manifest instead.

VICKI: "Why do I feel so close to Lawrence, Michael and Olivia? I know you have given me some info, but I would appreciate more."

ELIAS: I have expressed that there are connections within consciousness within shared focuses and manifestations. Therefore, there is an automatic recognition and acceptance in this. You automatically identify with individuals that you choose to be manifesting with physically. This may be investigated within engagement of your new game. VICKI: "Is Monica the mother of her present physical focus's mother in another focus?" (Or something like that)

ELIAS: Reversing roles; yes.

VICKI: There's quite a dissertation here of questions about her son Rick. "Does he have the ability to function or desire to function in the mass reality world? Is he content the way he is? If I stop providing him with a nice house, food, etc. will he perhaps change his choice of experience and take responsibility for himself?"

ELIAS: No. (Cutting me off again)

VICKI: "How may I assist him in this focus?"

ELIAS: This has been addressed.

VICKI: "He obsesses over perceived wrongs done to him, usually by me. My gut feeling is that he does this to produce guilt so that I will continue to take care of him."

ELIAS: I express that this individual shall continue as he continues to receive his payoff, although this is not to say that this individual chooses to function independently within this particular physical focus, for the choice has been made and he does not; but within this, there are also manipulations that occur that are indulged.

VICKI: "Present husband; I dreamt before the wedding and before the engagement ring that I saw a giant engagement ring in the sky and the large block letters over it FAUX PAS. I didn't heed it. I think I would like some input on this marriage."

ELIAS: Express to Aileen disappointment within questioning. You may engage individuals focused within areas of consciousness in connection with closely related layers to be obtaining this information, and may also engage your new game to obtain this information. These questionings are unnecessary. (I warned you, Carole! Elias has told other folks to go see a psychic too!)

VICKI: She does have a question here about the equation. "I feel the equation has to do with emotional charge or energy. My question basically, is there a formula of sequence to create, such as think of what you want, then charge it with emotional energy and banish doubt? Or are we simply not aware enough to be consistent in our creative endeavors yet?"

ELIAS: You have the formula, but you seek another. This formula that you hold is not efficient enough? (Long, uncomfortable pause)

VICKI: She has a list of people she's asking essence names for.

ELIAS: We shall attend to this at another meeting.

VICKI: "Ask Elias if I am thought or emotionally focused."

ELIAS: Emotionally focused.

VICKI: I'm editing out the rest of them. (Sorry, Carole. I was getting too uncomfortable)

ELIAS: You may be delivering your statements to individuals inquiring, and you may offer to them also my greetings and much affection within their receptiveness and allowance of awareness; for this shall be helpful within your shift, and these new friends also shall be instrumental.

I shall return Michael to you for this evening, and you may conjure your own questioning among you.

VICKI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I shall affectionately depart and bid you au revoir. (Whew! I don't think I've ever been so glad to see Elias leave!)

Elias departs at 7:07 PM.

Note: Mary's immediate comment after this session was "Dizzy, it's like ... dizzy". This is unusual too.


(1) This is just one example of an attempt on my part to joke around with Elias as per our usual interaction, and receiving no response. This entire session was delivered differently. I almost asked Elias if he was in a "bad mood", which would also have been an attempt to joke around, but the tone was such that I didn't feel comfortable even doing that. It was as if it was "strictly business", so I just focused on the questions. Ron entered the room at one point, and left right away because he was uncomfortable. There was no expression of emotion. Elias was very ... flat. It was almost like talking to a zombie. I wonder what was going on here ...

Update: Information was offered Sunday night as to why this session seemed so different. Basically, this was another focus of Elias' essence. To be perfectly honest, the Elias I'm used to is much more fun and has a better sense of humor than this dude!

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