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The ‘Elias Darlings’ Session


“The ‘Elias Darlings’ Session”
“Personal Power”
“Fictional Characters as Focuses”

Wednesday, January 7, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Fran (Sandel)

(Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

FRAN: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) I am here in my official capacity as moderator for the Elias Family.”(1)”;#1

ELIAS: Very well.

FRAN: (Laughs) And welcome to you, Elias Darling! (Elias laughs) I have this huge list here. Everyone started submitting their questions, and they’re all over the board. So I guess I better get started.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRAN: The first question is that it’s been exactly a year since our last group session. We wanted to have a session on how our group energy has changed in the past year and how we can use our energy highway to support each other in this new wave.

ELIAS: Very well. And what is your assessment?

FRAN: (Laughs) I was afraid you were going to ask me that! My assessment is that everything is moving along the highway quite rapidly and I’m really enjoying — and I think everybody else is enjoying — the group energy a lot. You know, we’re up to over 60 people now. If you remember right, we have had some issues in the past of how many people we were going to include in the group. We’ve gotten past all of that and have pretty much opened it up and are really enjoying it.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And I offer my congratulations to your group and my encouragement in your continuation of your movement together and your supportiveness to each other.

FRAN: Is there anything else that you’d like to add to that? I guess one of the things that we’re curious about is whether our group tone is still “Darling.” We have the impression that it might be slightly changed from that.

ELIAS: And your impression is?

FRAN: Well, the impression was — not my impression, but the group impression — was that it might be something as simple as just adding an “s” to it, becoming Darlings.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: Well, see, we do have some people in the group that are a whole lot better at this than I am! (Laughs with Elias) Also, we were wondering, since we feel that there is somewhat of an energy change within the group, we were wondering if we’re adding the imagery of duality — in other words, harmony and balance appearing in the form of opposites and complements of people in our group.


FRAN: And that’s what the enlargement is?

ELIAS: Yes, and this is an accurate observation.

FRAN: We were really surprised that when KC asked you about our group color it had altered such a small amount from a really bright yellow to a little bit lighter yellow. Is it still a yellow tone?


FRAN: Is that just because as we add people to our group, their intents are similar and they are just sort of in line with that intent?

ELIAS: Yes, which is a natural movement, for you draw to yourselves other individuals that do incorporate a complement and therefore are generating similarities in intent.

FRAN: That was pretty much what our take was on it. Shortly after our group formed last year — actually it was shortly after we had our group session — we had a period in which we had quite a bit of conflict. Myranda had called it our Darling War. (Elias laughs) We had the impression that that was the beginning for each of us in discovering our own individual truths, that we were sort of pregnant with the truth wave at that time, and that it was actually born later. Because it seems like we really exploded a lot of bombs in that one!

ELIAS: An accurate analogy; yes, you are correct. Which also was a movement that was ensuing in conjunction with the information that I was offering in that time framework to be paying attention to differences and to be recognizing your own expressions and your own directedness of energies, noticing the differences of expressions with different individuals, which in a manner of speaking was a type of prelude in preparation for this wave in consciousness.

FRAN: It seems like one of the things that became real clear, I think a lot of us got some clarity about, was preferences.

ELIAS: Yes, which is significant, for recognizing what your preferences are and what your truths are is important to allow yourselves the ability to be accepting of differences.

FRAN: It all hinged around whether we were going to admit additional people to a really small group. Some of us felt that the intent was we were exploring exposure and security, and that felt dangerous.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this also is quite common. I may express to you that within a time framework initially in this forum, those individuals that were designated as what we termed to be the pyramid for a time framework became quite selective in their interaction, also.

But in a manner of speaking, it may be viewed as movement in a process of stages, which allows you to more clearly examine yourselves, your motivations, what you are actually doing, what energy you are actually expressing, and to evaluate what you are actually generating. Are you actually generating a movement in the direction of openness and less separation, or are you generating a movement in more of a closed environment, which promotes less acceptance — which can be at times quite tricky to evaluate, for beliefs are strong and truths are very strong.

In these truths, they may be quite camouflaged in how you assess them, what you value and what you are actually expressing, and whether you are actually paying attention and realizing that what you are doing in the moment is not actually promoting less separation or acceptance in differences. But this is difficult to recognize many times, and as I have expressed recently to individuals, this wave is presenting itself with each of you quite differently than other waves have previously.

Previously with each wave in consciousness, which you have all chosen to participate within, you have presented to yourselves your beliefs, or the identification of your beliefs, intellectually. This wave is not being generated in that type of movement. This wave is being generated experientially. Therefore, the manner in which you identify what your truths are is through experience — not through an intellectual identification, but through action.

Therefore, it is purposeful that you have generated these types of experiences with each other, even in conflicts, for this offers you the experience to identify what your truths are.

FRAN: Well, there was plenty of opportunity to do that! (Laughs with Elias) It was an interesting experience, and I was astounded by my own behavior. But we managed to patch things up and pull it back together again, and it feels so much more... It’s really working toward less separation. It feels like a really good place.

So, you mentioned the pyramid, and one of the questions we had is whether or not you’d comment on the mass event associated with the AND pyramid and if the nature of it has been decided. Where are we in terms of its insertion?

ELIAS: In what capacity are you inquiring in relation to your question of your position, so to speak, in relation to the insertion?

FRAN: I’m asking it in the capacity of just passing on a question from another member. Is that what you’re asking?

ELIAS: What I am inquiring of you is, is the question concerning a time framework of insertion or a movement or a potential or...?

FRAN: It’s possible that it may include all of those. It seems like there was some question as to whether there is... Apparently, there’s an understanding that there’s a mass event that is supposed to occur that’s associated with the AND Pyramid, and what Leland is asking is has the nature of that been decided...


FRAN: ...and where are they in terms of that being inserted, I guess, from a time-wise position. At least that’s my assumption.

ELIAS: The time framework would be undetermined, for the event is not entirely determined yet.

FRAN: I think that’s pretty much what the question is, whether the event has been determined.


FRAN: It’s still unformed?

ELIAS: Correct. It is more in a position of energy, which is, in your terms, building. The choice of how that energy would be expressed has not yet been determined.

I am aware that the wish, so to speak — for I would not necessarily incorporate the term of desire — but the objective wish collectively with you is that you would be generating some type of mass event that all of you collectively would consider to be positive. But the energy is increasing, and the determination of how that energy may be expressed, and whether it may be actually expressed in what you term to be an event that would be viewed as positive or not, may not actually come to pass in its potential presently. Are you understanding thus far?

FRAN: I am understanding it. Is it just a question of focus?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is actually a question of an allowance of your collective creativity and allowing for a collective movement in relation to your communication of imagination, which generates inspiration. For what is expressed in potential in this now is what is known, and power is a challenging concept, for to express energy in a powerful manner, generally speaking, you lean in the direction of displaying the power of energy through events that you do not necessarily consider positive.

As you are aware, you may view many mass events that initially you do not necessarily assess as being positive — immense earthquakes or tremendous power outages or power surges electrically or enormous fires or enormous floods. These are all expressions that you generate collectively that demonstrate power in energy.

Therefore, there is a continued expression of confusion and a lack of paying attention to creative and imaginative types of expressions that would generate a similar display of power but in a different type of manner. This is the reason that the manner in which the event is expressed is undetermined, for you continue to fluctuate in not quite understanding how to express that energy in a manner in which you wish to, but with the impact of the power. Are you understanding?

FRAN: Somewhat. I’ll have to wait and hear the tape on some of that.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRAN: In fact, what that does is actually get into some questions about power; it makes sense to go to those questions. We have been doing a lot of talking about power, and it’s been mentioned that what we perceive as destructive like tornados and great forest fires, the question is do we value our human creations and overlook our creativity in terms of natural expressions? Is this attitude imaged in not believing they are our creations but believing that they are outside of ourselves, and does this interpretation that many people have of the destructive power of nature mean that personal power is dangerous? I think you’ve addressed that.

ELIAS: Partially. I may express to you an acknowledgment that yes, many times these expressions of power in what you term to be destructive manners, or what you assess to be destructive manners, are a release of energy naturally. But they are also viewed as occurrences that are expressed outside of yourselves and that you are not actually directing of them; although, there is a movement with individuals in which they are beginning somewhat more to recognize that these actions are actually generated with their participation and that there are elements of each individual’s energy that contribute and participate in these occurrences, so to speak.

But it also, regardless of whether the individuals that are participating recognize it objectively or not, is a natural release of energy which has in a manner of speaking built, so to speak, in a type of pressure, which there is an attempt by individuals to contain the energy. Collectively, as they move similarly in this action of attempting to contain energy, there is a natural action that occurs eventually in which the energy will be expressed. Dependent upon how much it is being contained shall determine how severe or how intense the release of it shall be.

Let me offer a small, in your terms, individual example of one individual’s energy. One individual may be creating a tension within themselves which they may be expressing within their physical body consciousness, and they may notice that they are holding in that tension a containment of their energy. And in a moment, the physical body consciousness will generate an automatic release of energy and the individual shall begin to weep. This is a natural action.

I may express to you, whether the individual is generating this action of weeping in association with excitement or sorrow or frustration or anger or what you term to be happiness, it matters not. The action is the same. There is a build of tension within the physical body consciousness and a holding of energy within the individual’s energy field and that is generated to a point in which the body consciousness automatically generates a release of energy — rather than an explosion. Ha ha ha!

FRAN: Just like in a volcanic action, how all the little pre-things keep the tension from building up.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, as I have expressed previously, it is a similar action to a geyser.

Now; you generate that same type of action collectively in which the collective individuals that are participating individually are all generating some expression of holding and attempting to contain energy, and may not objectively incorporate a noticing or an awareness of individuals surrounding them, that they are also generating very similar actions in containment of energy. Your imagery may be different but the action is the same. As that builds in the containment, it generates a type of pressure, and as I have expressed many, many, many times, energy shall be expressed. Therefore, it seeks an avenue for that expression to release, for that is a natural action of consciousness — expansion, not containment.

Therefore, as this continues collectively with individuals, eventually they generate some type of display of energy being expressed in a powerful manner and in direct proportion to whatever its containment was. Are you understanding?

FRAN: Yes, I am understanding.

ELIAS: Therefore, at times individuals may collectively generate what you term to be a small or insignificant earthquake, or they may generate what you assess to be a very large earthquake, which expresses tremendous power and what you view to be devastating.

FRAN: Which we have an example of that very recently in Iraq.

ELIAS: Correct. Which is quite understandable, for there has been a tremendous containment of energy in that location.

FRAN: For about two thousand years! (Both laugh) In our terms.

ELIAS: Ah! But I am speaking merely what you would term to be recently, and it has been released.

FRAN: The next question on power is what beliefs should we address to in order to allow ourselves to express our own personal power?

ELIAS: Examine your individual truths concerning how you view power and what you evaluate as its potential, and allow yourselves to examine what elements of this concept of power do you fear. For, each individual incorporates some association of fear in relation to the concept of power.

As you allow yourself to evaluate your individual fears and you share information with each other concerning these fears associated with power, regardless of whether you assess your associations to be valid or ludicrous, it matters not. The identification of it is significant. And in that, no expression or identification of fear in relation to power is insignificant, regardless of how it may be presented in imagery.

As you examine these fears and you share information with each other within your group, you allow yourselves the opportunity in that sharing to dissipate the strength of each of the fears, and you allow yourselves collectively to examine the lack of truth in each of these fears. For, this is what generates the fears in association with power is that you generate absolutes or truths in relation to your fears. If power is expressed in certain degrees, it incorporates within your truths a greater potential to be destructive.

FRAN: The next question was how might the expressions of personal power differ between the different orientations of intermediate, soft and common?

ELIAS: Each orientation expresses through different lenses of perception; therefore, their expressions of power may be somewhat different — not entirely, but at times somewhat — for it is an expression which is generated through their perceptions. Therefore, each orientation, in a manner of speaking, colors the expression of the power.

I may express to you that individuals of the common orientation would be more inclined to express power in an outward, objective manner, generating some display, so to speak, of a manifestation.

Individuals of the intermediate orientation would be more inclined to express power in association with themselves individually, and may present evidence of that in some physical manifestation in different manners in association with their own individual or what you would term to be personal imagery, or they may not. They may generate a recognition of their individual power through actions that they incorporate individually, which will be an acknowledgment objectively to them of their power.

Individuals that are of the soft orientation express their power, in the most likelihood, in energy.

FRAN: Running back to the questions about the Darlings, I had one quick one on whether you could comment on this concept of the ILE Pyramid. I woke up thinking that we should think of ourselves as the Silly Pyramid. There have been a lot of incidences that would support that impression, and the other points seemed pleased with that. Could you comment?

ELIAS: I may express to you that your impression is correct, and also recognize that within any group these points are also not absolutes — they fluctuate.

FRAN: I am seeing that.

ELIAS: Therefore, there is an exchange of energy and positions quite frequently, which in actuality is somewhat beneficial in association with the movement and the intent in your group. This interaction and this sharing that you generate with each other, this allows for a diversified expression of experiences between you and also allows, in this fluctuation, each of you to generate more of an understanding of yourselves and of each other through experiences.

FRAN: I have such a huge list here that there is no way... There’s going to be some disappointments that we didn’t get to all of these questions. They’re too meaty. (Elias laughs)

We had a question regarding Mercury retrograde. We originally scheduled this session for just before Christmas, and it kept being changed until we finally arrived at today. We understand that December 21 up until yesterday coincides with what we view in our astrological belief systems to be Mercury retrograde, and we view this as a time of introspection, after which we turn our attentions back to our objective world. Do the beliefs in mass consciousness around this astrological information have influence on our ability to choose how we will communicate with you and how we hear and understand what you say?

ELIAS: I would express to you that your collective underlying association with these mass beliefs has been an influence in your choice of the time framework in which you actually engage this conversation with myself, in generating a collective belief that it would be easier and more efficient to be engaging this conversation within a time framework which is not retrograde. (Chuckles)

FRAN: I guess the next question may be a moot point. We’re a fairly large group now, and our energy combines in a powerful way in the choosing of the dates and the questions. Were you — or we — engaged in influencing this session date in any way so as to heighten our benefits from it, and if so, does this in any way correlate with Mercury retrograde? I think you’ve just answered that.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, the response would be yes; although more specifically, I may express to you that it has not been influenced by myself but has been influenced through your collective members of your group, and I stand in compliance with that choice.

FRAN: Well, it gave us more time to come up with more questions that would choke a horse.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Interesting expression! (Both laugh)

FRAN: It appears that when we decided to have another session with you, we decided to explore all of our truths about money...


FRAN: ...and the cost of the session and whether we would be able to collect enough from everybody to pay for the session. I actually collected almost $100 more than we needed.

ELIAS: Therefore, it may be termed to be a down payment upon another interaction! Ha ha ha!

FRAN: (Laughs) You’ve got it exactly right! We wanted to discuss that with you because it seems ironic to us that in order to talk to you about money we have to dish some up! (Elias laughs) One of our members actually asked if you could, as we continue to redefine our reality, if you would give us a redefinition of money.

ELIAS: A redefinition of money. (Pause) I may express to you, I choose to hold to what I have expressed to you all previously: It is interesting that so very many of you concentrate so much of your attention in doubt in association with your ability to generate this paper and coins. In this, I continue to express to you that this is what that manifestation is, merely paper and coins. It is no more difficult to generate than it is for you to generate another individual, which you do automatically.

But what hinders you is that you concentrate so intensely upon your doubt to generate it. That is what presents the challenge, is that you are continuously doubting your ability and you are concentrating upon that doubt; therefore, this is what you create, for you create what you concentrate upon. And remember, once again, concentration is not necessarily thought.

FRAN: Right, I understand that. A couple of questions about after the Shift: When each individual is able to express his or her own individual power, does this mean that there would no longer be the need for natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

FRAN: It would not, but we might continue to do it just because we love the drama?

ELIAS: That is a potential — one of the potentials. Let me explain to you that although in this shift in consciousness you are widening your awarenesses, you are objectively recognizing more and more of your abilities and exercising them, you are expanding your explorations, you are moving into a genuine expression of acceptance and you are changing your reality, many actions that you incorporate, remember, each of you perceives through your own individual truths. In this, as you begin to genuinely examine your truths, you become much more aware of the differences that are expressed by individuals. Although there may be many individuals that dislike an expression such as an earthquake, there are many individuals that express excitement in the action of an earthquake — therefore, yet again, another difference.

In this, you begin to recognize that although you may not prefer a particular expression, this is not to say that it is necessarily bad. It may be bad in your perception, for that is associated with your preferences, but another individual may view it to be quite exhilarating and fun and exciting.

FRAN: So therefore we would collect in areas or we would be drawn to areas that are exciting to us.

ELIAS: Correct, and are more compatible with the type of energy that you individually are expressing, which is another point in this shift, in becoming much more familiar with yourselves, objectively knowing yourselves and what type of energy you naturally express, what your preferences are, what energy is more compatible with your individual energy and what energies are not more compatible, recognizing that the energy of your environment — of your planet, of your physical locations — is a reflection of the collective that occupies or inhabits that area. Therefore, what you seek is an energy of the individuals collectively that is more compatible and complementary with your own energy.

FRAN: Another question was that in the accomplishment of the Shift, what role does technology play in a world where we can create anything we want effortlessly?

ELIAS: Ah! But technology is an example of your creating, and also effortlessly. It is a reflection of your abilities and your desires and your potential, and it is a vehicle for exploration in physical manifestation. The point in this shift is not to be nonphysical, for if the point were to be nonphysical, you would merely dissipate your physical reality.

The point is to be continuing to explore the possibilities and the potentials in association with physical manifestation, for this is exciting and it is curious to you. It is an avenue, another expression of diversity, in how you may be exploring consciousness and expanding consciousness. Technology plays a role in that avenue in association with physical manifestations and generating more and more and more of an allowance of effortlessness in how you generate physical manifestations and movement.

FRAN: Okay, here’s a fun one: If the Egyptians didn’t build the Sphinx, then who did? Myranda wants to know if it was the Amenes, and if not, was it built by other civilizations that we don’t know about?


FRAN: No, it was not built by the Amenes?

ELIAS: It was not built by other civilizations. I may express to you that it was built by that civilization that you are familiar with of these Egyptians.

FRAN: Oh, okay. What’s inside the chamber under the Sphinx’s paw? Is that a crystal ball question? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Quite! I may challenge you collectively to generate an exercise and collectively project to that location, and perhaps discover the response to your question!

FRAN: Actually, I think there is a group that’s planning to do that. Are the Egyptian gods and goddesses Atlantian or from another reality?

ELIAS: Are they associated with Atlantis or are they associated with another reality?

FRAN: Well, I think we know that they’re associated with another reality, but I think the question is whether it is specifically Atlantian.


FRAN: But it is another reality?


FRAN: We have very few moments left, and I think I’ll ask you a question here about inter-dimensional focuses in fiction. You said that our fictional stories like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Dune” are based on translations of other dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: One of our members says that that he feels that that doesn’t necessarily mean that all characters in our stories are real, actual characters of these dimensions, yet there are some who claim to have focuses as fictional characters. How is it that a story based on a distorted translation can still contain so many characters based on actual individuals in those dimensions?

ELIAS: As I have expressed previously, these are translations; therefore, what the other individual has offered as an assessment that these are characters and they are translations and not necessarily actual individuals is more accurate.

Now; as I confirm with individuals their impressions concerning different characters, what I am confirming is that yes, they do incorporate an other-dimensional focus that can be translated in this dimension in association with a particular character.

FRAN: Similar energy?

ELIAS: Yes, and at times similar actions, similar experiences, but they are translations and they are not necessarily an actual individual. They are an archetype of a type of manifestation in another dimension, and they are also an example of a type of expression or what you within your reality would deem to be culture.

FRAN: We all have a really strong connection in our group to “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy,” and we’ve gotten a lot of amusement out of seeing that all of these movies are a Wingnut Film Production. (Elias chuckles) Does the essence Wingnu that we all fragmented connect in any way to this movie?

ELIAS: YOU collectively connect it to these stories, for what you have generated in this fragmentation is an allowance of a fragmentation which expresses a strong energy in association with that other dimension. Therefore, it is not that that essence generates an influence upon the stories or the productions, but that you collectively generate an identification and an embodiment, within your association with that essence, as a representation of that type of energy, of that other dimension and its focuses. Are you understanding?

FRAN: Yes, actually I am understanding. That’s very interesting!

ELIAS: The energy that that essence expresses is quite strongly associated with that other dimension. Therefore, you collectively, in a manner of speaking, have designated it as a type of mascot, so to speak, in association with your group as a representation of your fondness for that other dimension.

FRAN: Wow! So, we have to assume then that all of us are in that dimension. All of the Darlings have focuses in that dimension?


FRAN: And it’s one that we’re particularly fond of?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRAN: And we’re particularly fond of you, because you’re there!

ELIAS: Correct! (Chuckles)

FRAN: And, you know, I’d love to just go on further, but I can’t. We’re at the end of our hour.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRAN: I guess we’re going to have to re-engage.

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Ha ha ha!

FRAN: If the money flows the way it has been, that may be fairly soon!

ELIAS: Very well! I shall be anticipating. I offer to all of you, as always, my encouragement and my supportiveness, and I express to all of you my tremendous affection and great lovingness.

FRAN: We feel the same way. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To all of you, my friends, au revoir.

FRAN: Thank you.

Elias departs after 1 hour.

(1) The Elias Family was an on-line email chat group on (The group is now referred to as Elias Darlings, and can be accessed at )

(2) The pyramid that Elias is referring to is an energy “pyramid” to support the phenomenon of Elias and aid in the shift in consciousness. To read more about pyramid actions, refer to 7/27/97.

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