Session 124
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Friday, September 27, 1996 (Pop-in) © 1996
Participants: Mary, Vicki, and Cathy.
Elias pops-in at 10:18 AM.
Note: The letters "X" and "Y" shall be used in place of two essence names in this transcript, as this seems to be appropriate presently.
The following is taken from memory, as this is a pop-in.

ELIAS: Offer to Uriel, Rameau.

VICKI: Spelling?


The tape is now engaged.

ELIAS: So, you are wishing questions!

VICKI: I know Michael has questions.

ELIAS: (Pausing, and looking around at his physical space) Quite cramped quarters! (Mary was wedged in between the couch and table)

VICKI: Do you want to move?

CATHY: Would you like to move to your seat? (We're both cracking up)

ELIAS: (Pause) I shall be relocating. He does occupy a small frame! Excuse, presently. (Gets up and walks around to the other side of the table, sitting down in an open space) Better!

CATHY: What's Rameau?

VICKI: It's Bruce's wife's essence name.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So what's the deal with Michael, and the draw to Bruce today?

ELIAS: This is a subjective recognition of the connection between Uriel and Rameau, and interaction that has occurred presently; just as there was a recognition of visitation, although this was identified objectively.

VICKI: What is the connection between these two individuals?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, the connection extends quite in depth with these personalities. There is a common fragmentation, although this would not be what you interpret as your twins. They have drawn to each other, once again, to be helpful within movement of this particular focus. Rameau has been, in your terms, and continues to be, instructional to Uriel, if he is noticing and if he is paying attention; for this personality of Rameau may be instructional in like manner as Elizabeth to Patel. (Pause)

VICKI: What about the dream last night; Michael's dream, with the salesman and the computers?

ELIAS: Express to Michael, tsk, tsk! He is not being recognizing of his salesman! This interaction was to be delivering information to Michael, of the actions that you incorporate presently for your clarity and understanding; although I shall express an acknowledgment also to Michael, that he has accomplished remembering the information presented, for what he views to be the first time, within an engagement of Elias within dream state. His usual occurrence is to be remembering the interaction and not the information. Now, he incorporates remembering the information and not the identification! The information has been translated into objective symbols that you may recognize. I have stated an analogy to you with regard to "X", and the urgency to be communicating verbally. I offered you a comparison of less distortion in letter-writing. Do not be confused. This is not to be compared to what you view to be automatic writing. I have expressed this scenario to you only to be allowing you to view the difference within physical focus, within your own communications to each other. Within physical focus, within your own communication, you may focus more intently upon a letter, and more carefully upon a letter, than you may within what you would term to be the heat of the moment of conversation. Within a letter, you may choose your words more carefully. You will evaluate your thoughts more carefully.

This is not to be compared with the action that you incorporate in what you view to be automatic writing, or other forms of communication in which you interpret an energy exchange to be occurring; for within these other forms of communication, you are not focused. You are not clear. Therefore, you incorporate distortion. This is not to say that you may not incorporate these actions clearly. You may engage the energy exchange in the form of automatic writing, to an extent, and incorporate little distortion; but this must also be engaged with clarity, in the same manner of action that you view to be a conscious awareness of an energy exchange occurrence. Therefore, if you are engaging these actions in the same manner that you would engage an energy exchange verbally, with an allowance, without objective interaction or interference, but consciously aware of the interaction, then you may be accomplishing the least amount of distortion, for your clarity is there.

VICKI: And this is not what you would term automatic writing?

ELIAS: It may be accomplished in the action of automatic writing.

VICKI: So what Ron does would be what you have been describing?

ELIAS: Correct, although this also involves distortion; for as Olivia is aware, there are moments of objective interference. There is not a complete allowance of information which you view to be being transmitted. There is a questioning. At these moments that questioning occurs, there is distortion; just as you view your television. You may tune your channel upon your television quite clearly, and each time, objectively, that you question, static will appear upon your screen momentarily. This occurs little within the energy exchange of Olivia.

VICKI: So then would you term the way Oversoul Seven was written as automatic writing?


VICKI: There was not a conscious awareness.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And this is different.

ELIAS: Correct. As you engage other actions without your own clarity and recognition of the mergence, you involve distortion. Therefore, each time that you engage your board or your writing and you are removing yourself, you are incorporating distortion. (Pause)

VICKI: Got that, Cathy?

CATHY: No, I don't get it! (We both crack up)

ELIAS: (To Cathy) As you engage your board, are you consciously aware of a mergence?


ELIAS: Precisely. (To Vicki) As you engage automatic writing, are you consciously aware of a mergence?

VICKI: Not really, although there's been a few times when I kind of felt that way, but it was momentary.

ELIAS: Precisely. This is not to say that you may not accomplish this action. You may. This is not to say also that you may not presently accomplish this action momentarily. You do, momentarily.

VICKI: It's a matter of tuning in, correct?

ELIAS: Precisely.

VICKI: Tuning in to what? (We're cracking up again)

ELIAS: To energy exchange; to engaging your periphery and allowing another channel to be viewed simultaneously to your directed attention. (Pause) I also shall express to you that the engagement of these activities is not what you would view to be an expression only of yourself. There is an allowance of energy bleeding through. Therefore, you do receive communication, although the communication that you receive becomes confusing, or seems to deliver no information. (Pause)

VICKI: So how do you merge and exchange at the same time?

ELIAS: (Stares at Cathy)

CATHY: What are you looking at me for??? (Much laughter)

ELIAS: This would be answered with Shynla's favorite word!

CATHY: Oh, boy! Trust! (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS: Very good! And acceptance.

VICKI: Well, I discussed this with Mary this morning, that in our definitions, those words seem to mean two different things, so there's a confusion there with the terms.

ELIAS: Just as Michael objectively assimilates more information as we continue, so will you also. You do not understand, truly, an action, if you do not engage an action. You do not understand, truly, the experience of an individual physically focused engaging within a violent act, unless you also experience this violent act, and therefore incorporate the thought process and emotional responses connected with the action within the experience. In like manner, you learn, so to speak, in doing; this being also what you would term to be your objective, for you choose to be engaging action of transition. You shall not understand the action of transition if you are not engaging the action. You may not view outside and understand what you view. You will understand as you experience within.

VICKI: So, why isn't Mary consciously, objectively aware of the information that you deliver?

ELIAS: This is a choice.

VICKI: It has nothing to do with the tuning in, obviously.

ELIAS: No. This is a choice. Within a very strongly held belief system, there is a fear of objective interference. There is also a lack of trustfulness of self, that distortion will not occur. This is acceptable. Within a motion of allowance of trustfulness, there has been, and continues to be, an acceptance of trustfulness of self. If this were not occurring, Michael would not allow himself to "move close", as he expresses. As this progresses, in your terms, for there is no progression, (chuckling) he may also choose, as he chooses presently, to not be engaged objectively. His reasoning will change. It is unnecessary for his objective awareness, for he incorporates complete subjective awareness of the interaction, and also conceptualization within this action. This reflects itself within his awareness objectively within waking consciousness, and also within dream state. These actions would not be bleeding through, so to speak, if the trustfulness was not being engaged.

I have expressed to you, within our personal session, the movement is swift. You may view objectively, consciously, this movement. He is mirroring, outwardly, the movement that is occurring subjectively. It is bleeding through. It shall be more noticeable to you within your time element. There shall be more interaction. Michael views himself within comparison to Ruburt, and does not acknowledge his own movement. He views Ruburt's movement, within consciousness, within objective focus physically, as far surpassing his own movement. This in actuality is not truth. The incorporation and manifestations are different. The movement is very swift. You may express to Michael that within his brief interaction that he views objectively, he has incorporated the same, essentially, subjective bleed-through actions and awareness of subjective activity objectively, within this small span of your time element, in contrast to Ruburt's accomplishment of eleven years, to be parallel in movement. Now you may better understand the expression that I use with you, of swiftness. In this swiftness, you each follow closely. Therefore, recognize your own motion also.

VICKI: Okay. I am aware that I also hold this belief system very strongly, as does Michael, regarding the objective awareness being incorporating of distortion, if one were to actually engage an energy exchange. So is that a belief system that I just need to attempt to widen?

ELIAS: Yes. It is quite possible to be consciously, objectively aware of the energy exchange and mergence, if you will, and also incorporate the least amount of distortion. You do not acknowledge your own abilities. You are very creative, precise, immaculate beings. You are your highest expression. You are not occupying a lowly plane of existence! Physical focus is not the lowest rung of the ladder! It is a choice of focus for experience. It is not, underline, not your physical classroom, to be learning how to be moving to higher grades! You are your highest grade! (Emphatically)

VICKI: But we feel so stupid all the time! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Only for the reason that you do not recognize your own multidimensionality and magnificence.

CATHY: So, does "Y" have a little bit of objective awareness of what's going on here, or just subjectively?

ELIAS: His awareness would be comparable to the awareness that Michael has experienced recently, of a knowing of a memory, but not knowing of what. Therefore, when you ask, "Does "Y" hold an awareness?", he does not hold an objective awareness of you; Lawrence or Shynla or Olivia or Michael. He does not hold an objective awareness of "X", although he does experience a memory, to which he does not understand the interpretation. If he is allowing himself more information, these experiences shall become clearer; for as Michael assimilates information swiftly and holds an understanding of the information and experiences that occur, so also does "Y". (Pause)

VICKI: You used the same term of memory the other day when we were talking about this, regarding Michael's memory, regarding this essence. I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean when you say that.

ELIAS: You view memory physically. We presently engage subject matter and exercises to widen your awareness to include subjective memory. Memory is held within more elements of consciousness than only physical, although much memory is also held physically, within your physical body, within your physical awareness; but these memories are held physically. They are of physical experience and translations. Within consciousness, within subjective consciousness, for I wish to be eliminating divisions of consciousness, not wishing objective consciousness to be appearing less important, for it is not; but within other areas of consciousness subjectively, you also hold memory, not of physical. You hold connections. You are connected. You also hold memory of energy connections that you do not objectively identify.

Consciousness is not so defined. It is not an element or an action of physical and non-physical. You identify within these terms, for your attention is directed physically presently. These are very limited terms. There are not two "places"; one physical place, one non-physical place. Energy exists, but is not a "thing". It does not occupy space arrangements; only where you create space arrangements to be placing energy into a scene. Therefore, memory holds a greater definition and significance, if you are eliminating all of your barriers and not attaching to occurrences.

VICKI: So partially, when you talk about subjective memory, you're talking about a memory of energy connections.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And these energy connections are different within different energies?

ELIAS: (Pausing) No and yes. They are different only in desire and intent. Within action, they are not different.

VICKI: Okay. So I hold very strong energy connections, for example, with Ron.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And those are defined by desire and intent.

ELIAS: Correct. You also hold memory with "Y". You also hold memory with many others that you would view to be physical. We do not discuss these, for you do not objectively have an awareness of these individuals. We have spoken of your counterparts. We have spoken very, very briefly of your counterparts, and the interaction. We shall be speaking of your counterparts in more detail as you move into an awareness of probabilities and your alternate focuses, for these are directly related.

Your interaction with the individual which occupies the pivotal point of the probabilities that were pulled together, so to speak, within our one session, asks questions of population. You view very physically, very individually, within numbers; each being separate, each being different. In one respect, each individual holds their own personality traits and their own identity, and also their own free will and choices; but simultaneously, many, many, many individuals are counterparts, in the aspect of counterparts to you within your focus. I have spoken briefly of the pools within centuries; the pools of consciousness within certain time elements that we define as centuries. These also are directly related to your counterparts.

There are many different actions of counterparts, as has been expressed to you, although you do not understand this expression. One action of counterparts is what you physically may view as divisions of yourself, aspects of yourself, as in the scenario of Peter. One is indulgent within one focus. Simultaneously, within the same time period, now, exists another, experiencing another aspect, which physically may be translated into starvation. These are both Peter, although they each hold their own identity and choices.

These are difficult concepts to be expressing to you physically, for these individuals are you, but they are not you. They are themselves, but you are them, but you are yourself. Therefore, within the issue of population, there are not billions and billions of new essences being born onto your planet. You focus more counterparts, for experience; for you, within physical terms, require this extended, expanded experience, physically, as you approach your shift. You are assimilating experience and information physically more quickly, for you approach your shift. Therefore, you manifest more physical counterparts. Your planet shall not explode, for you shall not continue this expansion of counterparts indefinitely.

Every moment, every movement, every choice physically that you incorporate, does hold a reason, (pause) and the reason is not to be annihilating of your species! (Intently) You hold an intrinsic desire to continue. You hold a pure desire for expansion of self. You are not negative beings! (Smiling)

As you move within consciousness subjectively, you shall be opening yourselves to more noticings and understanding of what you term to be connections. Therefore, you begin already in your noticing of connections of other individuals. These will be including Rameau and Uriel. Others also; although presently, you do not make the connection objectively, in your terms, although the connection has already been made. The action is already engaged, but within the thickness of your time element, there is a lag of materialization.

I shall be clearly present for your engagement, if you are wishing, presently.

CATHY: I have a couple little questions.


CATHY: I want to know if that was Bruce in my dream, if he was the one who gave me the money out of his pocket.

ELIAS: Yes; this also being a sympathetic connection between Shynla and Michael.

CATHY: I was thinking that, as you were speaking. Well then, I have to ask this one too. I have to know what exactly William viewed in Chelsea! (We crack up) I have to know this!

ELIAS: This shall serve as a very good example of misinterpretation of subjective activity. You translate subjective activity or action or awareness into objective awareness. Within this process, many times you lose the translation. Many attempts are being made within William to be connecting subjectively, although the understanding of this action is not clear. Also, the understanding of reality within William is not clear, for William views objective reality not quite as reality. Therefore, there are misinterpretations. There is also, I shall express, a tremendous desire, just as with "X", in a recognition of the portal, and a "drawing to". Both of these personalities do not recognize that Michael does not hold, within this moment, an objective awareness of subjective activity. He does not engage an awareness to the extent of allowing himself the ability to interpret what he engages. This is not to say that he does not hold the ability to interpret. He only does not recognize this within this moment; this being why I have stated that we shall be engaging more personal information for acknowledgment to Michael, that he may understand that he is moving.

VICKI: Would this action of the drawing to of the portal also be true of Rudy?


VICKI: What's happening with Rudy?

ELIAS: This would be the same type of recognition that many individuals draw to. This is an objective drawing. That of which I speak, of William and "X", is a subjective recognition of motion and activity, to which Michael engages easily. These personalities of William and "X" have a memory of this same engagement of action, but have forgotten how to engage this action. Therefore, they each hold a tremendous desire to engage this movement, viewing that they shall hold more clarity if they are engaging this action. This is not entirely correct; but as you incorporate your saying, "The grass is greener upon the other hill" ... the grass is the same upon the other hill! The clarity must be initiated within the now, and within the individual area of consciousness that your directed attention is focused in. Therefore, for "X", it must be engaged within transition. For William, it must be engaged within physical focus; not oppositely!

VICKI: Which is what they're trying to do.

ELIAS: Precisely. William wishes to be focusing attention within non-physical transition, which he does not occupy within his attention! "X" wishes to focus his attention within physical focus, which he does not occupy within his attention!

CATHY: Interesting.

ELIAS: This being the reason for our timely exercise of clarity.

VICKI: I think I get the exercise a little better!

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence! (Laughter) Express to Michael to be eliminating of this mop in visual! (Referring to Mary's hair)

CATHY: It's been bugging me the whole time! (Much laughter)

VICKI: Okay, I have one other little question, 'cause it's just pounding in my head. I haven't asked about a dream for a long time, but I did have an interesting dream recently in which Michael and I were in a canyon, and we had some interesting activity there. We were going down the canyon together, he landed in a pool of water, there were lots of furtive, interesting creatures running around, there was interesting activity with throwing water up and seeing things that you couldn't see. It's real strong in my mind, and I can't make a connection with it.

ELIAS: Oh, Lawrence! Hmmm, hmmm. What do you engage presently? Tuning to be viewing your other channels! This dream interaction is an interpretation, a mirror of this action. As you spray your water and you view images, many images, these are representative of your alternate focuses and all that is available to you; and within your objective consciousness, and your awareness within your directed attention, your water, exists amazing elements all around you, right in front of you, that you need only focus in and view; this being the reason that this dream interaction continues to be present within your awareness, for it is a continual reminder to you of the activity that you presently engage. This is amusing, dream interpreter!

VICKI: Your terms, not mine! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Only for I acknowledge what you do not! (Pause)

VICKI: I did know you were the salesman, though.

ELIAS: I know. (Laughter)

I shall leave you to be interacting. Adieu.

Elias departs at 11:24 AM.

Note: There was one other pop-in, just long enough to clarify the pronunciation of Rameau, when Cathy said it incorrectly. The correct pronunciation is with a long "a", and the second syllable rhyming with go. Also, the accent is on the second syllable. Elias says it "very French". Also, even though several topics were discussed during this session, I have titled it the "Uriel/Rameau" session because it was clear to me that these individuals were the motivation for the engagement. When Elias "pops-in", there is always an initial delivery of information which is indicative of why he engaged us outside of a regular session. On this day, both pop-ins were directed to Uriel and Rameau. For those of you who aren't aware, these are members of our group who interact with us via the computer.

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