Session 553
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Balancing Intellect and Intuition


“Balancing Intellect and Intuition”
“The Actualization of Inspiration”

Sunday, January 23, 2000
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Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).
Elias arrives at 11:30 AM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

FRANK:  Good morning, Elias.  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always, and yourself? (Grinning)

FRANK:  Just fine, just fine today!

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  And you may proceed!

FRANK:  Pardon me?

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

FRANK:  Okay. Well, since we last talked, I’ve been trying to notice my automatic responses, as you suggested, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been sort of more engaged with life and just generally happier, and I was wondering if you could comment on that a little bit.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You may also be noticing that this may be facilitating in alleviating elements of your own creations of conflict, for as you allow yourself to be noticing, you also may be offering yourself questioning as to your automatic responses in any given situation, and as you allow yourself to be recognizing the motivational factors which influence your automatic responses, you also offer yourself more choices in how you shall be responding — or not responding — to each interaction that you participate within.

FRANK:  I would say definitely the last part there seems to be the most prevalent, that I’m offering myself more choices, although I must also say that I don’t know if I’ve been entirely successful in noticing my responses.  Sometimes it’s an hour later or half a day later when I say, “Oh boy, that happened, and here’s how I reacted,” which is better than before when I never thought about it, I guess.

ELIAS:  Ha!  Now; let me express to you that you may not be discounting of yourself in this, but rather acknowledging of yourself that you ARE recognizing, regardless that you identify there may be a delay between the actual response and your recognition of the response.

For I shall express to you, this is quite an unfamiliar action within physical focus.  Therefore, you may view that it may be requiring much practice, and as you continue within your practicing, the time framework which may elapse between the automatic response and your recognition of it becomes shorter and shorter.

But I shall also express to you that in the context of the strength of belief systems — which are very influencing of your automatic responses and are the element that influences your perception to be creating those automatic responses — even within the action of noticing the automatic responses that you create in the midst of creating them, you may experience difficulty in allowing yourself to view the choices that you hold to be offering yourself other expressions than merely the automatic response.

For this is quite a familiar action to you all within this physical focus.  You have become quite accustomed to the allowance of the expression of your beliefs in their strength without even creating a thought process in conjunction with them.  Therefore, initially and for a time framework, as you are practicing with this action, it may be requiring of some effort to be allowing yourself the recognition that you do hold more choices than you have previously allowed yourselves to view.

FRANK:  Okay, I understand.  I can see that.

Okay.  Several days ago, I woke up with an idea for starting my own business and doing some things.  I woke up very early and I laid in bed for about an hour, and I thought about this and I felt very good about it, confident and positive.  But as the day went on I sort of lost that feeling, and started thinking more about the problems and the issues and the obstacles and that sort of thing.  I’m wondering, what happened there?  Was the initial idea something that came to me in the dream state from my essence, but then as the day went on, I let the part of me that’s focused here bring up all the doubts?  Could you comment on that a little bit?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that in a manner of speaking, you are correct in your assessment of what has occurred.

And in this, you also offer yourself an example of how you are creating your reality, and how you allow your beliefs and your officially accepted reality to be influencing of your movement and to be dictating to you your choices, in a manner of speaking.

For in this scenario, what you have offered to yourself is the opportunity to view how you have offered information and what you may term to be an inspiration, which is, in a manner of speaking, a communication of essence to you in your objective awareness.

And as you have received objectively this communication, you also hesitate in your responsiveness to this communication, and in your hesitation, as you create a thought process in evaluation of this communication, you begin to allow your rational thought process to be manipulating your direction, in a manner of speaking.

In this, you view the rational thought process to be more accurate as reality.  This is an expression of the intellect, and as I have expressed previously, within physical focus, what you create many times is a type of battle or competition between the intuition and the intellect.

These two components, so to speak, of your reality in this physical dimension were not designed to be in competition or in opposition to each other, but rather to be moving in harmony with each other and in balance with each other to be offering you an accurate assessment of your physical reality.

But throughout your time framework of participation within this physical dimension — and your movement more and more into the expression of separation of essence and more and more in alignment and strength with your belief systems — you have also separated the intellect and the intuition in their expressions, and you choose to be listening to one or the other within a particular time framework rather than listening to both conjointly.

And in this situation that you have offered to yourself, you allow yourself to view this process ... first of all, how these two components of your reality are separated, for you allow yourself the communication and the inspiration through your intuition, which you translate into your objective awareness, and as you allow yourself to be thinking or pondering upon this communication and the subject matter of it, you move from the interaction with the intuition to interaction with the intellect; not together, but singularly.

And as you move your attention to the intellect, you begin thought processes in what you identify as rationale, and in this rationale, without the incorporation of the intuition simultaneously, you move into the expression of the strength of your belief systems and your expression of duplicity, which you allow to be discounting of yourself, and you therefore place obstacles before yourself and express to yourself that your inspiration is unrealistic or irrational, or that it may be too difficult, or that it may be merely an expression of daydreaming, wishful thinking, and that you do not in actuality hold the ability to be actualizing this type of inspiration.  And therefore, in the discounting of self, you also turn your attention and offer yourself many, many, many, many reasons and excuses of why you may not be accomplishing the actualization of your inspiration.

Now; as you offer this type of scenario to yourself, in noticing, you also allow yourself to view how you automatically create your reality, and this offers you the recognition, in objective awareness, that this type of action is not set in stone and that you do hold the ability to be altering of this.

Now: allow yourself the awareness that even in turning your attention, these types of expressions hold a tremendous element of strength, and are quite reinforced through the strength of energy of mass belief systems also.  Therefore, you may experience difficulty — once turning your attention and validating yourself — in actualizing that expression of your inspiration, simply for the reason that the beliefs that are held ARE so very strongly expressed and these ARE automatic expressions and responses.  And therefore, in overriding, so to speak, that expression of energy, you may initially be experiencing some elements of difficulty.

But I shall be quite encouraging to you in that you DO hold the ability to be actualizing this inspiration, and in this, if you are so choosing to be responding to the challenge that you have offered to yourself, you may also be offering yourself much information in the expression of how you create your reality, why you create your reality, and a validation in your individual abilities, and that they are far less limited than you perceive them to be. (Pause)

FRANK:  Okay.  Well, where do I go with this?  Let’s assume that I do want to actualize this, as an example.  How do I attack this problem?

ELIAS:  First of all, you may be turning your attention and allowing yourself the perception that this is not a problem and that you need not be attacking it as a foe, but that you may allow yourself the expression of adventure and excitement in your movement into the exploration of this adventure, and allow yourself, in exploration, to be holding your attention in the direction of actualizing that which is inspiring to you.

FRANK:  Okay.  Now, when you say to hold attention in the direction of actualizing this inspiration, what do mean exactly?  That I should be thinking about this all the time, or meditating on it, or....

ELIAS:  No.  What I am expressing to you, as I offer this type of statement to you, is to be allowing yourself the awareness of your inspiration.  It is not requiring continuous thought process or meditation or objective concentration in an ongoing continuous expression, but to be recognizing your flow of energy, in a manner of speaking, and to NOT be allowing yourself to be discounting of yourself or drifting, so to speak, into the rationalization and the expressions that shall be suggestive to you that you do not hold the ability to be accomplishing.

FRANK:  Hmm.  Okay.

ELIAS:  For this is quite easily expressed, for it is quite familiar to you, and you may override your expression of adventure and excitement and inspiration quite easily in ONE expression of discounting, in the manner of expressing to yourself, “I cannot be accomplishing of this.  It is too difficult.”

FRANK:  Okay.  Earlier, when you talked about the battle between the intuition and the intellect, and how this was somewhat the result of the view of the separation of the parts of the essence, can you talk about how I can have more of an integration between my focus and my essence?

ELIAS:  Quite.  This is an expression of awareness.  As you allow yourself more and more to be widening your awareness, not holding to a narrowness within your awareness, you also shall be moving yourself into more of a balance within the expressions of the intellect and the intuition, and the key element of this action is to be NOTICING.

I may not express this term strongly enough to you, for it holds tremendous importance within your physical focus, for generally speaking, MUCH of your reality is created without your objective noticing.

And in this, as you allow yourself to be noticing your thoughts — and as you are noticing your thoughts, also allow yourself to be incorporating the noticing of what you are expressing to yourself intuitionally also, for this is not an element hidden from you — you may allow yourself to view that these two elements of your reality and of yourself are continuously at play, so to speak.

In this, one is not silent and the other expressing, in actuality, within any moment of your reality.  It is rather that you are holding your attention merely in the direction of one or the other within any particular moment.  Therefore, as you allow yourself to be noticing one expression of the intellect or the intuition, you may also allow yourself to be recognizing what the other is expressing to you also simultaneously, for they are designed to be moving in harmony with each other to offer you more of a fullness of the entirety of the picture, so to speak, rather than merely one section of the picture within a particular moment.

Now; allow yourself also the awareness in your noticing that within any time framework that you are engaging your attention with your intuition, it is quite easy to be moving your attention into the intellect in conjunction with your intuition, and you may be creating the thought process and the rationalization of the intuitional information quite easily, for this is quite familiar to you.

It is also quite familiar and quite easy for you to move beyond the balance in that action, and to move more into the expression of the intellect, and move a step further, so to speak, in which you begin to discount the intuition.  This occurs quite automatically.  Therefore, I express once again to be noticing, and allow yourself the awareness.

In the reverse, you may allow yourself to notice that it may not be quite as easily expressed, in turning your attention from only the intellect and allowing yourself to be incorporating the recognition of the intuition simultaneously.

As you begin with your thoughts and you allow yourself to be opening your awareness objectively and incorporating the noticing of your intuition in conjunction with your thought process and your intellect, you may experience more of a difficulty in this type of action, for this is less familiar to you.

This is one of the reasons that you and other individuals may experience difficulty in what you term to be listening to that small voice within you, for you are unaccustomed to the expression of incorporating the intellect and the intuition in harmony simultaneously.  One appears to be overriding of the other continuously within any time framework.

There are time frameworks and situations in which each of you allows the intuition to be overriding of the intellect, but you allow this expression far less than you allow the reverse.

FRANK:  And the idea is to have the two be integrated.

ELIAS:  Correct, and you may be facilitating of this action as you practice, by noticing your interaction with each, and allowing the expression of the other in the moment that you are noticing one.

FRANK:  Okay.  Well, that’ll be something good for me to work on!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!  And you may be challenging yourself in the practicing of the actualization of THIS action! (Chuckling)

FRANK:  Now, something else you said to me the last time we talked is something that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit, and that is, you said that perception and not beliefs create reality, and I’ve always thought it was the other way around, that beliefs create perception, which is the same as reality.  So I guess I’d like you to talk about that a little bit, and how do I alter my perceptions?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you have in actuality expressed, in your terms now, quite closely to what I am expressing to you also.

Your beliefs are the influencing factor, so to speak, upon your perception.  Your perception is the element or the tool that you incorporate within your reality that creates your reality, but your perception is formed through the influence of your beliefs.  They move very intertwined with each other.

Now; I do not express that your beliefs alone create your perception or that they are the only factor that may be creating of your perception, and therefore, your beliefs in themselves are not the only element that creates your reality.

This statement that your beliefs are the element that create your reality solely is a distortion, for there are other elements of energy which are also influencing of your perception, and they may not be in actuality an expression of your beliefs, and they may be influencing in creating your reality also.

Therefore, I shall define to you that your beliefs are influencing of your perception to a tremendous degree, so to speak, and for the most part, they are the factor which is motivating and influencing of your perception.  But your perception, not your beliefs in themselves, are what create your reality.

FRANK:  Well, that’s very interesting.  I want to come back to that, but before I do, what are the other factors, the other elements that are influencing of reality?

ELIAS:  There are some elements of reality, of consciousness, that are outside of your belief systems, in a manner of speaking.

Now; I may express to you that within the expression of this physical reality, there are translations of energy that are created that allow certain expressions to be focused, in a manner of speaking, within this area of consciousness in conjunction with your physical reality.  But I shall express to you that there are some elements, such as those aspects of consciousness that may be classified as truths, so to speak, which in themselves are outside of your beliefs.  They may also be incorporated into your beliefs, but in themselves, they are not elements of your beliefs.

There are also designs or constructs of your physical reality which in themselves are not belief systems.  Your construct of emotion in this physical reality or your construct of sexuality in this physical dimension in themselves are not belief systems.  You have created belief systems concerning or surrounding these base elements of your reality, but there are elements of these constructs of your reality that in themselves are not elements of your belief systems, and in this, they are aspects, in a manner of speaking, or components which form your perception.

As I have stated, your perception is a tool, in a manner of speaking, that allows you to be interactive with this physical dimension by creating your reality in this physical dimension.

In this, as you separate certain elements of your reality from your beliefs about them, such as your expression of emotion or your design of sexuality within this particular dimension, these are also influencing of your perception, but they are not beliefs.

Your orientation within any particular focus in this dimension is quite influencing of your perception in your creation of your reality, but your orientation is not a belief system.

FRANK:  Okay, I understand.  Well then, let’s come back to beliefs.  Since beliefs are the key thing that’s a part of me that I sort of have the ability to choose, let’s say I want to manifest something differently in my objective reality than what I’m manifesting right now, and I can identify a belief system that seems to be causing this to be reflected in my focus.  Other than recognizing and accepting it, as we talked about last time, is there anything I need to do or anything I can do to sort of speed along the process of manifesting something different? (Elias laughs)  I’m impatient, as you can see!

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Other than recognizing and accepting — I shall address to this, for these are two quite different actions!

I may express to you that you may be recognizing and identifying an aspect of a belief system, or you may even allow yourself to be recognizing and identifying a belief system in itself in its entirety.  But I shall also express to you presently quite assuredly that you do NOT recognize the action of ACCEPTING a belief system, for this is quite different!

And were you to be actualizing the acceptance, you would not be offering this question to me, for you would already be actualizing any element that you are so choosing, for you would not be placing before you obstacles that may be contributing to your lack of allowance in your actualization or materialization of your wants. (Chuckling)  Therefore, I shall express to you that the action of acceptance IS the action that shall allow you the very direction that you are seeking.

For in recognizing any aspect of your beliefs, you may also allow yourself to be recognizing how that particular aspect of belief is coupled with an aspect of duplicity, and as you allow yourself to recognize THIS, you may also allow yourself the recognition of choice, that you are not bound to this assessment, and you may offer yourself the viewing of how this is quite influencing in your reality.

For I shall express to you that every aspect of every belief that you hold within this physical dimension couples itself with an aspect of duplicity.  The belief system of duplicity is the one belief system that intertwines with every other belief system, every other aspect of beliefs, and this is the most intricate, influencing element of the belief systems, and this is the intensity which is expressed within your belief systems.

For the action of acceptance of any aspect of any belief is the lack of judgment in any manner, be it good or bad.  You lean in the direction of merely allowing yourselves to recognize that you are creating a judgment if you are identifying the judgment as negative, but if you are expressing a judgment in positive, that any element is good, you do not notice and you do not associate that designation as a judgment, but it is, and acceptance is the lack of either judgment.

Therefore, as you allow yourself to be moving into the expression of acceptance, not creating EITHER expression of judgment, of good OR bad, you eliminate your limitations, for you create limitations even within your expressions of any element of your reality that is good, for you turn your attention to those elements of your reality that are good, and you narrow your viewing of your reality to be incorporating only those elements which are identified as good.

There are many more elements of your reality and your choices and your expressions than may be expressed in merely good or bad, but you limit many of your choices in your identification and your judgment of elements of your reality that ARE good and bad.  Even your motivation moves in the direction of the want to be expressing in positive.

FRANK:  Hmm.  Okay.  Obviously, moving in this direction of lack of judgment is certainly a very foreign concept, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Yes, and this be the reason that I continue to be expressing to you each, and to you, that there is significance in your noticing, in your allowance for widening of your awareness, and for your practice in your awareness — turning your attention to self.

For the action of acceptance is quite unfamiliar to you within this physical dimension, but I may express to you, it is also a base element of action within this shift in consciousness, and all of you, as essences that participate in manifestation in this particular physical dimension, have chosen in agreement to be actualizing this shift in consciousness within your physical dimension.

Therefore, it shall be expressed, as per your choice, and in this, you shall be accepting, for this is what you are choosing, and you may allow yourself to be encouraged within this.

But the point is to be creating that action of acceptance within the least amount of conflict.

FRANK:  Okay.  Let me turn to a couple of other things quickly.  I injured my right index finger recently, at least it began to hurt, and I’m wondering, why did I manifest this?  What underlies this?

ELIAS:  Now; I shall express to you that you have allowed yourself a physical affectingness of your finger in connection with another individual which is physically focused presently within this time framework, and in this, as you have allowed yourself a connection in energy and you have accepted the expression of energy, you have also chosen to be expressing a manifestation of energy in similar manner.

This is quite purposeful presently, for it allows you the opportunity to view that in a lack of separation, all of you that participate in this physical dimension, regardless of how you view yourselves in separation, are all interconnected, and you are all affecting of each other regardless of your thought process, for energy is expressed and continuously within motion.

I shall express to you that within a previous time framework, I have offered an example of the expression of energy and interconnectedness and the lack of separation, and how expressions of energy may be affecting of individuals in similar manners in very different physical locations and without any objective recognition or knowledge of each other.  You may be inquiring to Michael subsequent to our discussion this day, and he may be offering you reference to this information.  In this, you may express to him key words of the exchange of energy of flower and card, and he shall be remembering.

FRANK:  I’m sorry — what was the last one?

ELIAS:  Flower and card and painting, and he shall be remembering of what I am expressing, and he may offer this information to you.

But in conjunction with this now and what has been created, another focus of another essence — the essence of Margaret — has created an action with finger for a similar type of objective movement that you are creating presently.  This action was incorporated to be viewing automatic responses, to be noticing choices, and to be noticing how the individual is creating their reality.  (Reference )

In like manner, you have been focusing your attention in similar types of actions, and in that similarity of attention, you have allowed yourself to be physically experiencing an interconnectedness of expression with this other individual, and therefore have also created a physical affectingness within your energy of your physical finger.

FRANK:  Okay.  That’s very interesting! (Elias chuckles)  Well, I hope to get better soon!

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK:  Is this something that eventually just sort of goes away?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing, or you may be entertaining this affectingness of your finger throughout the entirety of your focus if you are so choosing!  Ha ha ha!  Although I shall venture to express to you that you shall not be creating of this action! (Chuckling, and Frank cracks up)

You may be becoming quite bored with the continual manipulation of energy to be creating physical affectingness and painfulness within your finger as you incorporate much time framework!  Therefore, I shall express to you that it is most probable that you shall discontinue this action.  Ha ha!  It has merely been offered to you as an expression of an example physically of interconnectedness.

FRANK:  Okay, but this is not necessarily someone I know or ever will know?

ELIAS:  Not an individual that you objectively, in your terms, know presently, although you may allow yourself to be interactive with this individual objectively, if you are so choosing.

FRANK:  Okay.  Interesting!  Just one last quick question I’d like to ask you:  My oldest daughter and I are very, very close, and I’m just wondering if we’ve had other focuses together. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  I shall be encouraging of you to be investigating of these focuses that you share with this individual, and I shall express to you that you do hold one focus in which you create reverse roles, in which this individual is expressed in the role of parent, and you are expressed within the role of the child.

FRANK:  Okay.  Well, maybe we can talk about that next time.

ELIAS:  Ha ha ha!

FRANK:  Elias, thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I express to you an encouragement in your continuation with your noticing, and also an acknowledgment of what you have already been incorporating.

In this, I offer to you an expression of energy, and I anticipate our next meeting and continuation of our discussions.

FRANK:  Thank you very much, and I look forward to it as well.

ELIAS:  In much affection this day, I express to you, adieu.

FRANK:  Good-day.

Elias departs at 12:32 PM.


(1)  Here is the example of the flower, the card, and the painting, from session #11, 5/31/95:

In this audience, you are engaging in the satisfying of your political element of your essence by participating with other essences and connecting with them.  You are also being given the opportunity to see your effect and interconnectedness with other essences.  This may be on a level as simple as physical inconsequential coincidences.

You, Oliver, may go tomorrow to look at a card.  In doing so, someone else at another place may be affected by what you see on a card.  Let us say you see a picture of a flower.  Someone far away from you at the same moment may enter another shop, wishing to purchase a gift.  The thought will come to them of a flower.  They will, in turn, purchase the flower.  They will choose a color.  Someone in another location may be painting, and the color of the flower will impress them.  They will have no knowledge of your card or the other person’s flower.  They will only have an impression of a color, but it is all connected.

You believe that the only way that you affect another individual essence is if you are directly involved with them.  This is not correct.  You affect other essences continually, and do not even know.  Elizabeth may go to school.  She may appreciate a color of a desk for an instant.  Another person in another part of your world may be struck by the thought of the same type of wood to make a desk.  You do not think these things have any connection.  You are very incorrect.  You may not choose to interact with another single person during your day.  You are nonetheless affecting, with your very being and thoughts, all other essences in existence.

This is why it is important for you to understand that you are not separate or disconnected.  This is why I choose to speak with you in a group.  You will be experiencing more connection continually.  You will be aware of your greater connection with other essences.  You must begin here.

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Copyright 2000 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.