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Session 1238
In this physical reality, beliefs and belief systems are an intricate aspect of the design of this physical dimension, and they are not being eliminated. They do not change. But you incorporate a vast wealth, so to speak, of beliefs to choose from. In this, each individual expresses some beliefs. In relation to all the beliefs that are contained within all of the belief systems, the beliefs that you express are relatively few. Therefore, all of the other beliefs are latent — but they exist, and therefore they are also available to you in relation to your choices. Now; the manner in which you begin to express different beliefs is through the action of moving your attention, paying attention to the now, not projecting your attention to the future or to the past, but holding your attention within the now and paying attention to you, to what you are choosing. The manner in which you know what you are choosing is viewing what you are doing, for whatever you are actually doing is what you are choosing. Regardless of what you think, what you do is your evidence of what you are choosing. In this, it is associated with the beliefs that are influencing those choices. Now; in paying attention to yourself, you become more familiar with what you do, what you want, how you create, what influences what you create, and how you alter your perception. This offers you your point of power objectively, allowing you to generate what you want intentionally without limitation. But this requires becoming familiar with yourself, and the manner in which you become familiar is to pay attention. I may express to you as I have to many individuals, for the most part individuals do not pay attention to most of what they do.

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