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CommunicationConsciousnessCounterpartsDream WalkersDuplicity
ImpressionIntentIt matters notOrientationPerception
PreferencePresenceRegional AreasRemembranceShift
Subjective/ObjectiveTransitionWaves in ConsciousnessYCYR

Session 1176LUANA: Can any of the five channel? ELIAS: Yes. LUANA: Merely by their choice? ELIAS: Yes, and an openness and an incorporation of relaxation to allow either other aspects of their own essence to be channeled or an openness and an allowance in a relaxation for an energy exchange, but it is a choice. An energy exchange is different, for this requires the willingness and the agreement of another essence. LUANA: I see. How does one get the agreement of the other essence to do that? (Pause) ELIAS: As you express, any of you, an openness and a willingness to be engaging an energy exchange, you project an energy outward. In that projection of energy outward in a manner of speaking, figuratively it generates a type of beacon within consciousness, and an essence that may be choosing an energy exchange with an individual within your physical dimension may be drawing to that beacon. Now; it shall choose whether it shall engage that action or not, and it shall evaluate whether there is what you term to be a compatibility between the individual physically focused and the movement or the agenda, so to speak, of the essence engaging the exchange.