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Group Session Transcripts and Audios

Session Year


255"The Sex Session"Sunday, January 4, 1998Transcript
257"Duplicity/Acceptance"Sunday, January 11, 1998Transcript
260"Creature Consciousness"Sunday, January 18, 1998Transcript
262"Creature Consciousness II"Sunday, January 25, 1998Transcript
264"Energy Centers/Intent/Value Fulfillment"Sunday, February 1, 1998Transcript
275"Windows"Thursday, April 23, 1998Transcript
280"The Connective Tissue of Consciousness"Thursday, May 14, 1998Transcript
281"The Connective Tissue of Consciousness II"Sunday, May 17, 1998Transcript
284"Strange Times"Saturday, May 30, 1998Transcript
287"Accessing Parallel & Alternate Realities"Thursday, June 18, 1998Transcript
291"SNAP – A Beginning Course in Projection"Friday, June 26, 1998Transcript
298"Rose/The Shift/Simultaneous Time"Thursday, July 16, 1998Transcript
301"The Belief System of Relationships"Saturday, July 25, 1998Transcript
302"Your Relationship with Yourself"Sunday, July 26, 1998Transcript
307"Relationships – A Group Discussion"Friday, August 14, 1998Transcript
308"Fragmentation"Friday, August 21, 1998Transcript
313"Empathic vs. Empathy"Friday, September 11, 1998Transcript
320"Lessening Separation/The Elusive Element of Spirit"Friday, September 18, 1998Transcript
324"Probabilities/An Immaculate Puzzle"Wednesday, September 23, 1998Transcript
328"The Belief System of Duplicity"Saturday, October 3, 1998Transcript
331"The Concept of Spirituality"Friday, October 16, 1998Transcript
339"Relationships/Duplicity"Friday, November 13, 1998Transcript
345"Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?"Saturday, December 5, 1998Transcript
346"Fear of life"Wednesday, December 9, 1998Transcript
347"Working Belief Systems"Friday, December 11, 1998Transcript