Session 2490

"Probabilities are Created in each Moment"

April 16, 2008

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anne (Clairise)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANNE: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

ANNE: Well, probabilities and how we as focuses get information from and for ourselves and some other things, too, if that’s OK?

ELIAS: All right.

ANNE: First though, can I speak briefly of something that’s been weighing on my mind since our last conversation? I’d like to offer an apology to you, Elias. During our last session, I was very nervous and I realized after it was over that I had gone on and on and on and I interrupted you so very many times and – well, I was terribly rude and inconsiderate of you and so I just want to apologize to you for that. My mother taught me better manners than that! (Elias laughs) So I very much want you to know how greatly I appreciate your words, your wisdom and your insight. I will be much better behaved from now on (Elias laughs again).

ELIAS: No apology is necessary, my friend. (continues laughing)

ANNE: Well, thank you Elias. And just so you know, I’m taping our conversation here on my end, too and the tape only runs 45 minutes, so if towards the end of our time you hear me jostling about something, that’s what I’ll be doing. OK. A general question about the shift and those of us talking to you about it: the people who come to you for sessions – specifically those of us who actually get through and talk to you – were we called to you? In other words, did you pick us out to talk to or are we just a curious few who were lucky enough to get through?

ELIAS: No. I am not choosing you. You are choosing myself.


ELIAS: For those of you that engage conversation with myself or those individuals that engage the transcriptions are drawing themselves to this information for it resonates with you. And in your journey in your directions in participating in the shift – and all individuals are – each individuals will draw themselves in a direction that offers them information, and in a manner that resonates the strongest with that individuals.

ANNE: OK – thank you. Lately at times, I feel slightly panicked. Like all of a sudden I’ll feel overwhelmed and so, I’ll stop and try to figure out why, and I really can’t find a reason for it and it makes me wonder if it’s a reaction to the shift or with the emotional wave or maybe both?

ELIAS: It may be associated with the new wave, for as I have expressed, there has been a building of energy for the time framework prior to the initiation of this new wave. And that has been affecting of many, many, many individuals. In some individuals it is expressed or has been expressed as being unmotivated or anxious or apathetic and other individuals may be responding to it in an agitation or anxiety and it can be confusing to many individuals for as you expressed, it appears that there is no reason to be feeling what you are feeling, but in actuality as I have expressed many times, you all respond to energy much more then any other language and in that, merely that you do not necessarily see energy it is not to say that it is not present and that it is not affecting. Just as you can interact with another individuals and the other individuals may be expressing in words that they are well and they are happy, and you may be recognizing that their energy is expressing very differently. And in that situation, you would question what the individual is saying, for it does not match what their energy is projecting. This is an obvious example of how you recognize and respond to energy regardless that it is not being expressed in words or in some physical form and energy is surrounding all of you (muffled words) of energy and it becomes very strong and you, as an individuals will respond to it and not necessarily understand what you are responding to, for you automatically look to events or actions occurring within your immediate environment ....

ANNE: And because I’m emotionally focused that may, that also helps me to respond.... helps me to read their energy on an emotional level? Am I close?

ELIAS: Somewhat – not entirely, but somewhat. Being emotionally focused is the identification of how you process, how you process information - how you initially process information. An emotionally focused individual initially processes information through feelings. Now, as with any individuals, eventually you do translate that into thought or into actions, but your initial process of assimilating information is through feeling.

ANNE: Am I intermediate orientation? That’s my impression.


ANNE: Am I – I’m intermediate. My family alignment I’ve been trying to puzzle with. I’m guessing I’m either Sumari or Vold.

ELIAS: Vold.

ANNE: What does it mean when you say we are “aligning with” another family?

ELIAS: As essence, in association with (muffled words) you belong to one family for the entirety of essence is belonging to one family. Each focus chooses a different to align with. What that does, is, qualities of the family that you belong to are somewhat more underlying, but are consistently expressed in every focus. The qualities of the alignment family are more obvious. Each individual expresses the alignment family qualities more obviously, more overtly.

ANNE: So, am I aligned with Vold?


ANNE: What are the essence names of my husband, my daughter and my son?

ELIAS: First individual: Rathe R-A-Y-T-H-E, second individual: Lynn, L-Y-N-N, third individual: Mel, M-E-L.

ANNE: Thank you. Ok, this question is about my focuses intent as it relates to future probabilities. I’d like to share something with you and then I’ll be quiet and listen to your answers, I promise!

ELIAS: (laughs)

ANNE: As you explained to me during our first conversation, my intent in this focus is: “an exploration of curiosity with challenge” and so far, my challenges have all been – for the most part –somewhat uncomfortable. I had a break-up of my marriage, I had a great loss I felt around the time of my mother’s death, and the recent challenges associated with the tumors and the breast cancer. But at this moment – at this present time framework in my focus, I feel like I’m between challenges, so to speak. I’m really in a very good place – quite comfortable – and I don’t really have any major health or personal worries. And so what I’ve been learning by studying you and Seth and some Abraham thrown in for the fun of it, I’ve been working on trying to really stay in the moment, I’m trying to pay attention to myself, I’m trying to notice everything going on around me and inside of me and how I’m reacting and thinking and feeling about it all. And one of the things I’ve noticed is that, lately for some reason, I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence. I don’t know how this has happened, but I feel more at ease with myself. But most importantly I seem to be much more acknowledging and accepting of my own abilities and talents in a way I’ve never done before. Would you agree?

ELIAS: Yes, I would. And I would express congratulations to you.

ANNE: Thank you. And while I can always be more appreciating, I feel like I’ve been somewhat successful at being appreciative of where I am right now and what I have and what I’ve created for myself. Would you agree with that as well?

ELIAS: Yes. And I would express that this is a new direction for you. And perhaps the curious challenges you will be presenting to yourself now will not be traumatic....

ANNE: Good, thank you. Well, here’s ... I’m sorry?

ELIAS:....and actually engage more fun in your challenges! (laughs)

ANNE: That’s where I wanted to go. Here’s the thing: I want to kick it up a notch, so to speak. I would like to really take control of my life now and start living life in a really spectacular way – a comfortable way! And since my focuses intent is a curiosity with challenge, instead of the next challenge being another uncomfortable challenge just happens to me and I have no control of it, I would like to know if I can create a specific challenge for myself to experience – and I already have one in mind – or if I’m tied to those challenges as predetermined by my essence.

ELIAS: Oh no, no. There is no predetermination. And your essence is YOU. It is not some other or greater being or thing that is outside of you or beyond you or that controls you. You ARE essence. Therefore, no – there is no other power that is choosing for you. You engage all of your choices.

ANNE: So it is possible to create a challenge for myself. Well, what I have in mind, is not all that different from what I think a lot of other people do, except for I want to make this happen. I want to experience the challenge that happens to a person when they receive a life-altering sum of money. And I’ve thought about it a bit: what is it that I want, why do I want it, what will it bring me? Is it the things that I want, and so why don’t I just ask for the things? But I’m really wanting the challenge of getting this big sum of money and then how I can use it to do the things I want to do in the way of starting this camp I have in mind and giving it to people I love and to organizations and to use it to experience things in my life I’ve never had the opportunity to.. to travel, to ride a hot air balloon – to do all kinds of things. But I want the freedom and the – all the things that goes along with making the decisions of how to spend it and where it should go and just all the things that happen to a person and so what is the probability that I can make that happen?

ELIAS: First of all, let me explain probabilities are not (muffled words) as things that you choose from. They are created in each moment. It is not that probabilities exist and then you choose form them. They are created in each moment. Before they are created, they do not exist. In this it is not a matter of odds. The question that you have posed is framed in the concept of odds. And this is not the mAnner in which you actually create. This is also the reason that many individuals set their sights upon the lottery and become disappointed that they do not necessarily win for most, when they are approaching this type of subject, are generating of odds and of chance and this is not what creates the outcome that they want. It is not about chance and not about odds. It is concerning energy, setting an intention, focusing on the process - not the outcome - and engaging the process to actually create that outcome that you want. Now, one of the pitfalls for most ind is that they incur a tendency to continue to focus upon the outcome. And the more these individuals focus upon the outcome, the more they hold it at bay.

ANNE: Question:

ELIAS: For they are not paying attention to the process to create the outcome.

ANNE: One of the things that I understand about manifesting what you want – be it a pencil, or a billion-zillion dollars – is that you have to believe that you actually already have it. Is that correct?

ELIAS: It is not actually a matter of believing it.

ANNE: Trusting and knowing?

ELIAS: Yes. It is a matter of trusting and it is a matter of being confident, being determined and not questioning. Therefore, that would be knowing, but “I AM doing this”, not “I will do this”, or not “I am going to do this”, but “I AM doing this.”

ANNE: Well, one of things I’ve been doing is trying to feel – try to imagine, rather – what it would feel like, what it WILL feel like to have that much available to me and so I’m looking at things like, “would I want that car?” or “do I want that car?” Do I see myself trying to start the camp first, or would I take a trip first? I’m trying to get myself feeling like I’m there already. Am I -- is that correct?

ELIAS: That is very beneficial. For that allows you to begin to generate that type of energy.

ANNE: But that’s not focusing on the outcome, like you were saying earlier, right? There’s a fine line there, I’m trying to understand it.

ELIAS: You are correct. I would express that that would not necessarily be focusing on the outcome. That is allowing yourself to place yourself in the experience of “the outcome already IS” - therefore the outcome is not an issue. Therefore you are not necessarily concentrating upon the money, you are allowing yourself to experience yourself being WITH the money, and therefore what you are doing, and that is different. That creates an energy that encourages you NOT to doubt, it holds you in more of the experience of a state of being rather than anticipating. And in doing so, it creates an energy that is the type of energy that you want to be projecting. And that will seek what matches it for this is what you all do in every moment. You are continually projecting energy and that energy radiates out from you and seeks whatever matches it.

ANNE: So if I am feeling like I have a lot of options and I’m enjoying debating all the options and thinking through the different things, then that is sending out the energy that I do indeed already HAVE these options, is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. Now, remember it is not enough to merely think. Therefore it is important to remember that all that you do is interconnected.

ANNE: I have a question about that.

ELIAS: Proceed.

ANNE: OK – I didn’t want to interrupt what you were getting ready to say. Last time we talked, we talked briefly about this particular subject – everything being interrelated and you gave me an example of when I plant flowers in my garden, not just plant one, but to plant many if I’m wanting abundance in my life. I am wanting to – I’m trying to pay attention to every moment – to staying in the moment – and I’m not always able with my present finances to buy a lot of flowers or to spend in a way that projects that kind of energy and ---

ELIAS: Ah!! I would express disagreement for, once again, you are limiting yourself for you are limiting your choices. You in this example express “I am not financially in the position to purchase many flowers”. But you can purchase many seeds, which will produce many flowers.

ANNE: I need to explore my options!

ELIAS: And allow yourself to expand how you view what you do and what is available to you. If one avenue seems to incur obstacles, that is not to say that you cannot accomplish in a different avenue and produce the same but in a different mAnner.

ANNE: I understand. Would an example of this be when I’m talking to my daughter and I’m trying to be accepting and show her love, and is it that I’m - I want to feel like - I want attempt to show her a great deal of love, a great deal of acceptance. It’s an abundance in my thinking and my projecting not only in just the physical things I’m doing, but emotionally, as well?


ANNE: Can we talk about trust a minute? Like we talked last time, I did have success in trusting myself and manifesting a big sum of money and I know what that feels like and I know what that “knowing” is, it’s not anything you can really describe - it’s just, you just KNOW, I don’t know how to describe it – I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that. But developing the trust – what I want to do this time is SO much bigger then what I did before and Abraham once said, “you can create a thimble as easily as you can create a castle” and I’m trying to keep that in mind, but whenever I have a slight feeling of a doubt, a distrust that I can do this, is it OK, is it appropriate, is it the right thing to quickly stop thinking that – don’t think that “I can’t” do it, but immediately - when I’m aware that I’m thinking that negative thought - change my thoughts immediately and keep working towards trying to trust? I guess I’m asking you how can I develop that trust to get to that “knowing”?

ELIAS: It is not merely a matter of changing a thought, or (muffled words) your reality and in that, I can express to you that you can incorporate many many many many negative thoughts or questioning thoughts and they do not store up, so to speak, you can dissipate one hundred negative thoughts with one positive. But, the point is, when you notice yourself moving in the direction of questioning or doubting to not merely stop the thinking, in that direction but actually engage an action that is validating.

ANNE: Can you give me an example? I’m not understanding what you’re saying.

ELIAS: It is important to engage actions and distraction is very beneficial many times when an individual is doubting or questioning. In this, when you feel yourself doubting, engage an action that you enjoy. What do you do that is fun?

ANNE: Actually I’m preparing my garden for a bunch of flowers, I’ve been enjoying doing that.

ELIAS: Very well. When you feel yourself doubting or questioning, engage an action such as your garden, and every seed that you plant, you can express to the seed: “you are my value”. Each seed can be a symbol of your value and in that when you doubt and when you are questioning, visit your seedlings, and notice how your value is growing.

ANNE: Now, you’re talking about the value I feel I possess?

ELIAS: Yes. Your seeds are your symbol of that. And you replace the doubt with the reminder of the growing seeds. For they will grow - and continue to grow, and they will be your evidence and your reminder to yourself that you are expanding also. And the more you expand, the more abundant you become.

ANNE: Should I be paying attention to ... We’ve talked so far about noticing what’s been going on inside me. For a minute: imagery. Should I be paying attention to the imagery that is around me and noticing - I’m not very good yet at deciphering the imagery and what it is that I’m presenting to myself. For example, I just got another speeding ticket, and I know that says something, and I’m not sure what it is. And I’ve got these little sores in my mouth and I’m not sure why I’ve created those. Should I become more familiar with my imagery and what that’s telling myself so that I can continue to stay on track with my developing of trust? Is there a connection?

ELIAS: Yes, quite so. Now, I would express that the imagery of the ticket is quite obvious. That is imagery that you are presenting to yourself to express more allowance. Not rush, not push, but to allow yourself to pace and therefore balance.

ANNE: OK. I suspected.

ELIAS: LAUGHS I will express to you, my friend, you know more then you think you know. And you are aware of more then you think you are aware of. It is only a matter of listening and paying attention and not overriding.

ANNE: Is my imagery coming from – I guess the broad question I’m curious about is: is the information we give ourselves through the imagery objectively and subjectively and other ways other avenues that present information to ourselves, is that information that is coming from essence and what’s its purpose, really? If all we’re here is just to experience, is the information we’re presenting to ourselves there to guide us in someway or just merely to offer feedback of where we are?

ELIAS: This is not a single answer, for some information you are offering to yourself of what is known. What you know as essence. But some information is presented to you in relation to what you are exploring and what you are experiencing, therefore it is twofold. You do hold all the information that is possibly available to you, therefore there is a tremendous volume of information that you do incorporate as essence. But you also are continuously exploring and expanding, therefore you are also presenting new information to yourself continuously. This is how you expand by presenting new experiences, new information, new layers of information to yourself and this is the reason that you incorporate so many avenues of communication.

ANNE: It helps us determine what we want to experience next? It’s giving us options, is that right?

ELIAS: Yes. The balance is incorporate the known information to allow you to manipulate the new inform in an intentional manner to create what you want.

ANNE: So....

ELIAS: Therefore what you are doing, simultaneously is uncovering or peeling layers of what is known and coupling that with new information and new experiences to allow more clearly and more effectively intentionally create the direction that you want.

ANNE: What is my main obstacle that I put in front of myself that challenges me to manifest what I want? What’s my main way of tripping up myself?

ELIAS: Concern. This would be (muffled words) significantly expressed obstacle with you. And it can be expressed in many many many manners and directions.

ANNE: Can you give me an example of something maybe I do over and over again..?

ELIAS: Concern in association with other individuals’ choices. Concern with your children, concern with your partner, concern with your friends, with your family, with generally any individual that you incorporate any association that they may be generating choices in any degree that you perceive to be discounting of them or lacking or not beneficial.

ANNE: To themselves, or to me?

ELIAS: To themselves.

ANNE: I’m worried that other people are making choices that are not beneficial to them, is that right?

ELIAS: Now. That would literally be the identification of the obstacle. I would express that you do not always think of it in that manner. You incorporate more a tendency to think that you are caring but in actuality, it is concern.

ANNE: How is the concern for others placing an obstacle in front of myself?

ELIAS: For it is discounting.

ANNE: Of myself?

ELIAS: It is discounting of yourself and it is discounting of the other individual. It is discounting of the other individual, for there is an association that they are not generating choices that are good enough. It is discounting of you, for you place yourself in the association that you could manage better. Now that may not initially appear to be the discounting of yourself, but it is for it is incorporate personal responsibility.

ANNE: It sounds like I may be judging people.

ELIAS: We all judge in association with all that you do. But concern can be dangerous, for it incorporates you to create precisely what you do not want. There is a significant difference between caring and concern. When you concern yourself with other individuals and their choices or their behaviors or their expressions, you are generating an opposing energy, and you encourage precisely what you do not want. Now, remember all that you do is interconnected, therefore, you want to move in a direction of abundance and sharing. Generating an opposing energy, does not attract that.

ANNE: Even though the opposing energy to do something unrelated to abundance?

ELIAS: It matters not, for it is all interconnected. It may seem that it is unrelated, but the point is that it’s all (muffled words) energy. And the point is: what type of energy are you projecting, for whatever type of energy you are projecting, that is what you will draw to you, or attract. For your energy seeks a match, therefore if you are generating an opposing energy, you will not be matching that energy with sharing, you will match it with another opposing energy.

ANNE: How can I remove this obstacle? What can I do to...

ELIAS: First of all, by paying attention. Noticing when you are expressing concern and when you notice, remind yourself that it is not your responsibility to be concerned with other individuals. This is not to say that you do not care. You do. But it is not your responsibility or your position to concern yourself with it. Remind yourself when you notice that you are being concerned that in doing so, you are encouraging what you do not want. Even if it is, in your terms FOR another individual. Such as, hypothetical example: Let us say that you incorporate a friend that is generating a business and that business may be creating the business more slowly then you view is necessary. Now, in this perhaps your friend (muffled words) and expresses some disappointment that they are not creating the business as efficiently as they would like. Therefore, now the other individual may be somewhat complaining or expressing some negativity. And you automatically, in this scenario, begin to think of manners in which the individual can improve their business.

ANNE: Because I’m also concerned, but I’m also caring, too.

ELIAS: You are caring, yes. But in attempting to fix, you are concerned.

ANNE: But this is such a fuzzy line, it’s hard.

ELIAS: Or, we can incorporate your example with your daughter.


ELIAS: And noticing that you become concerned with expressions of your daughter when she expresses unhappiness.

ANNE: But I want to express to her that I care, and in the ex of the person where I’m talking with them about their business, if they’re asking for help or implying that they’re....

ELIAS: Ah, but I did not express that they asked for help. I merely expressed that the other individual may have been complaining in relation to their dissatisfaction with what they are creating, but I did not express that they requested help or advice.

ANNE: Well, it’s a natural tendency to what to help their friend improve their situation. But what I’m hearing you say is that when I do it, it crosses the line into concern and it’s hampering me, is that right?

ELIAS: Yes, in many situations.

ANNE: So, in my situation with my friend, I should be listening.

ELIAS: And supportive and you can inquire if the individual wants you to incorporate any action or help, but allow the other individual to generate the choice.

ANNE: OK. Well, I’ve always been a big worrier (Elias laughs) and I guess this is close to that and it sounds like I’m not being as successful as I thought I was....

ELIAS: Not necessarily – allowing others to be who they are.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, I would not express that (muffled words) I would express that you have significantly moved in this direction, but your question was, “what is my greatest obstacle in relation to what I want to create”. This is not to say that you have not generated significant movement in this direction already and continue to do so. But to identify one consistent most significant obstacle for this obstacle in times can be somewhat insidious and not as noticed, for it is automatic.

ANNE: Are there other areas that I should be... I almost said “concerned about”, that I should be aware of, that are placing obstacles in front of myself?

ELIAS: (laughs) I would express that, for now, this is enough to pay attention to and remind yourself of your value.

ANNE: Now you gave me an exercise last time we talked of spending a brief time walking around noticing my environment, because as you probably know, it’s really important to me. And I’ve done that, and I’ve gone from room to room and talked what it is that I like and what I’ve created in each room and that kind of thing, as you’ve suggested. And I think you said that it would change my energy. And I think it has. Can you confirm that?

ELIAS: Yes. And it is being beneficial in encouraging you to appreciate more.

ANNE: We don’t have much time left. I’m wondering if we can talk for a moment about probabilities, possibilities for the future and I think I’m aware that you’ve said in the past that you’re not a crystal ball and we can change anything that we want to, anyway. I’m wondering – there’s been some discussion about the year 2012 and something with the polarity and the poles changing. And I thought I would ask you what the potential is of that happening?

ELIAS: In relation to potential, very slight.

ANNE: OK. Is there a potential of something happening catastrophic happening in that year to the earth that would change life significantly for a great number of people on it?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. And you are correct – that can change. But presently, no.

ANNE: There’s also some discussion of some kind of new transportation coming. I’m very interested in this - I’m not quite sure how to pose the question without it being so open-ended that it’s ridiculous. Is the new transportation that’s going to come, does it involve land or air? Travel on land or travel through the air?

ELIAS: Both.

ANNE: Does that mean it’s two separate forms of transportation or one that combines them both?

ELIAS: There are strong potentials for both. For two separate modes of transportation and also one that combines them.

ANNE: Is it a potential that this will have to do with mass transportation? In other words, something that will move a great deal of people together or is it an individual....

ELIAS: I would respond to that also, with both (Elias chuckles). There are significant changes occurring. They are already occurring. Therefore there is significant potential for interesting and exciting new developments.

ANNE: Is it a strong potential that the genesis of this new transportation will happened in the United States? Will it be developed and designed here?

ELIAS: That is uncertain. For there are some being processed in your country and there some being in the process abroad, also.

ANNE: Europe or the far east?

ELIAS: European. Therefore it is a matter of who develops first.

ANNE: Is it a potential that government will be developing this or private companies?

ELIAS: Not the government.

ANNE: Not the government.... Is the potential strong that this will happen before.... 2012, to pick a year.

ELIAS: It is possible.

ANNE: But the potential... sounds like you’re saying, isn’t as strong?

ELIAS: It may be – that would be undetermined as yet, also. It is a process.

ANNE: What is the potential that I will be using this form of transportation in my focus time framework?

ELIAS: Significant.

ANNE: Some quick personal questions: what is the potential that Don and I will enjoy our retirement together?

ELIAS: (E laughs) Now you are moving into crystal ball questions.


ELIAS: I would express that this will be what you create it to be.

ANNE: All right – I just have the fear that one of us will leave the other too soon.

ELIAS: I would encourage you to pay attention to the present, be present, and appreciate what you create IN the present.

ANNE: OK, now when you’re saying that, you’re not - there’s no underlying message there, right?

ELIAS: No (laughs)

ANNE: Ok, just checking?! Well, Elias, I didn’t look at the clock real carefully when we first started, but I strongly suspect that we’ve reached an hour, and I want to thank you very much. I appreciate very much your spending the time in talking to me. And I hope I was better behaved this time!

ELIAS: (laughs) Quite acceptable. You are very welcome.

ANNE: Thank you.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting and I shall be offering my energy to you in encouragement and in great appreciation. To you, my friend, Au revoir!

ANNE: Au Revoir.