Session 1685

“Differences in the Elias and Kris Energy Exchanges”
“Root Assumptions, Perception and Beliefs”
“The Asian Tsunami”

Thursday, December 30, 2004 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Marta (Bourjn)

(Elias’ arrival time is 14 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

MARTA: Good morning, Elias! I know you are “as always”! (Elias laughs) Well, the last time I created an interruption. We got cut! Now I want to continue the session from last time.

ELIAS: Very well!

MARTA: Before I go to the point that we ended on, I have a few questions about the focus of Maria Walewska’s uncle, from the last session. Is this from the father’s side?


MARTA: Eugene Laczynski?


MARTA: I have been totally unable to see any record of this individual. But this was my impression, that he was on the father’s side.


MARTA: Now for Rob/Niven, he has a few questions. He tried in meditation to connect to a focus with you. He connected with a focus in which he was your student, and he thinks it was in Greece. Your focus teaches mathematics, I think it was Euclid theorem, and he got the impression that it was 321 BC.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Also, he got the impression that Patel has a focus as a student in that group, and that the focus of Patel is mischievous and funny like a jokester. Niven has an impression that your focus is not Greek, like coming from another place.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Then he got this strange name. Elias, your name is Baglaved, and Niven, Antonio, and Patel, Inglasius.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Rob/Niven wants to know how many focuses he shares with my essence.

ELIAS: Sixteen.

MARTA: Now, this is from Axel/Pauline. He has an impression that he has a focus in Scotland between the tenth century and the fourteenth century. When he told me that, then suddenly I had this impression, Elias, that he was my son in the focus of William Sinclair, that his focus was Henry Sinclair.


MARTA: This Henry Sinclair was the one who supported Robert the Bruce. Later on, there was another Henry Sinclair, but he is the earliest one who supported Robert the Bruce.


MARTA: Pauline has the impression of a focus in Italy during the time of Julius Caesar in Rome.


MARTA: Also, he has an impression of a focus in Tibet in the last century, where he was a monk.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: He also has the impression that he has a focus in Egypt during the time of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Also he has the impression he has a focus in WWII in France, where he was a soldier on the French ally side and was killed in a battle.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Also, he has this other impression — he thinks that perhaps his essence is a focus of Adolph Hitler.


MARTA: And no connection?


MARTA: Also, Pauline asks you about his intent. His impression is that he feels his deepest desire is to express himself without limitations in everything that he does or says.

ELIAS: That would be a direction and an action that is being accomplished in association with the Shift, but not his particular intent.

MARTA: Then he has to discover his own intent.

ELIAS: Yes, by evaluating what is the theme throughout the entirety of his focus.

MARTA: Also he wants to know how many focuses he has in this dimension.

ELIAS: Six hundred-two.

MARTA: How many focuses does he have with your essence?

ELIAS: Thirteen.

MARTA: How many does he share with my essence?

ELIAS: Sixteen.

MARTA: How many focuses does he share with Dora/Arria?

ELIAS: Seventeen.

MARTA: Now we can come to our work where we ended the last session. I wanted to clarify some of the information that has been presented by the essence of Kris. I have only two questions more about this subject, and then I go to the next subject.

Is this energy exchange between Serge/Kris like the type of energy exchange between your essence and Mary, in which your essence is focused in Regional Area 4, or is he coming from an essence focus beyond Regional Area 4 or from aspects that are focused in Regional Area 3?

ELIAS: The exchange is not the same as what I engage with Michael, and the attention that generates the exchange with the other individual is not associated with those areas of consciousness.

MARTA: Not 4, not beyond, and not Regional Area 3.

ELIAS: It would not necessarily be described as “beyond,” merely a different area of consciousness.

MARTA: My other question is, in our session prior to this last, you said that in this energy exchange, the individual that was involved did not engage the same action as Mary.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: Would you explain what those actions are and what is the difference with Mary?

ELIAS: Michael engages this exchange in a manner that is uncommon. Michael allows the exchange to occur and chooses the action, figuratively speaking, of stepping sideways. For what occurs in this exchange is Michael projects his consciousness away from the physical body consciousness. In that action, it allows myself to manipulate the physical body consciousness without much interference from Michael.

At times, there may be some interruption if Michael is experiencing difficulty participating in the energy exchange. In those situations, he reincorporates himself with his physical body consciousness, and I disengage it. But both are not engaging the physical body consciousness simultaneously. Therefore, this allows my energy to be expressed through his physical body consciousness without a physical participation of Michael.

This has been chosen by myself purposefully in association with my direction and my agenda, so to speak, to be expressing this information with the least amount of distortion, for Michael does not filter the information.

MARTA: And from my own my perception, this is what I see in your information, that it has the least distortion. I don’t detect that in other information. In other information, I detect distortion, and beliefs are there also, and there are judgments. I see many other things that I don’t see in your information.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But remember, that does not invalidate the other sources of information.

MARTA: But I resonate more with you.

ELIAS: Correct, and I am understanding. There are many individuals that do, but also many individuals that prefer other sources of information.

MARTA: I am aware of that. My personal choice, I resonate, I feel drawn to the way that you deliver the information.

ELIAS: Very well! And this is the reason you engage conversation with myself! (Both laugh)

MARTA: And I hope to keep doing it a long time! It resonates with my energy. I follow myself; I follow no one else. (Elias chuckles) That is the end of questions about Kris. I asked all those questions to clarify for myself, no other reason.

I want to know about what Sid mentioned about root assumptions. This dimension has in part of its design belief systems. Now, I think the root assumptions, they are not really the belief systems but are part of the belief systems.

ELIAS: Clarify.

MARTA: What are root assumptions? Let me tell you how I think about this physical dimension. This universe that we all perceive, from the macroscopic with trillions of galaxies, this is infinite, to the microscopic, sub-atomic that is almost infinite. This dimension is not only about this birth planet, but the entire universe that we perceive. Right?


MARTA: My feelings are that the energy design through which the (inaudible) source energy projections are filtered, creating patterns of energy, that when manifest physically, are manifested according to an order of play for emergence. I think those orders of play are the root assumptions. (Pause)

ELIAS: Somewhat.

MARTA: This what I want to clarify, because I am not clear in that. The architects of the design of this dimension are the Dream Walkers. Using the analogy of an architect, I create a design of a building and I make the blueprints, then later comes the constructor that interprets those drawings on the paper and makes a physical construction of the building.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: He creates the building. Now, the overall layout of this building will be according to the drawings, but the constructor, in a way, he is free to change and interpret the blueprint of the design as he wishes during the construction.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: The Dream Walkers created those blueprints of this dimension, and the focuses that are manifested are like the constructor. We create according to those blueprints the physical construction.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: I know that there is no separation and everything is simultaneous, so we can say, also correctly, that we are both — we create the blueprints, and at the same time, we create the physical construction. Then in those terms, I think it is correct to say that we are the creators of everything in this dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: I think that everything is simultaneous. It’s not something that the Dream Walkers created in the past, but are creating simultaneously, now, even the blueprints. This means that even the blueprint can be changed. I think that the shift in consciousness will permit changes in the blueprint.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: But right now and until now, the Shift still is not accomplished overall, and we have no change in those blueprints.

ELIAS: Yes and no, for you are changing some elements of it — not entirely, but some aspects of it.

MARTA: But it is correct that those blueprints can be changed in any now?


MARTA: When you, Elias, express the word, “you,” the way I interpret that “you” is as plural. In Spanish, we have the plural of “you” and the singular, but in English we don’t. In English, we have only one word of “you” that express all situations, singular or plural. But when you express this word “you,” I interpret it as plural.

ELIAS: Many times.

MARTA: Because for example, when you said, “You project energy, and you reconfigure the energy physically,” I interpret as plural.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: My understanding is that everything in this dimension is a projection of energy from all of consciousness that are participating in this dimension. We are interacting with all of those energies. Of course, I feel that in Regional Area 2, there is no separation. But as a focus, objectively I create a separation. Then all those energies are projected from Regional Area 2, and then in Regional Area 1, we materialize those projections physically.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: When I reconfigure the energy, I’m reconfiguring the energy of consciousness projected... For example, I talk to Mary/Michael. Her conscious, her essence is projecting. There is a projection of energy. Then I, with my perception, I reconfigure this energy and the create the physicality of Michael.

ELIAS: Not necessarily RE-configure, but you do configure that energy.

MARTA: In my configuration, I interpret this with my perception; I can project my belief in that configuration, or I may not.

ELIAS: All that you do, all that you engage is filtered in some manner through your beliefs.

MARTA: I was just saying hypothetically. Hypothetically, a perception is not affected by a belief?

ELIAS: Outside of this physical dimension.

MARTA: Then as long as we are physically manifested, always, always, we will be affected by beliefs.


MARTA: And some of them can be even root assumptions.


MARTA: This is what I was thinking. Our perception can be influenced by root assumptions and can be influenced by our beliefs, which would influence the way we configure the energy projected by other consciousness or other essences.


MARTA: This “you” when you are expressing “you” is plural. It is like referring only to the objective self or one point of attention. You are referring as plural.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the situation.

MARTA: But in this situation I was expressing before, I was referring in plural.


MARTA: This is what I wanted to clarify. Now, I go to the root assumption because I have many questions. I still am confused, and I’m trying to understand. I need clarifications.

I’m aware that each of us creates a physical model of what we perceive through our perception. But for the most part, we configure the energy as it is projected.


MARTA: For example, the sun, the gorgeous sun that we see everyday, I think it is perceived as such by everyone in every time framework. I think that nature, for the most part, we perceive it the same.


MARTA: We perceive basically the same our physical bodies. I perceive myself and other people with two legs, two arms, two eyes. I perceive a tiger and the other person would perceive the tiger, and that is part of the root assumption of how we perceive nature mostly, basically the same.


MARTA: Another thing, I was thinking about how we consummate a marriage in this dimension. We essences, or any creature, we emerge through a sexual union between two sexes and there is an order — pregnancy, birth — and the same thing with creatures, and plants follow another order too. Everything is created in the now and everything is simultaneous, but I think when consciousness is manifested physically, time and space is created that is reality.

From this physical procession, everything in nature in the physical seems to follow a growing process. From plants, creatures and humans, all that we call biological organisms are born, grow and die. Would it be accurate to say that all this apparent growing process that physically is real is a root assumption as a part of the design of this dimension, and applies basically to everything, is the same for all of us?


MARTA: The other point I want to clarify, we had this big mass event a few days ago, this earthquake and tsunami that devastated so many hundreds in Indonesia. How are those mass events created? How are earth natural events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions all those things, how are those created?

ELIAS: Those actions or occurrences that you view to be expressions of nature are generated by you collectively. Individuals occupy or inhabit certain areas of your world, for they resonate with the energy in those locations. The energy of any location is created by the inhabitants of it.

Now; that energy is expressed or is generated in association with a particular area throughout all of what you know to be as time associated with your world. Therefore, the energy of a location is the energy that has been expressed and deposited in that location throughout time, what you would term to be past, present and future.

Now; each of you as individuals magnate to particular physical locations in accordance with what your energy resonates with.

Now; at times, some individuals may occupy and dwell in a physical area or location that does not resonate with their energy, and it shall be quite obvious to the individual, for they shall experience considerable discomfort. They shall express an obvious dislike for the physical location that they occupy. But for the most part, individuals naturally magnate to physical locations that resonate with their own energy, and each individual that occupies any physical location contributes like energy to that physical area.

Now; as a collective with masses of individuals that generate similar energies, they create the climate, the weather, the atmosphere and any of the natural occurrences that are associated with that particular area. You shall notice that natural occurrences such as earthquakes do not occur in every area of your world. They occur in specific areas. Natural expressions of weather such as blizzards do not occur in every area of your world. They are specific to certain locations. Hurricanes and tornadoes or volcanoes, they are all specific to different areas of your world.

MARTA: For example, Elias, with those geological movements and changes, would it be accurate to say that in our terms earth, historically speaking, has many geologic movements and changes like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and things like that even before the human race in our turns was manifested?

ELIAS: Correct. But that does not negate your participation, and also your energies were participating in creating the physical manifestation of your world.

MARTA: It’s hard to understand those mass events from our objective perception. I’ve been following and seen this event, and I have so many questions in myself, like I said, that are objectively very hard to understand. It is very easy to say we create everything. I can grasp the concept, but I still am aware that I really don’t know how we create physicality.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But in this, remember that you are participating in this wave addressing to truths in this present time framework. This mass event is quite in keeping with this wave addressing to truths, and in actuality, in some manners, is being expressed as a means to address to and dissipate the tremendous polarization that has been generated in association with this wave addressing to truths.

MARTA: Yes, I can see the association, the similarities, the symbology of the wave. It was a tsunami that was manifested.

ELIAS: With tremendous force and with tremendous power.

MARTA: I interpret earth as a living organism, a body of consciousness. I see all nature, all consciousness manifested and all species, even our species, as part of this organism. I see ourselves as an analogy as living cells of the earth.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

MARTA: I draw an analogy with our own physical body that is made of cells. They are all interconnected, and I see the same thing with all consciousness of earth, that they are interconnected.


MARTA: I see that all the species and ourselves and everything in this interconnection of this huge organism that I call earth, any disruption, any movement in one area of the earth is affecting all the other areas too.


MARTA: Because in my physical body, if I have something in one area, disruption of cells in one area is going to affect all the other areas, too. It is all interconnected.


MARTA: I see this and I think subjectively the inner ego of the earth and our inner ego, maybe there’s not an inner ego of the earth per say, but they are totally interconnected subjectively. All this interconnection through what objectively we are creating is interconnected. It’s not separated.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARTA: I have all these questions and confusion about what we create and how we create it. For instance, I’ve never totally understood quantum physics or at least grasp the concept. I associate with what in quantum physics is the observation with perception, and in quantum physics the observation is what actually collapse the wave function that I associated with Regional Area 2 and created particle matter. Is that correct?


MARTA: What collapsed the wave function? For example, in a camera, a camera films many, many events. But a camera holds no perception, but the camera records physical evidence. It records in the film physical matter of people, objects, nature, whatever. I am confused; I don’t understand that.

ELIAS: Clarify. What is your confusion?

MARTA: My confusion is, for example, I am essence, okay? My focus is consciousness and I have perception. Through my perception, like in quantum physics, in an act of observation, I create physical matter. I collapse what they call in quantum physics the energy pattern that is in Regional Area 2, and I create in Regional Area 1 physical matter. I create a particle element of matter brought to my perception.


MARTA: Now, if we have a camera that is filming and the camera is hidden, no one person is taking this film, the camera is running by itself and this camera will register in film all those objects as physical matter. It will register people, things and everything. My question is, the camera holds no perception...

ELIAS: I am understanding. But to create a physical action does not require physical presence.

You are creating continuously. You are projecting energy continuously. That energy is affecting of many, many different directions within your reality, and your physical presence is not required to create many actions.

MARTA: Even physical matter?

ELIAS: Correct. And your objective awareness is not always required to be creating physical actions.

You project energy to other individuals continuously. The other individuals receive that energy, configure it and generate some action or manifestation in association with the energy that you are projecting. You may not necessarily physically be in the same location as another individual, but that does not prevent them from receiving your energy and configuring it into some type of physical objective expression.

In like manner, you do the same. Other individuals project energy to you, and you configure that energy in some manner in physical manifestations within your own reality. You may not necessarily be objectively aware of another individual projecting energy to you. You may not necessarily objectively recognize that energy, but nevertheless, you are receiving it and you are configuring it into some type of manifestation within your reality.

MARTA: I think the confusion I had is that I associated sight with perception.


MARTA: Oh, see this was my problem. It’s not that I have to see to configure the physical matter.

ELIAS: Correct. Your physical senses are a creation to offer you information. They are avenues of communication, which they are continuously offering you communications in information. But your physical senses are not required to create, for they are not what is projecting energy.

MARTA: I was thinking about the tsunami that we had, and I was thinking I see like three situations of creation, and I was confused. I was thinking I saw the news, I became aware of the event, and then it became part of my reality. I created it, because I became aware of it. This was my thinking process. But there can be a native in a tribe in the rainforest in Brazil that this event in Indonesia is totally unknown to him, then he won’t be creating objectively the event? Because he’s not even aware of the event.

Then I saw the other people that experienced the event, the people that were in the tsunami, and they created the event and they choose to experience the event also. I saw those three kinds of creations and they make no sense to me. (Elias chuckles) Do you follow me?

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, not to be confusing you further, but in the scenario that you present of an individual in a tribe in Brazil that incorporates no objective awareness of the tsunami and its occurrence, that individual may or may not be creating that in their reality. They may be creating some element of it in their reality, or they not be creating that reality at all. Therefore, in their reality, it did not occur.

MARTA: I know, and this is why I was confused. But when I was thinking about this individual in the rainforest, I thought also subjectively he’s connected to all consciousness. In a way, he’s creating it also.

ELIAS: Correct. There is participation, but the individual may not necessarily insert that participation into an actual physical reality that they are creating. They are participating in energy, for you are all interconnected.

MARTA: You see, my confusion was because I thought subjectively we are all interconnected and we are all participating in that.

ELIAS: You are all interconnected objectively, also, but you may not necessarily incorporate an awareness of that.

MARTA: This is so strong, this concept of separation objectively.


MARTA: It is so strong and it is very hard to try to have the awareness, as you said, that even objectively there is no separation.

Now, you know something very interesting about this tsunami, they have been unable to find any animal dead. It seems to me that the creatures, they fled before the event happened. (Elias chuckles) You are laughing!

ELIAS: This is NOT unusual. Creatures incorporate a much stronger awareness of their environment and of their lack of separation with their environment.

MARTA: They know more. They are more aware objectively than we are.

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, creatures incorporate the ability — not that you do not, but as they do not incorporate beliefs, they are not clouded, in a manner of speaking, by the influences of beliefs — and in that, creatures incorporate the ability to physically view essences. Your creatures, in moments that they appear to be displaying unusual behavior or seeing some manifestation that appears to you to not be there, they are actually seeing. They actually visually see what you would term to be ghosts. (Both laugh)

They also incorporate their senses, their outer senses, in a highly tuned manner, for they do not incorporate the separation to the degree that you do.

MARTA: And this is because of our beliefs, because we hold belief systems.

ELIAS: Separation is a belief.

MARTA: Before we end this session, I am aware I am participating in this shift, but I have read that you have told some individuals that they have shifted. Have I shifted?

ELIAS: (Strongly) Let me clarify. I have expressed to individuals that are “shift-ING,” and at times, that they have “shifted in SOME manner.” Not entirely, but in some manners yes, they have shifted, but not what you would term to be completely.

MARTA: It will be in a way, but I don’t know if you can be completely shifted.

ELIAS: Ah, but you can! In that, I may express to you, were you to be completely shifted, it would be quite likely that you would not be engaging conversation with myself! (Laughs) And you may incorporate some element of challenge or difficulty interacting with other individuals within your world if they are not completely shifted also. (Both laugh)

MARTA: Well, I am not completely shifted yet. But, Elias, I am shifting!

ELIAS: Yes, I may express to you quite definitely.

MARTA: I don’t know that I have shifted!

ELIAS: You are, and the manner in which you know is that you are widening your awareness. You are incorporating greater understanding. You are allowing yourself more realization of your abilities, and you are at times generating much less separation than you have previously.

MARTA: Another question that I have is about my sleeping patterns. They have changed, and it is very curious sleeping patterns. I sleep only for periods of one and a half hours and then I wake up. I take a break. I never sleep longer than two hours.

ELIAS: And your concern?

MARTA: No, it’s not a concern at all. I think it’s different. I don’t see many people having this pattern. I was wondering if there is a reason for that. Why am I creating these short times of the sleeping period?

ELIAS: For that is your choice, for you are choosing to be engaging your objective awareness more.

In this, I may express to you, you do not actually require the volume of sleep that most individuals incorporate. Your physical body consciousness does not physically require sleep to great extents. Some individuals prefer to be incorporating more sleep time, and some individuals prefer to be engaging subjectively in that time. Some individuals do not.

In this, you are merely generating more of a time framework in which you engage your objective awareness. Which is not bad, for you are physically manifest in this physical reality, and your objective awareness is associated with the actual exploration of this physical reality.

In this, it is merely an expression of curiosity with yourself, in a manner of speaking generating more of your time framework engaging your objective awareness with the underlying knowing that it is only associated with physical realities. Therefore, there are many other aspects of yourself that are engaging subjective. In this, figuratively speaking, it is almost as though you were expressing to yourself that you wish not to waste any of your time engaging subjectively, for you are aware already that you are doing that continuously, and therefore, you choose to enjoy the experience of the objective.

MARTA: I found that I have changed, and now it is a normal pattern. I never sleep eight hours. I sleep very short periods, a few times. My sleeping time has reduced. I don’t feel any need to sleep more. (Elias chuckles) And I don’t, and that’s curious.

Another question that I have is something I’m creating, and I have no idea how I am creating that. It’s about a pain. I’m never sick, but this is something that is happening now. When I practice the piano, I get a pain in my right neck in the back of the shoulder. It happens after ten minutes of practicing. I didn’t have this before. I don’t understand how I’m creating that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Holding energy in tension. Rather than allowing yourself to engage your instrument and express the appreciation of the joy of playing, you are generating, at times, more of an association of work.

MARTA: You have to work to learn the music. It’s true!

ELIAS: Not necessarily. For...

MARTA: But you can enjoy the work of learning the music.

ELIAS: Exactly, yes.

MARTA: But I see this as something I have to do. This is like an imposed duty. I have to prepare the concert, I have to do it, and this takes away the enjoyment and this can create a tension.


MARTA: Now my last question, and I have to finish the session. What is the difference between a focus that is created by the focus and a focus that is created by the essence? (Pause)

ELIAS: It IS created by essence, for there is no separation of the focus and the essence. But the focus is no less than essence. You express the tendency to view each physical manifestation, each focus, as a part or less than essence, and it is not. Therefore, the action is one of attention. You, as essence, create all of the focuses, and in this, it is merely a matter of attentions.

MARTA: Given that everything is essence, all of the points of attention can be interpreted as a focus created by another focus? This is what I don’t understand. I don’t see how a focus can create another focus, when in reality all is essence. It would be more related to, for example, in this focus of attention I have many, many points of attention that I call Marta, and in this focus of attention, I create probables. These probables will be like a focus of a focus?


MARTA: All of the focuses are created by the essence, but I’m trying to understand the concept. All of the probables are also the same focus of attention, just different points of attention.


MARTA: I am more a little clear. It was not clear and this is why I ask it.

Well, Elias, I have to say goodbye and to end the session. I think we have reached the time. You clarified many points that I was confused about. I thank you, thank you very, very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARTA: Until the next time we talk again. Remember that I love you very, very much. I’m always sensing your energy.

ELIAS: Very well, and I express the same to you.

MARTA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Great lovingness to you, my friend. Au revoir.

MARTA: Au revoir; bye-bye.

Elias departs after 1 hour, 7 minutes.