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CommunicationConsciousnessCounterpartsDream WalkersDuplicity
ImpressionIntentIt matters notOrientationPerception
PreferencePresenceRegional AreasRemembranceShift
Subjective/ObjectiveTransitionWaves in ConsciousnessYCYR

Session 278Shall I express to you the secret of physical focus, the secret of acceptance of a belief system, the meaning of life? You shall be the first! I shall offer it personally to you, and you may express this to the multitudes! The secret is ... it matters not!
Session 350In this, within physical focus, you do not quite understand the weight of this statement, but this is a very powerful statement! You express levity with yourselves in the expression to each other of, “It matters not, it matters not.” I express to you that this is a very powerful tool, for in actuality, it matters not! And THIS shall be your most freeing and liberating tool. (Intently) As you allow yourself the acceptance of self and the acceptance of other individuals’ expressions regardless of their direction, you shall truly experience “it matters not.”