Session 2226

Session 200703161 (2226)
"Channeling and Energy Exchanges"
“Focuses and Veils of Separation”
“Improving Dream Work"

Friday, March 16, 2007 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Tracy (Rafaela) and Britta (Tiku)

[NOTE: This session almost entirely refers to some regular online group meditations/projections and focus hunts which later included weekly online Arkandin sessions as well.]

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

BRITTA: Hello, Elias.

TRACY: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what shall we discuss?

TRACY: Okay, well I’ve got a jumbled-up list, so I’m just going to start. Okay, now one of my main questions is we’ve had Mark, Baruch, channeling Arkandin lately, and I’ve got quite a number of questions about Arkandin. It’s difficult to know where to start.

Well, I’ll start with the strange thing that I don’t know what it is exactly that happened, that has been happening since I’ve been talking to Arkandin on the internet—a physical thing. My vision goes, and then my hands go strange. I’ve had some physical things, almost like a psychic chiropractic treatment thing, and also sort of spontaneous orgasm kind of thing as well. I really don’t know what that’s all about, because that’s new. Could you sort of explain that a bit to me?

ELIAS: Individuals respond differently to energy exchanges. And especially in the initial time framework of an energy exchange, the energy is more scattered, and therefore what occurs and what I have explained in relation to THIS phenomenon, which is very similar to any other energy exchange in the filtering of energy, if you visualize what you know now as an x-ray machine, when that machine is engaged, the x-rays span. They are not streamlined. They expand in a wide direction.

When an energy exchange is initiated, the energy that is being filtered through engages a very similar action. For the essence that is projecting energy is acclimating to its focal point, and the individual that is receiving the energy is also acclimating to the energy that is being projected, therefore that creates a scattering of energy. And, dependent upon the individual that is interacting with that, it can be quite affecting in many different manners, and it can be affecting in many different manners in one individual.

You may experience it in one manner in one encounter. You may experience it in a different manner in another encounter. As those energies acclimate to each other, they become more streamlined and more directed. And as it becomes more directed, the individuals interacting with it experience it much more easily. This is not to say that you will not continue to experience some type of energy exchange, but it may be much different and much easier to interact with, and not felt physically as strongly.

TRACY: Okay. So, in other words, this is not so much a new thing that I’m learning how to develop; it’s I’m just picking up something because it’s a new thing for them, for Dawn and Mark and Arkandin.

ELIAS: But it is also new for you, for you are newly interactive with an energy that is not focused yet.

TRACY: Right. So it’s not… Yeah. My first experience of interaction, other than you. Yeah. Okay. I understand that. Yeah.

ELIAS: And therefore, the energy that you receive in that scatteredness can create intensities of experiences that YOU generate, for you are actually interacting with another energy.

TRACY: Okay. But it almost makes it seem like that’s accidental and it’s not something I should develop. But you know, I was sort of thinking it was an energy merging that he was saying, and that I could go further with that. But now I’m sort of getting the feeling I’m just getting an excess of scattered energy, and it’s just…Do you understand what I’m saying about it?


TRACY: Yeah.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing. And in this, I can respond to you in yes and no.

Yes, you are responding to a scatteredness of energy which you are newly engaging, and you are translating that energy in certain manners.

But also, if you are so choosing, you can explore those energies more, and in new developments and new manners, for you are choosing to receive that energy in a particular manner.


ELIAS: Therefore, it is not accidental.

TRACY: No. Of course not. No.

ELIAS: And therefore, it is offering you new experiences. And in those new experiences, you can choose to explore those experiences further, or you cannot.

[Portion snipped to protect privacy]

ELIAS: I would express to you, as I would to any other individual, when you are engaging another essence in an energy exchange, listen to your intuition and trust what rings true to you. Most individuals – not all, but most – that engage an energy exchange do generate some element of filtering of the individual that is allowing the exchange. Therefore, there is some filtration or bleed-through of the individual. This is the reason that it is important that you allow yourself to evaluate what rings true to you and to separate what your intuition is expressing to you does not fit with you.

I have expressed this from the onset of this forum. I have expressed to individuals that choose to be interactive with myself. I have chosen an individual that does not filter, but this is not to say that all of the information that I offer will ring true with you. For each individual draws themself to information for a reason, but they may not be open or ready for certain information, and that is acceptable.

I am not interacting with any of you to be a god, and I am not soliciting any of you to be followers. And in that, there is no expression for myself to prove, and no requirement for you to accept.

This holds true with any other information. It does not invalidate the information; it merely is a question of listening to your own intuition, steering your own ship.

TRACY: Okay. I understand that. Yeah. So I don’t need to… Just because some of it, Arkandin’s stuff, I’m iffy about, it doesn’t mean I have to throw the whole thing away.

ELIAS: Correct.

TRACY: That’s good.

BRITTA: Take it bit by bit.

TRACY: Okay.

Still on the same subject, is Arkandin… Well, I guess this is a crystal ball question, but is he likely to progress to a similar thing that you do with Mary?

ELIAS: That would be dependent upon the individual that is engaging the exchange, for it is dependent upon the individual’s willingness to assume a particular position. Most individuals are not willing to assume that type of a position. For within your reality, most individuals incorporate some degree of an issue, so to speak, with control. And to achieve the position that is necessary to generate this type of an exchange, the individual must be willing and must also, in a manner of speaking, incorporate a type of personality that does not express that necessity for control, and therefore will generate the willingness to relinquish.

TRACY: Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: But once again, that does not invalidate the information that is presented in other exchanges.

TRACY: Okay. Also on the same subject, Arkandin is a focus, so to speak, that’s being energy exchanged with, in the sense that it’s not an essence like you. It’s a focus, and I wonder whether an energy exchange with a focus rather than an essence would mean that that focus would have an agenda, so to speak.

ELIAS: This may be somewhat difficult, for the focus IS the essence, just as YOU are essence. Therefore, it would be dependent upon what element of the focus is being tapped into.

If the individual is tapping into the focus directly as an individual, the actual physical manifestation, that would be one type of exchange, which is possible. But in that situation, yes, you would be correct that there would be an extra filtration, for you would be receiving information that is being filtered through the beliefs of that individual and also being filtered through the beliefs of the individual receiving.

But it can be that an individual is connecting with an aspect of the personality of a particular focus but also accessing information from the essence.

TRACY: Okay. So in this case, it could be a bit of both.


TRACY: Okay. So that would require intuition, whether or not you…


TRACY: Okay.

ELIAS: And to pay attention and to listen to what rings true to you.

TRACY: Okay. Okay, good. Thank you.

ELIAS: For you also incorporate a filter.


ELIAS: And therefore, it is a matter of allowing yourself to receive information that is in conjunction with your guidelines and your direction and, in a manner of speaking to let go what is not.

TRACY: What isn’t. Okay. Thank you.

Okay. All right. My next question is, Melissa has had – I don’t know how she got the information, but she said that five men in a craft would be arriving on top of Salitre some time this year from Pleiades. And she said that she was talking to Teeaneetha, who was the leader of these people from Pleaides, which I thought was completely bizarre. And I asked Arkandin, and he didn’t actually say no, that wasn’t true. And I said, “Is something actually going to happen at Salitre?” and he said, “Oh yes, something is.” And I had quite a trauma over that with the Arkandin energy merging thing going on at the same time. I really had a big panic for a while. I thought I was being taken over by aliens. (Laughs) Which I’ve never really had a fear of that before, but it all came together.

Can you tell me if there’s any truth or what the translation is, on this Pleiades thing and Salitre and something actually happening there, please? And about my trauma – anything you’d like to fill me in on. Because that was quite a big thing. That really shook me.

ELIAS: First of all, understand that you all generate certain associations with certain concepts, certain experiences, known information. And the manner in which you process much information is to assign it or attach to it a sequence of events that appear to you in some manner, in imagery, to fit together.

And although all is interconnected and interrelated, the manner in which you associate the connections can at times be askew. For you are viewing information from difference sources but incorporating the same subject, and in that, incorporating pieces that within the grand picture are interconnected, but they may not be connecting immediately together; they may be more removed from each other. That is not to say that they are not interconnected, for they are.

In this, first of all, as I have expressed previously several times, the association with Pleiades, or what individuals term to be the Pleiadians, this is an other-dimensional expression. It is not within your physical dimension. It is not within your physical universe. It is other-dimensional.

TRACY: It's starting to make more sense.

ELIAS: There are individuals that allow themselves to tap into information, and they have named this "Pleiades."

TRACY: Okay.

ELIAS: And they have named what they connect to as beings as "Pleiadians." But they are not associated with your dimension. Therefore, what is received is a translation. It is translated in relation to what is known within your dimension, which is generally what all of you do in tapping into any other dimension. Which does occur in actuality somewhat frequently, but they are translations.

And what is expressed in other dimensions does not fit within your dimension. Therefore, I can express to you yes, in that space arrangement, there is activity, and there is an increase in activity in association with this other dimension. I would express to you the likelihood of that actually generating a bleed-through into your physical reality is very slim.

TRACY: Okay.

ELIAS: Now; this is not to say they cannot occur, but that would require an intensity of energy, not merely in association with the other dimension, more associated with the energy expressed in this dimension, for an allowance.

TRACY: Okay. So supposing all our group got together and we decided we did want it, and we did want to focus on it. Why would we want to do that? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Why indeed?

BRITTA: Explore is the only thing that even comes close. I don’t…

TRACY: No. I don’t feel any urge to be doing that yet. I don’t know if I would like it.

ELIAS: For that may in actuality generate an overwhelm.


ELIAS: There are many individuals that actually do generate an openness to allow themselves to encounter a bleed-through from other-dimensional expressions, and many times what they create is trauma. For, as I have expressed, other-dimensional expressions and beings do not fit within your reality, therefore YOU must reconfigure them to allow yourself to encounter them, or to allow yourself to see them. And your translation of the energy that does not fit—

TRACY: Could be scary.

ELIAS: — becomes overwhelming and can be quite frightening.

TRACY: Okay.

BRITTA: It’s like a monster.

TRACY: Yeah. Yeah.

ELIAS: And I will express to you also, as I have previously, you yourselves also do this. You project energy in curiosity to other dimensions, and if the beings in the other dimensions generate an openness to allow that, it becomes overwhelming to them also, and frightening. For it does not fit within their reality either.

TRACY: Why would there be an increase…? Has there been an increase since I spotted it and I’ve been telling everybody about it, Salitre? This other-dimensional increase in activity, you said in that physical location? Is that what you said?

ELIAS: Let me explain. Realities occupy the same space.

TRACY: Oh, okay. Yes.

ELIAS: Space arrangement is space arrangement. It is a physical expression, and it all occupies the same space. It is separated by what I term to be veils, or you could entertain an idea of some type of force fields, but in actuality they are all separated by energy, a veil of energy that allows for boundaries in which each reality can configure energy in its own design, and it is contained. And in that containment, it allows you to create easily and naturally, and to configure energy in a natural flow in the design of your reality.

Energy expressed in other realities is very different, and in each one they also are contained in THEIR configuration. This is the reason that there are not many bleed-throughs, for they do not fit with each other, for they are different configurations.

But you incorporate focuses, so to speak, in many or all of them, and therefore in actuality it is not necessary for them to not be separated. For you are present, regardless. Therefore, you are incorporating all of the experiences regardless, just as in this reality you create another element of separation in which you manifest in singular forms. And although you incorporate many focuses simultaneously, each is separated in time and form to allow for that free flow and the purity of each identity and experiences.

In similarity, different dimensions are created quite the same.

TRACY: Okay. Okay. How are we doing?

BRITTA: Halfway through, about.

TRACY: Okay. Now can I do some quickly sort of confirmation stuff? Am I fragmented from Rose, Twylah and Otha?

ELIAS: And three others, and I would encourage you to investigate. And they are not associated with this energy exchange.

TRACY: Okay. Plus three. And Darren. Is Darren Rose, Tompkin and Lezbae? Is it Lezbae? This is Arkandin told me this. My husband, Darren.

ELIAS: Not Rose.

TRACY: Not Rose. Okay. Is his essence name Aaron? Or Warren?

ELIAS: Warren.

TRACY: It is Warren. I knew it was Warren, and Arkandin said Aaron. How about that? Okay. It’s another one that’s calling Warren Warren.

A focus of mine that was around when Salitre was built, Shoshonire. Is that the name?


TRACY: Okay. And Fantak, his focus at the same time, was it Patual?


TRACY: Okay. Good! Nambu: is this a current shift to our focus of mine in Dogon, Mali, currently?


TRACY: Okay. So could I actually go to Mali and go and see him, if I wanted to, in theory?

ELIAS: In theory.

TRACY: Okay.

ELIAS: I would express that you may encounter difficulty in actually encountering, but—

TRACY: Okay. But he’s there now? He’s a little bit older than me, is he?


TRACY: But I seem to be able to contact him easy enough, and he sort of said he would guide me through dreams—not that I’d remember any. Do I have plenty of dreams and he’s around?


TRACY: I do. What can I do about improving dream work? I don’t remember a thing, really.

ELIAS: Temporarily alter your sleep patterns.

TRACY: Okay. Is Darren Zuli belonging and Sumari aligned?


TRACY: Okay. Emily’s essence name, is that Katriana?

ELIAS: Alter the ending to "e."

TRACY: Katriane.


TRACY: Okay. And is she intermediate?


TRACY: And I’m political?


TRACY: There was a legend of Salitre that I found on the internet, a stranger that came and did some things with a pot and whatnot. Is that a focus of me?

ELIAS: No, but you are known to that individual.

TRACY: Okay. I had a little conversation with my grandfather, and he said that he was a two-year-old female Mongolian child presently, or he had focus currently as one. Is that right?


TRACY: And my grandmother is actually Haley’s little child in Chilliwack?


TRACY: I thought that was just too rich, but true. (Laughs) I don’t know why. And my grandfather was also a sister of Ashtak?


TRACY: Okay. His focuses with Jane: I got that Jane, Jan, Sheila, Francie and I share 34 focuses, with Britta 7, and with Judyette 17.

ELIAS: Questions have been incorporated concerning focuses with that individual in the numbering of, but to your first question, yes.

TRACY: Which was the first question? The Jane, Jan, Sheila Fancy and me and 34, that’s right?


TRACY: And with Britta 7? Or has that already been dealt with somewhere else?


TRACY: Okay. Thanks. Jane, Bill and I share 15? Bill Ingle.


TRACY: Okay. And am I Joanna Gifford and I have an incestuous relationship with my son William, who is Bill Ingle? (inaudible)


TRACY: Caesarean. I watched a TV show and the underwater thing, and there was sort of a sphinx thing that its face—it turned into a real face and he was looking at me on the television, and I googled it and I think it was Caesarean. I think that focus has been taken, but do I have a connection with that? Because this face on the television of this wok thing turned into a real face. I’m sure it did.

ELIAS: Observing.

TRACY: I’m observing. Okay. William Hope Harvey in Arkansas – is that a focus of my father?

ELIAS: Also observing.

TRACY: My father’s observing.

And I think it’s my essence animal that’s a goat. Is that right? I was wondering what my focus animal is and if it's either a rabbit or a mongoose.

ELIAS: Mongoose.

TRACY: It is? Wait ‘til I tell KC. (Laughs) Okay. Oh, blue dog day. When I had a house full of blue powder paint, were you involved in that? And was Patel as well? (Laughs and Elias chuckles) That was the funniest thing.

ELIAS: I would express that our energies were present.

TRACY: (Laughs) I don’t know why I happened to ask, but… (Laughs) Okay—amethyst. I seem to keep getting this, and Arkandin said something about Balthazar and I don’t think it’s that at all. Why do I keep having a thing about amethyst?

ELIAS: And what is your impression?

TRACY: Well, I read somewhere it was your favorite stone, but why would that have something to do with me? I don’t know. I had a dream about KC and a column of amethyst. I keep seeing the color. I don’t know.

ELIAS: Connection.

TRACY: What do you mean, connection?

ELIAS: This is a symbol of connection.

TRACY: Is it? Is my intent exploring connections? Is that enough for an intent?

ELIAS: Is that enough?

TRACY: (Laughs) Am I right?

ELIAS: Yes, that would be enough. And yes, you would be correct.

TRACY: Okay. So an amethyst is a symbolic thing of making connections?


TRACY: Oh, perfect. Now that makes sense. Is there an absolute CP around Dogan, Mali area? A main or an absolute one?

ELIAS: (Pause) Main, yes.

TRACY: All right. There’s a woman turned up on the internet, Tippy, from… a Persian lady living in London. Now does she share…? She got the impression that her and I were belly dancers, but I also think Bill and Jan are as well. Are all four of us belly dancers? (Inaudible – Polly barking)


TRACY: We were all four of us belly dancers. Okay, thank you. (Shushes Polly) Abdul Hamad the First—his daughter Saliha, is that Sheila?

ELIAS: Observing.

TRACY: Observing. And there’s a daughter as well called Melissa. Would that be Melissa?

ELIAS: That would also be observing.

TRACY: Observing. Okay. You’ll probably ask me… Well, my longer Yekuana focus, I don’t think I have a name for that. (Polly growls, Tracy says something, Elias chuckles) You’re not going to… He’s not going to tell me.

BRITTA: No. Keep going.

TRACY: Why? Is it time for you now?

BRITTA: It’s been time.

TRACY: Oh! I didn’t know. You didn’t tell me. I’ll stop.

BRITTA: Yes, I did.

TRACY: Oh. I’ll stop. I didn’t know. I didn’t know. You start. (Elias laughs)

BRITTA: I’ll be quick.

TRACY: No, go ahead. I’m sorry.

BRITTA: I just want to confirm a few things. Am I in transition? My name is Britta, by the way.

ELIAS: Welcome.

BRITTA: Thank you.


BRITTA: Could you tell me how long?

ELIAS: Approximately three years.

BRITTA: All right. As you explained to Tracy, that physical sensations in the eyes and the hands, I have been developing my own set, and they happen to be primarily in these three regions. And I liken them to clothes: a belt, and a vest, and a high collar, and various hats. That’s how I put them in. And I wonder, is this a case of me and others, plural, which I can go look into, or is it just me and Arkandin, or one other, or is it more than one other?

ELIAS: This is you.

BRITTA: Just me.

ELIAS: Yes. Exploring your energies and allowing yourself to be playful with that.

BRITTA: Okay. Because it does happen, for instance, when I’m online and we’re in the group and Jim’s up. I can get the rush and sense it via one of these, and I liken them to their areas.


BRITTA: Which sort of kind of, not being a big chakra fan, but I have colors and whatnot.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and that is you allowing yourself an openness to another individual’s energy and translating that—

BRITTA: Okay. That’s how I’m choosing to translate it?

ELIAS: Correct. And in that, it allows you to connect, in your own method.

BRITTA: Excellent. I’m stoked. I just did not know how to put that. I’d like to know… I figure I am, of all things, Milumet belonging and Sumari aligned?

ELIAS: Correct.

BRITTA: Okay. And am I also soft and emotional?


BRITTA: Okay! Zooming right along (laughs), what is my focus animal?

ELIAS: Focus animal: meerkat.

BRITTA: Ha ha! Love it! I knew it was a cat of some kind. And I would like to confirm my colors, I think, are that dark green, pale green, and a dark red?

ELIAS: In association with what?

BRITTA: Me. My focus colors. Or maybe my essence colors. I’m not sure. I just…those three have always hit me more so than any others.

ELIAS: Let me offer an explanation. Individuals connect in each manifestation with certain colors as preferences, for they resonate with certain colors in association with their personality, so to speak, and the manner in which they express their personality. This is the reason that individuals develop favorite colors.

But those colors that you are attracted to are not necessarily associated with the color that would be your vibrational color for your focus or for your essence color. And many times, the color that is actually your vibrational color, you may not necessarily resonate with or be attracted to at all.

For the colors that you do associate with are colors of attraction. The color that is associated with the focus and the essence are another translation of a vibrational quality, in like manner to a tone, in like manner to the essence name and so forth.

Therefore, I would express that these colors that you have identified are preference colors. I would express that your focus color is brass. I would express that your essence color is lilac.

BRITTA: Very interesting. Very interesting. Okay. I had a very exciting trip on February 6th, where I went somewhere but left this part home on the couch. Part of what was so amazing was how I translated motion, which was going through a visual field of incredible color. The first and largest color was a copper-brass, living, amazing. And then there was teal and purple, and I was just in awe. And I eventually went somewhere and made some contact with somebody I think was an overlapping future focus, Leila, and her lover, Camille.

And I just wondered, did that translation of imagery, which I’ve had a secondary experience of that much later, but that’s all been in the last six weeks—we’ve been on a roll. And the dream activity is way up for me, and I’ve always been big on that. Am I doing well in interpreting and getting the messages from my own imagery in these encounters? Or am I like way wide of the mark and missing something obvious?

ELIAS: And what is your assessment of your translation?

BRITTA: I think I’m on the right track. I may not get every piece because with symbols, at least for me and my own, they’re jam-packed information packages, with layers and layers and layers that can sometimes take, from my terms in linear time, time to sort out and understand.

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree.

BRITTA: And these really intense experiences that I have excellent, vivid recall, some of which I know I’m out of body, some of which I’m dreaming I am, but I have certain triggers that tell me, “Look here, pay attention.” And so I’m getting better with working and developing the practice—


BRITTA: — of these things, and I’m just curious. Am I doing okay on this, or am I missing my own points? I think I’m doing pretty well, but if you have any suggestion on how to do it better, more efficiently, I’d love to hear it, because it’s my thing. (Elias chuckles) This is like what I was born to do, was to jump into this pool. And I have a feeling this totally hangs with my intent, which I don’t know what that is exactly, but it calls, yells, and screams, and colors are very involved with me, more so than people who like listen to music. I could… I don’t even turn the radio on in the car sometimes. I just… I want to look at the colors. That’s my thing. Visual music. So I’m just wondering, am I doing it?


BRITTA: Far out! Thank you. That’s all I needed to know. Somebody that doesn’t have the same filters as me saying—

ELIAS: Correct.

BRITTA: —hey, I see what you see. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll get where you want to go.

ELIAS: Correct.

BRITTA: Far out! Because I love encouragement.

ELIAS: And in this, you may recognize that you have chosen color as a focal point, and that allows you to manipulate energy in different manners to accomplish different actions through that medium. For you can incorporate, as you already have, colors as a manner of transport, and which allows you to project more effectively. But it also keeps you connected to you.

BRITTA: Yes. Yeah. I was… Amazing. I also had in that one, maybe second or third, secondary or tertiary experience with this sort of thing—Melissa, whom we’ve mentioned, when we have our chats online, I squawked about the size of the letters and yada yada, and convinced everybody eventually go to a nice big font, nice, bold, easy to read, and pick a color. And now we all have become very used to seeing each other’s colors. And Melissa popped up with a particular color, and one day she explained that was her, that was her color, that was her thing.

And in one of my meditations one day, I saw her as her color. I recognized her from that. And I was annoyed that she was there bugging me, because I was meditating. So I was like, “Go away!” (Elias chuckles) But that’s like in seeing someone’s face, I saw her color, her shade, and I knew. And I wondered, was I correct?


BRITTA: Excellent. I had a feeling—

ELIAS: You CAN associate—


ELIAS: — different individuals with different colors.

BRITTA: In that case, since you’ve told me what my preferences are for my colors, which they did, are my focus colors or essence colors vastly different? They must be. The brass I ring to, but the lilac, that’s also really interesting, too. Because lilacs are my absolute favorite flower in the whole world. The smell just transports me. (Elias chuckles)

TRACY: The smell of goats doesn’t do that for me. (Laughs)

BRITTA: Well, no. Maybe not. I realize that I whipped up Mr. Pat, my cat, to essentially allow me to hang around here because I had to focus outside of me, to keep going, after I went through my big crisis in 2000, where I’m pretty sure a part of me went away and I’m the one that stayed. And I wanted to know if that was the case. And that… Because I did stay and was so lost, if I whipped him up to be an anchor for me?


BRITTA: Did I in particular happen to use the energy I used to store here?


BRITTA: I knew it. And you had told me.

TRACY: I know. Wow.

BRITTA: Oh good, a chill. That means we’re on the right track. (Laughs and Elias chuckles)

TRACY: I think we’re on the right track.

BRITTA: Jan and I had an interesting thing last night. I just want to ask if Jan and I have many connections somewhere, because when I came through my big trauma, I hit. Going out on my own after dealing with my parents after all of this, I moved next door, sorta kinda. That’s when I hit transition. I got the psychic space from them to go ahead. And I decided I needed to revamp and get back on my spiritual track, which was I started with Seth and I wanted to read my books. I couldn’t get them. Big flap. Anyway, I looked on eBay, saw a lot. Ten minutes after, the woman that was posting to sell them I hopped on and said, “If you do a buy it now, I’ll do it right now.” She said this woman had flaked out on paying her, that’s why they were available. It turns out it was Jan, who is with us and is part of our meditation group, and this happened seventeen months ago.

Jan and I were talking last night. The stories came out, came together, and we are sufficiently blown away. But the exponential rise among all of us in our group of the connections that we are becoming aware of in the last few months, and in particular in the last few weeks, since we in particular, the two of us, got in with Dawn and Mark and Arkandin, it’s like a door not just creaking open but being thrown wide. And what I’m curious about is, I’m no longer completely flattened by the amazement. Does that mean that I’m getting ready for bigger and better amazements?

ELIAS: That is quite possible.

BRITTA: Oh good.

ELIAS: And it is also an example of how you generate surprising and perhaps amazing presentments to yourself to illustrate the interconnectedness of all that you do and express and to emphasize and remind you that you actually are creating your reality.

BRITTA: Was this morning’s incident—our other friend Judy fell off on a chair, banged her head on the bumper of the truck in the midst of essentially a little group of people loaded with healing energy and one quote non-believer, skeptic. Judy thought about this after, and privately told me she thinks it was a demonstration, to draw and careen around this woman’s defenses, agreed to beyond, but as a demonstration to her with all of our cooperation in this, since Judy is not in the hospital with a broken head. But was that one of these something we presented to ourselves type of incidents, as far as what the purpose was for Judy falling backward and running into the truck edge, etc., getting a headache and everything? Or are there other things involved that may come clear later?

ELIAS: An illustration of your connectedness with each other, but also a presentment in that recognition of your interconnectedness, with the example of another individual, to not be judging that difference.

BRITTA: Okay. That makes sense, too.

ELIAS: To be recognizing—

BRITTA: This is how we’re going to deal with everybody during the shift.

ELIAS: — appreciating your supportiveness with each other and appreciating what you have, but not discounting other individuals that may be expressing differently.

BRITTA: Differently.

TRACY: Interesting.

BRITTA: Very good point, too. So, as an object lesson for us, as well as—


BRITTA: Cayce.

TRACY: Yeah.


TRACY: Good point.

BRITTA: That’s excellent. Okay. Oh, man. We’ve got just a few minutes left. I think… I don’t know. I’m just sort of kind of going, “Wow! This is so cool.” (Elias chuckles)

I really appreciate the encouragement, and this is the best thing that ever happened, as far as I am concerned (Elias laughs) to meet our group, which I think is becoming known outside our knowing about being known. Other people are talking about us online, because we generate such an energy that old-time Seth people from ten years ago who had joined us for an online meditation immediately wrote the next day going, “Gosh! Are you guys so buzzy all the time?” (Elias chuckles) They were blown away.

And so, yeah. Tracy and I are like swimming with the fishes here. The sharks are cruising, and we’re going. We do have some members that I think are a little more reluctant to dive in quite so deeply, but… I just kind of think that we’re at the beginning of something that we have no idea where we will take it. And I think that… We’re not kidding ourselves and just sort of, you know—I mean, this is real stuff, and we are feeling it, we are not nuts (Tracy laughs), and that’s okay—


BRITTA: --to even question that we’re not—that’s what we are and we don’t care anymore, because it feels too good anyway.

ELIAS: You are not.

BRITTA: Good. (Elias laughs) Okay. So I think I’m one of the more rational people I know. (Elias laughs) But I also realize rational doesn’t mean you discount… You know?

ELIAS: Correct.

BRITTA: It’s like the good and bad are both judgments.

ELIAS: You can be quite rational and generate quite unusual experiences.

TRACY: That’s interesting.

BRITTA: Now, I do have one last question about—both my parents decided to manifest cancer at the same time. And they are both doing fairly well, which has been a long haul. It’s been very interesting. And I just wondered, is there anything I can do in helpfulness, not intrusiveness? I don’t want to add any stress at all to them. They’re doing what they’re doing, I just want to be there, but is there anything I am doing that is being intrusive without realizing?

ELIAS: No. But I would express to you: be accepting—

BRITTA: Of whatever they choose.

ELIAS: Yes. And listen.


ELIAS: For they may appreciate another individual to allow themselves to express themselves, in whatever manner they choose. And in that, genuinely listen. Do not fix. Do not attempt to fix. You can be caring without generating concern, which generates personal responsibility, which is not helpful.


ELIAS: But if you are genuinely supportive in being accepting and listening, that will be helpful.

BRITTA: Got it. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

BRITTA: And anything else I eventually think of, I’ll hit it Monday. (Elias chuckles)

TRACY: Yeah. Are we at the right time? Are we time out? That flew by. Thank you so much. (Elias laughs)

BRITTA: Yes. Like that was major, excellent. And just as a last thing, is there anything at all that is… you feel compelled to say to me or Tracy? Just lash out at--(emotionally) potshots, so we hear or something?

ELIAS: I appreciate you both, very much. And my energy is always present with you.

TRACY: That’s nice.

ELIAS: Therefore, I am always available. I express dear friendship to each of you. I shall be anticipating our next meeting. In great lovingness and tremendous affection to you each, au revoir.

BRITTA: Thank you.

(Elias departs after 1 hour)