Session 419

“Counterpart/Mirror Action”
“Mass Belief Systems/Expectations”

Thursday, July 8, 1999    © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Elveta (Nadia).
Elias arrives at 11:29 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Smiling)

ELVETA:  Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS:  And welcome, new essence!

ELVETA:  This is my first time, as you know.

ELIAS:  Quite ... objectively! (Chuckling)

ELVETA:  I’ve read some of the transcripts, but not all of them.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling) And you have inquiries?

ELVETA:  Yes, I do.  First of all, I wondered what my essence name is. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Nadia; N-A-D-I-A.

ELVETA:  Okay, and my family and alignment?

ELIAS:  Essence family, Ilda; alignment in this focus, Gramada.

ELVETA:  Thank you.  Let’s see.  I wrote down some questions.

I’m an attorney.  I do divorce law, and I’ve been an attorney for about nineteen years, and I basically hate it.  It’s very hard, if you don’t like conflict, to be an attorney!  I created an absolute trauma in my life recently ... well, I started creating it about three years ago and it’s about to come to a culmination, which will in effect get me out of being an attorney involuntarily.  I have a lot of fear attached to it and I have no idea what I will do instead, except for some reason I’m not really worried about that because ... I don’t know why I’m not worried.  Maybe I’m in denial.  Do you have any comments on that situation?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  It is quite interesting how within this time framework, many individuals within physical focus align with psychological belief systems and attempt to be assessing themselves in relation to these belief systems.

You express that you may be experiencing denial within yourself, and I express to you that you are not denying any element to yourself, but merely allowing yourself the knowing that you hold the ability to be moving in any particular direction that you so choose.  This is not a question of denial of your reality, but merely an acceptance that you are creating new choices in your individual probabilities.

In this, I express to you, you are presenting yourself with challenges in the area of trusting yourself and acceptance of yourself in your choices.  This offers you the opportunity to be moving outside of the familiar and into unfamiliar areas, and offers you also in this movement the opportunity to view, within your own choices and your own actions, that you may be trusting of your individual abilities, for you are not limited to one area.

Within mass belief systems in your society, you move in directions of choosing certain lines of probabilities — in relationships, in employment, in many different areas of your focuses — and your expectation is that you shall choose one direction and continue within that particular direction for the duration of your focus.  This presents many limitations!

What I express to you within this time framework is that you are aligning with the increased momentum of this shift in consciousness, and as many other individuals are also, you are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness and opening to information that shall allow you more mobility within your individual creations.

As being aligned with the Gramada family, you hold a great ability in the area of inventiveness.  In this, you may be drawing upon latent qualities within yourself.  To this point, you have not necessarily allowed yourself the trust to be moving into the expression of your own creativity and inventiveness.  Now you offer yourself situations in which you have quite efficiently created events and interactions that push you, so to speak, into this acceptance and trust of self, that you may be moving in entirely different directions and be continuing within your individual value fulfillment.

I am quite understanding that at times this may be creating certain elements of fearfulness in uncertainty, but within this uncertainty, you also, as you are aware, are offering yourself a calmness that may seem unusual to you presently, but this is a validation to yourself that you ARE allowing yourself to be moving into an area of trusting your individual abilities and not necessarily continuing to be aligning with mass belief systems and mass expectations.  Expectations may be quite limiting, as they may be projected by yourself and by other individuals and through the energy of mass belief systems, but you now move into an area of allowing yourself a new freedom in the movement outside of these mass belief systems.

What you are creating presently is a movement outside of your individual pool of probabilities and allowing yourself to be pulling to your experience different probabilities that are outside of the pool of probabilities that you have created the line of as you entered this focus.  Are you understanding?

ELVETA:  Yes, I am understanding.  I do feel that even though there is a lot of trauma involved in this, that I do feel freer.  It does remind me of a song that says, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”  But it isn’t.  I don’t feel really bad about it.  I feel that if I align myself with the mass beliefs systems, I should be feeling guilty, I should be feeling wretched, I should be feeling all these things, and I have touched on those feelings a little bit and decided that I wasn’t interested in having those feelings and that they were not productive.  And speaking of trust, that’s really something that I am doing, and that I have to do!  There’s not another alternative.

ELIAS:  Ah, but there is!  But you offer yourself the realization that in creating your reality, it shall be much more efficient and much less conflicting to be allowing yourself the acknowledgment and the knowing of your trust within self.  You are also presenting yourself with the knowing that the “shoulds” within your reality are merely diversions in duplicity to be distracting you away from your trust in self.

ELVETA:  I see what you mean.  Right — the “shoulds.”  Well, I have violated many of my “shoulds” that I have held, and....

ELIAS:  Hear hear!  I commend you! (Chuckling)

ELVETA:  Okay, I think I understand that situation.  I’ve got a couple more questions.  Let’s see.  Oh, connections with people.

Her name is Jan, although I met her in a chat room on the internet and her nickname is Seabreeze, so I don’t know which you could connect with better, but her name is Jan.  We seem to be a lot alike, and we wondered if we had a connection.

ELIAS:  This would be the engagement of counterpart action.  In this, as you continue within your counterpart action, you offer to each other expressions of experience that furthers, so to speak, your individual experiences.  You move in similar directions within your focuses.  Although your choice of objectifying these directions may be implemented differently, underlyingly you do move in similar directions within your individual focuses, and in this counterpart action, you lend energy to each other and you also lend experience to each other without the incorporation of actual physical experience in some areas.

Now; let me also express to you that this situation of drawing to yourselves within physical focus the objective meeting and interaction with different counterparts is increasing.  You have created methods to allow you objective abilities to be interactive with many more individuals than you allowed yourselves previously throughout your history.

This also is an element, in objective terms, of this shift in consciousness, creating different avenues to allow you to objectively be connecting and recognizing your interconnectedness with other individuals upon your planet regardless of physical location.  Therefore, the objective interaction with counterparts increases, for you allow yourselves to draw to each other more frequently.

In this, you also are allowing yourself to venture outward, in physical terms, and be interactive with other individuals that hold counterpart action with you.  This offers you the opportunity to assimilate objectively more information in the area of how you are creating your reality in this movement of this shift.

ELVETA:  Thank you.  What is Jan’s essence name?  She asked me to ask you that. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Mona; M-O-N-A.

ELVETA:  Thank you.

I’ve noticed that I have had some friends — I don’t know if you’d call them friends — acquaintances, people who were like friends except that I would talk to them and I would be judging them every second during the conversation, and I realized that what I was judging, I believe, in them that was annoying me were things about myself that were annoying me, and I’ve noticed that when I finally have gotten to the point where they don’t annoy me any more, they drift out of my life, which is great!  But is that the situation where they are there to show me myself, and once I’ve seen that, their purpose in my life then has been fulfilled?

ELIAS:  Let me be altering the terminology in this situation, for individuals are not “placed” within your focus to be offering you some area of information and therefore fulfilling their “purpose.”

But you draw to yourself, in each moment of your movement through your focus, other individuals and situations that shall be in compliance with your particular movement and value fulfillment.  As you individually move into areas of widening your awareness, it is efficient for yourself and your individual knowing and noticing to be drawing to yourself individuals that shall be mirroring elements of yourself that you may be addressing to.

Now; let me also express that many, many individuals within physical focus choose this type of action to be presenting to themselves areas that they choose to be noticing and addressing to.  This mirror action is quite common within physical focus.  Therefore, in these situations, you draw to yourself other individuals that may present mirrorings of yourself, for you feel and you think that it may present you with more of an ease to be noticing certain qualities and expressions and behaviors in other individuals than it may be if you are merely viewing self and “soul searching,” so to speak.

In this, within physical focus, generally speaking, individuals have created barriers through their belief systems with themselves, in offering themselves fearful elements in exploring aspects of themselves.  You have been taught and reinforced through your societies quite efficiently for much of your history that what lies within you is distasteful, and therefore an element to be repelled and not to be viewed or trusted.  In this, you also move quite frequently into the expression of duplicity, expressing to yourselves that you view many behaviors that you create that are unacceptable and that you disdain.

I express to you that you offer yourself now, within this shift in consciousness, frequent mirror actions with other individuals, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to view those aspects of your creations and your behaviors that you view to be unacceptable.

In this action, you offer yourself the opportunity to be accepting of your own individual behaviors, and therefore automatically creating a natural byproduct in which other individual’s behaviors matter not and shall not be creating of this response so frequently within you, for as you begin to accept yourself, recognizing that your expression is your expression and it is not good or bad — all that you express and all that you create is your experience and is what you are expressing within the moment — in this, you offer yourself the opportunity to not be judging your individual expressions, and once you have moved into the acceptance of self and are not creating these judgments upon self, you also shall be moving into the expression of not creating these judgments upon other individuals either.

ELVETA:  I’ve noticed that I must be getting much less judgmental, because I’m not judging other people near as much as I used to.

ELIAS:  And this is the expression of your movement into the acceptance of yourself.

ELVETA:  Right.  I’ve never delved too much into past lives, but when I was a child, I felt a really great connection with Egypt and China, and I wondered if I had some focuses there, either present, past, future, whatever?

ELIAS:  Yes, you do hold focuses in both of these physical locations.  Let me express to you that this is not a creation of what you within physical focus identify and define as imagination.

EACH time individuals are drawn to particular physical locations or time frameworks or cultures, the reason that they are drawn to these areas is that they are recognizing that they do hold other focuses in these areas, and this may not be discounted.

I express to you that you hold two focuses in this physical location of what you now term to be middle eastern countries; one in your country of Egypt, one in your present country of Lebanon.  These two focuses are held closely in time framework to each other; in the approximation of linear time, third century BC.  You also hold several focuses within the physical location of China, Mongolia, and also Japan.

ELVETA:  That’s interesting ‘cause those are the areas of the world that when I was a little girl, I used to go to the library and check out every book on those countries and read it!

ELIAS:  I express to you, you also hold several focuses in the physical location that you identify presently as Russia, to which you also hold a physical focus which incorporates your essence name.

ELVETA:  The other night I was dreaming and I kept getting a name.  Rasputin was the name that just kept coming through. (Pause)

ELIAS:  You offer yourself this imagery and the remembrance of this imagery in an expression to yourself of change.

ELVETA:  Okay.

ELIAS:  This is your validation; your symbology or your imagery that offers you the validation that you are choosing a new line of probabilities which incorporates much change, and you offer this particular word to yourself objectively to be validating that element of change within yourself.

ELVETA:  Do I have any present focuses?

ELIAS:  Within this time framework, within your physical globe, you hold six other focuses of essence.

ELVETA:  Is this my last focus, or final focus rather?

ELIAS:  Yes.

ELVETA:  Whew! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Ah!  Those insidious belief systems of karma and reincarnation!  Ha ha ha ha!

ELVETA:  I don’t believe in karma any more! (Elias laughs)  I don’t!  It’s just that it seems like this is a lot of work here.

ELIAS:  Ah, and you shall be entering into areas of nonphysical focus that shall be quite at ease and not requiring of such great work, so to speak!  HA HA HA! (Elveta laughs)

And I shall offer to you the expression that this would be entirely dependent upon what you choose to be creating! (Laughing)

ELVETA:  Yes, I know.  Gee, thank you.  Thank you so much!

Do you know me?  (BIG grin from Elias here!)

ELIAS:  This is quite an amusing question!

ELVETA:  I know!

ELIAS:  Do I, Elias, know you, Nadia?  Yes, for within essence and within consciousness, all essences know all essences.

As to your question of, “Do I know you within this focus?” I shall also respond affirmative, for each individual that draws themself to this information and to this forum, I am interactive with prior to their engagement of objective interaction with myself or with this information.  Therefore, I have in your terms known you individually for a time framework now! (Chuckling)

ELVETA:  (Laughing)  Okay.  I guess I don’t have any other questions for today.

ELIAS:  Let me offer to you encouragement in your movement into new lines of probabilities, and acknowledgment also that you are accomplishing well in your expression of trust of yourself.

Do not allow yourself to slip, so to speak, into areas of duplicity that shall allow you the opportunity to be chiding yourself in certain areas, for it is entirely unnecessary.

I express to you that choices are choices, and you have engaged no choices wrong.  Hear that!

In this, I acknowledge your movement presently into new expressions of trust of self.  You hold great abilities in creativity, and you hold great abilities in the sharing of this creativity with other individuals.

This family of Ilda that you are belonging to offers you great energy and momentum in energy to be exchanging quite efficiently with other individuals in new expressions and directions, and as you allow yourself to be continuing in your trust of yourself, you shall automatically lend yourself to the sharing of your creativity with other individuals AND the incorporation of other individual’s creativity into your focus, and this may be quite exciting within this new adventure that you are creating, and offering you much more freedoms in this movement.

I express to you also, be not concerning yourself with certain physical elements that you are creating also which may be offering you minor irritations or annoyances from time to time, for these are creations in conjunction with this present wave in consciousness which are addressing to the belief systems of sexuality within this physical dimension.

I offer to you great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting, and offer to you continued offerings of energy in encouragement and the physical representation of blue energy, which may manifest to be encouraging to you and a reminder to you of my continued interaction with you.

ELVETA:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  Receive from myself the expression of energy to be encouraging and validating of you.

ELVETA:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  I express to you this day much lovingness, and a very fond au revoir.

ELVETA:  Thank you, Elias.

Elias departs at 12:06 PM