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Session 486Fragmentation is a continuous action that occurs within essence. This is a natural action in which one or more essences may participate. In this action, what is occurring is, an element of any particular essence — or an element of many essences combined — may choose, through its desire, to become a new essence. This, as I have stated, is a continuous process, so to speak. In like manner to your action of cell division within physical focus, essences are continuously fragmenting. Now; at times, two or more essences may merge together, and within that mergence, there may be created a combined quality of those essences that chooses, through its desire, to be its own individual essence, and within agreement, there is what is created to be a fragmentation process, so to speak. Now; I am speaking to you presently within the context of your linear terms, for within consciousness, this is a spontaneous and immediate action. There is no actual process that occurs. But within the terms of your linear time framework and your understanding within physical focus, in your reality, you lengthen every action. You slow all of the actions that occur within consciousness. You create a time framework in conjunction with every action that you choose to be creating, and in that, you create a process. The explanation for fragmentation in itself creates a process. The action of fragmentation is instantaneous. The definition or the explanation of fragmentation creates a movement of a process. In this, as several essences merge together and are overlapping within consciousness, the combination of those essences — which is occurring in this situation — creates new qualities, for it is a combining of different qualities within different essences; different attributes which are expressed, not necessarily latent.