Session 201902151

Session 201902151
“How to Experience That YOU Have Created It All”
“Individual and Collective Versions of Reality”
“Climate Change: The Importance of Choices Now”
“Stopping the Aging Process and Continuing Regeneration”

Friday, February 15, 2019 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Good morning.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And how have you been proceeding, my friend?

NUNO: I have been proceeding quite well, thank you.

ELIAS: Excellent. And what shall we discuss?

NUNO: Well, I have a couple of main topics. The first one is I would like to ask you how to foster in myself a greater, I guess, sense that I create my own reality in its totality. I mean, I do believe that. It’s a matter of, I guess, perspective in that I have experienced on a few occasions when I am completely immersed in that kind of mindset, and it’s very, very empowering for me. It’s very, very beneficial to me when I am in that mode, in that mindset. So, I wondered if you could speak on that. And the other topic I want to talk about is, naturally, the earth changes. And to me, the two topics are actually interrelated.

ELIAS: Very well. And I would agree with you, because they are intertwined in relation to your reality.

I would say that the first piece is definitely practicing reminding yourself, or beginning to remind yourself at the very least several times each day by, in a manner of speaking, looking around you and expressing a pause as you look around yourself, and genuinely allow yourself to feel and absorb everything around you, that it is part of you and that YOU have created it all.

Then it is a matter whenever you are engaging with any other individual, reminding yourself again that regardless of what another individual is doing or expressing or choosing, you are creating participating with them. If they are in your reality, you have placed yourself in their path for a reason. Generally, it is to emphasize something to you, especially if it is a situation in which you don’t necessarily agree with what the other individual is expressing or doing. It is a matter of remembering that you placed yourself in a position to be engaging with that individual for a reason. And generally, the reason is to show yourself something, to emphasize something to yourself.

And in that, it is a matter of evaluating what is genuinely important, what you are making important and what is actually important. These are all expressions that aid you in being more continuously present and therefore also remembering that you are creating all of your reality, and being in that, actually experiencing that—not merely thinking about it.

NUNO: Yes, I am understanding.

One piece of this is you said in the October group session, the one you had last October, that we individually and separately manifest our world. And of course, I knew this already. But then you went on to say it is incorrect that we have separate, parallel worlds. And you were about to explain how this is, that it appears to be contradictory, and you were interrupted when you were about to begin your explanation of this. And I was wondering if you could continue from there.

ELIAS: Very well. You automatically think – or most of you automatically think – when you are entertaining the idea about creating your reality, you either think that there is some official reality in addition to yours, or you think that each one of you is creating your reality, and therefore there are billions of separate realities that are being created, which is not actually the case.

You are creating one reality collectively, but each of you is creating your own version of it. Therefore, it isn’t that there is a SEPARATE reality that is the OFFICIAL reality; no. You are all interconnected, and therefore the reality that you are creating is also interconnected.

You are all projecting an energy TOGETHER that is creating the physical reality. But in that, each one of you with your perceptions is creating your own version of it. Therefore, ALL TOGETHER you are creating this one reality that you see every day, that you are participating in, that you are aware of. But in that, there are pieces of that reality that are uniquely expressed in your own perception.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you all collectively are creating your planet, but each one of you perceives your planet somewhat differently. You might see the trees somewhat differently, you might see the structures somewhat differently because your perception, which creates your reality, is influenced by what YOU pay attention to and what YOUR individual guidelines are and what YOUR personality expresses and what is important to you, because that is what you will pay attention to.

Therefore, what you see or how you see your reality may be slightly different from how another individual sees reality, OR it may be VASTLY different, dependent upon the differences of the perceptions.

But it isn’t that there are billions of realities that are occurring side by side – although there are, but not in the same manner. There are billions of realities that are being created side by side in relation to PROBABLE realities and OTHER-DIMENSIONAL realities, but not in relation to your physical reality that you are all participating in. That is one reality, and in that, you are each all creating different hues in relation to it, in variations of it.

Are you understanding?

NUNO: I am. Yes.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now, in that, also, you are correct. That does interplay with your planet and with the subject of climate change. But then also, there ARE factors that are in physical capacities somewhat independent of you at the same time as they are interconnected with you. Very similar to viewing yourself and viewing another essence, there are some qualities that distinguish you from one another, but then also you aren’t separate. You are all interconnected. You are all, in a manner of speaking, one; but you do exist in a physical reality in which there ARE separate entities. And each of those separate entities incorporates its own direction and its own choice in relation to reality and how it proceeds in reality.

Therefore, in relation to climate change, yes, there are many many, many, many different perceptions about it, and therefore there are many versions of reality in relation to it. But then there is also the reality of the planet itself and the movement that the planet itself is generating.

Just as if you are interacting with another individual, you are creating the image of that individual, and you have placed yourself in a position in which you are specifically interacting with a particular other individual, but you aren’t creating their choices and you aren’t creating their expression. You are PRESENTING it to yourself, but THEY are creating their expression because they are creating their reality in equal manner to yourself.

Now; in like manner to that, you also are – and as is everyone – creating your version of the planet and climate change, but you are also placing yourself in a position in which this is part of your reality that you are participating with.

And in that, the planet itself is generating a direction that it is generating choices. And in that, you aren’t making choices FOR the planet, but you are participating with it. It becomes somewhat tricky in relation to that, because I would say that some individuals that entirely, fundamentally deny the existence of climate change, in their version of reality they don’t see what is happening. Does that mean it isn’t happening? Not entirely. (Pause)

It would be very similar to expressing that there is a red car that is driving down your street in this moment but you aren’t looking at your window and you don’t see it, therefore you don’t acknowledge the existence of that red car driving down your street. Does that mean that the red car doesn’t exist? Not necessarily.

And that is the piece about being interconnected, because your reality isn’t ONLY created objectively. The objective piece is what you see and what you know and what you engage with your senses, but that isn’t the only piece that is involved in creating your reality.

Therefore, even if you aren’t entirely objectively aware of something that is occurring, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t occurring in your reality; it simply means you aren’t paying attention to it. (Pause)

A more tangible example would be you may not be paying attention to your country’s economy or the global economy. You may not pay attention to that at all. It may not be important to you, and therefore you may not have any idea objectively of what is occurring within the economy of your government. And let us say you have NO concept of what is occurring in relation to your stock market. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you, because it does. And if it crashes and crumbles tomorrow, even though you don’t pay attention to it, even though you aren’t necessarily objectively aware of it, that doesn’t mean that it won’t affect you; it will.

NUNO: Okay. I believe I understand what you’re saying in that.

The piece that I guess I have some difficulty with is the perception in that we each individually engage our own perception, and you said that it is a mechanism that we engage. From what you say, it appears to me then that this perception mechanism is, besides being influenced by my attention and my beliefs and so on, it would be strongly influenced by the collective consciousness and the collective consciousness belief of what reality is.

ELIAS: To a degree. To VARYING degrees, I will say.

Yes, the collective consciousness is a part of you, therefore it is definitely influencing of your reality, but that also is expressed in varying degrees depending upon what you as an individual are doing and what direction you move in.

Some individuals can be considerably, in your terms, self-absorbed, and can actually, in a manner of speaking, block out much influences of the collective. Can you separate yourself entirely? No. But you can create some significant separations in physical reality, because your physical reality does include that factor of separation. It does include that as a part of the blueprint. Therefore, that can be used.

And you can use that element of separation to express in directions in which you do block some of the influence of the collective, because in physical reality you are CHOOSING to separate more. Which you can do, or you can move in directions of aggression, which I have explained previously that this is the one expression that you can generate in physical focus that actually disconnects, in relation to your interconnectedness. It doesn’t do it for long periods of time, but it does do it.

Therefore, that is another factor, that you cannot blanketly say or express that your reality automatically will be tremendously or heavily influenced by the collective expression. It may be, and for most individuals there is a significant influence in relation to the collective expression and that interconnectedness. But then there are many individuals that actually block that through more separation or through aggression.

NUNO: Okay. What I’m leading to here is the climate change. Your tone, when you are speaking about it recently, has become quite a bit more urgent and direct on it. And this has been quite startling to me, for I had previously the impression that this was a phase, that obviously there would be significant planetary changes but not to the extent in which you are now describing it in which the very survival of the species is in question. So—

ELIAS: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, I did not express that the survival of your species is in question.

NUNO: But you did say that is to be seen.

ELIAS: In this, that is somewhat of a potential, but I am not emphasizing in that direction. In one direction or another, your species will survive; it is merely a matter of how you do that.

NUNO: Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

Now, I guess for me personally what I am asking is I don’t particularly like the idea of living through a period of extreme hardship and discomfort because of what the climate change is entailing in my reality. So—

ELIAS: You might. And I would realistically express that you might not.

NUNO: Okay.

ELIAS: It depends on what you are doing, where you are, what you are engaging and what choices you engage.

NUNO: So, in other words it is within my power to create my objective reality in a way that I experience the earth changes in a way that are more to my liking?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

NUNO: Okay.

ELIAS: I would say that you ALL have that choice. I would express that individuals that already reside in certain areas of your world will more likely incorporate the changes in relation to climate change easier than others, because they won’t necessarily be displaced, and they won’t necessarily be in a position in which the displacement of other individuals will necessarily tremendously encroach on their reality. And they may be in areas in which food sources will not necessarily be a tremendous issue.

Now, there are some areas in your world in which that would be the situation.

NUNO: Would there be any such place in my country?

ELIAS: Many. Yes!

NUNO: Oh, can you name a few?

ELIAS: I would express that in most of your… (pause) most of your states in your country that are not along the perimeter, that are not along a coastal area. Unfortunately, masses of populations reside along the coastal areas of your country, but there are many places within your country that are not in direct alignment with a coastal area and that are not in the direct middle of your country in which it is more subject to drought.

Therefore, there is a type of, in a manner of speaking, a type of belt that is expressed in an area that is inland but is somewhat around the entirety of your country but not directly in the center. And in those areas, climate change will be affecting them, but there is more of a very strong potential for them to be more resilient. But once again, that also depends on the choices that you are making now in relation to what you do, what you engage with your planet, what forestry you continue to destroy, because they are receptacles for the water that is generated in your atmosphere. They guide the water that is necessary for food sources.

But this is what I was expressing with all of you, that these are important factors. The choices that you are engaging now are significantly important because the situation with this subject is escalating rapidly, much more so than individuals and your scientists were anticipating, let us say, as recently as twenty years prior.

NUNO: Yes. That’s—

ELIAS: And now it is escalating to such a degree that it is important that individuals are paying attention to the types of choices that are being made now, because this is what will definitely influence what happens in your future.

NUNO: Okay.

ELIAS: And yes, I will acknowledge to you that in some of the recent discussions in relation to this subject I have intentionally incorporated a stronger tone, to encourage individuals to pay attention and listen, to emphasize the significance and the importance of this subject, because I would express that in this time framework presently you have many, many, many, many peoples in different areas, in your country and in other countries, that have experienced within the time period of this past year alone tremendous devastation, and the people are continuing to move in directions of denying it all. As obvious and as actually affecting as it has been in only one year, as devastating as situations have been and that collectives have created, the people continue to move in a direction of not acknowledging it and continue to move in the same direction that they have moved in previously. But then individuals become frightened and concerned, and then when more devastation occurs they ask why. This is why, because they aren’t paying attention.

But that doesn’t mean that that was directed at ALL of you. The individuals that are moving in those directions know who they are. And for those of you that AREN’T necessarily in those positions, it is important also that YOU recognize the significance and the importance of the subject because of who you interact with and who you know. Because you have a reach, in a manner of speaking also, in objectively connecting with other individuals. And as you do so, you incorporate some influence in relation to what directions are being engaged—not by being an activist, as I have expressed previously, but simply by engaging with each other in your present relationships, in your friendships, in your relationships with your family members, because you interact with individuals and then THEY interact with individuals also. And you can be instrumental in influencing in those capacities.

Therefore, it is important information for ALL of you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of you will be or are already being affected in devastating capacities. Obviously, you aren’t.

NUNO: Okay. I believe I understand that fairly well.

ELIAS: I would also express to you, my friend, that there are insidious pieces that are beginning to infiltrate into many, many, many individuals’ realities that aren’t necessarily in these devastating situations, such as I mentioned in relation to food sources and the creation of more and more diseases in relation to food sources, crops. And in that, many of you are experiencing that presently simply as an inconvenience, but it is also important to recognize the significance of that, because that is rapidly escalating also.

NUNO: Okay. I guess that kind of ties into my piece about creating our reality, for we are generating these diseases because we are focusing upon them and we are believing in them. But for myself, I do not view it that way. I view it as… I mean, I view it as something that we are generating. It is not something that I feel is inevitable or that is an act of nature or anything like that.

ELIAS: Which I agree.

NUNO: Yeah.

ELIAS: I definitely agree with you.

NUNO: And I think what’s needed here is for the… most of all, is for people to understand THAT. To understand that they essentially create their reality with what they are focusing upon. And that is something—

ELIAS: I agree.

NUNO: That is something that would go a long way to helping us if that were to be more widely accepted.

ELIAS: I definitely agree with you. I would also express that you yourself can witness in recent time frameworks the difference in how individuals pay attention.

I have been engaging with all of you for a considerable number of years in your reality and have been expressing to all of you about how you are creating your reality and becoming more self-aware and being more present and paying attention to what you are doing and being interconnected. And it isn’t that individuals don’t listen; they do, but they also forget quickly.

But in recent time framework they are listening much more attentively because they became frightened, because I expressed in a particular tone, and that was all that was required. It isn’t that I haven’t given this information previously; I have. But because I incorporated a particular tone, many more individuals listened, and they listened to the point in which they had more questions and were actually engaging the subject, and they continue to do so. And all that I altered in the information was the tone of voice.

NUNO: Yes. Well, you are quite influential.

ELIAS: But in that, at times not so, because individuals have been listening to this information for a number of years and were not necessarily incorporating it in the manner that they are now.

NUNO: Yes. It was not as important then.

ELIAS: But even in that I would say to you, my friend, I am very aware that even in this, even incorporating that tone and individuals paying more attention now, they will also quickly forget, and it will not incorporate a lasting affectingness. Which is acceptable, because it is all about all of your choices. But in relation to my agenda to minimize the amount of trauma that is being expressed, I at times move in directions in which there is more emphasis on certain situations, which this is one of them.

NUNO: Okay.

I have another question, which is more or less unrelated. I’ve been… I’ve set an intent to age regress, and I believe I’ve made progress in that direction. And I was wondering if you could speak about that in terms of myself, of how I could be effective in age regression.

ELIAS: Actually, what I would say to you, my friend, realistically in your physical reality you don’t actually regress in age, but you do effect regeneration. Now, in effecting regeneration, it doesn’t reverse the aging process. What it does is it changes the aging process to not necessarily be an aging process.

In your reality you have created this direction, this expression of an aging process as a method of engaging your reality for a limited time framework and then disengaging it. But your body consciousness innately incorporates the ability and the expression of regenerating naturally, continuously.

Now, in relation to the accepted aging process, what all of you do is you slow that regeneration and you stop it, in many capacities. And that is what creates that aging process. Now, if you stop engaging that aging process and you encourage the continuation of regeneration, which your body does naturally and automatically, then what you do is you don’t REVERSE age, but you stop the aging process because you allow the body consciousness to continue to regenerate.

Now, what would that appear to be if you were an individual that was entirely stopping that aging process and continuing the regeneration process? It would mean that you would continue to change, therefore you would continue to grow in some aspects, and your body consciousness would continue to change because it would be continuously regenerating, therefore replenishing the actual cells. And in doing so that would, at times, alter your appearance in varying degrees, but not necessarily in relation to how you view changes with age. They wouldn’t necessarily be changes associated with age; they would merely be changes in appearance because of the regeneration expressions and processes, which no two cells are identical. Therefore, your appearance would slightly change at times, but it wouldn’t age.

Therefore, that is what you are doing. That is what you are engaging. You aren’t making yourself younger; you aren’t reversing a process. What you are doing is you are stopping a process of aging which is dampening that regeneration action.

And the more you allow for regeneration, it actually doesn’t only continue to maintain your physical appearance or your physical endurance and energy, but it also increases your comprehension, your intellect, because it actually continues to regenerate and therefore incorporate the process of increasing the neurological pathways in your brain.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, with the action of regeneration you aren’t only creating maintaining a healthy and age-neutral body consciousness and maintaining physical strength and endurance, but you are also actually becoming smarter, because you are engaging more of your physical brain.

NUNO: Okay. That’s more or less on the lines of what I understood to be my use of age regression as a description, which was simply a way to refer to that.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

NUNO: Okay. I have another question on my body consciousness. What would you suggest the process would be for me to engage to eliminate my blood pressure medications?

ELIAS: Ah! Now; in relation to the regeneration and in addition to that, what I would say is it is a matter of maintaining the body consciousness in its natural direction. You as a species, humans, are a mobile species. You don’t necessarily incorporate migrational actions, but you are a mobile species. Meaning that your natural actions are walking, running, climbing and swimming. These are natural actions that you do, but in the world you have created, so to speak, you have become somewhat physically complacent. You don’t HAVE to engage any of those actions, and therefore you DON’T engage most of them.

Now, in that, that also is a choice that interplays with your physical body consciousness. The less you pay attention to what is natural for your body consciousness, the more likely you are to create physical manifestations that are somewhat malfunctions.

Therefore, how do you address that and alter an expression of blood pressure? You engage actions that alleviate the pressure. You pay attention to what you consume, in food sources that are not creating elements of pressure with the body consciousness, and you engage activities that are natural in maintaining the body consciousness, that allow the body to not hold pressure and release energy, such as walking, running, swimming or climbing, all of the natural actions that your body as a species is designed to do.

NUNO: Okay.

ELIAS: Some species are only designed to swim. Some species are only designed to walk. Some species are only designed to climb or to fly. Your species is designed to incorporate four of those actions. Therefore, if you are engaging them in a natural capacity, that alleviates any energy pressure that your body is holding.

NUNO: And is it necessary to incorporate all of those, or just one or two?

ELIAS: No. No. It isn’t necessary to engage all of them. You can choose which actions are more comfortable for you. But whatever actions you choose, it is a matter of doing those actions in a capacity that allows you to release that pressure. If you are walking and you are only walking very slowly for a very brief time framework, it doesn’t relieve any pressure.

NUNO: All right. I understand.

Just one quick final question. Is Elon Musk a focus of mine?

ELIAS: Repeat.

NUNO: Is Elon Musk a focus of mine?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes.

NUNO: (Laughs) Poor guy! (Elias laughs) I see so many of my difficulties in him, but he has not addressed to them.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And I would say that you would be helpful in that in what you do. (Laughs)

NUNO: Okay. Well, it’s been a real pleasure talking to you again, my friend.

ELIAS: And you also. Most definitely. I express tremendous encouragement to you, and I also express a considerable lovingness to you, my friend.

Until our next meeting, in dear friendship as always, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour)