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Sessions 2019

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1/4/2019Session 201901041 AudioDetails Acknowledging Accomplishments; Discussion of Perception and AI : Ann(Vivette)
1/23/2019Session 201901231 AudioDetails Identifying a Concentration : Jason(Spensar)
1/25/2019Session 201901251 Details Climate Change : Anon
1/28/2019Session 201901281 AudioDetails Exploring a New Direction; Thinking too Much : Linda(Ruthanna)
1/31/2019Session 201901311 AudioDetails Properties of Crystals & Mushrooms; Perception & Other Topics : Jean-François(Samta)
1/31/2019Session 201901312 AudioDetails Not Eating the Elephant in One Bite; Encouraging Children About the Future : Rose(Quillan)

2/1/2019Session 201902011 AudioDetails Move With the Situation Rather than Opposing it : Ann(Vivette)
2/1/2019Session 201902012 AudioDetails Perception and Climate Change : Ann(Vivette)
2/2/2019Session 201902021 AudioGroupDetails Healing: Don't Attempt to Eat the Elephant in One Bite :
Participant listBrigitt(Camile), Christine(Lurine), Debbie(Tamarra), Jeff R., Jeff. B.(Galina), John(Rrussell), Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Paun, Phillip(Paetre), Stanislav(Lyon), Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
2/5/2019Session 201902051 Details Climate Change Is NOW : Anon
2/12/2019Session 201902121 AudioDetails Remind Yourself of What You do Trust : Rose(Quillan)
2/14/2019Session 201902141 AudioDetails Post-Shift Society and Climate Change : Jean-François(Samta)
2/15/2019Session 201902151 AudioDetails How to Experience That YOU Have Created It All : Nuno(Lystell)
2/15/2019Session 201902152 AudioDetails What Crops to Grow; Reacting & Inflammation : Brenda(Leonora)

3/5/2019Session 201903051 AudioDetails How to Harmonize the Parts of Your Personality : AJ(Matheo)
3/8/2019Session 201903081 AudioDetails Expressing Faith : Linda(Ruthanna)
3/11/2019Session 201903111 AudioDetails What Is Important? : Jason(Spensar)

4/4/2019Session 201904042 AudioDetails Allowance and Trust; Changing a Concentration : Jean-François(Samta)
4/14/2019Session 201904141 AudioDetails Black holes, Climate Change and Intuition : Ann(Vivette)
4/19/2019Session 201904191 AudioDetails Advice for Recent Health Issues : Brenda(Leonora)

5/1/2019Session 201905011 AudioDetails [not yet titled] : Rose(Quillan)
5/10/2019Session 201905101 AudioDetails Fun Questions & Explorations : Ann(Vivette)
5/15/2019Session 201905151 AudioDetails Don't Fix; Allow : Jason(Spensar)
5/17/2019Session 201905171 AudioDetails Living Intentionally : Linda(Ruthanna)
5/19/2019Session 201905191 AudioDetails Trusting Yourself While Dealing with Cancer; The Science Wave : Brenda(Leonora)
5/25/2019Session 201905251 AudioGroupDetails The Science Wave: Breaking the Rules :
Participant listBrigitt(Camile), Carole(Aileen), Christina C.(Melian), Eric C.(Doren), Ivan K., John(Rrussell), Karen(Turell), Lynda(Ruther), Marcy(Idris), Mark W., Mary(Michael), Scotty(Gianni), Tariq(Jessic), Veronica(Amadis)
5/26/2019Session 201905261 AudioDetails Overcoming an Indulgence : Christina(Melian), Eric(Doren)
5/26/2019Session 201905262 AudioDetails Increasing Flexibility in the Science Wave : Brigitt(Camile)

6/2/2019Session 201906021 AudioDetails Being Invisible and Self-Expression : John(Arry)
6/3/2019Session 201906031 AudioDetails Symbol, Intent and Pyramid Actions : Tariq(Jessik)
6/10/2019Session 201906101 AudioDetails Not Following Feelings; Creating a Job : Linda(Ruthanna)
6/17/2019Session 201906171 AudioDetails Disengagement: A Choice in the Moment : Jackline(Katie)
6/21/2019Session 201906211 AudioDetails Acknowledging Yourself Makes Whatever You Want to do Easier : Jason(Spensar)
6/24/2019Session 201906241 AudioDetails Dream Weaving & Validating Impressions : Jackline(Katie)

7/2/2019Session 201907021 AudioDetails Being an Introvert; Simplify Your Choices : Hawkibinker
7/5/2019Session 201907051 AudioDetails Struggle for Control; Time & Perception : Ann(Vivette)
7/16/2019Session 201907161 AudioDetails Disengaging After Value Fulfillment; BC & Associations : Jackline(Katie)
7/19/2019Session 201907191 AudioDetails Curiosity and Brilliance; Comfortable in Your Own Skin : Brenda(Leonora), Linda(Ruthanna)
7/21/2019Session 201907211 AudioGroupDetails Dis-ease in the Science Wave :
Participant listBrigitt(Camile), Christina(Melian), David, Debbie(Tamarra), Elaine, Greg(Kaffe), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Kathleen(Florencia), Lynda(Ruther), Mario, Michael, Philip(Paetre), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Sonja, Todd, Tomislav, Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
7/30/2019Session 201907301 AudioDetails Playing with Magic; Validating Impressions : Tariq(Jessik)
7/31/2019Session 201907311 AudioDetails Addressing Family Triggers; Accepting Your Experiences : Rose(Quillan)

8/8/2019Session 201908081 AudioDetails Ho'onoponopono & Not Following Feelings; Judging : Terri(Uliva)
8/13/2019Session 201908131 AudioDetails Insomnia and Depression; Being Present vs. Projecting Future Fears : Rose(Quillan)
8/14/2019Session 201908141 AudioDetails Acknowledging Yourself & Crediting Yourself : Jason(Spensar)
8/19/2019Session 201908191 AudioDetails The Insidious Power of Shame; Empowering Yourself by Addressing Your Challenges : Rose(Quillan)
8/31/2019Session 201908311 AudioDetails Pyramid Groups; More is Not Always Better : Tariq(Jessik)
8/31/2019Session 201908312 AudioGroupDetails The Angst of Broken Rules and Remembering One Word: Importance :
Participant listBarb, Debbie(Tamarra), Jean-François(Samta), Jeff(Galina), Julie(Fontine), Kimi(Kiatia), Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Mary(Michael), Phillip(Paetre), Rodney(Zacharie), Sandra(Atafah), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

9/6/2019Session 201909061 AudioDetails Acknowledging Feelings; Supporting a Parent w/Dementia : Jason(Spensar)
9/12/2019Session 201909121 AudioDetails Love and Interconnectedness : Jackline(Katie)
9/13/2019Session 201909131 AudioDetails A Lack of Motivation : Linda(Ruthanna)
9/19/2019Session 201909191 AudioDetails Moving Through Layers; Instructing the BC to Age : Jean(Lyla)
9/25/2019Session 201909251 Details Regeneration, Part I : Jean(Lyla)
9/28/2019Session 201909281 AudioGroupDetails Regeneration, Part II :
Participant listBen(Sumarian), Brigitt(Camile), Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Greg(Kaffe), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Kimi(Kiatia), Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Philip(Paetre), Rodney(Zacharie), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

10/5/2019Session 201910051 AudioDetails Magic, Faith and Tapping into Other Focuses : Ann(Vivette)
10/6/2019Session 201910061 AudioDetails Changing a Habit & Connecting with a Disengaged Partner : Jackline(Katie)
10/7/2019Session 201910071 AudioDetails When You Change You, You Change the World : Jason(Spensar)
10/25/2019Session 201910251 AudioDetails Climate Change; Validations; Thought-based Individuals & Feelings : Marij(Kammi), Rene(Gerard)
10/26/2019Session 201910261 AudioGroupDetails Become a Beacon: Challenge Conformity :
Participant listAaron(Todd), Ann(Vivette), Bonnie(Lyla), Denise(Azura), Harry(Sonj), John(Lonn), John(Rrussell), Karen(Turell), Lynda(Ruther), Magdelena(Michella), Marij(Kammi), Mark(Liam), Mary(Michael), Melissa(Leah), René(Gerard), Saige(Seadae), Sandra(Atafah), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis)
10/27/2019Session 201910271 AudioDetails Pyramid Action and Magic :
Participant listAnn(Vivette), Denise(Azura), Melissa(Leah), Saige(Seadae)
10/28/2019Session 201910281 AudioDetails Alone Time and Introverts; Influence of Parental Relationships : Saige(Seadae)

11/18/2019Session 201911181 AudioDetails Creating an Unusual Intention : Jason(Spensar)
11/25/2019Session 201911251 AudioDetails Energy Transfer Between Crystals : Karen(Turell)

12/16/2019Session 201912161 AudioDetails Staring Into the Face of a Lion: Trigger, Memory, Association : Jason(Spensar)
12/24/2019Session 201912241 AudioDetails Traveling with Cats & Probable Focuses : Oliver(Amir)
12/27/2019Session 201912271 AudioDetails Creating Physical Manifestations to Gain Your Attention : Brenda(Leonora)