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Sessions 2017

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1/1/2017Session 201701011 AudioDetails  Individuals with Very Different Guidelines : Rose(Quillan)
1/2/2017Session 201701021 AudioDetails Supporting Others in Extreme Trauma : Rose(Quillan)
1/4/2017Session 201701041 AudioDetails Constructs v. Associations : Lynda(Ruther)
1/6/2017Session 201701061 AudioDetails The Difference Between Knowing and Believing : Jason(Spensar)es 
1/15/2017Session 201701151 AudioGroupDetails The Magic of Letting Go :
Participant listAngelika, Axel(Ricarro), Barb, Deane(Leland), Debbie(Tamarra), Eunjae, Harlan, Jeff(Galina), Jill, John(Rrussell), Lexa(Aidan), Lynda(Ruther), Merrie(Moira), Michele(Lola), Philip(Paetre), Rodney(Zacharie), Terri(Uliva), Valora(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
1/16/2017Session 201701161 AudioDetails Tigers, OD Aliens, Websites & Lawrence : Nuno(Lystell)
1/16/2017Session 201701162 AudioDetails Determining Your Natural Flow : Jean(Lyla)
1/23/2017Session 201701231 AudioDetails Reacting To Family : Jason(Spensar)
1/23/2017Session 201701232 AudioDetails Rodney’s Contribution : Rodney(Zacharie)
1/24/2017Session 201701241 AudioDetails ANON Considering Disengaging :
1/25/2017Session 201701251 AudioDetails The Women's March : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)

2/1/2017Session 201702011 AudioDetails Defining Actions & Noticing Judgements : Lynda(Ruther)
2/3/2017Session 201702031 AudioDetails More on Shifting Importances : Jason(Spensar)
2/3/2017Session 201702032 AudioDetails Dream Interpretations, Actions, and Interactions : Anon(Junette)
2/11/2017Session 201702111 AudioDetails Energized Water, Whole Food : John(Lonn), Ann(Vivette)
2/11/2017Session 201702112 AudioDetails Stand In Your Courage : Ann(Vivette), John(Lonn)
2/19/2017Session 201702191 GroupDetails What do you want to create more of? :
Participant listAdisa(Lucius), Angelika(Natalia), Barb, Brendan(Rory), Deane(Leland), Debbie(Tamarra), Deborah, Eunjae, Jean-François(Samta), Jeff(Galina), Karen(Turell), Lexa(Aidan), Liza, Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Philip(Paetre), Timothy(Babu), Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)

3/3/2017Session 201703031 AudioDetails You Create Your Own Consequences : Ann(Vivette)
3/4/2017Session 201703041 AudioDetails EMF's Are Not Harmful : Jean-François(Samta)
3/5/2017Session 201703051 AudioDetails How Are You Paying Attention? : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
3/6/2017Session 201703061 AudioDetails Anxiety and Panic-- Assess the Threat : Brendan(Rory)
3/8/2017Session 201703081 AudioDetails Why Differences Are Threatening : Lynda(Ruther)
3/12/2017Session 201703121 AudioDetails Memories and Letting Go : Jean(Lyla)
3/17/2017Session 201703171 AudioDetails The Theme of Your Intention : Jason(Spensar)
3/19/2017Session 201703191 AudioGroupDetails Webinar: Cooperation :
Participant listAngelika(Natalia), Axel(Ricarro), Barb, Debbie(Tamarra), Eunjae(Junette), John(Rrussell), Lynda(Ruther), Philip(Patre), Sandro(Stalia), Tammy(Vallia), Terri(Uliva), Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
3/19/2017Session 201703192 AudioDetails Supernovas and Earth Changes : Jean-François(Samta)
3/28/2017Session 201703281 AudioDetails  Interesting Experiences with Essences : Brendan(Rory)
3/31/2017Session 201703311 AudioDetails Letting Go Of Control : Jason(Spensar)

4/8/2017Session 201704081 AudioDetails Earth Changes : Jean-François(Samta)es 
4/13/2017Session 201704131 AudioDetails The end of money, More on environmental changes : (Partial session), Nuno(Lystell)
4/22/2017Session 201704221 AudioDetails How to Recognize "You" As Essence : Eunjae(Junette)
4/23/2017Session 201704231 AudioGroupDetails Webinar: Choose a Direction and Take a Step :
Participant listMarij(Kammi), Lynda(Ruther), Julie(Fontine), John(Rrussell), Jens(Samira), Jeff(Galina), Eunjae(Junette), Debbie(Tamarra), Deane(Leland), Barb, Angelika(Natalia), Philip(Patre), Simon, Terri(Uliva), Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
4/25/2017Session 201704251 AudioDetails The Truthiness Session : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
4/26/2017Session 201704261 AudioDetails Trust, Desire, And Stay Balanced : Lynda(Ruther)
4/28/2017Session 201704281 AudioDetails Make a Different Choice : Jason(Spensar)
4/29/2017Session 201704291 AudioDetails What “Changing Importances” Means; Being Kind; Other’s choices : Rose(Quillan)

5/5/2017Session 201705051 AudioDetails Defining Feelings : Jason(Spensar)
5/15/2017Session 201705151 AudioDetails Introverted Personality : Jean(Lyla)
5/17/2017Session 201705171 AudioDetails Break Concentration--One Step At a Time : Lynda(Ruther)
5/19/2017Session 201705191 AudioDetails Empathy, Empathic, Telepathy : Ann(Vivette), Scotty(Gianni)
5/20/2017Session 201705201 AudioGroupDetails Express Yourself :
Participant listPhil(Patre), Dan(Zynn), Debbie(Tamarra), Eve(Shaurice), Inna(Beatrice), Jan(Meude), Jason(Spensar), John(Rrussell), Julie(Fontine), Kyla(Amie), Lisa, Lynda(Ruther), Mary(Michael), Naomi(Kallile), Natasha(Nicole), Nuno(Lystell), Brigitt(Camile), Ben(Albert), Ann(Vivette), Adam(Avril), Aaron(Todd), Roberto(Francine), Rodney(Zacharie), Sandra(Atafah), Scotty(Gianni), Val(Atticus)
5/21/2017Session 201705211 AudioDetails  Regeneration: Diet and Exercise : Brigitt(Camile)
5/22/2017Session 201705221 AudioDetails Passion and Interest : Val(Atticus)
5/29/2017Session 201705291 AudioDetails Puppy Neuropathy : Linda(Ruthanna)
5/31/2017Session 201705311 AudioDetails Our Color Coded File of Associations : Lynda(Ruther)

6/2/2017Session 201706021 AudioDetails Triggers, Associations, and Feelings : Ann(Vivette)
6/8/2017Session 201706081 AudioDetails Concept v. Experience : Lynda(Ruther)
6/10/2017Session 201706101 AudioDetails Pay Attention Both to Self and to the Outside Source : Paul(Paneus)
6/11/2017Session 201706111 AudioDetails Mechanics of Reality Creation : Jean(Lyla)
6/12/2017Session 201706121 AudioDetails Removing Conflict and Threat : Jason(Spensar)
6/15/2017Session 201706151 AudioDetails Feeling Energy With Movement : Jean-Francois(Samta)
6/19/2017Session 201706191 AudioDetails Experiences with Essences : Brendan(Rory)
6/23/2017Session 201706231 AudioDetails Letting Go of Wanting to Figure Out : Jason(Spensar)
6/23/2017Session 201706232 AudioDetails Genuine Expressions : Linda(Ruthanna)
6/28/2017Session 201706281 AudioDetails Another Definition of Repeat Thinking : Lynda(Ruther)

7/12/2017Session 201707121 AudioDetails Exploring Intent/Desire : Jean(Lyla)
7/13/2017Session 201707131 AudioDetails Sound Frequencies, Energy, and Magic : Jean-François(Samta)
7/14/2017Session 201707141 AudioDetails Regeneration : Linda(Ruthanna)es 
7/19/2017Session 201707191 AudioDetails Genuine Grieving : Lynda(Ruther)
7/24/2017Session 201707241 AudioDetails Grief: Exploring the Void : Jean(Lyla)
7/26/2017Session 201707261 AudioDetails The Magic and a Superpower Wish : Ann(Vivette)

8/13/2017Session 201708131 AudioDetails Golden Eagles, Bees, Resonance, The Aristocratic Life : Jean(Lyla)
8/21/2017Session 201708211 AudioDetails Intimacy with Creatures : Jean(Lyla)
8/25/2017Session 201708251 AudioDetails Change YOU, and Change Your Reality : Jason(Spensar)
8/31/2017Session 201708311 AudioDetails Meditation Experiences : Sandra(Atafah)

9/7/2017Session 201709071 AudioDetails Stepping Beyond the Construct of Principles : Ann(Vivette)
9/10/2017Session 201709101 AudioDetails Experiencing Interconnectedness : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
9/14/2017Session 201709141 AudioDetails Meditation and Giving up the Fight : Jean-François(Samta)
9/18/2017Session 201709181 AudioDetails "I am available, in the basement." : Jason(Spensar)
9/20/2017Session 201709201 AudioDetails Mergence :
Participant listDebbie(Tamarra), Fatma, Fatma, Phil(Patre), Phil(Patre)
9/20/2017Session 201709202 AudioDetails Moving from Control to Choice : Rose(Quillan)
9/23/2017Session 201709231 AudioDetails Feeling Motivated : Terri(Uliva)
9/26/2017Session 201709261 AudioDetails Introduction to The Equation : Fatma
9/27/2017Session 201709271 AudioDetails Construct of Reciprocity : Sandra(Atafah)

10/3/2017Session 201710031 AudioDetails Experiencing Interconnectedness : Jason(Spensar)
10/13/2017Session 201710131 AudioDetails Creating the Weather : Brendan(Rory)
10/15/2017Session 201710151 AudioDetails  “All I Did Was Change Myself!" : Jean(Lyla)
10/16/2017Session 201710161 AudioDetails  Why Are You Reacting? : Jason(Spensar)
10/19/2017Session 201710191 AudioDetails Group Session Teaser : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
10/19/2017Session 201710192 AudioDetails Choice and Motivation : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
10/20/2017Session 201710201 Details Feelings Are Not the Gauge : John(Rrussell)
10/20/2017Session 201710202 AudioDetails Self-Awareness: Stepping Out of the Fog : Ann(Vivette)
10/20/2017Session 201710203 AudioDetails How Did We Arrive In Botswana? : John(Lonn)
10/21/2017Session 201710211 AudioGroupDetails Self-Awareness :
Participant listAaron(Todd), Adam(Avril), Ann(Vivette), Bonnie(Lyla), Brigitt(Camile), Britt A., Daniil(Zynn), Debbie(Tamarra), Hernan(Hernan), Jason(Spensar), Jean(Lyla), Jim(Marion), John(Lon), John(Rrussell), Karen(Turell), Kathleen(Florencia), Kyla(Amie), Linda(Robert), Lisa T., Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena(Michella), Mary(Michael), Naomi(Kallile), Natasha(Nicole), Phil(Patre), Sandra(Atafah), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis)
10/23/2017Session 201710231 AudioDetails Using the Formula : Brigitt(Camile)es 
10/23/2017Session 201710232 AudioDetails Caring for a Pet : Dan(Zynn), Natasha(Nicole)
10/23/2017Session 201710233 AudioDetails Self-Aware versus Present versus Shifted : Dan(Zynn), Natasha(Nicole)es 
10/23/2017Session 201710234 AudioDetails Astrology : Dan(Zynn), Natasha(Nicole)

11/1/2017Session 201711011 AudioDetails Convo with Mary and Group Session Redux : Lynda(Ruther), Mary(Michael)
11/3/2017Session 201711031 AudioDetails Perception and Senses : Jason(Spensar)
11/16/2017Session 201711161 AudioDetails Compartmentalizing & Healing & a Variety of Other Topics : Jean-François(Samta)
11/27/2017Session 201711271 AudioDetails Self-Awareness and Passion : Jason(Spensar)
11/29/2017Session 201711291 AudioDetails Defining Success; Changing Your Perception of Your Body; Dissipating Feelings : Rose(Quillan)

12/6/2017Session 201712061 AudioDetails Passion and Feelings : Fatma
12/10/2017Session 201712101 AudioDetails [not yet titled] : Rose(Quillan)
12/11/2017Session 201712111 AudioDetails Everything Follows Your Desire : Jason(Spensar)
12/12/2017Session 201712121 AudioDetails Road Testing the Elias Material : Jean(Lyla)
12/15/2017Session 201712151 Details Chronic Conditions as Habits : Linda(Ruthanna)
12/18/2017Session 201712181 AudioDetails Stop Concentrating On The Money : Terri(Uliva)
12/24/2017Session 201712241 AudioDetails Following Your Impressions : Oliver(Amir)
12/27/2017Session 201712271 AudioDetails Processing Information and Procrastination : Fatma