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Sessions 2015

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1/2/2015Session 201501021 AudioDetails Trusting Self : Ann(Vivette)
1/3/2015Session 201501031 AudioDetails Helper Essences : Judy(Mallya)
1/4/2015Session 201501041 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Jean(Lyla)
1/7/2015Session 201501071 AudioDetails More on Crystals : John(Arry)
1/10/2015Session 201501101 AudioDetails "Heart Symptoms" : John(Rrussell), Wendy(Luelyth)
1/13/2015Session 201501131 AudioDetails Powerful Manifestation of a Desire : Lynda(Ruther)
1/14/2015Session 201501141 AudioDetails  Flow; Interconnectedness : Tyler(Moore)
1/16/2015Session 201501161 AudioDetails The Value of Valuing Self : Jason(Spensar)
1/31/2015Session 201501311 AudioDetails Dominance; Rascism : Jason(Posha)

2/8/2015Session 201502081 AudioDetails Angel Stories, Bible Stories : Judy(Mallya)
2/13/2015Session 201502131 AudioDetails Altering Your Perception of a Storm : Jason(Spensar)
2/14/2015Session 201502141 AudioDetails  Established Groups in Boston : John(Rrussell)
2/22/2015Session 201502221 AudioDetails Salt Lamps : Jean-François(Samta)

3/6/2015Session 201503061 AudioDetails Teleporting; Reality Creation : Ann(Vivette)
3/11/2015Session 201503111 Details Acceptance Is Not an Elimination Game : Vivienne(Eliza), Lynda(Ruther)
3/11/2015Session 201503112 Details Family Constructs :
3/15/2015Session 201503151 AudioGroupDetails Law, Legal Systems and the Shift :
Participant listMary(Michael), Barbara(Lemure), Beth, Celeste(Raf-Yel), Charmaine(Lilu), Christine(Lurine), Ethan, Fatma, Golden, Hernan(Hernan), Jean-François(Samta), Jerrie, John P., John(Rrussell), Katrin(Duncan), Kevin, Kimi, Laurie, Lynda(Ruther), Mysty(Michella), Nardine, Nicole(Bethel), Sofia, Wendy(Myiisha)
3/16/2015Session 201503161 AudioDetails Acknowledgment: Recognition and Acceptance : Jason(Spensar)
3/16/2015Session 201503162 AudioDetails State of the Shift : Jean-François(Samta)
3/17/2015Session 201503171 AudioDetails Experience of Being Shifted : Julie(Fontine)
3/19/2015Session 201503191 AudioDetails Climate Change and R. Wave : Tim(Coulum)
3/21/2015Session 201503211 AudioDetails Personality : Anon(Anon)
3/21/2015Session 201503212 AudioDetails The Intense Disconnection of Aggression : Judy(Mallya)
3/30/2015Session 201503301 AudioDetails Lapis and Rose Quartz in Water : Jean-François(Samta)

4/4/2015Session 201504041 AudioDetails Teleporting; Control Beliefs : John(Lonn), Ann(Vivette)
4/4/2015Session 201504042 AudioDetails Children Are Capable : Judy(Mallya)
4/10/2015Session 201504101 AudioDetails Yes and No and the Action of Choice : Jason(Spensar)
4/19/2015Session 201504191 AudioGroupDetails Differences and Preferences :
Participant listMary(Michael), Christine(Lurine), Denise(Azura), Jeff B.(Galina), Jeff R., John(Rrussell), Lexa, Lynda(Ruther), Paul(Paneus), Rodney(Zacharie), Wendy B.(Luelyth), Wendy W.(Myiisha)
4/23/2015Session 201504231 AudioDetails Confidence; Untangling the Reactions : Lynda(Ruther)
4/24/2015Session 201504241 AudioDetails Creating Perception : Jason(Spensar)
4/24/2015Session 201504242 AudioDetails Safety : Alan(Sessly), Tara(Niella)
4/30/2015Session 3272 AudioDetails Extremely Different Guidelines : Ann(Vivette)es 
4/30/2015Session 3273 AudioDetails Take a Step : Ann(Vivette), John(Lonn)

5/1/2015Session 3276 AudioDetails Connecting with Essence : Hans(Zora), Sonja(Jaqueline)
5/2/2015Session 3278 AudioGroupDetails Global Changes :
Participant listAdam(Avril), Ann(Vivette), Axel(Riccaro), Brigitt(Camile), Christoph(Fiodra), Corley, Edwin(Ysun), Eugene(Mario), Fatma, Gina(Liliana), Hans(Zora), Jean(Lyla), Jean-Francois(Samta), John(Lonn), Juan(Sparling), Katrin(Duncan), Kaust(Vynule), Magda(Rashti), Sonja(Jaqueline), Val(Atticus)
5/3/2015Session 3280 Details A Quest Is Not Known : Katrin(Duncan)
5/3/2015Session 3281 AudioDetails Suggestions for a Healthy Body Consciousness : Axel(Ricarro)
5/4/2015Session 3284 AudioDetails Dispersed Essence Questions : Brigitt(Camile)
5/14/2015Session 201505141 AudioDetails Defining Energy Interactions : Julie(Fontine)es 
5/17/2015Session 201505171 AudioDetails Engaging Water to Release Energy : Scott(Ashtaria)
5/17/2015Session 201505172 AudioDetails Releasing Held Energy; Writing a Script About ETs : Scotty(Ashtaria)
5/20/2015Session 201505201 AudioDetails Earth Changes and Vulnerable Areas : Tim(Coulum)es 
5/29/2015Session 201505291 Details Expressing Gender Neutrality : Val(Atticus)
5/29/2015Session 201505292 AudioDetails Creature Dream Imagery : Jean(Lyla)

6/4/2015Session 201506041 AudioDetails Guilt; Honing the Intuition : Ann(Vivette)
6/14/2015Session 201506141 AudioGroupDetails Personal Interactions and Societal Changes :
Participant listAxel(Aix), Barb, Christine(Lurine), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Katrin(Duncan), Lynda(Ruther), Paul(Paneus), Rodney(Zacharie), Wendy(Myiisha)
6/17/2015Session 201506171 AudioDetails Genuine Exposure : Lynda(Ruther)
6/19/2015Session 201506191 AudioDetails Parlor Tricks and Meditation : Jason(Spensar)
6/26/2015Session 201506261 AudioDetails Flowing with the Changes : Brenda(Leonora), Linda(Ruthanna)
6/27/2015Session 201506271 AudioDetails Listening; Relating--Not Debating : Judy(Mallya)

7/2/2015Session 201507021 AudioDetails Instructing; Sharks, Trees and Ants : Ann(Vivette)
7/16/2015Session 201507163 AudioDetails Appreciation and Presence : Jason(Spensar)
7/17/2015Session 201507171 AudioDetails Presence : Linda(Ruthanna)
7/24/2015Session 201507241 AudioDetails What are you paying attention to? : Lynda(Ruther)
7/24/2015Session 201507242 AudioDetails Creating With Imagination : Jason(Spensar)
7/26/2015Session 201507261 AudioDetails Crystals and Minerals : Ethan(Jasper)
7/26/2015Session 201507262 AudioDetails Global Issues : Ethan(Jasper)
7/29/2015Session 201507291 AudioDetails Resources : Marcos(Marta)
7/30/2015Session 201507301 AudioDetails Debt and Exchange : Jean-François(Samta)

8/9/2015Session 201508091 AudioGroupDetails Defining Presence :
Participant listAxel(Ricarro), Jeff, John(Rrussell), Lexa, Lynda(Ruther), Michael, Paul(Paneus), Rodney(Zacharie), Wendy(Myiisha)
8/20/2015Session 201508201 AudioDetails Answering Your Own Questions : Lynda(Ruther)
8/27/2015Session 201508271 AudioDetails Energy Healing : Jean-François(Samta)

9/4/2015Session 201509041 AudioDetails Flight 370, Climate Change : Tim(Coulum)
9/10/2015Session 201509101 AudioDetails Noticing Reactions : Jason(Spensar)
9/20/2015Session 201509201 AudioGroupDetails Furthering the Subject of Presence :
Participant listAnne(Monique), Axel (Ricarro), Chris, Dale (Jene), Debbie (Tamarra), Ethan (Jasper), Galen (Naoko), Harrison, Jean (Lyla), Jeff B.(Galina), Jeff R., Jennifer (Margarite), Jens (Samira), Jeremy, Joab, John (Rrussell), Julie (Fontine), Lexa, Lynda (Ruther), Melissa (Leah), Philip (Patre), Rose (Quillan), Tariq, Trish, Wendy (Myiisha), Anonymous

10/15/2015Session 201510151 AudioDetails Restructuring; Feelings : Linda(Ruthanna)
10/19/2015Session 201510191 AudioDetails Triggers, Associations, and Expressing Feelings : Rose(Quillan)
10/23/2015Session 201510231 AudioDetails Reactions and Presence : Brigitt(Camile)
10/23/2015Session 201510232 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] :
Participant listBrigitte(Camille), , Ken(Oba), Ann(Vivette)
10/23/2015Session 201510233 AudioDetails Being Present : John(Lonn)
10/24/2015Session 201510241 AudioGroupDetails Why You Pay Attention to the Negative :
Participant listAdam(Avril), Ann(Vivette), Ben(Albert), Bill(Zit), Bonnie(Lyla), Brigitt(Camile), Briter, Carole(Aileen), Daniel(Zynn), Inna(Beatrix), Jean-François(Samta), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), John H.(Lonn), Judy(Mallya), Ken(Oba), Lorraine(Kayia), Lynda(Ruther), Natasha(Nicole), Rick R., Rodney(Zacharie), Sandra(Atafah), Susan(Catherine), Togi(Gianni), Tom(Abel), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis)
10/25/2015Session 201510254 AudioDetails  Random Muscle Pains : Jean-Francois(Samta)
10/26/2015Session 201510263 AudioDetails  Leadership : Scotty(Gianni)
10/27/2015Session 201510271 AudioDetails Earth Changes : Melissa(Leah)

11/6/2015Session 201511061 AudioDetails Clarity and Expressing : Ann(Vivette)
11/7/2015Session 201511071 AudioDetails The Art of Maintaining a Direction : Rose(Quillan)
11/15/2015Session 201511151 AudioDetails Social Challenges : Rose(Quillan)
11/20/2015Session 201511201 AudioDetails Collective Vortex : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
11/24/2015Session 201511241 AudioDetails Tremendous Power of the Individ : Adam(Avril), Jean-François(Samta)es 
11/25/2015Session 201511251 AudioDetails Presence in Experiences : Jason(Spensar)
11/25/2015Session 201511252 AudioDetails Lynda Accomplishing : Lynda(Ruther)
11/29/2015Session 201511291 AudioDetails Leaders and Supporters : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)

12/11/2015Session 201512111 AudioDetails The Example of Lester Levenson : Jason(Spensar)
12/14/2015Session 201512141 AudioDetails US Presidential Election : Tim(Coulum)
12/15/2015Session 201512151 AudioDetails Self Acceptance : Terri(Uliva)
12/17/2015Session 201512171 AudioDetails Intensity of R. Wave and Interacting with Elias : Anon(Lystell)
12/20/2015Session 201512201 AudioGroupDetails The Intensified Energy of the Religious Wave :
Participant listAllen Z., Axel(Ricarro), Bri H., Christine(Lurine), Debbie(Tamarra), Diana, Dominique, Jantine, Jean(Lyla), Jeff B.(Galina), Jeff R., Jennifer(Margarite), Jens(Samira), John O., John(Rrussell), Joran, Julie(Fontine), Lexa E.(Aidan), Lynda(Ruther), Marij, Natalie, Paul(Paneus), Philip(Patre), Rodney(Zacharie), Trish, Wendy(Myiisha)
12/23/2015Session 201512231 AudioDetails High Cholesterol : Jason(Spensar)
12/31/2015Session 201512311 AudioDetails Crystal Infused Water : Jean-François(Samta)