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Sessions 2007

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1/1/2007Session 200701011 AudioDetails The Objective Mechanism of Perception : Anon/Cyrus
1/3/2007Session 2164 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Cynthia
1/7/2007Session 2167 Details Interaction with an Essence : Debi(Oona), Evelyn(Rili)
1/14/2007Session 200701141 Details Changing Others’ Energy by Changing How You Receive : es 
1/16/2007Session 200701161 AudioDetails Creating a Journey of Discovery : Brenda(Leonora)
1/18/2007Session 200701181 Details Letting Go of Control :
1/19/2007Session 2181 Details Connecting with Jeanette Meyers : Jim(Bevan)
1/20/2007Session 200701201 AudioGroupDetails Why Aliens Have Not Made Contact with Us : Darlings
1/26/2007Session 2186 AudioDetails A Pop-In : Naomi(Kallile)

2/5/2007Session 2189 Details Loss of Identity : Howard(Bosht)
2/6/2007Session 200702062 Details Energy in the Hands : es 
2/9/2007Session 200702091 Details Fear of Interaction : es 
2/15/2007Session 2200 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Coen(Delaitre)
2/16/2007Session 200702161 Details Time Travel Potential : Sid(Calum)
2/17/2007Session 2204 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)
2/18/2007Session 200702181 Details Resonating with Locations :
Participant listDaniil(Zynn), Mary(Michael), Natasha(Nichole)
2/25/2007Session 2208 Details Fear in the Shift : Eric(Yuki)

3/1/2007Session 2210 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)
3/6/2007Session 2214 AudioDetails Honoring Your Guidelines : Anne(Monique)es 
3/10/2007Session 2220 AudioDetails Disengagement of a Probable Self : Jim(Bevan)
3/16/2007Session 2225 AudioDetails Statistics and Focuses : Jim(Kia Jan)
3/16/2007Session 2226 Details Channeling and Energy Exchanges : Britta(Tiku), Tracy(Rafaela)
3/17/2007Session 2227 GroupDetails Energy Is a Magnet :
Participant listAlethia(Azzi), Anet(Alexi), Angela(Kyule), Bobbi(Jale), Brad(Quinian), Britta(Tiku), Carol(Theona), Caryn(Jallo), Catherine, Cathy(Shynla), Cayce(Daunelle), Christopher, David(Othello), Debi(Oona), Erlinda(Jaahal), Ester(Ashule), Fran(Sandel), Gabe(Ty-Li), Gail(William), George(Lanya), Hilary, Jan, Jene(Rudim), Jim(Kai-Jan), Jim(Yarr), Jo(Tyl), Jody(Katie), Katherine(Claire), KC(Nanaiis), Letty(Castille), Marisa(Melian), Mark(Ogean), Mike(Alandra), Nancy, Pam(Pviette), Pat(Fryolla), Paul(Carroll), Paul(Xutrah), Prince(Jonndue), Rex(Ummbya), Rob(Jann), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Sabrina(Stencett), Sangshin(Fylo), Sharon(Camden), Sheri(Milde), Stella(Cindel), Steve(Yuki), Tracy(Rafaela), Wendy(Myiisha), Will(Aldenn)
es de pt 
3/18/2007Session 2228 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Fran(Sandel)
3/19/2007Session 2232 Details How to Move from Opposing Energy to Accepting : Anet(Alexi), Paul(Xutrah)

4/4/2007Session 200704041 Details The Shrine of Devaluing Oneself : Liana(Ponsett)
4/6/2007Session 200704061 Details Focusing Rigidly and Creating Obstacles : Jan(Loveny)es 
4/7/2007Session 2241 AudioDetails Relaxation Exercise : Terri(Uliva)
4/7/2007Session 200704072 AudioDetails Daydreaming to Inspire Yourself : Yinka(Adrianna)
4/9/2007Session 200704091 AudioDetails Choosing a Direction : Andreas(Butler)
4/10/2007Session 200704101 Details Dealing with Anxiety : Kevin(Conrad)
4/11/2007Session 200704111 AudioDetails Discounting by Crediting Others : Anne(Monique)
4/18/2007Session 200704181 AudioDetails Inner Knowing and Timing: Relax and Allow : Donna(Luera)
4/19/2007Session 200704191 AudioDetails Engaging But Opposing Preferences : Katrin(Duncan)
4/19/2007Session 200704192 Details Making Writing a Game; Hypnotherapy : Barb(Lemure)
4/20/2007Session 200704201 Details Lost in Translation : Jeremy(Opan)
4/21/2007Session 200704211 AudioDetails Productivity : Susan H.(Catherine)
4/24/2007Session 2252 Details Noticing Fluctuations : Ken(Oba)
4/26/2007Session 200704261 AudioDetails A Journey of Self-Discovery : Brenda(Leonora)
4/26/2007Session 200704262 AudioDetails Dealing with Cervical Cancer : Victoria E.(Marlies)
4/29/2007Session 200704291 AudioDetails The Donut Magnet Energy Analogy : Liana(Ponsette)
4/29/2007Session 200704292 AudioDetails Thinking, Doing, Feeling: Intentionally Creating What You Want : Alicia(Tisara)
4/29/2007Session 200704293 AudioDetails Allow the Unexpected : Jason(Posha)

5/2/2007Session 2262 AudioDetails Remembrance : Jim(Bevan)
5/3/2007Session 200705031 X-file
5/4/2007Session 200705041 AudioDetails Scattered Energy : Jens(Ranatad)
5/5/2007Session 200705051 AudioDetails Light, Time, Electromagnetism and Gravity: No Absolutes :
Participant listEric, Jib(Araili), Samuel(Vivian)
5/6/2007Session 2267 AudioDetails Altering Memory : Paul(Paneus)
5/17/2007Session 2272 Details The Magnet of Your Energy : Viviennept 
5/26/2007Session 200705261 AudioDetails Peppermint to Increase Circulation : Steve(Yuki)

6/1/2007Session 2281 Details Reevaluating your Preferences : Eric(Yuki)
6/2/2007Session 200706021 GroupDetails Perception of Self : es de pt 
6/26/2007Session 2295 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)

7/3/2007Session 2305 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Jim(Kia Jan)
7/5/2007Session 2308 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Anne(Monique)
7/16/2007Session 2315 AudioDetails Supportive Energy : Jim(Bevan)
7/19/2007Session 2316 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Axel(Ricarro)
7/24/2007Session 2318 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)
7/26/2007Session 2320 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Claire
7/28/2007Session 2321 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)

8/2/2007Session 2326 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : - Dawn(Awan), Mark(Baruch)
8/22/2007Session 2332 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Anjuli(Myranda)
8/31/2007Session 2340 Details Connecting as Essences : Eric(Yuki), Jean-Baptiste(Araili)

9/4/2007Session 2342 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Tara(Niella)
9/5/2007Session 2343 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)
9/15/2007Session 2346 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Ken(Oba)
9/17/2007Session 2347 AudioDetails Magically Manifesting : Bobbi(Jale)
9/18/2007Session 2348 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)
9/21/2007Session 2350 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Ben(Sumarian)
9/23/2007Session 2352 Details Expectations and Guidelines :
Participant listVivienne, Vivienne(Eliza), Vivienne(unknown)
9/25/2007Session 2353 AudioDetails Queen of Sheba : Jim(Bevan)
9/28/2007Session 2356 AudioDetails In Conflict, Focus Your Attention Upon Self : Nardine, Nardine(unknown)pt 

10/1/2007Session 2358 AudioDetails Channeling and Energy Exchanges : Paul(Caroll), Joanne(Tyl)
10/6/2007Session 2364 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Ben(Alexea)pt 
10/8/2007Session 2366 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Marcos(Marta)pt 
10/14/2007Session 2372 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Liana(Ponset)
10/17/2007Session 2373 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)
10/19/2007Session 2374 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Sandra(Atafah)
10/20/2007Session 2377 GroupDetails Concern and Comfort :
Participant listAmy, Ben(Albert), Bill(Zit), Curtis(Uceff), Daniel(Zyn), Ella(Bella), Fran(Sandel), Gail(William), Hernan(Hernan), Inna(Beatrix), Jene(Rudim), Jim(Marion), John(Rrussell), Jon(Harlen), Josha(Lyth), Judy(Enya), Kathy, Linda(Robert), Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena(Michella), Nancy(Arabitha), Natasha(Nicole), Rodney(Zacharie), Sandra(Atafah), Veronica(Amadis)
es de pt 
10/21/2007Session 2378 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Natasha(Nichole), Daniel(Zynn)
10/21/2007Session 2381 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Fran(Sandel)
10/31/2007Session 2385 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Jens(Samira)

11/4/2007Session 2390 Details Tiles and Dimensions : Eric(Yuki), Jean-Baptiste(Araili)
11/6/2007Session 2393 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)
11/9/2007Session 2397 AudioDetails Temujin and Börte Ujin : Jim(Bevan)pt 
11/12/2007Session 2402 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)

12/9/2007Session 2424 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Paul(Paneus)
12/18/2007Session 2427 AudioDetails [Not yet titled] : Terri(Uliva)