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Sessions 2006

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1/8/2006Session 1895 Details By Not Doubting, You Materialized : Yinka(Adrianna)
1/11/2006Session 1896 Details Allow Yourself to Be More Present with Yourself : Christoph(Fiodra)es 
1/12/2006Session 1898 Details Psychic Archeology : Ken(Oba)
1/15/2006Session 1901 Details Creatures Are Genuinely in the Now : Deb C(Oana)
1/17/2006Session 1903 Details Do Not Generate Frustration in Addition to Frustration : Frank(Ulra)
1/17/2006Session 1904 Details The Expression of Acceptance of Difference : Tom(Malhai)es 
1/24/2006Session 1909 Details Interacting with Elias’ Energy without the Interjection of Emotion : Marcy(Lylin)es 
1/25/2006Session 1910 Details Money and What You Value : Terri(Uliva)es 
1/27/2006Session 1913 Details Accepting Differences : Anjuli(Myranda)
1/30/2006Session 1914 Details High Blood Pressure : Rex(Ummbya)
1/31/2006Session 1915 Details Viewing Situations in Absolutes and Inevitabilities : Frank(Ulra)

2/2/2006Session 1917 Details Continuing in this Dimension : Carmen(Tirza)
2/5/2006Session 1919 Details Transition, Stuttering, Depression : Alex(Puja)es 
2/8/2006Session 1922 Details How Did I Arrive At This Point?” : Gillian(Ari)es 
2/11/2006Session 1927 Details Soft Orientation and Dispersed Combination : Jean-Baptiste(Araili)
2/14/2006Session 1929 Details Balancing the Old with the New : Joanne(Saraan)es 
2/16/2006Session 1931 Details Shroud of Turin : Maria(Phaska)
2/18/2006Session 1933 Details Communication Imagery : Yinka(Adrianna)es 
2/19/2006Session 1934 Details Intimate Relationships; Flamboyance; ‘Soft Moments’ : Julie(Fontine)pt ne 
2/22/2006Session 1935 Details Trust Your Impressions : Justin B.(Lakota)es 
2/23/2006Session 1936 Details Soft vs. Common Ways of Processing Information : Anjuli(Myranda), Gottlieb(Gottlieb)
2/24/2006Session 1939 Details Exercises for Relaxation of Held Energy : Marj(Grady)
2/28/2006Session 1942 Details Pay Attention to the Process More Than the Outcome : Frank(Ulra)

3/3/2006Session 1946 Details Grief : Howard(Bosht)
3/9/2006Session 1949 Details Tracking Focuses : Jim(Bevan)
3/12/2006Session 1951 Details Value yourself and your time : Letty, Stella, Virginia(Castille, Cindel, Virginia)
3/15/2006Session 1953 Details Being Directing of Self : Alicia(Tisara)
3/16/2006Session 1954 Details Linear time and Perceptions of Past and Future : Daniel(Cyrus)
3/22/2006Session 1958 Details Grace and Humor Generates Balance : Victoria(Marlies)es 
3/23/2006Session 1960 Details Creating without Effort : Anjuli(Myranda)
3/24/2006Session 1962 Details Exercise: Empower Yourself : Liana(Ponset)
3/26/2006Session 1964 Details Exposure of Yourself to Yourself : Pam(Pviette)
3/31/2006Session 1968 Details Sharing Energy with Other Focuses : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)
3/31/2006Session 1969 Details This Truth of Image : Terri(Uliva)

4/1/2006Session 1970 GroupDetails Identifying Core Truths :
Participant listAlicia(Tisara), Bill(Zit), Carole(Aileen), Daniil(Zynn), Donna(Luera), Ella(Bella), George(Gregor), Hernan, Inna(Beatrix), Ioanna(Iona), Jenaro(Archer), Judy, Ken(Alida), Ken(Oba), Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena, Natasha(Nichole), Pat(Treice), Paul(Paneus), Rodney(Zacharie), Terri(Uliva), Veronica(Amadis)
es de pt 
4/2/2006Session 1972 Details Creating a Love Relationship : Ella(Bella), Inna(Beatrix)
4/3/2006Session 1975 Details Overcoming Fears with Dragon Imagery : Magdalena(Michella)
4/13/2006Session 1978 Details Acknowledging Different Guidelines : Anjuli(Myranda)
4/20/2006Session 1981 Details Generating Success in Relation to a Vision : Leela(Sonjah)
4/21/2006Session 1982 Details Natural Expressions Associated with Gender : Ester T(Ashula), Ester T(Ashule)es 
4/22/2006Session 1984 Details The Historical Channel Session : Howard(Bosht)
4/25/2006Session 1985 Details Movement of Energy Centers : Jeff B(Galina)es 
4/28/2006Session 1986 Details The Mechanism of Memory : Jean-Baptiste/Jib(Araili)

5/6/2006Session 1992 Details Bridge Choices : Terri(Uliva)es 
5/7/2006Session 1993 Details What Creates the Sadness and the Depression : Yinka(Adrianna)
5/17/2006Session 1996 Details Core Truths : Bobbi(Jale)es 
5/19/2006Session 1998 Details Focuses : Tracy(Rafaela)
5/21/2006Session 2001 Details A Daughter’s Eating Disorder : Paul(Paneus)
5/24/2006Session 2004 Details A Genuine Sense of the Expansiveness of Who You Are : Jim(Bevan)

6/3/2006Session 2010 Details Core Truth - Honor : Debi(Oona)
6/7/2006Session 200606071 AudioDetails Expression without Expectation : Alicia(Tisara)
6/9/2006Session 2012 Details Associations Expressed In Relation to Core Truths : Peter(Stefan)
6/9/2006Session 200606092 Details Thought Follows the Process : Joanne P.(Saaran)
6/10/2006Session 2016 Details Awareness of Energy : Terri(Uliva)
6/11/2006Session 2018 Details Energy of Concern : Deb(Oona)
6/27/2006Session 2023 Details Cooperating with your Guidelines : Paul(Paneus)
6/28/2006Session 200606281 AudioDetails Am I Disengaged? : Marcy S.(Lylin)
6/29/2006Session 2025 Details Widening Awareness May Cause Discomfort : Brenda(Leonora)

7/2/2006Session 2027 Details The Cycle of Thinking, Thinking, Thinking :
7/6/2006Session 200607061 AudioDetails Sexual Energy and Its Expressions : C, G
7/11/2006Session 2039 Details Experiencing Another Focus :
7/14/2006Session 200607141 AudioDetails Reveling in Your Beingness : Ester(Ashule)
7/18/2006Session 2044 Details The Energy You Are Actually Expressing to Another Individual : Katrin(Duncan)
7/19/2006Session 200607191 AudioDetails Vulnerability and Exposure : Bobbi(Jale)
7/21/2006Session 2046 Details Turning Attention to Self : Terri(Uliva)
7/21/2006Session 2047 Details Understanding versus Knowing : Allen C., Allen C.(unknown)
7/22/2006Session 2049 GroupDetails Thinking, Thinking, Thinking! :
Participant listAlan, Allen(Wong-Tu), Bill(Zit), Daniil(Zyn), Ella(Bella), Inna(Beatrix), Jo(Anita), Lynda(Ruther), Mary Ellen, Natasha(Nichole), Rodney(Zacharie), Steve, Terri(Uliva), Veronica(Amadis)
es de pt 
7/24/2006Session 2051 Details Defining Cooperation : Allen(Wong-Tu), Jo(Anita)es 
7/29/2006Session 2055 Details Focuses and Probable Dimensions : Jim(Bevan)

8/3/2006Session 2060 Details Seeing Sentences or Phrases in Dreams : Paul(Paneus)
8/5/2006Session 2061 Details Natural qualities and trusting self : Eduardo(Jannu)es 
8/7/2006Session 200608071 Details Mother’s Preparation to Disengage : Anon(Anon)
8/15/2006Session 2070 Details Why Did I Create Those Difficulties? : Alicia(Tisara)
8/17/2006Session 2075 Details Urge versus Craving : Tracy(Rafaela)
8/31/2006Session 2083 AudioDetails You Create What You Concentrate Upon : Jens(Ranatad), Jens(Samira)pt 

9/14/2006Session 2097 Details Safe Explorations : Leela B, Leela B(unknown)
9/21/2006Session 2104 Details Practicing Being Present : Julie(Fontine)es 
9/27/2006Session 2107 Details Manipulating Energy to Create Different Forms : Jean-Baptiste(Araili)

10/21/2006Session 2116 GroupDetails A New Wave in Consciousness: Perception :
Participant listBill(Zit), Carl(Shani), Carole(Aileen), Christine(Lurine), Daniil(Zynn), Donna(Luera), Ella(Bella), Gail(William), Inna(Beatrix), Jan(Meude), Jim(Trecia), John(Rrussel), Kipp, Lorraine(Aiden), Lynda(Ruther), Mavis(Mouve), Natasha(Nichole), Pat(Treice), Rodney(Zacharie)
es de pt 

11/7/2006Session 200611071 AudioDetails Being Satisfied with Being You : Terri(Uliva)
11/16/2006Session 2124 Details Soft Session, #2: Natural Flow; Energy-Ball Game : Julie(Fontine)pt ne 
11/17/2006Session 2125 Details Perception and vision are interconnected : Luana(Ring)
11/18/2006Session 2126 Details Factoring Perception in :
Participant listEric(unknown), Eric(Valerian), Jean-Baptiste(Araili)
11/24/2006Session 200611241 AudioDetails Do Not Doubt Yourself : Liana(Ponset)
11/30/2006Session 2132 Details Fear of Loss of Identity in Disengagement : Alicia(Tisara)

12/4/2006Session 2139 Details Attention, Perception and Energy Centers : Anon(unknown), Jean-Baptiste(Araili)
12/6/2006Session 2142 Details Comfortableness in Energy Exchanges : Jean-Baptiste(Araili), Marguerite(Metra)
12/7/2006Session 200612071 AudioDetails Changes in Body Energy After Surgery : Anjuli(Myranda)
12/14/2006Session 200612141 AudioDetails Preferences in Methods : Ester(Ashule)
12/16/2006Session 2152 Details Soft Orientation Interaction with Self :
Participant listBen, Ben(unknown), Ben P.(Sumarian)
12/18/2006Session 2153 Details Investigations : Jim(Bevan)
12/29/2006Session 200612291 AudioDetails Generating Balance and Not Fixing : Letty(Castille)