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Sessions 2005

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1/1/2005Session 1687 Details Elias Blue-Plate-Special Life Intent Changer Instructions : Steve, Steve(unknown)
1/6/2005Session 1690 Details Why Did I Choose These Parents? : Dora(Arria)
1/7/2005Session 1692 Details Imagery of Hesitation : Paul(Paneus)
1/14/2005Session 1693 Details Balance and Extremes :
Participant listIsabel(Larkshire), Letty(Castille), Stella(Cindel)
1/15/2005Session 1695 GroupDetails Tsunamis in Their Many Forms :
Participant listBen(Albert), Bobbi(Jale), Brad(Quinian), Carol(Theona), Cathy(Panniete), Cathy(Shynla), Christine(Kara), Daryl(Ashrah), Debi(Oona), Don(Allard), Douglas(Dona), Drew(Matthew), Ester(Ashule), Fran(Sandel), Frank(X-tian), George(Lanya), Gerald(Nethian), Greg, Gregoria(Angelina), Guin(Sofia), Howard(Bosht), Jo(Tyl), Jody(Katie), John(Salaan), Julie(Fontine), Karen(Ziva), Letty(Castille), Liam(Benny), Marcia(Sheenan), Marcos(Marta), Margot(Giselle), Nicolette, Pamela(Pviette), Pat(Fryolla), Patrick(Zelix), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah), Paula(Gloria), Ron(Olivia), Sabrina(Stencette), Sandy(Allesander), Sangshin(Fylo), Sharon(Camden), Sheri(Milde), Stella(Cindel), Stephen(Ahlalh), Victoria, Wendy(Myiisha), Will(Aldenn), Xanthia(Melissa)
es de pt 
1/16/2005Session 1696 Details Partial and Lifetime Observing Essence Role : Daryl(Ashrah)
1/17/2005Session 1697 Details Creating a Move to the Mountains : Bobbi(Jale)es 
1/26/2005Session 1700 Details What Is Restricting You? You! : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)es 
1/30/2005Session 1703 Details A Question from Mary : Lynda(Ruther)
1/30/2005Session 1704 Details A Dramatic Physical Manifestation : Liana(Ponset)es 

2/1/2005Session 1705 Details Lucid Dreaming : Christoph(Fiodra)
2/2/2005Session 1706 Details Move Your Attention to What You Are Actually Doing : Oge(Yentil)
2/8/2005Session 1709 Details Grief and Guilt : Axel(Ricarro)es 
2/11/2005Session 1710 Details Impressions, Dreams, Connections : Cathy(Felicia)
2/13/2005Session 1713 Details Move in That Ease, Not Pushing : Pamela(Pviette)
2/19/2005Session 1716 Details Caring for a Creature’s Illness : Pamela(Pviette)es 
2/19/2005Session 1717 Details Opposing Your Medical Beliefs : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
2/21/2005Session 1719 Details The Answers Are Within You : Debi(Oona)
2/22/2005Session 1720 Details Reality Is Not Always Sequential : Frank(Ulra)de 
2/24/2005Session 1721 Details So Why Am I Not Creating This as a Reality? : Caroline(Tsen)

3/5/2005Session 1724 Details You Are Already Creating the Relationship that You Want : Gail(William)
3/9/2005Session 1725 Details Stats, Focuses and Impressions : Karen(Ziva)
3/16/2005Session 1727 Details Other-Dimensional Phenomenon : Paul(Paneus)
3/17/2005Session 1729 Details Overwhelmed, Until You Recognize the Message : KC(Nanaiis)
3/17/2005Session 1730 Details You Are Not Co-Creating : Bobbi(Jale)
3/18/2005Session 1731 Details Shifting : Ken(Alida)
3/19/2005Session 1732 Details A Change in Energy, a Change in the Relationship : Alicia(Tisara)
3/21/2005Session 1733 Details Discussing a Serious Physical Manifestation : Daryl(Ashrah)es 
3/26/2005Session 1736 Details Overcoming Fear of Riding a Horse : Theresa, Theresa(unknown)
3/29/2005Session 1737 Details Defining ‘Balance’ and “Cooperation’ : Luana(Ring)

4/1/2005Session 1738 Details As You Discount Yourself, YOU Generate the Obstacles : Nichole(Neajwah)
4/1/2005Session 1739 Details Seeing Dead People : Mavis(Mouve)es 
4/1/2005Session 1741 Details Transition versus Shifting : Ken(Alida)es 
4/2/2005Session 1742 GroupDetails What Is Your Greatest Fear? :
Participant listBen(Albert), Cathy(Felicia), Christine(Lurine), Dale(Jene), Daniil(Zynn), Deane(Leland), Don(Allard), Donna(Luera), Ella(Bella), Fran(Sandel), Gillian(Ari), Hernan, Howie(Namaya), Inna(Beatrix), Jared(Skylar), Jen(Margarite), Joanne(Gildae), Joanne(Saraan), Kate(Lamb), Kathy(Mia), Katie(Muriel), KC(Nanaiis), Ken(Alida), Linda(Shikta), Lorraine, Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena, Marj(Grady), Mark(Ogean), Mavis(Mouve), Merrie(Miora), Merrill(Fiona), Naomi(Kallile), Natasha(Nichole), Nicole(Neajwah), Pat(Fryolla), Pat(Treice), Paula(Gloria), Rodney(Zacharie), Sharon(Camdon), Terri(Uliva), Wayne(Coccette)
es de pt 
4/3/2005Session 1743 Details Accept Whatever Energy You Have Drawn to Yourself : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
4/4/2005Session 1744 Details Energy Fields : Hernan, Hernan(unknown)es 
4/4/2005Session 1745 Details Fear of Emotion : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)
4/4/2005Session 1746 Details Impressions : Ella(Bella), Inna(Beatrix)
4/4/2005Session 1747 Details Allowing More of Your Own Freedom : Jennifer(Margarite)
4/9/2005Session 1748 Details A Different Perception of a Lack of Motivation : Carmen(Tirza)
4/9/2005Session 1749 Details Gender, Sexual Preference and Orientation : Claire(Hilary)
4/11/2005Session 1750 Details Opposing Medical Beliefs, and Cancer : Daryl(Ashrah)es 
4/16/2005Session 1753 Details Dropping Veils of Separation : Jens(Samira)
4/16/2005Session 1754 Details Allow Yourself to Relax and Not Force E :
Participant listDanny(Tea), Letty(Castille), Marcos(Marta), Walter(Ballina)
4/19/2005Session 1755 Details Dreams: Experiencing the Unknown and Remembering : Frank(Ulra)
4/19/2005Session 1756 Details Attracting a Relationship : Terri(Uliva)es 
4/22/2005Session 1758 Details An Explanation of Counterparts : Jennifer(Urseline), Ken(Oba)
4/22/2005Session 1759 Details Practice Relaxation : Gina(Lajos)
4/23/2005Session 1761 Details A Surprise Reunion :
Participant listCathy(Shynla), Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle), Ron(Olivia)
4/24/2005Session 1762 Details Discussing a Serious Physical Manifestation : Daryl(Ashrah)es 

5/3/2005Session 1763 Details To Be or Not to Be : Carmen(Tirza)
5/5/2005Session 1764 Details Correct : Jim(Bevan)
5/7/2005Session 1766 Details Paying Attention to YOU in Conflict with a Partner : Christoph(Fiodra)
5/10/2005Session 1767 Details Discussing a Difficult Relationship : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
5/14/2005Session 1769 Details Creating Flexibility and Freedom : Jennifer(Margarite)
5/17/2005Session 1771 Details Projecting to Other Areas of Consciousness : Gerald(Easta)es 
5/20/2005Session 1772 Details Connections Between Focuses : Ken(Alida)
5/21/2005Session 1773 Details Favorite Topics : Kathleen(Tina), Kevin(Conrad)
5/22/2005Session 1774 Details Creating and Re-Creating a Disease : Tim(Coulum)es 
5/22/2005Session 1775 Details The Break Up of a Relationship : Marcos(Marta)
5/24/2005Session 1776 Details The Death of a Friend : Nichole(Neajwah)es 

6/5/2005Session 1780 Details Irritation over Inconsiderate Behavior : Ben(Albert)
6/5/2005Session 1779 Details Trust in Self : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
6/10/2005Session 1781 Details Seeking and Not Finding : Bernie(Geraldme)pt 
6/16/2005Session 1783 Details Important Things: Let’s Start with Baseball : Frank(Ulra)
6/28/2005Session 1784 Details Refining the Inner Landscape Exercise : Bill, Bill(unknown)

7/1/2005Session 1786 Details Back Imagery : Terri(Uliva)
7/2/2005Session 1787 Details Creating a Relationship : Ongelic(Emilia)es 
7/2/2005Session 1788 Details More Refining of the Inner Landscape Exercise : Daryl(Ashrah)
7/3/2005Session 1789 Details A Belief in Co-Creation : Axel(Pauline)es 
7/7/2005Session 1790 Details Fast Cars, Control Beliefs, and Time :
Participant listLetty(Castille), Marcos(Marta), Stella(Cindel)
7/10/2005Session 1792 Details How to Sell : Pamela(Pviette)
7/14/2005Session 1794 Details Being Aware of What You Are Aware Of : Frank(Ulra)
7/15/2005Session 1795 Details A Bit about Intermediates :
Participant listCathy(Felicia), Katie(Synonn), Mike(Dejah), Patrick(Derricka)
7/15/2005Session 1796 Details South Atlantic Anomaly : Paul(Paneus)
7/15/2005Session 1798 Details Agitated Energy : Antone(Aix)
7/16/2005Session 1799 GroupDetails Being Present with Yourself :
Participant listAlicia(Tisara), Anne(Monique), Antone(Aix), Cathy(Felicia), Donna(Luera), George(Gregor), Gina, Howard(Erlicht), Jim, Karen(Turell), KC(Nanaiis), Lorraine(Aiden), Lynda(Ruther), Marie, Marjorie, Merrill(Fiona), Michael(Beauregard), Naomi(Kallile), Pat(Ling-Tu), Patrick(Derricka), Paul(Paneus), Robert(Reese), Roland, Ronda(Adorabelle), Scott(Cedric), Sharon, Susan(Catherine), Suzanne, Terri(Uliva), Victoria, Xanthia(Melissa)
es de pt 
7/17/2005Session 1800 Details Co-Creating: Not True, but Real : KC(Nanaiis)
7/17/2005Session 1801 Details Influence of Other Focuses : Howard(Erlicht)
7/17/2005Session 1802 Details Elias Agrees : Pat(Ling-Tu)
7/22/2005Session 1805 Details Intrusiveness to Your Aspects : Ken(Alida)es 
7/23/2005Session 1806 Details Separation Can Be Useful : Terri(Uliva)
7/23/2005Session 1807 Details Being a Leader at Work : Alicia(Tisara)
7/24/2005Session 1808 Details Uneasy About Tapping into Energies : Alina(Regina-Isha)
7/29/2005Session 1810 Details Creating Illness and Pain : Carl(Alexi)es 

8/2/2005Session 1811 Details What Is Paying Attention to Yourself? : Caroline(Tsen)es pt 
8/4/2005Session 1813 Details Creating with Ease : Anjuli(Myranda)es 
8/5/2005Session 1815 Details Obligation : Peter(Stefan)
8/7/2005Session 1817 Details Transition within Physical Focus : Marcy(Lylin)es 
8/10/2005Session 1818 Details The Body Consciousness as an Indicator : Axel(Ricarro)
8/12/2005Session 1820 Details Compromising — and How to Stop : Liana(Ponset)
8/19/2005Session 1824 Details Moving the Kids Out : Elena(Deena), Naomi(Kallile)pt 
8/21/2005Session 1826 Details Exploring Your Power : Yinka(Adrianna)
8/26/2005Session 1829 Details Asthma : Deb(Oana)
8/27/2005Session 1831 Details A Bit More on After Death Experience : Scott(Vladd)es 

9/1/2005Session 1832 Details Dream Imagery : Paul(Paneus)
9/2/2005Session 1833 Details Disappointment in Completing a Goal : Frank(Ulra)es 
9/8/2005Session 1837 Details More on Energy Centers and Color : Victoria(Marlies)
9/9/2005Session 1838 Details Abraham, Seth, Elias and Carlos Castaneda : Rex, Rex(unknown)
9/14/2005Session 1840 Details It Matters Not — But It Does, to Me! : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
9/15/2005Session 1841 Details Heel Pain : Carl(Shani)es 
9/15/2005Session 1842 Details Physical Symptoms and Relationship Beliefs: Relax! : Terri(Uliva)es 
9/17/2005Session 1844 Details Babies, Psoriasis, Channeling : Ilya(Yanna), Marian(Tamier)es 
9/18/2005Session 1845 Details Progress Report : Terri(Uliva)
9/18/2005Session 1846 Details Losing Trust in Yourself : Anonymous(Zuzzanna)es pt 
9/20/2005Session 1847 Details Jester, Cosmic Archeologist and Artist : Ken(Oba)
9/22/2005Session 1848 Details Expectations in Relationships : Sabine(Sariah)
9/25/2005Session 1849 Details Stuttering : Alex(Puja)es 
9/30/2005Session 1852 Details I Want to Open a Strip Club : Mary(Suchitra), Scott(Ogden)

10/4/2005Session 1854 Details Pay Attention to Your Hesitations : Frank(Ulra)
10/15/2005Session 1855 Details Pay Attention to YOUR Energy : Julie(Fontine)
10/18/2005Session 1857 Details Personal Responsibility Issues : Liana(Poncet)es 
10/21/2005Session 1859 Details Pay Attention to Your Body Consciousness : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)
10/21/2005Session 1860 Details Getting the Kids to Do Chores : Terri(Uliva)
10/22/2005Session 1861 GroupDetails Individual Energy, Collective Energy, and Mass Events :
Participant listMichael(Beauregard), Lynda(Ruther), Lorraine(Kayia), Lorraine(Aiden), Ken(Oba), Linda(Robert), KC(Nanaiis), Kaustubh(Vynule), Kathy, Jim(Bevan), Jim(Marion), Patricia(Liva), Jen, Inna(Beatrix), Hoke, Gail(William), Franko(Tyne), Frank(X-tian), Esther(Ashule), Ella(Bella), Elise, Donna(Luera), Daniil(Zynn), Dale(Jene), Carol, Carl(Shani), Bonnie(Lyla), Ben(Albert), Becky, Barry, Natasha(Nichole), Rodney(Zacharie), Sharon, Stephen, Suzanne, Terri(Uliva), Veronica(Amadis), Wynn(Zai)
es de pt 
10/23/2005Session 1862 Details Supportiveness to an Estranged Son : Bonnie(Lyla), Wynn(Zai)es 
10/24/2005Session 1864 Details Migraines : Ella(Bella), Inna(Beatrix)es 

11/11/2005Session 1869 Details Pushing Energy : Mark(Baruch)
11/13/2005Session 1870 Details Noticing Creating A Probable Self :
11/17/2005Session 1871 Details Interrupt the Energy of Fear :
Participant listRex(Ummbya), (Jaahal), Anon(Jaahal)
11/22/2005Session 1872 Details Paying attention to small annoyances : Frank(Ulra)
11/23/2005Session 1873 Details Auroras and Other Dimensions : Paul(Paneus)
11/29/2005Session 1876 Details Choose the Method that Allows You to Trust Yourself : Bobbi(Jale)
11/30/2005Session 1877 Details Any BeliefCan Be Expressed in a Beneficial Manner : Jean-Baptiste(Araili)

12/3/2005Session 1879 Details Regional Area 4 : Marta(Bourjn)
12/7/2005Session 1883 Details Mother’s Suicide : Cynthia, Cynthia(unknown)
12/8/2005Session 1884 Details Exploring Focuses : Jim(Bevan)
12/9/2005Session 1885 Details Forcing Energy : John R.(Illianni)es 
12/10/2005Session 1886 Details Notice What Type of Energy You Are Projecting : Terri(Uliva)
12/10/2005Session 1887 Details Practice Intentionally Relaxing :
12/11/2005Session 1888 Details Obstacles to Allowing a Free Flow of Creativity : Markus(Mikah)
12/15/2005Session 1890 Details Creating an Atmosphere of Cooperation : Jens(Samira)
12/18/2005Session 1892 Details The Role of The Victim : Vivienne(Eliza)