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Sessions 2004

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1/1/2004Session 1489 Details Experimenting with Nonphysical Intimacy : Anjuli(Myranda)es 
1/2/2004Session 1490 Details Focuses : Dawn(Awan), Mark(Baruch)
1/7/2004Session 1491 Details The ‘Elias Darlings’ Session : Fran(Sandel)es 
1/11/2004Session 1494 Details The Familiar Does Not Fit Any Longer : Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)es 
1/17/2004Session 1496 GroupDetails Distortion, Absolutes, the Truth Wave in Consciousness :
Participant listAnet(Alexi), Bobbi(Jale), Bobby, Brad(Quinian), Catherine, Cathy(Shynla), Daryl(Ashrah), Don(Allard), Elena(Deena), Erin(Melody), Gail(William), George(Bethette), Gerald, Howard(Bosht), Jack, Jene(Rudim), Jo(Tyl), John(Tess), Jon(Sung), Julie(Fontine), Kathleen(Curt), Keith(Allistar), Letty(Castille), Margot(Giselle), Mike, Nancy(Caliegh), Naomi(Kallile), Pam(Pviette), Pat(Fryolla), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah), Ron(Olivia), Sabrina(Stencett), Sharon(Camden), Sheri(Milde), Stella(Cindel), Steve, Wendy(Myiisha), Will
es de pt 
1/18/2004Session 1497 Details Shielding : Keith(Allistar)pt 
1/19/2004Session 1498 Details Doubt and Neutralizing a Belief : Steve, Steve(unknown)es ne 
1/19/2004Session 1499 Details Tumold Alignment : Cat(Munya), Mike(Alandra)
1/19/2004Session 1500 Details Impressions and Dreams : Bobbi(Jale)
1/20/2004Session 1501 Details Accepting Health Beliefs :
Participant listIsabel(Larkshire), Letty(Castille), Stella(Cindel)
1/20/2004Session 1502 Details YOU Are Generating the Interaction : Pat(Fryolla)es 

2/1/2004Session 1503 Details Are You Aware of What I Want to Talk About? : Ben(Albert)es 
2/5/2004Session 1506 Details Impulses : Jim(Bevan)
2/6/2004Session 1508 Details Shift Assist : Daryl(Ashrah)
2/10/2004Session 1510 Details The Sphinx : Paul(Paneus)es 
2/12/2004Session 1511 Details Your Concern Presently Would Be with What YOU Want : Letty(Castille), Stella(Cindel)es 
2/13/2004Session 1512 Details Daughter’s Waking Nightmares : Peter(Stefan)es 
2/13/2004Session 1513 Details Focus Connections :
Participant listAnon(unknown), Ioanna(Iona), Jeanne(Lucille)
2/14/2004Session 1521 Details About Dream Imagery : Lexa(Aidan)
2/15/2004Session 1514 Details Soul Mates, Impressions, and Shifting : Gillian(Ari)es 
2/15/2004Session 1515 Details Developing Clairvoyance : Anne(Monique), Patrick(Erik)es 
2/17/2004Session 1516 Details Overwhelming Yourself : Frank(Ulra)
2/20/2004Session 1518 Details Coughing Imagery :
Participant listAnne(Monique), Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)
2/23/2004Session 1519 Details I Just Can’t Do This Anymore : Carmen(Tirza)es 

3/11/2004Session 1524 Details A Dislike for Expressions of Others Is Not Wrong : Jim(Yarr)es 
3/11/2004Session 1525 Details Incorporating Elias’ Helpful Energy : Daryl(Ashrah)
3/12/2004Session 1526 Details Translations of Other-Dimensional Focuses : Dawn(Awan), Mark(Baruch)
3/12/2004Session 1527 Details A Soft-Soft Relationship : Axel(Ricarro), Khadija(Marnia)
3/17/2004Session 1528 Details Projecting to a Dis-Engaged Loved One : Luana(Ring)es 
3/19/2004Session 1531 Details Defining ‘Exposure’ — and a Method for Creating It : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)
3/20/2004Session 1532 GroupDetails Intrusiveness and Expressions of Essence :
Participant listAndy, Barb, Barry, Bill(Zit), Carleen(Neliswa), Carol Lee(Theona), Christine(Lurine), Daniil(Zynn), Donna(Luera), Ester, Frank(X-tian), Holley, Ian, Inna(Beatrix), John E, John P, Kaustubh, Lorraine(Kayia), Lynda(Ruther), Natasha(Nichole), Pat(Treice), Rodney(Zacharie), Veronica(Amadis), Vineeta
es de pt 
3/21/2004Session 1533 Details The Intent of Creating Your Own Design : Inna(Beatrix)
3/26/2004Session 1535 Details Trust in Self and Abilities : Coen(Delaitre)

4/1/2004Session 1537 Details The Shift, Mass Dis-Engagement, and Over Population : John(Rrussel)es 
4/5/2004Session 1538 Details What Is My Direction? : Letty(Castille)es 
4/8/2004Session 1539 Details Past Mistakes : Dale(Jene)pt 
4/9/2004Session 1540 Details A Big Decision : Luana(Ring)
4/13/2004Session 1542 Details The Magical Element Is Allowance and Trust of Yourself : Frank(Ulra)es 
4/15/2004Session 1545 Details You Create What You Concentrate Upon : Holly(Lacie)es 
4/16/2004Session 1546 Details Other Focuses, Other Names : Daryl(Ashrah)
4/21/2004Session 1548 Details Focuses and Impressions : Dawn(Awan), Mark(Baruch)
4/22/2004Session 1550 Details Right Back on That Hamster Wheel : Gina(Lajos)es 
4/24/2004Session 1551 Details Communication Issues : Julie(Fontine)
4/25/2004Session 1553 Details What Is the Accurate Story? : Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)

5/6/2004Session 1555 Details Movements in the Shift in Consciousness : Lawrence(Tzirz)es 
5/8/2004Session 1556 Details Connecting with Future Focuses : Steve(Soloron), Mike(Laz)
5/10/2004Session 1557 Details Impressions and Significant Meditation Experiences : Marta(Bourjn)
5/14/2004Session 1558 Details A Significant Widening of Awareness :
Participant listDan, Dan(unknown), Joe(Amiir)
5/22/2004Session 1562 Details Impressions : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
5/23/2004Session 1564 Details Death — A Moment of Choice : Georgia(Jacob)
5/29/2004Session 1567 Details Impressions : Daryl(Ashrah)
5/30/2004Session 1568 Details Connecting with a Dis-Engaged Husband : Luana(Ring)es 

6/3/2004Session 1569 Details Pooling Energy in the Shift in Consciousness : Elisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro)es 
6/4/2004Session 1571 Details Preparing for an Energy :
Participant listAlex(Eadwan), Anne(Elenore), Gillian(Ari), Gottlieb(Gottlieb), Karl(Xiela)
6/4/2004Session 1573 Details Exercise: How Often Do You Pay Attention to Yourself? : Martina(Tanyas)
6/5/2004Session 1574 GroupDetails Lying :
Participant listAlex(Padwan), Andrea(Jamie), Anjuli(Myranda), Anne(Elenore), Astrid(Bistah), Balbina(Joline), Ben(Albert), Benjamin(Calow), Christine(Lurine), Donna(Luera), Eddy, Elisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro), Gillian(Ari), Gottlieb(Gottlieb), Hartmut(Martina), Howard(Bosht), Jens(Samira), Jürgen(Carrdyth), Liam(Benny), Linda(Carmenn), Margot(Giselle), Martina(Tanyas)
es de pt 
6/6/2004Session 1576 Details The Property Adventure : Jens(Samira)
6/29/2004Session 1581 Details Metaphysical Questions : Tracy(Kalum)

7/1/2004Session 1583 Details Impressions : Jim(Bevan)
7/2/2004Session 1584 Details ‘Role of Parent’ — Another Truth : Frank(Ulra)es 
7/3/2004Session 1586 Details Choice in Every Moment : Laura(Belagia)es 
7/3/2004Session 1587 Details Elias on Other Channeled Essences : Catherine(Munya), Mike(Alandra)es 
7/7/2004Session 1588 Details Allowing Flexibility in Creating : Letty(Castille), Stella(Cindel)
7/7/2004Session 1589 Details The Process of Interpreting an Emotional Signal : Oge(Yentil)
7/8/2004Session 1591 Details Sexuality in Soft-Orientation Relationships : Daryl(Ashrah)
7/24/2004Session 1596 Details Getting Rid of a Week-Long Headache : Brian(Darby)es 
7/24/2004Session 1597 Details Avoiding Absolutes in a New Business Endeavor : Frank(X-tian)
7/27/2004Session 1598 Details Expectations and Helpfulness : Maria(Phaska)
7/31/2004Session 1599 Details Two Essences, One Focus :
Participant listDaniil(Zynn), Inna(Beatrix), Natasha(Nichole)
7/31/2004Session 1600 Details You Are Creating in Each Moment : Natasha(Nichole)

8/1/2004Session 1601 Details Intermediate Orientation and Shyness : Daniil(Zynn), Inna(Beatrix)
8/5/2004Session 1602 Details Evidence of Shifting : KC(Nanaiis)
8/6/2004Session 1603 Details An Intimate Sharing of Experience in Dis-Engaging : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)es 
8/8/2004Session 1604 Details You Are Not Creating a Utopia : Jared(Skyllar), Jennifer(Margarite)
8/10/2004Session 1605 Details ‘Am I Getting Ready for a Heart Attack?’ : Rodney(Zacharie)
8/12/2004Session 1606 Details Extremes in Many Different Forms: Medical Beliefs : KC(Nanaiis)
8/14/2004Session 1609 Details Approval Is a Tricky Business : Ester(Ashule)pt 
8/14/2004Session 1610 Details Observing or Directing Essence : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
8/22/2004Session 1611 Details I’m Floundering in All This Relaxation : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
8/24/2004Session 1612 Details Authority : Frank(Ulra)
8/28/2004Session 1613 Details Being Aware of Your Own Energy : Markus(Mikah)
8/28/2004Session 1614 Details Belief of Acquisition : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)pt 
8/29/2004Session 1615 Details Beliefs About Appearance : Ester(Ashule)es 

9/3/2004Session 1616 Details Interpreting Some Physical Manifestations : Anne(Monique), Patrick(Erik)
9/3/2004Session 1617 Details Examine Your Medical Beliefs : Daryl(Ashrah)
9/4/2004Session 1618 Details Trust Your Ability to Generate Money : Jens(Samira)
9/4/2004Session 1619 Details Investigating with a Same-Timeframe Focus : Markus(Mikah)
9/8/2004Session 1623 Details Experiences of Difference : Letty(Castille)
9/9/2004Session 1620 Details [Not yet titled] : Steven(Grenadier)
9/9/2004Session 1625 Details Checking in with Other Focuses : Jim(Bevan)
9/10/2004Session 1626 Details Intermediate Orientation and Intimate Relationships : Brian(Enzo)
9/15/2004Session 1627 Details Aspects of Loyalty : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
9/18/2004Session 1629 Details Lottery Numbers Are a Creation : Markus(Mikah)es 
9/19/2004Session 1630 Details Transition within Physical Focus : Merrill(Fiona)
9/19/2004Session 1631 Details Fear of Exposure : Brian(Enzo)
9/22/2004Session 1632 Details Moving from Being in the Now to Creating Abundance Now : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
9/28/2004Session 1634 Details A Cheating and Lying Soul Mate : Liana(Poncet)
9/28/2004Session 1635 Details The Expression of Genuine Love : Thecala, Thecala(unknown)

10/5/2004Session 1636 Details Hearing Voices : Paul(Vollard)
10/6/2004Session 1637 Details Litigation and Win/Lose : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
10/13/2004Session 1639 Details Validation of Widening Awareness : Coen(Delaitre)
10/16/2004Session 1640 Details Worrying About Grandson : Katrin(Duncan)
10/17/2004Session 1641 Details Grief and the Feeling of Loss : Carleen(Neliswa)es 
10/17/2004Session 1642 Details Creating Drama and Struggle in Manifesting : Fran(Sandel)
10/18/2004Session 1643 Details Just Exactly What Is Perception? : Frank(Ulra)
10/19/2004Session 1645 Details Trusting and Allowing — and NOT Checking! : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
10/22/2004Session 1647 Details Imagery of a Broken Leg : Daniil(Zyn)
10/23/2004Session 1648 Details I’ve Been Having a Hell of a Time with Self-Acceptance! : Ed(Tyler)
10/26/2004Session 1649 Details Listen to What Your Body Consciousness Is Expressing : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
10/27/2004Session 1650 Details Giving Up Control : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)es 
10/28/2004Session 1651 Details The End of a Friendship : Cathy(Felicia)es 
10/31/2004Session 1653 Details Manifestations Associated with an Ongoing Issue : Ben(Albert)

11/4/2004Session 1665 Details You Create Your Reality : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
11/10/2004Session 1657 Details A Preference for Preciseness : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
11/11/2004Session 1658 Details Interconnectedness, Intrusiveness : KC(Nanaiis)
11/13/2004Session 1661 Details A-N-D Pyramid Intent : Steve(Soloron)
11/19/2004Session 1664 Details Exploring Beliefs About Power with Deer Imagery : Daryl(Ashrah)
11/28/2004Session 1667 Details Death Imagery : Marj(Grady)

12/1/2004Session 1668 Details Thinning Veils : Gina(Lajos)ne 
12/4/2004Session 1669 Details More Appreciation, Less Rigidness : Letty(Castille)
12/4/2004Session 1677 Details Interacting with a Difficult Mother : Terri, Terri(unknown)
12/5/2004Session 1670 Details Holiday Greetings : Lynda(Ruther)
12/8/2004Session 1671 Details Giving Up : Steve, Steve(unknown)
12/8/2004Session 1672 Details Incorporating Michael as a Reflector : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
12/11/2004Session 1673 Details Beware of Comparisons : Pam(Kalinda)
12/12/2004Session 1675 Details Focuses and Impressions : Ioanna(Iona)
12/15/2004Session 1676 Details What Type Of Energy You Are Expressing? : Jens(Samira)
12/16/2004Session 1678 Details Focus Impressions : Jim(Bevan)
12/21/2004Session 1681 Details Express Appreciation : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
12/22/2004Session 1682 Details Focus Impressions : Marta(Bourjn)
12/28/2004Session 1684 Details Shoulder Pain, and Beliefs About Age and Healing : Frank(Ulra)es 
12/30/2004Session 1685 Details Differences in the Elias and Kris Energy Exchanges : Marta(Bourjn)