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Sessions 2003

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1/3/2003Session 1231 Details Have I Fragmented Yet? : Gina(Bahlah)
1/5/2003Session 1233 Details Freedom of Expression : Anjuli(Myranda)
1/6/2003Session 1234 Details The ‘Elias Family’ Session : Fran(Sandel)
1/7/2003Session 1235 Details Scatteredness and Repetitiveness in Communication : Frank(Ulra)es 
1/7/2003Session 1236 Details Just Please Tell Me : Vivian, Vivian(unknown)
1/8/2003Session 1237 Details More on Projecting : Erin(Melody), Jon(Sung)
1/8/2003Session 1238 Details Comparison Creates a Tremendous Obstacle : Mary(Maari)
1/9/2003Session 1240 Details Choosing a Different Belief : Paul(Paneus)
1/9/2003Session 1241 Details Interrupting a Familiar Pattern : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)
1/10/2003Session 1242 Details Impressions : Dawn(Awan)
1/10/2003Session 1243 Details Crystal Ball Questions, Psychics, and Suggestibility : Frank(Ulra)es 
1/15/2003Session 1245 Details You Are Your Own Delicate Flower : Marcos(Marta), Marissa(Isabel)
1/16/2003Session 1246 Details Comparing Terminology : Paul(Caroll)
1/16/2003Session 1247 Details The Definition of Nurturing : Gail(William), Nicky(Candace)
1/16/2003Session 1248 Details Acting on Impulses — Not a Finality but a Stepping-Stone : Wendy(Luelyth)
1/17/2003Session 1249 Details Cross-Dressing : Kevin(Jashue)
1/17/2003Session 1250 Details Exploring Other Aspects : Debi(Oona)
1/18/2003Session 1252 GroupDetails Pay Attention to Your Communications :
Participant listArt(Mystah), Arthur(Arturro), Ben(Albert), Bobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), Dave(Zahlman), Debi(Oona), Denise, Don(Allard), Elena(Deena), Elroy, Erin(Melody), Frank(Christian), Gail(William), George(Bethette), Howard(Bosht), Jane, Jim(Yarr), Jo(Tyl), Joel, Johan, Jon(Sung), Julie(Fontine), June, Keith(Allistair), Kevin(Jashue), Kim, Laura(Alon), Letty(Castille), Lynn(Aram), Margot(Giselle), Nicky(Candace), Norm(Stephen), Paddy, Pamela(Pviette), Pat(Fryolla), Paul(Xutrah), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sabrina(Stencett), Shahma(Fiona), Sharon(Camdon), Sheri(Milde), Stella(Cindel), Steve(Steffano), Wendy(Luelyth), Wendy(Myiisha), Xanthia(Melissa)
es de pt 
1/20/2003Session 1255 Details A Creation Myth : Don(Allard)
1/20/2003Session 1257 Details Recognizing Impressions : Steve(Steffano)
1/31/2003Session 1261 Details Appreciate and Acknowledge What You HAVE Created : Jens(Ranatad)
1/31/2003Session 1262 Details Avoiding Terms of Duplicity : Bill(Zit)

2/7/2003Session 1268 Details Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)
2/7/2003Session 1269 Details What Is Your Motivation? : Paul(Paneus)
2/8/2003Session 1270 Details Fear of Cats : Letty(Castille)
2/11/2003Session 1271 Details Fear as an Indicator of Not-Preference : Daryl(Ashrah)
2/14/2003Session 1272 Details How Do Intermediates Create? : Janet(Oleg)
2/18/2003Session 1274 Details Experiences with Other Focuses and Probable Selves : Don(Allard)
2/19/2003Session 1276 Details A Huge Desire to Shift NOW : Dale(Jene), Mary(Karla)
2/19/2003Session 1277 Details Not Enough Time : Margot(Giselle)
2/21/2003Session 1278 Details Creating Scenarios with Other People : Jon(Sung), Erin(Melody)
2/24/2003Session 1280 Details There Is No ‘Inner Self’ : Steve, Steve(unknown)
2/28/2003Session 1281 Details Confirmations and Validations : Dawn(Awan), Mark(Baruch)
2/28/2003Session 1282 Details Soul Mates : Frank(Ulra)es 

3/10/2003Session 1285 Details Impressions and Validations : Marta(Bourjn)es 
3/14/2003Session 1289 Details Exploring the Manifestation of a Pinched Nerve : Jerry(Abel)
3/15/2003Session 1290 GroupDetails Avoiding Trauma of the Shift :
Participant listBarb, Ben(Albert), Carole(Eileen), Christine(Lurine), Curtis(Juva), Dale(Jene), Daniel, Eileen, Erin(Melody), Frank(Christian), Gillian(Ari), Howard(Bosht), Jean, Jeff(Armund), Jerry(Abel), Jim(Marion), Joanne(Gildae), John(Rrussell), Jon(Sung), June, Karen, Kevin(Douglas), Linda(Robert), Lorraine(Kayia), Luanne(Inez), Lynda(Ruther), Margot(Giselle), Marj(Grady), Mark, Pat, Pat(Treice), Pete(Magnus), Rodney(Zacharie), Scott(Giya), Suzanne, Ted(Cara), Veronica(Lyla), Wendy(Wynnett)
es de pt 
3/16/2003Session 1293 Details Using Visualization to Project : Erin(Melody), Jon(Sung)
3/16/2003Session 1294 Details The Camouflage of Playfulness : Jeff(Armund), Scott(Giya)
3/16/2003Session 1292 Details The Emotion of Embarrassment :
Participant listBen(Albert), Frank(X-tian), Kevin(Douglas)
3/17/2003Session 1295 Details Vampires : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)
3/18/2003Session 1296 Details Checking in with Elias : Gina(Bahlah), Nicky(Candace)
3/19/2003Session 1297 Details Talking on the Phone : Don(Allard)
3/21/2003Session 1298 Details Your Subjective Awareness Is Not Controlling You : Steve, Steve(unknown)
3/21/2003Session 1299 Details The Perception of Betrayal : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
3/23/2003Session 1300 Details Rescuing and Personal Responsibility : Joyce(Irma)
3/23/2003Session 1301 Details Taking the Chore Out of Writing : Anne(Monique)
3/25/2003Session 1304 Details The War in Iraq : Frank(Ulra)
3/25/2003Session 1305 Details The Value and Worth in Uncomfortable Experiences : Bobbi(Jale)
3/27/2003Session 1306 Details Ending a Relationship : Jen(Margarite)
3/28/2003Session 1307 Details How Do I Go About Awakening Myself? : Hea(Kira)
3/30/2003Session 1310 Details Intense Expressions of Imagery in Young People : Letty(Castille)
3/31/2003Session 1311 Details Productivity and Forcing Energy : Paul(Paneus)

4/2/2003Session 1313 Details Wants and Desires : Marcos(Marta)
4/4/2003Session 1315 Details This Is the Point — Acknowledge Yourself : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)
4/9/2003Session 1317 Details Judgment is Part of my Job : Lexa(Aidan)
4/24/2003Session 1321 Details What Is Language? : Anjuli(Myranda)
4/26/2003Session 1325 Details Clarifying ‘You Get What You Concentrate Upon’ : Katrin(Duncan)es 
4/28/2003Session 1327 Details Fears, Preferences, and Beliefs : Daryl(Ashrah)
4/29/2003Session 1328 Details Control/Not Control : Keith(Allistar)
4/30/2003Session 1329 Details Focus Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)

5/3/2003Session 1331 Details A Historical Who’s Who : Howard(Bosht)
5/4/2003Session 1332 Details Imagery and Focuses : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
5/6/2003Session 1335 Details Pay Attention to Times of No Conflict : Frank(Ulra)
5/7/2003Session 1336 Details The Freedom to Express Yourself with Other Individuals : Don(Allard)
5/9/2003Session 1337 Details Impressions and Validations : Kate(Lamb)
5/10/2003Session 1338 Details The Whole Theme Is Going To Be this Rigidness! : Letty(Castille)
5/10/2003Session 1339 Details Changing Which Beliefs Are Expressed : Luana(Ring)es 
5/11/2003Session 1340 Details Understanding the Loss of a Beloved Pet : Pamela(Pviette)es 
5/12/2003Session 1341 Details A Frustrating Romantic Relationship : Joe(Amiir)
5/15/2003Session 1343 Details Post-Disengagement Anticipation : Jim(Bevan)
5/16/2003Session 1344 Details Games, Adventures and Explorations : Mark(Baruch)
5/16/2003Session 1345 Details Looking for a Different Job : Steve(Soloron)
5/17/2003Session 1347 Details Dreams and Meditations : Paul(Paneus)
5/18/2003Session 1348 Details Beliefs Associated with Death : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
5/18/2003Session 1349 Details Manipulating Energy : Anjuli(Myranda)es 
5/19/2003Session 1350 Details Recognizing the Many Influences of a Specific Belief : Dale(Jene), Don(Allard)
5/20/2003Session 1352 Details The A-N-D Pyramid : Deane(Leland)
5/26/2003Session 1354 Details Beliefs! : Steve, Steve(unknown)ne 
5/27/2003Session 1355 Details Love and Animals : Joanne(Tyl)es 
5/28/2003Session 1356 Details A Different Perception after Being in Prison : Anonymous, Anonymous(unknown)
5/29/2003Session 1357 Details Essence as Holonic Personality : Paul(Caroll)
5/29/2003Session 1358 Details Creating the Relationship that I Want : Daryl(Ashrah)
5/30/2003Session 1360 Details The Drive for Mastery and Excellence : Laura(Belagia)
5/31/2003Session 1361 Details Apparitions : Tomas(Fernando)es 

6/3/2003Session 1363 Details Transitional and Widening-Awareness Experiences : Lexa(Aidan)
6/4/2003Session 1364 Details The Belief that All Manifestations Should Be Equal : Wendy(Luelyth)es 
6/7/2003Session 1368 GroupDetails Next Wave in Consciousness: the Belief System of Truth :
Participant listBarb, Barry, Carole(Aileen), Christine, Curtis(Juva), Dianne(Kadi), Donna(Luera), Erin(Melody), Gillian(Ari), Jeanne(Lucille), Jim(Andrel), Joe(Amir), John, Jon(Sung), June(Octavio), Luanne(Inez), Lynda(Ruther), Nicole, Orlan(Rolph), Rodney(Zacharie), Sandy(Randal), Susan, Ted(Cara), Tom
es de 
6/9/2003Session 1371 Details Influences of the Belief of ‘I Have No Money’ : Rodney(Zacharie)es pt 
6/9/2003Session 1372 Details Preference, Perception, Judgment : Gillian(Ari)
6/17/2003Session 1374 Details Not Enough Time : Frank(Ulra)
6/20/2003Session 1375 Details Conflict from Comparison and Expectations of Self : Peter(Stefan)
6/20/2003Session 1376 Details More on the Truth Wave in Consciousness : Don(Allard)
6/23/2003Session 1377 Details The Truth Wave :
Participant listDavid(Zalman), Jane(Dauncette), Sharon(Camdon)
6/26/2003Session 1378 Details I Don’t Know What to Trust : Natasha(Nichole)

7/2/2003Session 1380 Details The REAL Reality : Anjuli(Myranda)
7/3/2003Session 1381 Details Your Purpose Is to be Exploring : Pam(Kalinda)
7/4/2003Session 1382 Details Feelings and Emotions, and Identifying the Signal : Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)
7/8/2003Session 1383 Details Using Your Essence Tone : Kathleen(Curt)es 
7/9/2003Session 1385 Details It Is Unnecessary to Be Fixing : Anjuli(Myranda)
7/10/2003Session 1388 Details Focuses and Imagery : Daryl(Ashrah)
7/11/2003Session 1389 Details Cosmic Stats : Susan(Cosima)
7/12/2003Session 1390 Details The Truth of Honesty : Letty(Castille)
7/17/2003Session 1392 Details The Power and Tremendous Potential of the Truth Wave : es 
7/17/2003Session 1393 Details Balancing Planning for the Future and Being in the Now :
Participant listKarin, Karin(unknown), Peter(Marlyn)
7/18/2003Session 1394 Details What Is Familiar to You Is to Be Producing : Gerhard(Doro), Lisbeth(Sebastia)
7/18/2003Session 1395 Details Alleviating Back Pain : Achim(Anselm), Marlies(Mallory)
7/19/2003Session 1398 GroupDetails Freedom :
Participant listAchim(Anselm), Andrea(Jamie), Anne(Elenore), Anne(Monique), Axel(Ricarro), Balbina(Joline), Ben(Calow), Dorothea(Beauti), Gerhard(Doro), Gottlieb(Hughel), Hartmut(Martina), Helmut, Jens(Ranatad), Katrin(Duncan), Linda(Carmenn), Lisbeth(Sebastia), Marlies(Mallory), Patrick
es de pt 
7/20/2003Session 1400 Details Observing Essence and Directing Essence : Jens(Ranatad)
7/20/2003Session 1401 Details More on Religious and Political Focus : Katrin(Duncan)
7/20/2003Session 1402 Details Intertwined Beliefs : René(Lanntyn)
7/22/2003Session 1404 Details The Truth of Control : Rob(Mendoe)
7/22/2003Session 1405 Details Levitation, Materialization and De-Materialization : Cris(Raunn), Ginette(Mylanne)
7/24/2003Session 1406 Details A Game: Offering Yourself One Point for Noticing : Anne(Monique)
7/26/2003Session 1407 Details Questions about Energy :
Participant listFrieda, Frieda(unknown), Regina, Regina(unknown)

8/8/2003Session 1409 Details Why Complicate It? : Wendy(Luelyth)pt 
8/8/2003Session 1410 Details A Dream Walker Interaction : Don(Allard)
8/9/2003Session 1411 Details When Do You Know to Trust your Impressions? : Tim(Colum)
8/10/2003Session 1412 Details Impressions : Marta(Bourjn)
8/11/2003Session 1413 Details Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)
8/12/2003Session 1414 Details The Communication of Imagination : Frank(Ulra)
8/15/2003Session 1416 Details Addressing to ‘Not Enough Money’ : Oge, Oge(unknown)es 
8/16/2003Session 1418 Details How Should I Address a Health Issue? : Daniil(Zynn), Natasha(Nichole)
8/18/2003Session 1419 Details Influences of the Truth of Weakness : Luana(Ring)
8/22/2003Session 1420 Details Expressing without Reinforcing Belief Systems : Laura(Belagia)
8/24/2003Session 1421 Details Imageries of Vulnerability and Exposure : Paul(Paneus)
8/25/2003Session 1422 Details Memory : Anjuli(Myranda)
8/27/2003Session 1423 Details How to Objectively Reconfigure Energy : Seale(Seale)
8/28/2003Session 1424 Details Hesitation and Fear : Daryl(Ashrah)
8/30/2003Session 1426 Details Discovering Your Intent : Ben(Albert), Kevin(Douglas)
8/31/2003Session 1428 Details Is This Your Final Answer? :
Participant listMargot(Giselle), Howard(Bosht), Sharon(Camdon)

9/4/2003Session 1431 Details Checking Impressions : Jim(Bevan)
9/8/2003Session 1433 Details Remembering Dreams : Mysty(Michella)
9/10/2003Session 1434 Details Probable Selves : Anjuli(Myranda)
9/13/2003Session 1435 Details An Example of Reflection with Creatures : Letty(Castille), Marcos(Marta)
9/17/2003Session 1437 Details Questions About the Energy Exchange : Don(Allard)es 
9/18/2003Session 1438 Details This Is an Ongoing Process : Anne(Monique)es 
9/22/2003Session 1440 Details The Unacceptable Session : Wendy(Luelyth)es 
9/24/2003Session 1442 Details Talking About a Concern : Daryl(Ashrah)
9/24/2003Session 1443 Details Is ‘You Create Your Own Reality’ an Absolute? : Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)es 
9/25/2003Session 1444 Details Trusting What You Value : Frank(Ulra)es 
9/25/2003Session 1445 Details The Difference Between Concurrent and Overlapping Focuses : Fran(Sandel)
9/26/2003Session 1446 Details Energy Center Rotation and Tones : Bill(Khalil)
9/27/2003Session 1447 GroupDetails Questions about the Truth Wave in Consciousness :
Participant listAldo(Nissah), Anthony(Hillary), Bill(Khalil), Bunny(Kafka), Carter(Cynthia), Cathy(Felicia), Christine(Lurine), Craig(Griegore), David(Flynn), David(Sashie), Deane(Leland), Donna(Luera), Donna(Martha), Elizabeth(Dikto), Erin(Melody), George(Bethette), Joanne(Gildae), Jon(Sung), Joy(Bocnise), Julie(Fontine), Kathy(Mia), Katie(Muriel), KC(Nanaiis), Len(Bathyn), Linda(Shikta), Lorraine(Kayia), Louise(Meldah), Lynda(Ruther), M.C., Marj(Grady), Mary Jo(Eazon), Matt(Herron), Michele, Mike(Ealon), Naomi(Kallile), Pat(Fryolla), Pat(Ling-Tu), Pat(Treice), Patrick(Derricka), Paul(Ottell), Rodney(Zacharie), Sue(Catherine), Suzanne
es de 
9/28/2003Session 1448 Details I Like That I Do It That Way! : Pat(Ling-Tu)
9/28/2003Session 1449 Details Cricket Language, Your Language : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)
9/28/2003Session 1450 Details Pendulums : Naomi(Kallile)es 

10/2/2003Session 1451 Details Anjuli’s New Game : Anjuli(Myranda)
10/3/2003Session 1452 Details Calming Small Ones : Jens(Ranatad)
10/6/2003Session 1453 Details Absolute Associations with Past Experiences : Seale(Seale)
10/13/2003Session 1454 Details How Do I Drop the Veil? : Carleen(Neliswa)es 
10/15/2003Session 1455 Details The Message in a Bee Sting : KC(Nanaiis)
10/17/2003Session 1456 Details Beliefs About Co-Creation : Dale(Jene), Don(Allard)
10/18/2003Session 1457 Details Same Essence Name : Bonnie(Lyla), Wynn(Zai)
10/23/2003Session 1461 Details Interacting with a Disengaged Focus : Coen(Chemie)
10/24/2003Session 1462 Details Figuring Out Focuses : Margot(Giselle)
10/30/2003Session 1463 Details Manifesting Money by Doing What You Prefer : Erin(Melody), Jon(Sung)

11/3/2003Session 1464 Details Attempting to Alter an Allergic Reaction : Frank(Ulra)
11/7/2003Session 1465 Details Subjective Movement in the Soft Orientation : Sabrina(Stencett), Sheri(Milde)
11/7/2003Session 1466 Details Fear of Judgment : Laura(Belagia)pt 
11/8/2003Session 1468 GroupDetails Personal Examples of Challenges in the Truth Wave :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Daniil(Zynn), Debi(Oona), Fran(Sandel), Howard(Bosht), Kris(Syanne), Laura(Belagia), Letty(Castille), Margot(Giselle), Marj(Grady), Marlene(Xenell), Natasha(Nichole), Nicole(Bethell), Patricia(Jarion), Sabrina(Stencett), Sharon(Camden), Sheri(Milde), Stella(Cindel)
11/9/2003Session 1469 Details Vold Parenting : Debi(Oona)
11/9/2003Session 1470 Details Breathing Symptoms, Depression and Fear : Daryl(Ashrah)
11/10/2003Session 1471 Details You Have Created Quite a Tangled Ball of Yarn! :
Participant listMarlene(Xenell), Nicole(Bethell), Sheri(Milde)
11/22/2003Session 1473 Details Losing a Job : Letty(Castille)
11/23/2003Session 1474 Details I Don’t Really Feel Motivated to Exist, Elias : Mike(Mikah)pt 
11/25/2003Session 1476 Details Allowing an Energy Exchange : Don(Allard)
11/26/2003Session 1477 Details Communication with a Partner Who Has Dis-Engaged : Luana(Ring)

12/16/2003Session 1479 Details Focuses : Marta(Bourjn)
12/17/2003Session 1480 Details Slipping Away’ in an Elias Session : Coen(Delaitre)
12/20/2003Session 1482 Details Becoming Unstuck : Jens(Samira)es 
12/23/2003Session 1484 Details Directing and Observing Focuses : Don(Allard)
12/24/2003Session 1485 Details In Action and in Experience Presenting Your Truths : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
12/29/2003Session 1487 Details Pay Attention to Your Associations : Daryl(Ashrah)
12/30/2003Session 1488 Details The Significance of Process Rather than Outcome : Frank(Ulra)es pt