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Sessions 2002

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1/1/2002Session 976 Details Ben and Elias Get Down : Ben(Albert)
1/6/2002Session 977 Details Communication from Essence and Aspects of Essence : Ingrid(Allie)
1/8/2002Session 979 Details Organizations, Teams, and Directing Yourself : Julia(Moorah)
1/15/2002Session 982 Details Sex/Intimacy/Energy Mergence : Anjuli(Myranda)
1/18/2002Session 983 Details Withdrawal in the Common and Soft Orientations : Sheri(Milde), Sabrina(Stencett)
1/18/2002Session 985 Details Listening to and Interpreting Your Communications : Mike(Mikah)es 
1/19/2002Session 986 GroupDetails Where Is Your Attention? :
Participant listAriel(Taniel), Ben(Albert), Bobbi(Jale), Bonnie, Carter(Cynthia), Cathy(Shynla), Cheryl(Wagga), Christy(Oliver), Daryl(Ashrah), Dave(Othello), Debi(Oona), Elizabeth(Elizabeth), Fran(Sandel), Gail(William), Gillian(Ari), Gregoria(Angelina), Howard(Bosht), Jenny(Emilio), Jenaro(Archer), Jewel, Jim(Yarr), Jo(Joseph), Joe(Malia), Ken(Connor), Jody, Jo(Tyl), Joanne(Gildae), Kevin, Laura(Alon), Letty(Castille), Liz, Lynda(Ruther), Margot(Giselle), Marj(Grady), Mike(Mikah), Nicky(Candace), Norm(Stephen), Pamela, Pat(Fryolla), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah), Reta(Dehl), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Rosey, Sabrina(Stencett), Sangshin, Sharon(Camdon), Sheri(Milde), Sherry(Seale), Stella(Cindel), Steve(Anton), Sue(Catherine), Valerie(Meah)
es de pt 
1/20/2002Session 987 Details Fear in Relation to Other Individuals : Sheri(Seale)es pt 
1/20/2002Session 988 Details Checking Out Impressions : Daryl(Ashrah), Debi(Oona)
1/21/2002Session 989 Details Exploring the Inner Senses : Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl)es 
1/21/2002Session 990 Details Time and Creating and Destiny :
Participant listChristie(Oliver), Valerie(Meah), Cheryl(Wagga)
1/21/2002Session 991 Details Lack of Motivation :
Participant listJo(Tyl), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah)
1/22/2002Session 992 Details Resonance : Pamela(Pviette)es 
1/22/2002Session 994 Details Signature Color and Focus Color : Pat(Fryolla)es 
1/23/2002Session 995 Details Children in the Shift : Carollee(Theona)
1/26/2002Session 996 Details Male and Female Energy : Kevin(Jashue)es pt 
1/26/2002Session 997 GroupDetails Turn Your Attention to You :
Participant listGregoria(Angelina), Isabel(Larkshire), Letty(Castille), Marcos(Marta), Stella(Cindel), Terry, Virginia

2/2/2002Session 998 Details Noticing How You Create : Letty(Castille)
2/8/2002Session 1002 Details Becoming Intimate with Self : Anjuli(Miranda)
2/10/2002Session 1003 Details Paying Attention to You in This Focus : Gillian(Ari)
2/10/2002Session 1004 Details Fear in Association with Past Experiences : Ingrid(Allie)
2/12/2002Session 1006 Details Noticing Automatic Responses : Frank(Ulra)es 
2/13/2002Session 1007 Details The Emotion of Grief : Bobbi(Jale)es 
2/15/2002Session 1008 Details New Focus Manifestation: Essence Agreements; Twins : Leslie(Myranda), Pat(Ling-Tu)
2/16/2002Session 1009 Details Lack of Motivation : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
2/17/2002Session 1010 Details Configuring Energy in Interactions with Other Individual :
Participant listJim(Trecia), Mavis(Mouve), Nicole(Neajwah)
2/18/2002Session 1011 Details Potpourri : Ben(Albert)
2/19/2002Session 1012 Details Tension and Eczema : Ben(Ona)
2/24/2002Session 1018 Details Grief: Beliefs Concerning Separation : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)es 
2/26/2002Session 1019 Details Helping Autistic Children : Laura(Belagia)
2/27/2002Session 1020 Details Personal Responsibility and Children : Carollee(Theona)

3/2/2002Session 1021 Details Holding Attention on Self in This Now : Ingrid(Allie)
3/3/2002Session 1022 Details No-Conflict Exercise : Letty(Castille)
3/4/2002Session 1024 Details Natural Expressions of the Common Orientation : Shahma(Fiona)es 
3/4/2002Session 1023 Details Issues About Exposure : Alma(Moanna)
3/7/2002Session 1027 Details Helpfulness to Children : Jane, Jane(unknown)
3/8/2002Session 1028 Details Creature Imagery : Sherry(Seale)
3/8/2002Session 1029 Details Definitions of Accomplishment and Value : Nicky(Candace)
3/9/2002Session 1030 Details Static Electricity Shocks and Energy Fields :
Participant listJoanne(Gildae), Laura(Phairley), Marj(Grady)
3/10/2002Session 1031 Details Bothersome Individuals : Lisa(Allysean)
3/12/2002Session 1032 Details Excitement in Relation to Energy Surges : Frank(Ulra)
3/14/2002Session 1033 Details Validations : Anjuli(Miranda)
3/16/2002Session 1035 Details The Base Element of Sexuality: The HOW in Generating : Rodney(Zacharie)es de 
3/18/2002Session 1036 Details Your Most Powerful Expression, the Allowance of Choice : Cathy(Shynla)
3/21/2002Session 1037 Details Fragmenting and Intent : KC(Nanaiis)
3/23/2002Session 1039 Details Experimenting with a Relationship : Sheri(Milde)
3/24/2002Session 1040 Details Mortality : Howard(Bosht)
3/24/2002Session 1041 Details A Course in Miracles : Julie(Jewell), Walt(Quillet)
3/25/2002Session 1042 Details Black and White Associations : Shahma(Fiona)
3/26/2002Session 1043 Details Redefining the Terms of 'Parent' and 'Child' : Laura(Belagia)
3/27/2002Session 1044 Details Focuses : Joseph(Dainel)
3/28/2002Session 1045 Details A Stream of Consciousness Chat with Elias : David(Othello)
3/30/2002Session 1046 Details Interrelated Emotional Communications : Ben(Albert)
3/31/2002Session 1047 Details Merely Know That You Do Incorporate Choice : Letty(Castille)

4/2/2002Session 1049 Details Neutralizing the Sting of Comparison : Don(Allard)
4/4/2002Session 1050 Details Automatic Responses in Judgment : Tracy(Kalum)
4/4/2002Session 1051 Details Fear of Power : Daryl(Ashrah)
4/5/2002Session 1052 Details Offer Your Expression Freely with No Expectation : Joni(Aziza)
4/8/2002Session 1053 Details Moving Toward the Eye of the Storm : Shahma(Fiona)
4/13/2002Session 1055 Details Turning Your Attention Back to You : Edward(Colleen)es 
4/13/2002Session 1056 GroupDetails Defining Impression :
Participant listBen(Albert), Bryce(Ximeu), Evan(Bradley), Frank(X-tian), Matt(Blythe), Mike(Mikah), Pat(Treice), Sandy(Allesander), Suki(Lissethe), Tracy
4/18/2002Session 1057 Details Awareness of a Spontaneous Projection : Frank(Ulra)
4/20/2002Session 1058 Details Validations : Anjuli(Miranda)
4/21/2002Session 1059 Details Parting the Veils of Death : Margot(Giselle)
4/23/2002Session 1061 Details Methods to Connect with Another Focus : Luana(Ring)
4/24/2002Session 1062 Details Shifting Aspects of Yourself : Letty(Castille)
4/25/2002Session 1063 Details Now What Do I Want? : Carla(Jilliane)es pt 
4/26/2002Session 1064 Details Clarifications and Validations : Anjuli(Myranda)
4/27/2002Session 1066 Details Interaction Between Emotional and Thought Focus : Dawn(Sarah), Michael(Delal)
4/28/2002Session 1067 Details Friendship and Casual Interaction with Elias : Marcos(Marta)
4/30/2002Session 1069 Details The Belief of Being Insignificant : Don(Allard)
4/30/2002Session 1070 Details An Awareness of the Choice to Disengage : Pamela(Pviette)es 

5/3/2002Session 1073 Details The Illusions of Time and Separation : Scott, Scott(unknown)
5/6/2002Session 1074 Details Judgment about Judgments : Shahma(Fiona)
5/7/2002Session 1075 Details Do Not Incorporate Such Black and White Absolutes : Joseph(Dainel)
5/8/2002Session 1076 Details Using the ‘Inner Landscape’ Exercise : Bill, Bill(unknown)es 
5/9/2002Session 1077 Details Generating Financial and Emotional Rewards in a Job : Curtis(Juva)
5/10/2002Session 1078 Details Use of Inner Senses : Anjuli(Miranda)
5/13/2002Session 1080 Details Puzzle Pieces : David(Mylo)
5/14/2002Session 1082 Details Relax and Allow : Marj(Grady), Paul(Uombrah)
5/16/2002Session 1083 Details What’s Love Got to Do with It? : Julia(Laya)
5/16/2002Session 1084 Details Passion and Milumet Alignment : Jen(Margarite)
5/17/2002Session 1085 Details What Holds Significance Is What Is : Barbara(Lezel)
5/21/2002Session 1087 Details Dimensions within Dimensions : Anjuli(Miranda)
5/23/2002Session 1088 Details Generating Associations with Absolutes : Frank(Ulra)
5/23/2002Session 1089 Details Dire Financial Circumstances : Katya, Katya(unknown)de pt 
5/24/2002Session 1090 Details Sumafi Repetition, a Natural Expression : Joanne(Saraan)
5/25/2002Session 1091 Details Intimacy as an Expression of Interconnectedness : Ben(Albert)
5/28/2002Session 1093 GroupDetails Accessing Elias Outside of a Session :
Participant listLuana(Ring), Carmel(Breigh), Jim(Anton), Melanie(Saadai)
5/30/2002Session 1096 Details Fear of the Power of your own Energy : KC(Nanaiis)

6/1/2002Session 1097 Details Ghosts : Letty(Castille)es 
6/1/2002Session 1098 Details Looking for Self-Acceptance : Joseph(Dainel)
6/3/2002Session 1100 Details There Is No Right and Wrong, and It Is Always Perfect : Anjuli(Miranda)
6/4/2002Session 1101 Details Communicating with Elias : Luana(Ring)
6/8/2002Session 1105 GroupDetails Choice :
Participant listBarbara(Eezel), Ben(Albert), Ben(Ona), Cathy(Shynla), Carole(Aileen), Curtis(Juva), Erin(Melody), Frank(Christian), Gillian(Ari), Howard(Bosht), Jim(Marion), Joanne(Gildae), Jon(Sung), Linda(Robert), Lorraine(Kayia), Luanne(Inez), Lynda(Ruther), Marge(Grady), Margot(Giselle), Pat(Fryolla), Pat(Treice), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Sandy(Allesandor), Steve(Steffano), Ted(Cara), Beth, Betsy, Carol, Dianne, Ed, Fred, George(Bethette), Jim(Orage), Joanne, Joy, Katie(Mynn), Lauren, Maggie, Mark, Mary, Mike, Nina, Peter(Magnus), Randolph, Robert, Steve, Tom
es de pt 
6/8/2002Session 1104 Details Opening Neurological Pathways : Pat(Treice), Peter(Magnus)es 
6/9/2002Session 1107 Details Continuation of Physical Creations : Ted(Cara)
6/10/2002Session 1108 Details Time in Transition :
Participant listBeth(Lillyth), Dianne, Dianne(unknown)
6/10/2002Session 1109 Details Contacting the Disengaged : Beth(Lillyth), Dianne(Kadi)es 
6/10/2002Session 1110 Details Initiating, or Designated Beginning, Focus : Erin(Melody), Jon(Sung)
6/12/2002Session 1111 Details Moving in Increments and Steps : Joanne(Saraan)
6/12/2002Session 1112 Details An Explanation of Focal Points : Julia(Moorah)
6/13/2002Session 1113 Details Focuses and Impressions : Don(Allard)
6/15/2002Session 1114 Details Soft Orientation Revisited : Frank(Tyne)es 
6/15/2002Session 1115 Details Offer Yourself Permission to Freely Express Yourself : Fay(Camile)
6/16/2002Session 1116 AudioGroupDetails The Difference Between Intuition and Imagination :
Participant listAnthony(Rannell), Ben(Albert), Daniil(Zynn), Elizabeth(Grace), Fay(Camile), Inna(Beatrix), Jerry(Abel), Jim(Orage), John(Vito), Lynda(Ruther), Mike(Mikah), Natasha(Nichole), Pat(Treice), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Sandy(Allesander), Suzanne, Tara(Lily), Tracy(Ezrha), Veronica(Amadis)
6/22/2002Session 1120 Details A Condensed Explanation : Adel, Adel(unknown)es de pt 
6/23/2002Session 1121 Details Imagination Is Quite Real : Wendy(Wynnett)

7/5/2002Session 1123 Details Two Interpretations of Tooth Imagery : Don(Allard)
7/5/2002Session 1124 Details Not Enough Time : Bobbi(Jale)
7/6/2002Session 1125 Details Self Validations : Anjuli(Myranda)
7/9/2002Session 1127 Details Children: Making the 'Right' Choices for Them : Laura(Belagia)pt 
7/10/2002Session 1129 Details Validations of Exploration in Intimacy with Self : Karen(Ziva)
7/12/2002Session 1130 Details Altering the Primary Aspect : Daniil(Zynn)pt 
7/12/2002Session 1131 Details Impressions : Jim(Andrel)
7/13/2002Session 1132 Details Openness and Vulnerability : Joanne(Saraan)pt 
7/16/2002Session 1133 Details An Allowance of Playfulness : Anjuli(Myranda)
7/18/2002Session 1135 Details Karma : Dawn(Awan)
7/29/2002Session 1136 Details Not Generating Expectations in Interactions : Seale(Seale)

9/24/2002Session 1138 AudioDetails The Key to Freedom : Rose(Quillan)
9/25/2002Session 200209251 AudioDetails You Hold the Ability to Generate a Different World : Rose(Quillan)
9/26/2002Session 1140 Details Trusting Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)

10/1/2002Session 1141 Details Defining Counterpart Actions : Seale(Seale)
10/2/2002Session 1142 Details The Value of Ignored Impressions : Frank(Ulra)
10/3/2002Session 1143 Details More on Observing Essences : Daryl(Ashrah)
10/4/2002Session 1144 Details Brain Wave Frequencies and Energy Centers : Jim(Yarr)
10/5/2002Session 1146 Details Trapped in a Marriage : Ben(Albert), Shelley(Bethany)
10/6/2002Session 1147 Details Be Specific in What Is Being Expressed Within You : Ben(Albert), Kevin(Douglas)
10/9/2002Session 1149 Details Validations of Impressions and Investigations : Margot(Giselle)
10/10/2002Session 1152 Details Why Am I Alone? : Kate(Idi)pt 
10/11/2002Session 1153 Details The Action of Shifting : Don(Allard)
10/12/2002Session 1154 Details Tension in Shifting from the Familiar to the Unfamiliar : Letty(Castille)
10/13/2002Session 1156 Details Shifting to Comfort in the Unfamiliar :
Participant listFrank(Christian), Ben(Albert), Mike(Mikah)
10/14/2002Session 1157 Details Shifting, Turning Your Attention from Distractions : David(Zalman)
10/16/2002Session 200210161 AudioDetails Recognizing What You Have Already Created : Rose(Quillan)
10/16/2002Session 1159 Details Secrets and Intimacy : Victor(Gregoria)
10/18/2002Session 1161 Details Exercise: Flirting for a Week : Lorraine(Kayia)es 
10/19/2002Session 1162 Details Future Technology : Ben(Albert), Liam(Benny)
10/20/2002Session 1163 Details Offering a Genuine Expression of Helpfulness : Anjuli(Myranda)
10/21/2002Session 1164 Details Evaluating Simultaneous and Conflicting Messages : Gina(Bahlah)
10/21/2002Session 1165 Details Judgment, Discernment, and Automatic Responses : Tracy(Kalum)
10/22/2002Session 1166 Details An Executive Coaching Session : Steven(Steffano)
10/26/2002Session 1167 GroupDetails Exercise: What Is Your Most Familiar Automatic Response? :
Participant listAnet, Arthur, Bobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), Dale, Daryl(Ashrah), Debi(Oona), Denise, Douglas(Dona), Fran(Sandel), George(Bethetee), Jim(Trecia), Jim S., Jo(Tyl), Jody, Karen(Ziva), Kathleen(Beth), Laura(Belagia), Luana(Ring), Mavis(Mouve), Norm(Stephen), Pat(Fryolla), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah), Reta(Dehl), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Sabrina(Stencett), Sangshin Kim, Sharon(Camdon), Sheri(Milde), Steve(Lambert), Wendy(Myiisha)
es de pt 
10/27/2002Session 1168 Details Gender Energy, Reliance on Thought, and Shifting : Bobbi(Jale)
10/27/2002Session 1169 Details Comparison as an Automatic Response and an Exercise : Debi(Oona)
10/27/2002Session 1170 Details Freedom to Do What YOU Want : Laura(Belagia)
10/27/2002Session 1171 Details The Expression of Longing : Arthur(Arturro)
10/27/2002Session 1172 Details Looking for a Relationship : Sheri(Milde)
10/28/2002Session 1173 Details Depression, Medication, Health and Body Beliefs : Anet(Alexi)
10/28/2002Session 1174 Details Who Is My Oversoul? : Luana(Ring)
10/28/2002Session 1175 Details Reflections Are Different from Mirror Actions : Jim(Trecia), Mavis(Mouve)es 
10/28/2002Session 1176 Details Reincarnation, Remanifestation, Simultaneous Focuses : Luana(Ring)

11/8/2002Session 1177 Details The Belief System of Authority, Incorporating Creativity : Steve(Soloron)
11/8/2002Session 1178 Details Notes on the Shift : Wendy(Myiisha), Kelley(Toulaine)
11/11/2002Session 1179 Details Caring vs. Concern about World Problems : Mark(Genevieve)
11/14/2002Session 1181 Details Acknowledging Your Creation Accomplishments : Don(Allard)
11/17/2002Session 1182 Details Interacting with Other Focuses and Selves : Anjuli(Myranda)
11/17/2002Session 1183 Details Moving Your Attention to the Message : Paul(Paneus)
11/18/2002Session 1184 Details Intermediates and Isolation : Bob(Jaffa)
11/18/2002Session 1185 Details Addressing to a Fear : Seale(Seale)
11/20/2002Session 1189 Details Looking at Relationships : Carol(Theona)
11/21/2002Session 1190 Details Dealing with Pain through Distraction : Elizabeth(Grace)es 
11/22/2002Session 1191 Details Exploring Dream Imagery : Paul(Ottell)
11/23/2002Session 1193 Details Pay Attention to What You WANT to be Doing : Margot(Giselle), Howard(Bosht)
11/24/2002Session 1194 Details Initiating Focus : Jon(Sung), Erin(Melody)

12/2/2002Session 1196 Details Small Actions, Large Actions — Same Belief : Frank(Ulra)
12/2/2002Session 1206 Details Hope, Disappointment, and Empowering Yourself : Keith(Allistar)pt 
12/4/2002Session 1198 Details Viewing into the Source of Yourself : Neal(Vasage)
12/5/2002Session 1199 Details Validations of Impressions and Experiences : Anjuli(Myranda)
12/7/2002Session 1201 Details There Is Much Information That You Offer to Yourself : Elena(Deena)
12/8/2002Session 1203 Details A Little More on Intermediate Orientation : Gillian(Ari)
12/9/2002Session 1204 Details Lost in the Whirlwind of Thought : Letty(Castille)
12/9/2002Session 1205 Details Exercise: Notice, Relax, and Do Not Judge : Danny(Marna)
12/11/2002Session 1208 Details Addressing to the Needs of a Special Child : Kim, Kim(unknown)
12/13/2002Session 1209 Details Being in the Now, How Do I Manifest Futurely? : Jen(Margarite)
12/15/2002Session 1210 Details Clarifications and Validations : Donatella(Lauraine), Gillian(Ari)
12/17/2002Session 1213 Details Exercise: Shedding Your Armor and Exposure : Don(Allard)
12/19/2002Session 1215 Details Dealing with Conflict : Seale(Seale)
12/19/2002Session 1216 Details I Wake Up Feeling Tired Already : Janet(Oleg)
12/20/2002Session 1218 Details Consciously Directing Versus Trusting and Allowing : Erin(Melody), Jon(Sung)
12/21/2002Session 1219 Details Homework Report : Letty(Castille)
12/22/2002Session 1221 Details Attention and Perception Moving Experiences : KC(Nanaiis)
12/24/2002Session 1222 Details Cause and Effect or a Movement of Change? : Shama(Fiona)
12/27/2002Session 1225 Details Mirroring or Reflecting : Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady)
12/28/2002Session 1226 Details The Challenge of Raising ‘Children of the Shift’ : Pat(Ling-Tu)
12/28/2002Session 1227 Details Questions about Alzheimer’s Disease : Anjuli(Myranda)es 
12/29/2002Session 1228 Details Clinical Depression in a Family Member : Bonnie(Lyla)
12/31/2002Session 1229 Details Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)