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Sessions 2001

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1/2/2001Session 750 Details That Sumafi Repetitiveness! : Sue(Catherine)
1/2/2001Session 751 Details Communicating with You : Nicky(Candace)es 
1/5/2001Session 752 Details Agreement as a Potentiality : Jacques(Moenn)
1/6/2001Session 753 Details Defining Personality Type : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
1/11/2001Session 755 Details Exploring Energy Centers : Joe(Holden)es 
1/11/2001Session 756 Details Thought and Emotion : John(Vito)
1/13/2001Session 757 Details The Death of a Pet : Liz, Liz(unknown)es 
1/14/2001Session 758 Details Consciousness and Essence : Joe(Holden)es de 
1/14/2001Session 759 Details Exploring Sleep Patterns : Steve(Steffano)
1/16/2001Session 760 Details Creating a Relationship with You : Carole(Aileen)
1/20/2001Session 761 Details Relationships/Creating What You Want : Daryl(Ashrah)pt 
1/20/2001Session 762 GroupDetails Exploring Observing Essences :
Participant listAlicha(Lupele), Ariel(Taniel), Ben(Albert), Bobbi(Jale), Bob(Syman), Cathy(Shynla), Daryl(Ashrah), David(Mylo), Debi(Oona), Donovan(Winston), Gail(William), Jene(Rudim), Jenaro(Archer), Jim(Yarr), Jo(Tyl), Judy, Laura(Alon), Liz, Lou(Barrah), Lynda(Ruther), Margot(Giselle), Megan(Ambrose), Mercedes, Nicky(Candace), Norm(Stephen), Paul(Caroll), Paul(Xutrah), Reta(Dehl), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Rosie, Sharon(Camdon), Sheri(Milde), Steve(Anton), Sue(Catherine), Tom, Venita, Vicki(Lawrence), Yvonne
1/21/2001Session 763 Details Sweala and Grelko — Part 4 :
Participant listMargot(Giselle), Sheri(Milde), Vic(Lawrence)
1/24/2001Session 764 Details So, What IS The Communication? : Bobbi(Jale), Vic(Lawrence)es 
1/25/2001Session 765 GroupDetails Allow Yourself to Pay Attention to Your Own Commun :
Participant listElizabeth(Elizabeth), Isabel(Larkshire), Juana(Shylo), Letty(Castille), Rosario(Micon), Stella(Cindel)
1/26/2001Session 766 Details Dropping the Veil of Separation : Cathy(Shynla), Jim(Yarr)es 
1/26/2001Session 767 Details Projecting Aspects of a Focus of Attention : Paul(Xutrah)
1/30/2001Session 768 Details Understanding the Creation of a Serious Dis-ease :
Participant listKirk, Laura, Laura(unknown), Kirk(unknown)
1/30/2001Session 769 Details Allowing Yourself to Become More Familiar with You : Lou(Barrah)

2/1/2001Session 770 Details Dousing : Joe(Holden)es 
2/1/2001Session 771 Details Life on Mars : Kevin(Merrith)
2/4/2001Session 772 Details Twin Essences : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
2/4/2001Session 773 Details Pay More Attention to Yourself : Norma(Paul)
2/6/2001Session 774 Details Genuine Helpfulness :
Participant listKirk, Laura, Laura(unknown), Kirk(unknown)
2/7/2001Session 775 Details Listening to the Communication : Carmen(Tirza)es 
2/8/2001Session 776 Details An Energy of Curiosity : Gerald, Gerald(unknown)
2/15/2001Session 777 Details Imagination : Joe(Holden)es 
2/15/2001Session 778 Details Official Real Reality : Nicky(Candace), Rodney(Zacharie)es 
2/16/2001Session 779 Details Recognizing and Receiving the Messages from Self : Debi(Oona)es 
2/18/2001Session 780 Details Recognizing Your Validation to Yourself : Beth(Joycelyn), Joanne(Zelda)
2/18/2001Session 781 Details Myths and Legends : Howard(Bosht)
2/19/2001Session 782 Details Being a Victim of Yourself : Letty(Castille)
2/20/2001Session 783 Details Playful - and Intense - Energy : Pat(Ling-Tu)
2/22/2001Session 784 Details Essence and Suffering : Joseph(Dainel)
2/23/2001Session 785 Details Creatures as a Reflection of You : Rebecca(Rhiannon)
2/24/2001Session 787 Details Fear in How Other Individuals Perceive You : Steve(Steffano)es 
2/25/2001Session 788 GroupDetails The Notorious Focus Session :
Participant listBen(Albert), Frank(Christian), Mike(Mikah)
2/25/2001Session 789 Details Obstacles in Creating What You Want: Skepticism vs :
Participant listBen(Albert), Frank(Christian), Mike(Mikah)
2/26/2001Session 790 Details Exploring Communications from Self : Frank(Ulra)es 
2/27/2001Session 791 Details Exploring Personal Responsibility Issues : Marcos(Marta)

3/2/2001Session 792 Details In part: 'Chapter focuses' : Carter(Cynthia)
3/10/2001Session 793 Details Genuine Supportiveness to Children :
Participant listJoanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady), Michael(Leale)
3/11/2001Session 795 Details Books and Chapter Focuses : Paul(Xutrah)
3/13/2001Session 796 Details Overlapping Books and Source Events : Vicki(Lawrence)de 
3/14/2001Session 797 Details Energy as a Blueprint in Interactions : Michael(Delal)
3/15/2001Session 798 Details Permission to Create What You Want : Daryl(Ashrah)
3/17/2001Session 799 Details Trust Your Communications :
Participant listBen(Albert), David(Othello), Jenny(Emilio)
3/18/2001Session 800 GroupDetails The Concentrate Upon Self Session :
Participant listBen(Albert), Edward(Colleen), Frank(Christian), Frank(Tyne), Joanne(Gildae), John(Rrussell), Luanne(Inez), Maria-Elena(Ginerro), Marj(Grady), Mike(Mikah), Miriam(Zymian), Robert(Ben-Adi), Robin(Renea), Rodney(Zacharie), Suki(Lissethe), Ted(Cara), Kathleen(Bonelle)
es de pt 
3/25/2001Session 805 Details Exchange, Individual Worth, and Monetary Expressio : Sherry(Seale)es 
3/25/2001Session 806 Details Conflict in the Workplace : Georgia(Jacob)
3/27/2001Session 807 Details Paying Attention to ALL the Communications : Frank(Ulra)es 
3/29/2001Session 808 Details Overlapping Focuses : Bobbi(Jale)
3/30/2001Session 809 Details A Balanced Little Sapling : Jim(Yarr)es 

4/1/2001Session 811 Details A Relationship with Alcohol : Gillian(Ari)es 
4/3/2001Session 812 Details Fear and Anger : Letty(Castille)
4/5/2001Session 814 Details Beliefs Versus Perception, and the Tree : KC(Nanaiis)
4/6/2001Session 816 Details Old Soul/New Soul/Final Focus : Sherry(Seale)es 
4/8/2001Session 817 Details  Oh, And Something Else.. :
Participant listJenny(Emilio), David(Othello), Ben(Albert), Gregory(Kendall), Al(Kiya), Burt(Andrea)
4/8/2001Session 819 Details Focuses: Themes, Beliefs, and Judgments :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Ben(Albert), Edward(Colleen), Frank(Tyne)
4/12/2001Session 820 Details Vibrational Quality of Time and the Shift : Joe(Holden)
4/12/2001Session 821 Details No Levels Within Consciousness : George, George(unknown)es 
4/15/2001Session 823 Details Themes and Preferences of Essence : Howard(Bosht)
4/17/2001Session 824 Details Noticing the Camouflage : Tom(Malhai), Melinda(Sena)
4/22/2001Session 826 Details Dropping the Shield : Frank(Christian), Ben(Albert)
4/24/2001Session 827 Details Probabilities/Possibilities : Frank(Ulra)es 
4/25/2001Session 828 Details The Milumet : Ann(Shea), Jen(Margarite)es 
4/29/2001Session 829 Details Bees, Mosquitoes, and Rocks : Liz, Liz(unknown)

5/6/2001Session 832 Details Figuring Out Focuses : Margot(Giselle)
5/10/2001Session 835 Details Interaction in Physical Reality : Daryl(Ashrah)es 
5/11/2001Session 836 Details Creature Creations : Sherry(Seale)es 
5/12/2001Session 837 Details Children of the Shift : Paul(Xutrah)es 
5/15/2001Session 838 Details Trust/Reappearing X-Files/Snoring: Every Individual Creates Their Own : Bobbi(Jale)
5/17/2001Session 839 Details Altering a Physical Expression : Bill, Bill(unknown)es 
5/20/2001Session 841 Details Steering Your Own Ship : Letty(Castille)
5/21/2001Session 842 Details Identifying What You Actually Want : Ben(Albert), Mike(Mikah)
5/22/2001Session 843 Details Hauntings : Katie(Muriel)es 
5/26/2001Session 844 Details Validating Impressions : MR(Lyth), Vivien(Miriam)
5/29/2001Session 845 Details Paying Attention to Impressions : Frank(Ulra)es 

6/9/2001Session 847 Details Simultaneous Time and Focuses : Steven(Steffano)es 
6/9/2001Session 848 GroupDetails Enlightenment Through Conflict :
Participant listKathleen, Ashley(Percie), Ben(Albert), Betsy(Mary), Bob, Carter(Cynthia), Carole(Aileen), David(Flynn), Fay(Camile), Fran(Sandel), Joanne(Gildae), John, Judy, KC(Nanaiis), Laura, Leslie(Myranda), Liz(Elisabeth), Luanne(Inez), Marj(Grady), Marje(Mikail), Mary(Chane), Michie(Michett), Mysty(Michella), Nancy(Jsanelle), Pat(Ling-Tu), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Sally, Sharon(Camdon), Steve(Steffano), Ted(Cara), Thomas, Vicki(Lawrence)
es de 
6/10/2001Session 849 Details Connections : Fran(Sandel)
6/10/2001Session 850 Details A Playful Energy : Pat(Ling-Tu), Leslie(Myranda)
6/10/2001Session 851 Details Checking in with Elias : Ashley(Percie), Liz(Elisabeth)
6/17/2001Session 854 Details Recognizing Your Energy in Focuses :
Participant listAnon(unknown), David(Othello), Jenny(Emilio)
6/26/2001Session 856 Details Subjective Interactions with Elias : Frank(Ulra)es 
6/28/2001Session 857 Details Atlantis : Deane(Leland)
6/28/2001Session 858 Details Merging with the Expression of Fear : Daryl(Ashrah)es 

7/3/2001Session 860 Details Redefining Terms: Teaching, Love, Compassion, Opinion : Merrill(Fiona)pt 
7/5/2001Session 861 Details Exploring Connections :
Participant listAxel(Ricarro), Ben(Albert), Mike(Mikah)
7/11/2001Session 862 Details Impatience : Sherry(Seale)es 
7/12/2001Session 863 Details Looking to Self : Joe(Holden)es 
7/12/2001Session 864 Details An Analogy of Gears : Debi(Oona)
7/15/2001Session 867 Details Focus Impressions : Howard(Bosht)
7/16/2001Session 868 Details Redefining Thought : Letty(Castille)es de 
7/24/2001Session 869 Details Sumafi/Sumari : Neal, Neal(unknown)pt 
7/24/2001Session 870 Details Exploring Focuses and Physical Communications : Katie(Muriel), Aldo(Nissah)es 
7/26/2001Session 871 Details The Limiting Effect of Duplicity : KC(Nanaiis)es 
7/26/2001Session 872 Details Creating What You Want : Irene, Irene(unknown)es pt 
7/29/2001Session 873 Details You SHALL Gain Your Attention : Gillian(Ari)

8/5/2001Session 874 Details Relationships: Rules and Expectations : Neal(Vasage)es 
8/5/2001Session 875 Details Listening to Elias’ Subjective Interaction : Paul(Xutrah)
8/7/2001Session 876 Details Defining ‘Abstract Objective Imagery’ : Jim(Yarr)
8/8/2001Session 877 Details Channeling : Frank(Ulra)
8/10/2001Session 878 Details Money : Carla(Jilliane)
8/10/2001Session 879 Details Looking for Meaning : Mike(Mikah), Nicky(Candace)
8/13/2001Session 881 Details Mergence of Essences to Create a Focus : Mike(Mikah)
8/13/2001Session 882 Details The Communication of Imagination : Carmen(Tirza)
8/16/2001Session 883 Details Confusion in Direction : KC(Nanaiis), Mary Jo(Eazon)
8/16/2001Session 884 Details Belief: Struggle and Difficulty Creates Value : Daryl(Ashrah)
8/18/2001Session 885 Details Sunday Blues : Marcos(Marta)
8/19/2001Session 886 Details Creating Intimacy and a Familiarization with Self : Kevin(Douglas)
8/23/2001Session 888 Details Relationship Issues and Beliefs : Lynda(Ruther), Donnalie(Mallory)
8/23/2001Session 889 Details Death and Transition : Leslie(Margaret)es 
8/24/2001Session 890 Details Steer Your Own Ship : Letty(Castille)
8/25/2001Session 891 Details  The Choosing Functi :
Participant listDavid(Othello), Jenny(Emilio), Pavel(Vassili), Anon(unknown)
8/30/2001Session 892 Details Colorblindness : Paul(Ottell)
8/30/2001Session 893 Details The Battle Between the Large Dog and the Small Dog : Carmen(Tirza)es de 
8/31/2001Session 894 Details Manifesting a Car : Neal(Vasage)es pt 

9/3/2001Session 895 Details Zombie and Eternal Life Imagery : Sue(Catherine)
9/6/2001Session 896 Details What DO I Want? : Lynda(Ruther), Donnalie(Mallory)es pt 
9/9/2001Session 900 Details Myriad Directions of Expression in Relation to Intent : Margot(Giselle), Howard(Bosht)
9/10/2001Session 901 Details More on Thought : Donnalie(Mallory), Peter(Allegra)
9/13/2001Session 902 Details The World Trade Center Event : Rudy(Rudim), Vicki(Lawrence)es 
9/21/2001Session 905 Details Lessening Trauma in the Shift : Sherry(Seale)es 
9/22/2001Session 906 Details The Key Is to Find the Part That Does the Choosing : Jim(Trecia), Mavis(Mouve)
9/24/2001Session 907 Details Number of Focuses : Joseph(Dainel)
9/25/2001Session 908 Details Pay Attention to the Action, Not the Thought of the Action : Frank(Ulra)
9/27/2001Session 909 Details You Are the Universe : Anjuli(Myranda)
9/27/2001Session 910 Details Discussing Reactions to the World Trade Center Bombing : Daryl(Ashrah)
9/28/2001Session 911 Details Not Overwhelming Yourself and Not Creating Trauma : Carmen(Tirza)
9/29/2001Session 912 Details Why Did The WTC Event Occur? : Isabel(Larkshire), Stella(Cindel)
9/29/2001Session 913 Details "Discovering Intent; Tree Analogy" : Lorraine(Kayia)

10/1/2001Session 914 Details Temporarily Experimenting with a Different Orientation : George(Mahidad)
10/4/2001Session 915 Details Nature Symbology : Anjuli(Miranda)
10/5/2001Session 916 Details Conceptualization, Alternate Selves, Generational Themes : Jojo(Callwart)es 
10/6/2001Session 917 GroupDetails Acceleration of Energy :
Participant listAngela(Hugh), April, Jen(Margarite), Judy(Joan), Kris, Laura(Lynya), Merrie(Miora), Michelle(Sebata), Mickey, Saint, Sandy, Sarah
10/8/2001Session 918 Details Awareness Is Not Related to Age : Julia(Moorah)
10/8/2001Session 919 Details Relationships Are a Reflection of You : Letty(Castille)
10/9/2001Session 920 Details Number Imagery : Katie(Muriel)
10/10/2001Session 921 Details What Do You Genuinely Wish To Be Generating? : Sherry(Seale)
10/11/2001Session 922 Details The Abstractness of Objective Imagery : Jim(Yarr)
10/11/2001Session 923 Details Intermediate Orientation : Anjuli(Miranda)
10/12/2001Session 924 Details Creating in Ease : Frank(Ulra)es 
10/12/2001Session 925 Details Tension : Julie(Fontine)
10/13/2001Session 926 Details Fighting Communications from Self : Letty(Castille)
10/16/2001Session 928 Details What Is Your Impression? : Gina(Bahlah)
10/18/2001Session 929 Details Impatience as a Tool for Motivation : Anjuli(Miranda)
10/18/2001Session 930 Details Not Lending Energy to the Perpetuation of Conflict : Sherry(Seale)
10/19/2001Session 931 Details Infidelity and Guilt :
Participant listJenny(Emilio), Onix(Skylier), Anon(unknown)
10/20/2001Session 932 Details Soft Interactions : Wendy(Wynnett)
10/24/2001Session 933 Details Getting Your Own Attention Through Extreme Expressions : Blaze, Blaze(unknown)
10/26/2001Session 935 Details Viewing Other Focuses :
Participant listJan(Mona), Donna, Donna(unknown)
10/27/2001Session 937 Details Accepting ALL Your Expressions :
Participant listAili, Stephen, Stephen(unknown), Aili(unknown)
10/27/2001Session 938 GroupDetails Engaging a War on Ideas :
Participant listBen(Albert), Curtis(Juva), Edward(Colleen), Eric(Cuffee), Frank(Christian), Frank(Tyne), George(Mahidad), Gillian(Ari), Jan(Mona), Jim(Marion), Joanne(Gildae), Joe(Holden), Leslie(Myranda), Linda(Robert), Liz, Lorraine(Kayia), Luanne(Inez), Lynda(Ruther), Marj(Grady), Marje(Mikail), Mike(Mikah), Pat(Ling-Tu), Pat(Treice), Renate(Chaumbre), Rodney(Zacharie), Ron(Olivia), Rosie, Sheri(Milde), Suki(Lissethe), Ted(Cara), Vic(Lawrence), Andy, Arlene, Bruce, Donna, Joe, Linda, Martin, Ralph, Yvonne
es pt 
10/28/2001Session 939 Details Change and Fear : Joanne(Gildae)
10/28/2001Session 940 Details A Playful Session : Pat(Ling Tu)
10/28/2001Session 941 Details Exercise: Releasing Anxiety : Yvonne, Yvonne(unknown)es pt 
10/28/2001Session 942 Details Definitions : Leslie(Myranda)
10/29/2001Session 943 Details Becoming Familiar with Your Attention and with You : Luanne(Inez), Ted(Cara)
10/29/2001Session 944 Details Alcohol Use — A Tangle of Beliefs :
Participant listGillian(Ari), Renate, Renate(unknown)

11/1/2001Session 947 Details Releasing Physical Tension : Carmen(Tirza)es pt 
11/1/2001Session 965 Details Parents and Teenagers: Anger, Expectations, Roles : Neal(Vasage)
11/2/2001Session 949 Details Pay Attention to the CHOOSING Rather Than the Thinking : Sherry(Seale)
11/4/2001Session 950 Details Accepting a Loved One’s Choice to Disengage : Georgia(Jacob)
11/6/2001Session 951 Details Exploring a Physical Affectingness : Ben(Albert), Mike(Mikah)
11/6/2001Session 952 Details Verifying Impressions : Anjuli(Myranda)
11/9/2001Session 953 Details Objective Imagery of Not Paying Attention to Self : Frank(Ulra)
11/9/2001Session 954 Details Strong Counterpart Actions : Fiona(Jennifek)
11/9/2001Session 955 Details Why We Choose What We Think We Don’t Want : Donnalie(Mallory)
11/11/2001Session 956 Details Holding a Dream Walker Aspect : Paul(Xutrah)
11/13/2001Session 958 Details Concurrent and Other-Dimensional Focuses : Anjuli(Myranda)
11/16/2001Session 960 Details Paying Attention to Self : Letty(Castille)
11/18/2001Session 962 Details Questions About Energy Expressions : Joshua(Ahmed)es 
11/19/2001Session 963 Details Validating the Concepts : Anjuli(Myranda)
11/20/2001Session 964 Details Trauma of the Shift : Carmen(Tirza)es pt 
11/24/2001Session 966 Details Exercise: Paying Attention to Self in the Moment : Marje(Mikail)
11/24/2001Session 967 Details A Blackberry Brandy Connection : Margot(Giselle), Howard(Bosht)
11/25/2001Session 968 Details Exploring Essence and Consciousness : Arlene(Giovani)
11/27/2001Session 969 Details Manifesting a Soul Mate : Donna(Luera)
11/29/2001Session 970 Details Other-Dimensional Exploration : Anjuli(Myranda)

12/2/2001Session 971 Details Moving Your Attention Away from a Dis-Ease : Tim(Coulum)es 
12/4/2001Session 972 Details Language Communication : Anjuli(Myranda)
12/28/2001Session 974 Details Accessing Energy Deposits : Ben(Albert), Mike(Mikah)es 
12/31/2001Session 975 Details Effortlessness and Action : Frank(Ulra)es