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Sessions 1998

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1/2/1998Session 254 Details Your Own Individual Genie! : Jim(Marthowh), Vicki(Lawrence)es 
1/4/1998Session 255 GroupDetails The Sex Session :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), David(Mylo), Dennis(Gaylord), Don, Drew(Matthew), Gail(William), Helen(Jsenne), Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/10/1998Session 256 Details Conflicting Belief Systems :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/11/1998Session 257 GroupDetails Duplicity/Acceptance :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), David(Mylo), Deina(Anna), Drew(Matthew), Gail(William), Helen(Jsenne), Lisa(Behal), Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/15/1998Session 258 Details Computer Questions II : Cathy(Shynla), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/17/1998Session 259 Details  Dealing with Iss :
Participant listAdrianna(Bruce), Cathy(Shynla), Drew(Matthew), Glenda, Glenda(unknown), Jeri(Fromasch), Letty(Castille), Linda(Mareau), Ron(Olivia), Stella(Cindel), Vicki(Lawrence)
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1/18/1998Session 260 GroupDetails Creature Consciousness :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), Drew(Matthew), Kaan(Ian), Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/22/1998Session 261 Details The Bobsey Twins :
Participant listJene(Rudim), Nicky(Candace), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/25/1998Session 262 GroupDetails Creature Consciousness II :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), Chris(Yan), Drew(Matthew), Gail(William), Jo(Tyl), Kaan(Ian), Norm(Stephen), Paul(Caroll), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
1/28/1998Session 263 Details Essence Is YOU : Bobbi(Jale), Vicki(Lawrence)

2/1/1998Session 264 GroupDetails Energy Centers/Intent/Value Fulfillment :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), David(Mylo), Gail(William), Jim(Yan), Jo(Tyl), Kaan(Ian), Norm(Stephen), Paul(Caroll), Reta(Dehl), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
2/5/1998Session 265 Details Alba gu bra! :
Participant listDavid(Mylo), Helen(Jsenne), Vicki(Lawrence)

3/8/1998Session 268 Details Computer Questions III : Forrest(Ellius)
3/19/1998Session 269 Details Computer Questions IV : Forrest(Ellius)
3/19/1998Session 270 Details  An Introduction and a :
Participant listDiane(Juan), Erik(Mosten), Forrest(Ellius), Laura(Lynya), Nathan(Robertt), Richard(Zephel), Robin(Pierre)
es de pt 

4/2/1998Session 271 Details Acceptance - An Unfamiliar Concept : Forrest(Ellius), Nicky(Candace)
4/5/1998Session 272 Details Non-Physical Transition : Carole(Aileen), Forrest(Ellius)es 
4/7/1998Session 273 Details Confusion and Conflict/Milumet and Zuli Alignments : Forrest(Ellius), Sara(Shyl)
4/18/1998Session 274 Details The Belief Systems of Psychology and Duplicity : Diane(Juan)pt 
4/23/1998Session 275 GroupDetails Windows :
Participant listErik(Mosten), Forrest(Ellius), Jennifer(Margarite), Laura(Lynya), Margot(Giselle), Nathan(Robertt), Richard(Zephel), Robin(Pierre)
4/25/1998Session 276 Details Slippery Situations :
Participant listForrest(Ellius), Marcos(Marta), Marissa(Isabel)
4/28/1998Session 277 Details The Investigation Continues : Forrest(Ellius), Vivien(Miriam)
4/30/1998Session 278 Details The Meaning of Life : Tom(Malhai)es 

5/12/1998Session 279 Details Aspects/Fragments/Splinters/Probables : Michael(Mikah)
5/14/1998Session 280 GroupDetails The Connective Tissue of Consciousness :
Participant listDarin(Kethay), Erik(Mosten), Forrest(Ellius), Jennifer(Margarite), Margo(Banth), Nathan(Robertt), Robin(Pierre)
5/17/1998Session 281 GroupDetails The Connective Tissue of Consciousness II :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cathy(Shynla), David(Mylo), Jo(Tyl), Paul(Caroll), Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Vicki(Lawrence)
5/28/1998Session 282 Details What Is Spirituality? : Leslie(Margaret)pt 
5/30/1998Session 284 GroupDetails Strange Times :
Participant listBetsy, Carole(Aileen), Debra, Doug, Ellen, Forrest(Ellius), Fred, Joanne, Lee, Linda, Mari(Cathdarh), Mary, Monica(Bridget), Nancy, Pam, Rodney(Zacharie), Sally, Sharon, Suzanne, Tom, Tom(Thomas), Tony
es de pt 

6/11/1998Session 285 Details Who’s Bad? : Michael, Michael(unknown)
6/14/1998Session 286 Details Be More Aware of YOU! : Marcos(Marta)
6/18/1998Session 287 GroupDetails Accessing Parallel & Alternate Realities :
Participant listForrest(Ellius), Jennifer(Margarite), Margo(Banth), Robin(Pierre)
6/23/1998Session 289 Details What Is My Intent? : Sara(Shyl)
6/25/1998Session 290 Details No Magic Potions! : Mike(Mikah)
6/26/1998Session 291 GroupDetails SNAP – A Beginning Course in Projection :
Participant listBetsy(Mary), Carole(Aileen), Jim(Allen), Joanne(Hariett), Mari(Cathdarh), Monica(Bridget), Nancy(Jsanelle), Rodney(Zacharie), Sally(Bistell), Sheila(Richard), Tom(Thomas)
6/30/1998Session 292 Details Dis-eases Affecting Gender Organs : Jim(Allen)

7/1/1998Session 293 Details Elias’ Intent : Nancy(Jsanelle)pt 
7/1/1998Session 294 Details The Energy Exchange vs. Channeling : Sally(Bistell)
7/8/1998Session 295 Details This Area of Psychic Prediction Is Dangerous! : Peggy, Peggy(unknown)
7/13/1998Session 296 Details  A Temporary State of Consciousn :
Participant listDavid(Mylo), Drew(Matthew), Gail(William), Jo(Tyl), Lisa(Behal), Paul(Caroll), Ron(Olivia), Vicki(Lawrence)
7/14/1998Session 297 Details The Creation of Critical Mass : Tom(Malhai)
7/16/1998Session 298 GroupDetails Rose/The Shift/Simultaneous Time :
Participant listAngela(Hugh), Jennifer(Margarite), Jim(Marlet), John(Rijaal), Judy(Joan), Margo(Banth), Tamara(Aldenn)
7/19/1998Session 299 Details Communication with Essence : Mari(Cathdarh)pt 
7/21/1998Session 300 Details  The Not-So-Private Private :
Participant listCarter(Cynthia), David(Mylo), Jo(Tyl), Paul(Caroll), Ron(Olivia), Vicki(Lawrence)
7/25/1998Session 301 GroupDetails The Belief System of Relationships :
Participant listBen(Albert), Christien, Dan, Edward, Frank(Christian), Jane, Julie, Kelli, Merrie(Miora), Monica(Bridget), Richard, Rob, Rodney(Zacharie), Tom(Thomas), Tony
es pt 
7/26/1998Session 302 GroupDetails Your Relationship with Yourself :
Participant listArlene, Bob, Brian, Christina, Christine, Dan, Florence, James, Jerry, Karen, Kathy, Myrtle, Rodney(Zacharie), Ted, Thom
es de pt 

8/1/1998Session 303 Details Hurtfulness within Relationships : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
8/1/1998Session 304 Details Ilda Alignment/Weight : Ellen(Alissa)
8/2/1998Session 305 Details Dream Walkers : Dawn(Sarah), Michael(Delal)
8/9/1998Session 306 Details Recurring Dream Imagery : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
8/14/1998Session 307 GroupDetails Relationships – A Group Discussion :
Participant listBetsy(Mary), Carole(Aileen), Joanne(Hariett), John, Linda, Mari(Cathdarh), Meryl, Sally(Bissel), Sharon, Sheila(Richard)
es pt 
8/21/1998Session 308 GroupDetails Fragmentation : Jen(Margarite)es 
8/22/1998Session 309 Details Alternate & Probable Selves : Rodney(Zacharie)es 

9/1/1998Session 311 Details Projection & Adressing to Beliefs : Tom(Malhai)
9/11/1998Session 313 GroupDetails Empathic vs. Empathy :
Participant listBetsy(Mary), Carole(Aileen), Joanne(Hariett), John(Concepcion), Sally(Bissell)
9/12/1998Session 314 Details At Play in the Battlefield of the Shift : Marcos(Marta), Marissa(Isabel)
9/12/1998Session 315 Details The Belief System of Protection : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
9/13/1998Session 317 Details Belief vs. Trust : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
9/17/1998Session 319 Details Shrines & Duplicity : Elisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro)es de 
9/18/1998Session 320 GroupDetails Lessening Separation/The Elusive Element of Spirit :
Participant listErik(Mosten), Laura(Lynya), Marie(Belea), Michelle(Sebata), Nathan(Robertt), Richard(Richard), Sandi(Anya), Sandy
9/20/1998Session 321 Details Time/Creation of Physical Mass : Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl)
9/22/1998Session 322 Details Adolescent Confusion and Lack of Motivation : Joanne(Hariett)
9/23/1998Session 323 Details Familiar/Unfamiliar : Leslie(Margaret)
9/23/1998Session 324 GroupDetails Probabilities/An Immaculate Puzzle :
Participant listBeth, Catricia, Marisa, Mildred, Ronda, Shirley, Tamara(Aldenn)
es pt 
9/27/1998Session 325 Details Look to Self FIRST! : Jim(Yarr)es 
9/29/1998Session 326 Details Sexual Orientation : Rob(Mendoe)

10/3/1998Session 328 GroupDetails The Belief System of Duplicity :
Participant listAna, Ben(Albert), Brendan(Brian), Danny(Erich), Harry, Jerry, John(Jason), Julie(Listell), Lee, Merrie(Miora), Rodney(Zacharie), Val(Caliel), Wayne
es de 
10/3/1998Session 327 Details Healing/Relationship/Religious Beliefs : Ben(Albert), Edward(Colleen)
10/11/1998Session 329 Details There Is No Separation : Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl)
10/11/1998Session 330 Details The Belief Systems of Religion and Control : David(Tagge)pt 
10/16/1998Session 331 GroupDetails The Concept of Spirituality :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Cath(Baile), Dale(Jene), James, Jen(Margarite), Mark(Marek), Vicki(Lawrence)
10/17/1998Session 332 Details Acceptance & Trust of self :
Participant listDale(Jene), James(Chui), Vicki(Lawrence)
10/19/1998Session 333 Details Addressing to Contradictions :
Participant listBobbi(Jale), Frank(Christian), Vicki(Lawrence)
10/21/1998Session 334 Details Healing/the Empathic Sense : Katie(Muriel)
10/27/1998Session 336 Details The Inner Sense of Tone and Touch : Joanne(Tyl), Paul(Caroll)

11/8/1998Session 337 Details Probabilities/There Are Always Reasons : Norm(Stephen), Reta(Dehl)
11/10/1998Session 338 Details Creatures/Shrines/Medical Belief Systems : Sue(Catherine)
11/13/1998Session 339 GroupDetails Relationships/Duplicity :
Participant listBetsy(Mary), Carole(Aileen), Joanne(Hariett), Pat(LingChu), Sally(Bissell), Tom(Thomas)
11/15/1998Session 340 Details Sumari/Sumafi & Vold/Tumold :
11/21/1998Session 341 Details The Camouflage of Helpfulness : Marcos(Marta)
11/24/1998Session 342 Details Desire vs. Wants : Deane(Leland)
11/29/1998Session 343 Details The Trap of Self-Righteousness : Elizabeth(Dikto), Katie(Muriel)

12/5/1998Session 344 Details The Belief System of Accomplishment :
Participant listDanny(Erich), Len(Pointse), Val(Caliel)
12/5/1998Session 345 GroupDetails Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine? :
Participant listBen(Albert), Brendan(Brian), Camilla(Emma), Edward(Colleen), Ellen(Allissa), Frank(Christian), Guy(Soloman), Harry, Julie(Listell), Merrie(Miora), Rodney(Zacharie), Wayne
es de pt 
12/9/1998Session 346 GroupDetails Fear of life :
Participant listJennifer(Margarite), Michelle(Sebata), Nathan(Robertt), Richard(Zephel)
es pt 
12/11/1998Session 347 GroupDetails Working Belief Systems :
Participant listCarole(Aileen), Joanne(Hariett), Nancy(Jsanelle)