Session 2519

“Shifting of Shape”
“Generating an Actual Physical Vibration”

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jean-Baptiste (Araili) and Eric (Yuki)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JIB: Good afternoon Elias. Good to talk to you again.

ERIC: Good afternoon. Good to hear your voice.

ELIAS Ahah. And you also. And what shall we discuss?

JIB: We had some big discussion yesterday evening with Eric and we want to talk a bit about this and we want also to discuss some little confirmations like focus, or impressions.

ELIAS: Very well.

JIB: So we’ll begin with some impressions of some of them?

ELIAS: Very well.

JIB: I wanted to confirm with you that our focuses of Lucio and Adrian are focuses, the twins that can shapeshift a little and... I had the impression that it was really close to our time so to speak like maybe at the end of the 21st century or beginning of the 22nd but when we asked Arkandin he told us they were in year 5000 something and I was wondering if I was right with my impression or if it was more like 5000?

ELIAS: Both would be correct.

JIB: Both?


JIB: Why?

ELIAS: For you incorporate more than one focus that engages this action.

JIB: OK with the same name or?


JIB: So we’ll have to find who’s who and when.

ELIAS: Those that you incorporate the names with already - your impression would be correct, but you do incorporate other focuses in the other time framework that engage similar actions.

JIB: OK it would be interesting to try to connect them. I wanted to know about my impression about my focus in 2163 whose name’s Matilda, and I feel like she is maybe in her 40s or 50s and she’s connected to the focus of Tracy who’s called Sophie. Is that correct?


JIB: Does Eric have also a focus in the time framework close to this focus?


JIB: Eric, do you have any impression about the name?

ERIC: Not for the moment.

JIB: Eric doesn’t have any impression about the names so maybe we’ll ask later I also wanted to know about an aspect of my focus that I call the Snoot. It appeared in the story we’re writing with Francie, Tracy and Eric as some kind of non-physical creature with a liquid fur and iridescent colors. It’s like an aspect of my current focus also. Can you tell me more about this?

ELIAS: Your impressions are correct, and what would you like to know?

JIB: I wanted to know if this aspect is connected to my desire to introduce some fun aspect in everything that I do like when I’m in a meeting with people at work, I’m always doing some kind of incongruous stuff or completely non related to the meeting or subject we are talking and I was wondering if it was some manifestation connected with this aspect.

ELIAS: Yes. And I would express that it is a playful aspect. I would express to you an acknowledgment that you are allowing yourself to tap into different aspects of yourself that may express very different qualities than you would normally express.

JIB: (laughs) Yes.

ELIAS: But it allows you a broader expression in allowing yourself to generate in a freer manner which allows more creativity also.

JIB: At times it’s like something going from another place or another time and that’s completely different, that bounces into my vision or focus area.

ELIAS: (smiles) I would express to you that this can be quite playful if you allow yourself to be.

JIB: I want very much to create more...

ELIAS: This also offers you the opportunity to be even more creative in engaging your stories for you can invent so to speak manifestations for these different aspects and you can actually give each different aspect a different form in a different manner and knowing that they are all you.

JIB: Yes! It’s very interesting. We are incorporating also these aspects in the magazine we are creating also with these other people, so it’s like also spreading outside the stories.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. (emphatic) Which, I would also express to you that in playing in this manner - it also contributes to an energy of allowance in the direction that you want to engage in shape shifting. For you are incorporating the different forms as elements of yourself, and therefore if they are all you, it contributes to allowing you to change forms.

JIB: Yes. Concerning these changes of forms and shape shifting, I’m also experimenting these few things now, just lying on my bed and seeing my body and all the flows of energies and all the communications of my body, my emotions or my outer senses.. It’s like at times the definitions of the boundaries of my body, my organs.. is disappearing and also I’m no longer trying to change them because I don’t like them or like I wanted to change my teeth. It’s more like how would I be today, how would I like to direct my energy today?

ELIAS: (smiles) Which also creates another avenue for you to be moving into that energy of allowing your form to naturally change.

JIB: Yes, and it’s little bit difficult or it can be frustrating at times - and in fact it’s connected with what we talked about with Eric yesterday, because at times it’s like we’re just doing nothing visible or objectively palpable and it’s just like we feel we are waiting but it’s not waiting, it’s more like the expression about (???) I think I prefer this way of doing than trying to change and force my body to go into a direction. It’s like I’m wanting more to feel every bit of it and every aspect of it.

ELIAS: Yes I am understanding. Now, let me offer you a suggestion that may help to encourage you in your process by validating to you that you can do this. You can practice in generating an action in which you sit within your room in a relaxed manner and relax your energy and allow yourself to gaze at a chair. Now, this gaze with the chair will be somewhat similar to staring at the chair and merely allow yourself to defocus your vision slightly. It is a similar action to viewing energy fields. But in this action you will be somewhat starting directly at the chair and the more you relax as you stare at the chair, the chair will begin to alter its shape. In this process, do not incorporate thinking: merely allow yourself to concentrate upon the chair. You will begin to see it change forms. It may begin to collapse, or it may begin to expand or it may begin to fold. But it will change. When you can accomplish this action. It will be reinforcing to you that you can also accomplish the shifting of shape with body consciousnesses. For if you can alter the shape of a chair, you can alter the form of any object, including yourself.

JIB: It’s lucky because... we just bought new chairs.

ELIAS: Ahahaha.

JIB: ... so we can experiment with them. I just wanted to know... Well I’ll just let Eric go on with his questions.

ELIAS: Very well.

ERIC: Perhaps you could tell me more... about what you said about the perception of the chair and the kind of interaction with what I call the ”external” world, because it’s tied with the discussion we had yesterday. What I’m mostly trying to do, and perhaps it’s a bit different than what Jib is doing with because we got different orientations. What I’m usually trying to do is to modify first my perception, to get into the state that I’ve actually had the experiences of sometimes, where I can feel immersed, more perhaps in a more lucid manner or more interactive manner with the world. And I guess my question started with, during this shift, my idea was that we were changing our perception of the outer world in a significant manner. Like we were merging the outer perception with the inner perception in a more clear and lucid manner, like the one I can sometimes have. During these experiences, when I’m trying to do that, I also had the impression that it’s namely an internal [process] and that there is no real change on the global consensus on how the energy is perceived [outwardly]. So I kind of have trouble when people express that their perceptions have greatly changed, because for me my perception, or what I call my ”outer” perception of the world, hasn’t really changed, even though the ”inner” perception of it may have changed a lot perhaps because I get more comprehension on what I am doing. But my physical perception of the world I don’t see it changing unless I’m doing this kind of process, like getting in a state of lucid dreams or out-of-body experiences. Because when I’m doing this, I can sense the whole thing shifting, and I’m wondering if it will be easier to do that, or is the point of the shift to get into that kind of perception? Because I have trouble seeing that I have more mastery at doing it, or doing it ”at will” for example. Because it’s like I still see some kind of energetic barrier that prevents the actual fitting into a more stable perception. I don’t know if you see what I’m trying to tell?

ELIAS: (takes a breathe)

ERIC: Or have I lost you completely?

ELIAS: No, I am understanding.

ERIC: So I’m wondering... are we going into that direction where we get more into that kind of perception in a more stable manner or is it just because through my perception I tend to see things kind of flat on the outside and I have to change how I perceive the outer things to have them perceived in a more mixed manner with my inward perception?...

ELIAS: (slowly) First of all, what are you attempting to accomplish in the alteration of what you express as being the outer perception,... for let me express to you, perception is ultimately important, but in relation to shifting, you are not necessarily changing the elements of physical reality. Now, what is meant by that is the physical reality that you experience, will continue to be expressed in association with the blueprints of this reality. Therefore even if actions such as you play with in shape shifting so to speak, it would not be an action that would be permanent. It would be an ability that you would incorporate and that you would express, but you would also return to your familiar form, just as your physical reality will continue to be expressed in somewhat of a familiar manner. You’re not entirely altering all of your reality. But I am understanding what you are expressing in relation to the outer reality and the inner reality or the outer perception and the inner perception; that at times, you can walk upon a street and the outer perception in your terms continues to be seen as a street. But in your terms, the inner perception may experience it differently, in a more fluid manner.

ERIC: Definitely.

ELIAS: I am understanding the distinction that you are expressing in this, and this is a step in moving towards actual physical alteration. For if you can experience them differently, it does affect your perception in how it is creating the reality. Now, what you are actually doing -there are not actually two perceptions, but you are incorporating experiencing what you perceive differently, which moves you closer to altering your perception in the physical expression and therefore moves you closer to expressing the ability to change actual physical forms. For you are already experiencing differently. That is the difference in what you are doing now versus what you may have been doing pastly. For it is a matter of how you experience what you perceive. Therefore you may visually see a street that you may be standing in, but rather than experiencing it as you being a rigid object standing upon a hard surface, you may be experiencing it in a manner that you feel more fluid and the surface feels more flexible.

ERIC: Perhaps to answer your previous question about what I’m intending to do with playing with these alterations of perceptions, perhaps I would say that in my case what I’m trying to do it trying to see more of the reality. As we were discussing yesterday, I have the impression that with my orientation, I tend to see things out of me in a manner of speaking as kind of flat, and when I get into these perceptions that I can have when I do these out-of-body experiments, the physical expression of the reality can be still there, but I also get the impression of getting more interactions, getting more links, like I see more in a broader manner of what the reality is composed, what are the links between them, what are the interactions, and that’s also what I’m trying to do, to be able to relax more to be able to see more of what the outer sense just give us as a feedback.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding. And in practicing with what you are already doing, this would be helpful to accomplish that, for it will allow you to physically view the fluidity of your reality and how it links together in your terms. And in that it will be an encouraging action to allow you to shift and alter your perception more easily, and more ”at will”.

JIB: OK. I’ll ask you again about my body now, and my experiences I had with it. Because what I’m trying to do with it is to perceive it... or rather not to perceive as something separate from myself and it’s like it’s becoming more fluid and more flexible, more an expression of my inner flow and movement. It’s like many times I’m just incorporating that movement of energy, but it’s not limited to my body. More like I’m feeling the flow or something like not shared energy, like mass energy or I don’t know how to say that. Collective, or something like that... And at that times I’ve been experiencing all that’s been in my body.

ELIAS: In actuality, you do incorporate your own collective, that you can experience within your body consciousness. Just as we were discussing previously, you incorporate many many many different aspects of yourself, which is your own collective. And in that, you can even experiment and, in your method, in relaxing and experiencing your body consciousness, you can allow yourself to feel into an experience that body consciousness in the form of different of aspects of yourself - in the actual form. And allow yourself to feel what that is to be that form. And in that, perhaps even feel your form being expressed... in different colors.

JIB: (laughs) would it be connected to the dream I had the other day where I saw this little creature which was bright in colors and it was changing very swiftly, the colors, and it was moving very swiftly too, and it was very directed. I don’t know how to say that, but it was very swift, and quick and I was like a bit afraid of it, because I wanted to destroy or to kill it before it does something damageable, or something dangerous to us. Was it some kind of free aspect of myself I was seeing in this dream, and something that I fear to let go more fully, because I would be afraid of the intensity of the movement, or what I’d be capable of doing...

ELIAS: It was an example to you that you presented to yourself that it is a capability that you possess. And in that, it can be somewhat unnerving for it is unfamiliar. But that if you relax and allow it to be, it would not be necessary to incorporate fear, for you would understand that although you incorporate great abilities, you continue to be you, and therefore, whatever strength or power you discover within yourself in your abilities, will not change you as being you.

JIB: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore you can trust you being you now, and you can trust you being you regardless of what abilities you discover and can express. Now, I shall also offer you a visual example of an expression that is similar to what you presented to yourself in your dream. This creature does not shift its shape but it does incorporate an interesting unique expression. The creature that I present to you would be... a giant squid.

JIB: A giant squid?

ELIAS: Yes. For although this creature does not change its shape, it does change its color.

JIB: Yes...

ELIAS: And it blinks. And when it becomes excited it blinks different colors more quickly.

JIB: Yes. Actually it was quite like the creature in my dream. The colors were changing very quickly and I think it was connected with some kind of mood, or excitement...

ELIAS: Yes. And this creature expresses that also quite naturally. It alters its color and it blinks on and off in colors. And the more excited it becomes the more rapid it blinks its colors. It flashes.

JIB: That’s cool...

ELIAS: (laughs) Perhaps you incorporate a hidden squid within yourself. Ahaha.

JIB: Yes. More than probable!

ELIAS: Ahahaha.

JIB: Because I can change colors pretty quickly, I can turn red quite rapidly.

ELIAS: Ahahaha.

JIB: So about that again. Because I wanted to know what I’m trying to do introducing inner sounds... because I read something on the Internet the other day about some machinery or some design the Canadians wanted to build or had built about using ultrasounds to re-grow bones or something. And I was wondering if it would be possible to do this with my own beliefs or...

ERIC: (tongue-in-cheek) You would have to find your inner bat...

JIB: I wanted to know if I can actually do it... in my pool of probabilities or something like that... use sounds to modify bones or...

ELIAS: Yes, you can.

JIB: Is it probable or?... Or is it unlikely?

ELIAS: There is a significant potential that you can accomplish this. I would express tremendous encouragement to you my friend. You are quite definitely a very determined individual. And that moves tremendously to your credit, and it increases your potential for accomplishing for you are so very determined and in this, I would be tremendously encouraging of you for determination is a significant factor in accomplishing.

JIB: Thank you very much

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (giggles)

JIB: In fact I was confusing this determination with stubbornness or narrowness of mind, because sometimes I feel I’m too focused or too concentrated on something I want to do. Is it something connected or is it something different?

ELIAS: I would express to you that at times you do move in a bit of an extreme in your determination. But I would also express to you that in those moments it is merely a matter of reminding yourself to relax and that it is easier to accomplish when you relax than it is when you push.

JIB: Yes. I feel it becoming easier and easier to do that. Because a few weeks or months before, I would have made that last quite a few days or hours, and now I can just have it pass in ten minutes.

ELIAS: Yes. For it is merely a matter of reminding yourself to relax and reminding yourself how much easier you express when you do relax. It is not a matter of diminishing your determination, but recognizing that you can be as determined as you are and that you can also allow.

JIB: Yes. (laughs) That’s a cool reminder, thank you.

ELIAS: Ahaha.

JIB: I’m just curious about another thing, and I’ll let Eric ask the other questions. But I was wondering about the language of the Tumold family. Because I read some stuff about the language of Sumari and Sumafi and stuff like that, and I was wondering what would be the language of Tumold. Is it more connected with inner sounds, some kind of drone?...

ELIAS: It would be more connected with inner expressions and it would be more connected with tones. For it would be more connected with vibrational qualities.

JIB: And is it what I’m feeling many times, just some vibrations... especially when I’m just... It’s like when I allow my energy to facilitate what others are doing, I’m like buzzing or...

ELIAS: Yes. I am understanding. It would be a very similar action to song tones, or musical tones. Have you incorporated an experience at any time when perhaps you are expressing musical tones and perhaps you may be singing with a performing artist upon the radio. Or in any type of situation in which another individual is performing a song and you may be singing along and experience a note in which you connect in perfect pitch and unison with another individual. You will actually experience a vibration. Or at times, it can occur with a musical instrument, in which if you are generating the same sound in the same pitch and you generate that perfect connection so to speak in the same moment you will feel a vibration. Generally you will feel the vibration within your throat, you chest and slightly within your head. And this is very similar to what you are describing in relation to connecting with another individuals and their energy and when you connect precisely with the other energy it will generate an actual physical vibration that you can feel.

ERIC: I think it ties in with one of our other questions, because in early December we were both at separate locations and we were about to go to sleep at about the same time, and the morning after we were discussing and we both had the same experience at the same time, we had a physical sound in the ear...

JIB: the right ear...

ERIC: ...and it was very like a ”boom”...

JIB: ...a ”pop”, very intense and external...

ERIC: ... I mean it was physical, and there was nothing outside that may have produced such a sound, and we were wondering if it was because of our connection or because of some external mischief I don’t know (laughs)

ELIAS: That would be associated with your connection and this very subject that we are discussing in creating a connection in unison and preciseness you do experience an actual physical expression, which can be expressed in sound and vibration. For it is a vibrational quality therefore it can be expressed in a tone so to speak.

JIB: We wanted to know also about the tiles that we had either in dreams, or during meditations or some kinds of discussion. We have put them on the internet site of Eric , and we wanted to confirm with you if either of the 9 tiles we found during our explorations were inserted in the City when we put them on the website, and had them connected with families and their functions...?


ERIC: All of them?


JIB: That’s cool.

All laugh.

JIB: I also wanted to talk to you about an experience I had after we watched a movie called Paprika. And it is an anime manga, and it’s about dreams and how people can blend them into the dreams of other peoples. In the movie it was connected with healing mentally disturbed patients and helping people within their dreams. And during the film, at some point it was very difficult to see if they were awake or dreaming, as if the veil between the two realities were just disappeared. And at the end of the movie, when we hugged each other, it was like ”oh my God, I’m all alone, it’s some kind of projection of myself”. Like the table, the cushions, the computers, everything was some kind of dream and I was switching swiftly between this perception and my usual perception where I feel Eric’s energy and stuff like that. What was it? Can you...

ELIAS: And this is very similar to what we were discussing earlier. In that shifting of experience in relation to perception. Not that there are two perception but that you are allowing yourself to experience in relation to perception in a different manner which can include many more elements. And as the two of you have connected to strongly in your energies, it is in actuality easier for either of you to incorporate the other’s energy in any moment, whether you are in physical proximity of each others or not. For energy is not bounded. Therefore, that can be connected with or tapped into or projected regardless of where you are physically or what you are doing? It is a matter of allowing yourself to experience differently and therefore expanding your experience and including that into your perception; which also in some manners does actually change your perception in what you are perceiving outwardly. For when you are experiencing different, you actually do momentarily see the reality or the environment around you somewhat differently.

ERIC: I think when we were doing our energy exchanges with each other about a year ago, I remember vividly I could physically feel the energy, I mean I got the physical [feedback]. It still happens now, but it was very intense at this moment, and I mean there was in fact a physical alteration of reality.

ELIAS: Yes. But I would also express to each of you in that physical framework in which you weren’t necessarily in physical proximity with each other, you were also more motivated to be more strongly projecting and connecting with each other’s energies, which that is not necessary any longer for you are within physical proximity of each other and you are projecting and interacting with each other’s energy continuously. Therefore the time framework in which you may notice these types of experiences, unless you are generating them intentionally would be less frequent or less intense for you incorporate a constant influx of each other’s energy.

ERIC: Yes. And actually I think, it’s like the dream I had with Mary, it was very vivid and I felt the connection, and it acted as a reminder for me also that this type of connection may happen whenever it is necessary.


ERIC: I had perhaps, to wrap it up... I don’t know if you know, but we are doing an online magazine, and I was wondering for the next issue due in June, if you would have something to share with us, like an inspirational quote or something that we could publish... Could you do that?

ELIAS: (pause) I would express for your benefit, and in association with this present time framework: ”communication is the foundation of change” (pause) and you can expand upon in whatever imaginative direction you choose. Ahaha.

ERIC: It’s funny because I picked up a book just before the phone call, and it was about just about communications between people, so I find it interesting that you would brought it up now...

ELIAS: Ahahaha. There are no coincidences. Ahahaha.

ERIC: I think our time is nearly over, so I’d like to thank you for your answers and it was really interesting.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express tremendous encouragement to each of you, and great acknowledgment also in your movement in your successes in your accomplishments. I would express my genuine lovingness to you both and my unending friendship.

JIB: Thank you very much my friend

ERIC: Thank you. Thanks alot.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, my dear ones, au revoir.

JIB & ERIC: Au revoir.

[Elias departs after 59 min]