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Session 328The belief system of duplicity is slightly different from all of your other belief systems, for this belief system is intimately involved with ALL of the aspects of ALL of your belief systems. There is no belief system or aspect of a belief system that this one belief of duplicity does not affect. It is influencing and affecting of EVERY movement that you accomplish. This is the belief system of good and bad and right and wrong, and this belief system attaches itself to EVERY aspect of EVERY other belief system. There is no action that you create within physical focus that this particular belief system does not enter into. Even within the smallest directions of creations that you may engage within physical focus, you involve the belief system of duplicity. As you choose to awake within your day, how you choose to awake, is influenced by duplicity. Every movement that you create within physical focus is influenced by this belief system — whether you shall adorn yourselves with certain types of clothing, with certain types of shoes, how you shall place them upon your physical form, in what order shall you place them upon your physical form! How you shall brush your hair, how you shall eat your breakfast, whether you shall eat your breakfast! Every movement — how you engage your physical walking across your room. Are your feet pointed within the correct direction? Is this good or is this bad? Do your feet point to each other and meet each other? This shall be bad! Do your feet point away from each other? This shall be bad! Do your feet point straightly ahead? This shall be good! These are all judgments. This is all duplicity. These are very small examples of the intricacies of this belief system of duplicity, but this belief system is much more affecting than how your feet shall point, for this belief system is quite affecting of YOU and how you view yourselves and how you interact with yourselves, and how you interact with other individuals. This is the belief system that is the most greatly creating of judgments, and positive and good is also a judgment. It is opposing bad or negative. It is no less a judgment than what you perceive to be unacceptable. It also is a very insidious judgment, and this is the camouflage of duplicity, for it is quite changeable. It is quite acclimating to all of your camouflages, to all of your belief systems, to all of your thoughts and feelings, and may mold itself in many different manners that may be quite deceiving.