Session 392

“Beneficial vs. Efficient”
“Viewing Reality as a Labyrinth”
“The Universe is Not Necessarily Logical”
“Vulnerability and Openness are Synonymous”
“Menopause/You Create What You Concentrate Upon”

Friday, May 7, 1999 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Nicky (Candace).
Elias arrives at 12:26 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

NICKY:  Good morning!  What’s been happening?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Cosmic events that have been preoccupying my attention!

NICKY:  Really!  What kind of cosmic events?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Much interaction with many different areas of reality!  And how be your creating within your dimension? (Grinning)  As a courtesy!

NICKY:  Oh yeah, a lot’s been happening, hasn’t it?  A lot’s been happening!  I feel it all the time.  I feel so many things anymore, and I’m having ... I’m getting in the way of myself.

ELIAS:  Once again! (Chuckling)

NICKY:  Hmmm?

ELIAS:  Once again!

NICKY:  Yeah, really!  Once again!  It’s like I’m getting really good at it, you know?  I don’t know.  I thought this past week-and-a-half had been really interesting, not making contact with you, and then once again going through everything and saying, “Okay, what do I want to talk to him about?  Why am I making this appointment?” and going through the whole thing again, and this time around it’s really been a different experience. (Elias chuckles)  It’s really been different, and I was wondering if you could tell me something about it.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Candace, that in this time framework you have allowed yourself to be objectively connecting with Michael, and Michael also with yourself.  In this, as parallel counterparts, you have offered yourselves the opportunity to exchange information which is helpful to you both in evaluating your own movements and situations that you are participating within.

You may be interactive with myself and I may offer you information, but this does not discount the interaction that I am quite encouraging of you to be engaging with each other, for this many times may be very helpful to you, in that you understand each other’s experiences.

In not connecting objectively with myself, you have allowed yourselves to be using this time framework to be connecting with each other and offering each other information and sharing experiences that you each understand and may relate to in physical terms.  This also gives you the opportunity to be comparing notes, so to speak, in....

NICKY:  Yeah, that’s kind of like what we touched on Monday when we were talking, that that’s the one benefit, so to speak, of all this other stuff going on, you know, and it has been interesting.  It’s been unique — the experience of comparing what is parallel and what’s not, what everybody else is going through and how everything seems to be parallel whether they’re parallel counterparts or not, and just a little bit of everything.  So, it has been helpful.  It really has been helpful.

And speaking of which — of speaking — I just got finished telling Mary what I was experiencing yesterday, which brought back to my memory the times before that this particular thing happened, and I don’t have down pat exactly the circumstances when it transpires.  I mean, I have kind of an awareness of what it is.  I’d like to know, why do I stop myself from speaking by getting this tickle in my throat, this itch in my throat, and I can’t speak?

ELIAS:  You, in like manner to many individuals, allow yourself within your awareness certain triggers and certain objective creations that shall be what you may term to be reminders or alarm systems, so to speak, and as you move into certain directions, you create a trigger that shall draw to your attention what you are engaging within.

In your situation, what you have created is this physical element within your throat, which is affected by your blue energy center, which is directing of communication, and as you — which you are aware of already — begin to engage certain areas of communication, as you have allowed yourself to widen your awareness, you also engage this trigger and you are responsive to this trigger.  Therefore, you disengage your communication within those moments, for this action provides you the opportunity to evaluate what you are engaging in that communication and how you are projecting energy to other individuals, and how in your communication you may be reinforcing the very aspects of belief systems that you are attempting to be addressing to and allowing yourself to be accepting of.

But these areas have become so very automatic with you all that at times, individuals such as yourself choose to be offering themselves objective triggers to be reminding them each time they are engaging such an activity that shall be reinforcing of the particular aspects of belief systems that they are addressing to within that time period.

NICKY:  Oh.  So what am I doing when I’m stopping myself, when I get that cough?  I’m ... would you repeat that last part again?

ELIAS:  You are disengaging your communication, that you may also disengage lending energy to and perpetuating the aspect of the belief system within that communication that you are addressing to presently.

Example:  Within this present time framework, you are addressing to aspects of beliefs that concern judgments.  Therefore, at times you may be engaged in communication with another individual and you may not hold an objective awareness of how your communication may be projecting judgment in the very manner that you are attempting to address to and disengage continuing.

Therefore, what you have created is an objective, physical trigger that in certain moments, when you are not entirely objectively aware of how your communication may be lending energy to the very aspect that you wish not to be lending energy to, you engage this trigger through your blue energy center, creating an irritation within your throat which gains your attention, and in responding to this trigger and your attention to this action, you disengage your communication and become quiet.  In this quietness, you allow yourself to be listening.

Now; in this action, as you are listening, if you allow yourself even more of an awareness, you may evaluate the position of the other individual, recognizing that they be no different from yourself.  You are all projecting energy and creating your reality through your beliefs.  The beliefs that you align with and the expressions of them may be different, but you are all projecting through your beliefs.

Therefore, you may choose within those moments to be listening to the other individual and their expression, and accepting that their expression is that of their own reality.  Be it different from your own or not, it is their reality, and in this, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to be more accepting and to realize those areas of yourself that you are not accepting of, which creates your reaction.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting ... interesting!  Okay, maybe you can help me on this one then too, before I get onto the next question.

Speaking of which, when you’re taking notice of the acceptance of the issue that you’re taking notice of, while one is in conversation and/or meditation or whatever, but especially when you’re dealing with another person, and you’re going, “Okay, he’s reflecting or she’s reflecting to me this particular nut, and I see where they’re coming from, and okay fine, and I really don’t believe the same way, and that’s okay too.”  But when you’re looking at the issue....

I have no trouble coming to the point of what I’m viewing in this other person or where I’m viewing them to be or whatever.  I have a problem picking that same issue and saying, ”How does it fit me?”  Because my tendency is to look at it with the same attitude that I did with the person, but when I do it towards me, then I feel like I’m so self-condemning.  And then I say, “Oh my god, look at how much I’ve been condemning the other person, judging the other person,” but then I still don’t always pick up on the real issue.

ELIAS:  Let me express also to you that mirror actions do not always reflect to you the identical expressions.  Another individual may be mirroring to you an element within your own reality that you may choose to be addressing to and allowing yourself to move through within certain issues or aspects of beliefs, but be remembering that their expression is their expression and is created through their perception.  Therefore, your expression may be different, but the underlying issue or subject matter is the same.  You merely choose different avenues to be expressing the same issues.

Therefore, in noticing another individual’s expression as a mirror to yourself, be aware of more of the aspects of yourself than merely a reflective image in absolute terms, for they are mirroring a subject to you, not necessarily the same identical expression that you may be creating within yourself.

Also, let me express that what you have stated in your own judgment of self is quite common within individuals, and you are creating of this expression quite often.  Michael also creates this type of expression, and Lawrence also.

Vic’s note:  Hey Mare!  I don’t think we do this, do we?  I mean, we might judge other folks sometimes, but not ourselves!  HA HA!

Now; in this, the point in addressing to aspects of belief systems is not to be falling into more of an expression of duplicity, which the expression of duplicity is to chide yourself for an expression that you have failed within or you have not accomplished adequately.  This is not the point.  This is merely a diversion, bouncing from one aspect of beliefs to a different aspect of beliefs.

NICKY:  Okay, I can see that.  I can see that now!

ELIAS:  In this, as you recognize certain behaviors that you have engaged previously and you become aware of those behaviors ... especially those behaviors which involve judgments, for this area provides an automatic avenue to bounce into duplicity.  Therefore, in those areas most especially, I express to you, the point is to be viewing that you have been creating behaviors in a certain manner, you are now recognizing those behaviors, and you are choosing to be altering them.  But you are not, in turn, placing judgment upon the behaviors that you have already expressed.  Merely view them as the behaviors that have been an element of your reality previously.  They are not good or bad.  You are merely choosing to be altering of these behaviors and expressions, that you may be creating more efficiently.

NICKY:  Oh yeah!  I like that word “efficiently”!  So to be maneuvering ... that’s been a favorite word of mine lately!  It’s actually a maneuvering, isn’t it, when you alter something?  When you view it and you recognize what it is that’s going on, you maneuver or you alter your way of going at it again, right?  Or seeing it again, or dealing with it again, or whatever occasion might arise, you know?

ELIAS:  Correct.  View your reality in a different manner.

Let me offer to you, Candace, that you are very accustomed to viewing one expression as good and one expression as bad, one expression as better and one expression as worse, and in this, you even move the word “efficiency” into the area of better.

Now; I express to you that I have offered information to you all many times and expressed that all of your behaviors and all of your choices are within your value fulfillment, and they are all beneficial.  This is not to say that they are all efficient, but they are all beneficial.

Now; let me express to you, “beneficial” may be upon one side, and “efficient” may be alongside of beneficial upon the other side.  They parallel, but one is not good and one is not bad.  One is not better and one is not worse.  They are merely different in their movement or their maneuvering, in your terms, through energy.  One offers less thickness within energy.

Therefore, view your reality not as a movement through a substance that you may attach negativity to [or] into any type of substance that shall provide you positive thought process attached, but rather view your reality as a labyrinth, and within this labyrinth you may be moving through many different corridors that are no better or worse than other corridors within the labyrinth, but certain corridors within the labyrinth block at one end.  Therefore, you, in reaching the end of that particular corridor, must be moving back through and maneuvering through different corridors in the labyrinth.

All of the passageways within the labyrinth are the same.  They are all created the same.  They all appear the same.  They merely move in different directions.  To reach a certain point within what you may term to be probabilities, it may not be efficient to be moving or maneuvering through certain corridors of the labyrinth, for they may not hold a clear passage to the area that you wish to be attaining to, but they may be beneficial, for they may offer you information in new calculations as to how you may be moving through the labyrinth more quickly or more efficiently.

NICKY:  Okay.  See, my tendency is to look at “efficient” as that analogy you gave one time about going across the street vs. going to Europe to get somewhere.  So I do look at “efficient” as like the quickest way to maneuver through something to get to where you’re going.  Now, I use that or I think of it when I think I know which way I’m going.  All the other times — it seems to be more often than not — seem to be the more beneficial times, the enlightenment times, the coming of awareness kind of a thing.  But my desire is to be more efficient, because it seems like I’ve been so scattered my whole life that it would be nice to be able to maneuver and get right to where you want to go.

ELIAS:  Efficiency is equated with ease, less thickness.  This is not necessarily to express that it is ALWAYS a quicker expression or more rapid expression, but the expression that offers more of an ease and less thickness within your focus.

NICKY:  But that’s how I interpret efficient.  I use the word “quicker” not necessarily meaning faster, but I guess it’s a word that I also think of as something that’s easy, more fluid, less of a struggle.  That’s how I think of efficient, you know, and I’ve used the word “quicker” and I don’t necessarily mean faster.  I mean with less of a struggle.

ELIAS:  I am understanding, although I shall express also that at times your efficient expression may be expressed more quickly or rapidly.  It is merely dependent upon what you are creating and the direction that you are moving into.  I mean to be expressing to you merely that you do not equate quickness solely with efficiency, for many times quickness may also be attributed to beneficial aspects, and they may not necessarily be effortless or efficient.

NICKY:  Okay, yeah.  I can see that too.

Okay, I’ve got one for you, and I’ve really been going over this, over and over in my head, and I cannot come up with ... I’ve got a few questions here that are outright questions, because I’m having a time of it trying to connect with these things.

My sleep time has really been different at night, really different, almost reminiscent of a time period when I was younger, as a kid, and not sleeping through the night.  It was never a big thing then and it’s really no big thing now ... BUT.  In the beginning, I felt that I was connecting with somebody who was up at the same time period, like another focus, an alternate, whatever, whoever, connecting with something or somebody, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then it came to pass that, you know, women, after they hit a certain age, they’re supposed to go through this change and so forth and so on, and which I’m having a rough time with too, ‘cause I really don’t like going there.  From when I was younger, I thought to myself, “It’s not necessary, I don’t have to go through all of that, you weren’t meant to go through that,” and yet I find myself going through it, you know, the night sweats, the restless sleeping, and so forth and so on.  I think I’ve tried just about everything that has come across my path in my mind to work with it, to no avail.

So what is going on with these sleepless nights?  Not that I’m upset about them, not that ... it’s like, “Okay fine.  Who says you have to sleep through the night?” kind of a thing.  I’ve gone through a whole bunch of different things.  But really, what is going on?

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you that these are mass beliefs within your reality, and in these mass beliefs, there is much energy lent.  Therefore, many, many individuals align with certain aspects of these mass beliefs, regardless of how you are engaging your thought process objectively.  This be what I have expressed many times, that you may be holding one expectation objectively and you may also be holding another expectation subjectively, and what you shall create many times, until you have widened your awareness and allowed yourself aspects of acceptance, you shall be creating the subjective expectation, for it is stronger and there is no doubt within it.

NICKY:  It causes a lot of conflict, though!

ELIAS:  You are correct, many times!  And this be the point in widening your awareness, in allowing you to be creating your reality more efficiently without conflict.

NICKY:  Okay, let me ask you this then.  In that particular instance of going through menopause ... I don’t know if I’m in it or out of it ... well, no, I’m not out of it.  But in that point, for as long as I can remember, OBJECTIVELY I have always thought, “This is ridiculous!  They can put a man on the moon, and they can’t help a woman with her system?”  My favorite words used to be those words.  Okay, then it was like, “I’m not going to go through that.  I will have in front of me whatever I need to get through it.”  Because it just doesn’t seem right, you know, to have to go through all of this!

And yet, although I’m not participating to the extent that some females go through, I’m still participating in it, and I don’t want to!  So objectively, I’ve been saying something for years and years, and yet I find myself participating in it!  And then I said, “Okay, wait a minute.  This is like, this is what is out there.  This is what it’s supposed to be, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.”  So then why am I still continuing on with it?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Listen to yourself!  Listen to ALL that you have expressed to me within this now ...

NICKY:  Judgment, judgment, judgment!  Icky, icky, icky! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  ... and ALL of the attention and concentration that you place in this area and ALL of the energy that you hold within this area of this expression, and subsequently, you inquire of myself why you are creating of this!  Look to all of your reality.  Those elements that you concentrate upon intensely, you shall be creating!  Now....

NICKY:  Okay, okay.  But my mind, my objective mind, was not there!  It bit me in the butt after I had a few weeks of not being able to sleep at night.

ELIAS:  Ah, but Candace, hold!  Listen!  I express to you, you ARE concentrating and you ARE creating judgments: “I do not like this, I wish this not to be occurring, and I shall expel much energy in the direction of concentration to be willing this away.”  And I express to you that as you are concentrating that energy in that direction, you shall be creating the very element that you are wishing away!

Now; in this, I also express to you that as you allow yourself to continue your own movement in a different direction, of which you have already begun an engagement with — be listening!

In this, you have already begun a movement into areas of “it matters not.”  You have already begun expressing to yourself, “It matters not that I may not be engaging sleep patterns that I have engaged previously or that other individuals engage.  It matters not that I engage certain alignments with these beliefs, for I am not engaging intensely as some other individuals may be.”

Now; this is a beginning expression of acceptance, and as you turn your attention in this area and you move more fully into the area of “it matters not,” then you shall be affecting of your expression physically and emotionally in the manner that you wish.  But as you continue in your expression of resistance and non-acceptance and judgment, you perpetuate the very actions that you wish to cease.

Are you understanding?

NICKY:  Yes.  Yes, very much so.  So it’s ... as you were talking I was thinking, oh my gosh!  Just because I’m thinking about it and putting effort into it, that’s exactly what I’m drawing, right?

ELIAS:  Quite!

NICKY:  Okay, alrighty.  Okay, alright.  A lot of things just fell right into place as you were speaking.  Okay, fine.

ELIAS:  Let us be repeating of what you term to be an old statement that I have offered many times: You create what you concentrate upon.

NICKY:  Exactly, yeah.  How easy it is to forget that sometimes, you know?  And I normally don’t go ... with this particular incident, I don’t go there, but it’s become so predominate!  As soon as you say, “I didn’t sleep the whole night,” someone will jump right on the case: “Oh yeah, you’re going through menopause,” or “Oh yeah, here comes those hard times again.”  And it’s like, oh my gosh.  Then I go through the mode of, “Oh no I’m not!” and then I put in the effort of how I’m not going to do it, so therefore I do it, right?

ELIAS:  Quite!  Listen to yourself!  It matters not.  Another individual may express to you an identification of this cycle and this time framework in which your physical form of your physical gender is creating its natural change, and your immediate response is, “No!”

NICKY:  Yeah, right.  Okay.  So therefore, then I draw it to me.

ELIAS:  Quite.

NICKY:  Okay, alrighty.  That just fell into place.  Okay.

Now, my next question ... and I hope just to get right through these because they’re really just things that I’ve not connected with but taken notice of.  I don’t remember anything of substance before I was five years old.  Why is that?

ELIAS:  This is an expression of different aspects of self that are expressed through slightly different tone, which creates what you term to be an objective disassociation with memory.  The memory is not lost.  It is merely disassociated from objectively.  As different aspects of self move into primary position at different time frameworks, if there is an expression of one holding a difference in tone from another, which is expressing different qualities that are latent in another aspect, there may be an expression of disassociation of objective memory between the different aspects.


ELIAS:  I have offered information extensively in this subject matter, of which you may be inquiring of Michael, if you are so choosing, to be engaging that information.

NICKY:  Which information?

ELIAS:  Of aspects of self and this type of action.

NICKY:  Oh, okay.  So could I go forth and say then that when there’s periods of time in one’s life, say like when you want to take a look backwards and you’re looking at something, or someone says something and “don’t you remember this?” and it’s really not in your objective mind to remember something, could you more or less take it for granted that it just might be a different tone that was working at that time, a different aspect?

ELIAS:  Many, many times this is the situation which is occurring, and as I have stated, the memory is not lost to you and it may be accessed, but it may be requiring of slightly more effort to be accessing that information.  It is not considered by you, within the primary aspect presently, as important to your information within your present creations.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to be holding to the objective memory of these actions.

Now; let me express to you that this technology that you have created within your inventions of your computers presently mirrors many of these types of natural creations and functions that you hold within yourself.  If your computer, so to speak, holds too much memory, it shall block its efficiency, shall it not?  And in this, if you are deleting certain elements within its memory, you shall free, so to speak, more of its movement.  You create your reality very similarly.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  That makes that one understandable.  Okay, yeah.  That was a good one.  I like that!

Okay, let me see.  Vince, my grandson, and his headaches ... what is going on in that respect?  He gets really intense headaches at times, where he actually complains about how much his head hurts or his eyes hurt — it’s more or less his head — to where sometimes he’s actually talking about a stomachache, which makes me think it’s like a migraine-type thing, what we would call a migraine.  But what is really going on? (Pause)

ELIAS:  There are two events occurring simultaneously in this situation.  One is that he is opening neurological pathways, which at times for many individuals may be physically affecting and temporarily creating of painfulness, but this is not the extreme.  This may be creating of a certain element of discomfort, but not within the intensity that this small one is experiencing.

Now; the other aspect of this expression which is occurring is a responsiveness that he is creating within physical expression to emotional expressions and energy, which he is creating within himself in responsiveness to relationships.

NICKY:  Relationships, okay.

Okay, my teeth.  What’s going on with my teeth?  I’ve lost two teeth.  There was nothing was wrong with either one of them.  They just came out! (Pause)

ELIAS:  This particular situation with yourself — not in relation to any other individual but merely with yourself — is an expression that you have offered to yourself to be challenging of certain physical beliefs.  Certain aspects of your physical form are what you term to be necessary, and also, if they are affected, there must be a reason.

NICKY:  Right!  And there is none, right?

ELIAS:  Quite.  Now; this offers you information that what you have presented to yourself is:  As I express to you the idea that there must be a reason, in one respect you may express to yourself that there IS a reason.  In another respect, what you are expressing is that if you are understanding of the reason, you shall engage and deal with the situations more efficiently.  This is not necessarily the situation.  This is a misconception.

NICKY:  Oh!  Interesting!

ELIAS:  You need not be understanding of all of your reality objectively to be efficiently creating, and you may not necessarily be engaging logic — which is the direction of your reasoning — to be also creating your reality efficiently, for I express to you once again, your universe is efficient and immaculate, but it is not necessarily logical.

NICKY:  So in a lot of things, you don’t have to go looking and picking, like I do, for a reason, and understanding, and all that other kind of stuff that you waste so much time doing.  It just happens, right?  It’s just there.

ELIAS:  At times, you are creating for your experience!

You are creating also — within your process of widening your awareness — different elements that do not hold immense hidden reasons, but are merely presented — or you present yourself with these experiences — merely to offer you an objective viewing of your own creation of your reality, merely for experience and to fly in the face, so to speak, of your logic and reasoning.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting.  Okay, next one.  Oh my gosh, let me see.

My gibberish has come back with full force again in the last two or three weeks, and I’ve been relating it to what you told me before, that it’s language to myself that cannot be translated at this time?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Still the same?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay.  Why is it that it comes in ... oh, see?  There I go again, wanting an understanding!  Okay, forget that question!

ELIAS:  I shall offer to you a slight explanation.  You are curious as to why you are creating this at times, and not at other times.

NICKY:  Right!

ELIAS:  I express to you that as you are allowing yourself to be engaging what you term to be more difficult or more intense movement in certain areas in connection with your widening of your awareness, addressing to more difficult issues in your movement, you shall also be offering yourself more communication.

NICKY:  Okay.  Alright, that makes sense.  Yeah, that makes sense.

Okay, my coffee bean thing has taken on a jump that’s unbelievable.  I mean, they’re part of my routine.  Am I not connecting with that focus, or am I connecting with that focus and therefore that’s why?  Is the energy being maneuvered accordingly?  I mean, what am I doing or not doing?  I’m taking notice, but I feel as though I’m not getting the full circle of it.

ELIAS:  I express to you, Candace, that this is an opportunity for you, within your excitement, to relax and engage the action of patience!

NICKY:  Aha!  Okay. (Laughing)  Okay!

ELIAS:  Now; let me clarify, for I am not expressing that patience is a virtue or that this is an element that you need be engaging for it is “better.”  But within certain situations and certain individuals, as with yourself, you lean in the direction of pushing yourself in certain areas, and in this action, you are concentrating intensely in certain directions, and in this, you do not allow yourself a relaxation and you become impatient, and in that impatience, you block the very action of acquiring information that you seek.

NICKY:  Interesting.  So even though I think I’m not pushing, I am!

ELIAS:  In certain areas, yes.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  Really interesting!  Let me see.

Can you tell me something about Mark and myself?  I know there’s a connection there, but I’m not really sure.  I think dearly of him, but I can’t ... I’m not sure what I’m picking up. (Pause)

ELIAS:  You hold other focuses with this individual, as you are already aware.  In this, you are allowing yourself an openness to certain energies which hold similarities to energies expressed within another focus.  In this, there is a creation of certain elements of conflict in certain areas in which you each express a stubbornness and a willfulness with each other.

This energy is bleeding through into this focus, and what you are recognizing is the potentiality for certain situations; not that those situations have in actuality been created to this point within this focus, but that there is the potentiality for certain situations to be created, and in this, it is sparking a remembrance of energy within another focus that holds a distrust in this area.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting!  So that’s what I’m picking up.  And him also, I would imagine?

ELIAS:  Not quite as objectively as yourself.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  So I would imagine, in order for this to go forward, so to speak ... the relationship is at a plateau where it’s comfortable ... well, it always has been comfortable.  But yes, I do not go forward in full as he wants.  Let me put it that way.  Okay, so I suppose if I connected with that aspect of it and dealt with whatever, it would make things more at ease?

ELIAS:  Correct, for you are responding to hesitations that are created through a distrustful expression within that focus, and the identification of the potentiality of similar expression within this focus.

NICKY:  Okay, alrighty.  Donna and Ken — I want to identify them as either belonging to the family of Sumari or one of them in alignment with Sumari, and would they be fragments of Candace?  And what is going on with the swollenness behind her eye, with Donna? (Pause)

ELIAS:  These focuses are not fragments of the essence of Candace.

NICKY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  As to physical expression, there is a creation of held energy within this physical location to be affecting of physical vision and drawing attention to this area in irritation, that the individual may recognize a timing element, in your terms, to be turning attention inwardly and not so intensely outwardly.

NICKY:  Okay.  Mikah has a question.  He would like to know Archer’s friend’s essence names, Lacey and Mark. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Archer is desiring of this question! (Chuckling)

NICKY:  Oh okay, alrighty.  Yeah, he just brought me out this note with Jenaro/Archer’s friends, essence names of Lacey and Mark.

ELIAS:  Very well.  First essence name, Carmel. (pronounced car-mel’)

NICKY:  Carmel?  C-A-R-M-E-L?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Ilda.

NICKY:  Ilda, okay.

ELIAS:  Male individual, essence name, Offale. (pronounced oe-fal’)




ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, that was Mark.  Okay.

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

NICKY:  Zuli, interesting.

And I’ve got one from Bahlah.  She wants to know if the path she’s on is the most efficient with her own intent. (Elias chuckles)  Yeah, really.  I can chuckle with you on that one!

ELIAS:  I express, presently the path, so to speak, that she is engaging is intent-LY concerning her attention in engaging expressions of belief systems, which is not the expression necessarily of her individual intent, but it is the path, in her terms, that she is intently engaging! (Chuckling)

NICKY:  Her attention to belief systems?

ELIAS:  And her the engagement of them and drawing her attention to how very often she is lending energy to and perpetuating the very beliefs that offer her an intense expression of conflict.  This is the opportunity for her to view her own participation, as I have expressed to her previously.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  We’ll get right off of that one.  To go back to myself, my focus as a singer, was it in this century? (Pause)


NICKY:  No, okay.  In the 1800’s?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  That kind of narrows that one down.  What kind of action is going on between Rico and I at this time period?

ELIAS:  Which direction are you inquiring of?

NICKY:  There almost seems to be conflict.  I mean, it almost seems to be a direct opposite of things that are going on.  The issues all seem to be the same, that we’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis, and it’s almost funny.  I was telling Mary the other day, or Mikah, if I say one thing, I know for sure he’s going to say the opposite.  If I’m looking to do something, I will tell him the opposite, because then he will go the way that my idea was originally.  It’s like an intentional opposite thing going on.

ELIAS:  And look to this expression, Candace!

NICKY:  But I try!  See, this is what I was trying to tell you!  When I look at the issue, I don’t know how to interpret it for myself!


NICKY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  Look to this expression and view that what you are offering yourself, as I have expressed, is a new widening of your awareness, and in this, you deepen, so to speak, your own openness and your own awareness of self and of your reality, and in this expression, you allow yourself now to move into the area of not merely concept, but reality, that each individual’s perception IS REALITY, and in this, the genuine expression of acceptance is NO JUDGMENT.

Also, the genuine expression of acceptance is not the expression of manipulation of situations or expressions to be accomplishing your want, for this also is a judgment.

NICKY:  Okay.  So in the same expression, I’m holding a judgment on that action?  Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You are creating a judgment in the area of opposite expressions, and recognizing that if you are intentionally expressing in an opposite manner, that you may be manipulating the situation to obtain your objective want.

NICKY:  Yeah, but see, I’ve done that just to see if what I was thinking was for real!  Because I started noticing different things, and so periodically, yes, that’s exactly what I do!  And it’s not that I get something from it.  It’s that most of the time, it’s conflict, you know?  But it was for my own noticing, to see if what I was noticing was real or if it was just something in my head.  Then I tried looking at the issues and I just couldn’t pinpoint it, and it was like ... you know, I’ll say, “Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day,” and he’ll say, “Oh no, I heard it’s going to rain.”  So now if I say, “Tomorrow, I think it’s going to rain,” he’ll tell me, “Oh no, I think it’s going to be nice.”

ELIAS:  But....

NICKY:  It’s those kinds of things.

ELIAS:  Look at this expression and what it is triggering.  I have expressed to you within this very now that you are moving your awareness into another layer within yourself in deepening the widening of your awareness of self, and in this, what you are creating is the opportunity for you not to view the other individual’s action, but how you allow the other individual’s action or expression to be affecting of you, and why.

NICKY:  Okay, maybe you can help me there then too, because that’s another thing.  For as much as we have in common and for as much as what there is, what I’m noticing is what there ISN’T, you know?  Basically, we’re dealing with the same issues.  It’s not as friendly, it’s not as comfortable, it’s not as familiar as it used to be.

ELIAS:  For now you move into deeper layers, and what are you expressing as you move into deeper layers?  You are expressing more vulnerability, more openness.  And what do you expose in these areas?  Yourself, and this creates fear, and this creates an element of protection that you view is needed.  Therefore, you create guardedness.

You shall be willing to be opening and widening your awareness to a point, but be remembering, I have expressed to you and to other individuals, you may express the terms of vulnerability and openness to be synonymous.  They are the same.

In this, as you move more into the expression of widening your awareness, you are creating in actuality more of an openness or exposedness of yourself to yourself and to other individuals, to your world, and in this expression, you are creating vulnerability, and this is an area that you all view, within some point, to be unacceptable and needing of guardedness.

Therefore, you may not necessarily be expressing this in the objective manner of protection or defensiveness, but you SHALL place up your barrier, that this is far enough, that you shall be creating a point in which you observe a change, a difference, an uncomfortability.  This uncomfortableness is the approaching that you are allowing of more of your own exposure, and this becomes uncomfortable in your focus, for you hold fearfulness that other individuals shall be hurtful to you.

These are all very, very strong aspects of belief systems, of which we have spoken many times.

NICKY:  Oh boy!  So then therefore, to deal with it ... I mean the acceptance of it would be just to continue on recognizing, dealing with issues, your thought process and so forth and so on, as you go through this?  I mean, there’s many times in my life where I felt very vulnerable, so to speak.  I don’t know if I indeed was or not, but many times.  And yes, I’m familiar with pulling myself together and putting up my wall of protection, so to speak, because I get tired.  My favorite phrase is, I got tired of being stomped on, or tired of having, you know, someone take advantage.

ELIAS:  I am understanding, but now you move into an awareness that another individual is not stomping on you!

NICKY:  Yeah, right!  It’s my own creation! (Laughing)  That’s been real interesting also, is going back in my head and re-viewing some of the things that I used to think, and then getting to look at the aspects of the different beliefs that I held then that evidently are still part of me now, because I’ve had to take issue with them.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  It’s really been interesting!

ELIAS:  You are correct.  I express to you, you may be inquiring one more question, and I shall be disengaging.

NICKY:  Okay.  I understand Mikah had asked about Bebe, and that you said to take a look at her as she represented the thing of fun, how she’s projecting her energy and so forth and so on.

My question referring to her is, where is she physically?  Where is her physical location?  There’s times when I feel that I can walk around the corner and bump right into her, she’s so vivid in my mind, which then leads me to believe that she’s close by, which I know that doesn’t necessarily have to be, but what is it I’m picking up?

ELIAS:  You are merely connecting with the identification of energy, and the recognition that energy is translated and connected to regardless of physical space arrangement.  This is, in a manner of speaking figuratively, an illusion.

NICKY:  A what?

ELIAS:  An illusion.

NICKY:  Oh, an illusion.

ELIAS:  For you are not separated and you are all interconnected, and energy recognizes no space arrangement as a barrier or boundary.

NICKY:  Is it therefore a two-way thing with her?  Do I come to her mind?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting.  Okay, my dear friend, I will go.  I know it’s time to leave, and I hope to speak with you soon.

ELIAS:  And I also anticipate our next meeting, and I encourage you to be remembering openness, vulnerability, holding your attention within the NOW, and noticing what you are concentrating upon.

NICKY:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I express great affection for you and much encouragement in your movement.  Till our next meeting, I bid you a very loving au revoir.

NICKY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:43 PM.