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Session 1240
Let me express to you, my friend, first of all, you continue to incorporate in similar manner to most individuals within your reality, that there are actions and events and situations that are created independent of you within your reality [and] therefore there are other forces outside of yourself that create some of your reality. In this, you limit yourself, for you do not acknowledge your abilities or your power that you in actuality are creating every aspect of your reality, even other individuals and money. Now; you are seeking a method to be controlling probabilities that have not been created. Probabilities are created in the moment. They do not lie before you and you choose from them as though you were choosing one card from a complete deck of playing cards. This is not the manner in which probabilities are expressed. Probabilities are created in the moment. Now; we may express identifications of potentials in association with what you or any other individual may be expressing now. But recognize that these are merely potentials, for every moment incorporates the opportunity for change and every moment incorporates choice. Therefore, there is a considerable variable in which it is unrealistic to be speculating in relation to future. Now; you may be paying attention to what you are incorporating, what you are doing now. As you become more clearly objectively aware of how you project energy now, you offer yourself your point of power, for you offer yourself the recognition of your ability to change choices and directions intentionally within the now. For in actuality, the future is merely an illusion, and what is generated in what you term to be the future is created now.

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