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Class abbreviations: F: focus, OE: observing Essence, OEL: observing lifetime, CP: counterpart

Other FocusFocus/Essence NameClassDescriptionGroupLocationCenturySession
OdinPaul/PaneusFThe supreme deity, God of war, and founder of art and culture Group 1: Norse Mythology
before 2300 BC1347
Poseidon, godOmar/ZionFIn Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea, as well as horses and, as 'Earth-Shaker', of earthquakes.Group 1: Other Dimensional
Group 2: Ancient Greece
no timeframe
Lilith, goddessIoanna/IonaFOriginally the Sumerian Queen of Heaven, A Goddess older than Inanna/Iona. The Hebrews took the Goddess and transformed her into the first wife of Adam, who refused to lie beneath him when having intercourse. She insisted that because they were created equal, they needed to have sex equally. When Adam refused, she left him. Thereafter, in Jewish mythology, she was described as a demon. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Biblical-Old Testament
before 2300 BC
NinsarMargaret/MadisonFAnunnaki Goddess of Plants, the daughter of Enki and Ninhursag. The Anunnaki are in this dimension but in another Earth blink that overlaps.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
no timeframe
QuetzalcoatlMark/BaruchFA traditional god and heroic figure of the Aztecs Group 1: Aztec
Americasbefore 2300 BC1344
BritomartisIoanna/IonaFThe daughter of Zeus and Carme, who became the Cretan goddess of fishermen and hunters. Artemis/Awan loved her deeply, but Britomartis had no relationships with men. King Minos wanted her, but she refused him. He then started chasing her, and when he had almost caught up with her she leapt from Mt. Dictynnaeus into the sea. There she got caught in a fishing net and was rescued the last minute by Artemis who made her a goddess.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Creteno timeframe
Ra-AtumAnjuli/MyrandaFSun-God Egyptbefore 2300 BC
SethMark/BaruchFSon of Geb (Earth God) and Nut (Sky Goddess) in Heliopolitan legend; abt. 17th Cent. B.C. Group 1: Ancient Egypt
Egypt1700 - 1601 BC1344
IsisAnjuli/MyrandaOEGoddess; sister of Osiris; mother of Horus; abt. 4354 B.C.Group 1: Ancient Egypt
HorusAnjuli/MyrandaFSon of Isis and Osiris/Otha; 4330 B.C. Group 1: Ancient Egypt
Book: Egypt
Egyptbefore 2300 BC1329
SekhmetPaul/PaneusOEEgyptian goddess - Solar Eye of RaGroup 1: Ancient Religions
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Egyptbefore 2300 BC1421
SelketMargaret/MadisonFA translation of the Egyptian Scorpion GoddessGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Ancient Egypt
Egyptno timeframe
MaatMeleena/SashiFEgyptian Goddess translation.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
ApolloAnjuli/MyrandaOEWith Poseidon, builds the City of Troy for King Laomedon; in the tenth year of the war, kills Achilles by piercing him in the heel with an arrow. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Greecebefore 2300 BC
IrisRagen/IrisFGoddess of the Rainbow Group 1: Ancient Greece
Greecebefore 2300 BC1358
ApolloPaul/PaneusOEGreek God of the Sun and Music; son of Zeus & Leto, a nympthGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Greecebefore 2300 BC1421
AntigoneJim/BevanFIn Greek mythology, daughter of unwitting incestuous union of Oedipus and Jocasta. Clashed with uncle Creon (focus of Cuit)over burial of her brother's body. Her execution was ordered by Creon and she was immured in a cave where she hanged herself. She is a favorite subject of the Greek tragedy writers such as Sophocles, who wrote The Antigone in 440 BC. Group 1: Ancient Greece
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Greeceno timeframe2004
ErosJeremy/OpanFIn Greek mythology, Eros was the primordial god of lust, love, and sex; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity. In later mythology Eros is the offspring of Aphrodite/Iona and Ares/Malhai. He is the husband of Psyche/Iona. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Eros was one of the first deities born into the world, and no one, divine or mortal, could resist his spell of enchantment. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
MnemosyneSharon/CamdonFThe personification of memory in Greek mythology and mother of the Muses by Zeus. In Hesiod's Theogony, kings and poets receive their powers of authoritative speech from their possession of Mnemosyne and their special relationship with the Muses. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
TheseusPaul/PaneusFThe legendary king of Athens, son of Aegeus and Poseidon.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Ancient Greece
Goddess DanuDawn/AwanFIn Irish mythology, Danu or Dana was the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (peoples of the goddess Danu).Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Irelandno timeframe
AstarteDale/JeneFPhoenician 'Queen of Heaven', great goddess of the ancient Near East, chief diety of Tyre, Sidon, and Elath, important Mediterranean seaports of Canaan, or what is now known as Lebanon and Syria. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Lebanon and Syriano timeframe2004
QuetzalcoatlJenner/TarmakFToltec Wind God and Priest King. The historical Quetzalcoatl was probably born around AD 947; his father, Mixcoatl, was ruler of the ToltecsMexico901 - 1000 AD1513
FreyaAnjuli/MyrandaFNorse goddess of love and sister of FreyrGroup 1: Norse Mythology
Book: Nature
Norwaybefore 2300 BC
ThetisAnjuli/MyrandaFSea Nymph Goddess; mother of Achilles Group 1: Trojan War
O.D.1300 - 1201 BC
AchillesPaul/PaneusFKing of Ithaca; Trojan War Group 1: Trojan War
O.D.1300 - 1201 BC1311
IsisMarj/GradyOELEgyptian goddess; sister of Osiris, mother of Horus; abt 4354 B.C.Group 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.before 2300 BC1449
NeithJoanne/GildaeFGreek goddess; ties to Athena and MedusaGroup 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.no timeframe1449
Inanna, GoddessDawn/AwanOESumerian goddess of Love and WarGroup 1: Ancient Religions
O.D.no timeframe
Diana, GoddessDawn/AwanFSister of ApolloGroup 1: Ancient Greece
O.D.no timeframe
Nepthys, GoddessDawn/AwanFDaughter of Seb and Nut; sister of Osiris and Isis and Set, the wife of Set; the mother of AnubisGroup 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.no timeframe
IsisDawn/AwanOEEgyptian goddess; sister to Osirus, Set and NepthysGroup 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.no timeframe
SekmetDawn/AwanOEEgyptian goddessGroup 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.no timeframe
ShivaJens/RanatadOEHindu God, "The Destroyer"Group 1: Hinduism
O.D.no timeframe1576
VishnuJens/RanatadFHindu God, "The Preserver"Group 1: Hinduism
Group 2: Other Dimensional
O.D.no timeframe1400
ZeusJens/RanatadOEFather God in Greek mythologyGroup 1: Ancient Greece
O.D.no timeframe1400
IsisJens/RanatadOEGoddess of love in Egyptian mythologyGroup 1: Ancient Egypt
O.D.no timeframe1400
ZephyrusAlexi/AlexiFGreek god of the west wind, the most gentle of the winds. He is known as the messenger of spring.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
O.D.before 2300 BC
Thor, God of ThunderMarta/BourjnFNorse MythologyGroup 1: Norse Mythology
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Other Dimensionbefore 2300 BC1412
ThothPaul/PaneusFThoth, Egyptian god, other dimensionalGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Other Dimensionno timeframe1485
PandoraFran/SandelFSandel has a focus that "translates" as Pandora. In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth, created at Zeus's orders, by Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship. The gods endowed her with many talents, hense her name Pandora, 'all-gifted'. When presented to Epimetheus as his wife, Pandora brought with her a box or jar which she was not to open under any circumstances. Compelled my her natural curiosity, Pandora opened the box unleashing all of the evil into the world, with the exception of one thing that lay at the bottom, and that was hope.Group 1: Ancient Greece
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Other Dimensionno timeframe
MinervaAlexi/AlexiFRoman goddess of wisdom, medicine, the arts, science, trade, and war. Believed to be the inventor of numbers and musical instruments. Daughter of Jupiter. Also is equated with the Greek goddess Athena.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Other Dimension
IsisAlexi/AlexiFGoddess in Egyptian mythology. She is the wife and sister of Osiris and the mother of Horus. Isis was worshipped as the archetypal wife and mother. Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Other Dimensionbefore 2300 BC
SekhmetMagda/RashtiFIn Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet, was originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. She was also seen as the Avenger of Wrongs, and the Scarlet LadyGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Other Dimension
AmunOliver / AmirFEgyptian god AmunGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Other Dimension
Idunna, GoddessIoanna/IonaFNorse Goddess of innocence, fertility, & death. She was the custodian of golden apples which allowed the Aesir gods to maintain their youth. Originally a member of the Vanir. She departed Vanaheim to live with her husband Bragi in Asgard. Group 1: Norse Mythology
Scandanaviano timeframe1513
Inanna (Ishtar)Ioanna/IonaFAnnunaki, Mesopotamian (Sumerian) Goddess of Love, War, the morning and evening star; known as a healer and lifegiver; daughter of the Moon God Nanna (Sin)/Rai and the Moon Goddess Ningal/Nanaiis; twin sister of Utu/Elan, the Sun God. She is also known as Ishtar in the Babylonian pantheon.Group 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Ancient Religions
Sumerbefore 2300 BC
Ninhursag, GoddessDawn/AwanFThe Sumerian earth and mother-goddess, and a goddess of fertility who created all vegetation. She is the consort of the supreme god Enki. She is also called Nintu, Group 1: Ancient Civilizations
Sumerbefore 2300 BC
EnkiMark/BaruchFThe Sumerian high god of water and intellect, creation, wisdom and medicine who could restore the dead to life. He was the source of all secret and magical knowledge of life and immortality. The consort of Ninhursag/Awan.Group 1: Ancient Civilizations
Sumerbefore 2300 BC
TammuzMarta/BourjnFSyrian mythology equivalent of the Egyptian OsirisGroup 1: Gods and Goddesses
Group 2: Other Dimensional
Syriabefore 2300 BC1557