Session 2992

“Out of Body Experience”
“Allowing Yourself to Experience the Interconnectedness”

Wednesday, June 6th, 2010 (Private/Phone)

Start 9:40 AM (EST)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Benjamin (Aviton)

ELIAS: Good morning.


ELIAS: (Laughs) Welcome and what shall we discuss?

BENJAMIN: First I would like to confirm my essence family.

ELIAS: Very well.

BENJAMIN: I have the impression of Sumafi, Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

BENJAMIN: Okay. Orientation, soft?

ELIAS: Correct.

BENJAMIN: And focus element, religious?

ELIAS: Correct.

BENJAMIN: Okay, also I was wanting to know if I am initiating, continuing or final?

ELIAS: Continuing.

BENJAMIN: Continuing, okay.

And essence name?

ELIAS: And do you incorporate an impression?

BENJAMIN: Honestly, no. No impression at all.

ELIAS: Essence name Aviton.

BENJAMIN: How do you spell that?


BENJAMIN: Aviton, excellent, than you.

Okay. I wanted to express really quickly about the transition I’ve been going through, and to get your impression of it. Basically, around 2007 I became really depressed, and I felt really alone, and sort of like I was not getting anywhere, and things really started building up, and I was heavy and I felt burdened. I felt very limited, and I had difficulties in my relationship with Danielle at the time. I cheated on her. I attempted to disengage via suicide, and basically it was just a really depressing time.

Well, that night December of 2007 after all that built up and I tried to disengage, I came to and I was out of my body, and I was viewing my body in my bed, and it really scared me because I thought it was another person. But it turned out to be me and I saw my body, and when I leaned over and touched my shoulder my body kind of leaned up and looked at me, and kind of growled like it was upset and maybe sick, and then I snapped out of it and I went and I threw up the pills that I took. And ever since then..

Well, first of all I am curious about that out of body experience and how it is that that happened?

ELIAS: (laughs) This is a very natural action my friend, and I would express that individuals generate this type of action quite frequently. It is merely that you do not necessarily objectively remember doing it, but in this type of situation what you did was you incorporated an intention to disengage, and executed and action in relation to that intention.

Now let me express as an aside that regardless of whether you incorporate an intention to generate a particular direction or action that is not necessarily to say that you actually want to do that. You may have the intention and you may generate an attempt, but that’s not necessarily an indicator that you genuinely want that action.

But, regardless in that situation as you did generate an action in relation to the intention, what occurred was a temporary separation of the objective awareness from the body consciousness. Now, in that you would remember the action of projecting outside of your body consciousness, and you can even interact with your own body consciousness in that state.

There is a remaining fragment of the subjective awareness that is continuing to direct a body consciousness for it is not dead, and in that the body consciousness can be responsive for there is that subjective direction, and I would express that you interacting with your own body consciousness was imagery to yourself in relation to not actually genuinely wanting to disengage.


ELIAS: Therefore, generating a communication to yourself in cautioning yourself that you could generate that action and be successful but that you were not necessarily ready and the timing factor was not necessarily correct at that point.

And, therefore once you generate the relation that you remained present and viewing and interacting with your body consciousness that triggered the action of you fusing back into the body consciousness, and from that point you are aware of what occurred.


BENJAMIN: That’s exactly - that was my impression as well. It was - yes. That was my impression as well. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) There are many situations my friend, not merely a situation such as suicide. There are many situations in which an individual may generate an intention for an action, and may begin to engage an action, and not genuinely want to follow through with that action.

Such as an individual may be experiencing a feeling of what they interpret as anger or frustration, and they may intend to direct that at another individual, and they may actually begin to generate that action, and once they are involved in the action they begin to realize that they do not actually want to generate that particular action regardless of their intention.

BENJAMIN: Thank you. So basically that was the - What I am consciously aware of, that was the initiating factor, that was the beginning of the transition. And so I started researching the out of body experiences (OOBE), and I got Robert Monroe books, and I researched online. One thing led to another and my perception just opened up, and I started having dreams of being in a house with doors on the ceilings and walls, and new boxes of doors knobs and bolts and screws for the door, and that was like I was helping myself see that I was opening up new doors, or I was becoming aware of new doors and lots of experiences. Just basically everything opened up.

Now, with that being said it was overwhelming and it still is. I started noticing the external reality was - I saw myself in the external reality. I saw myself in peoples conversations. They would be talking, people at a store would be talking to each other about whatever, and I would just happen to walk in and over hear that and I felt that they were talking to me - not directly - but it was exactly what I was thinking at the exact time I was thinking it.

That sort of awareness tends to happen more than not. I don’t like leaving the house because - I’m not afraid necessarily, but I know - I just know that I am going to continue to get these impressions. Wherever I go I will overhear people talking about anything and I will connect to it, and its not a bad thing but its overwhelming.

ELIAS: Very well. Now, there are different directions that you can engage with this depending upon what you want. You can develop this into a type of game in which it can become fun and beneficial to you, or you can shut it out if you are so choosing, and I can express methods in either direction that you can generate to accomplish either of those actions.

What you are doing is allowing yourself to experience the interconnectedness of your self with all that is around you, and this is not bad, in actuality this is most definitely a significant aspect of shifting, and recognizing and experiencing that interconnectedness, and allowing yourself to be interconnected. But I am understanding the overwhelmingness of it, and I do recognize that it is an unfamiliar, and therefore if you are not aware in information of what you are doing it can seem to be (inaudible), and it can be unnerving.

Now, in actuality becoming more and more interconnected is in a manner of speaking one of the goals in this shift, but you can do that in varying capacities, and you can do it in increments if you are so choosing, and it is not an action that you would term to be out of your control.

Now, as I have expressed you can allow yourself to remain open as you already are and merely alter your perception in relation to that openness, and therefore have that become less bothersome to you. Or you can buffer, and therefore shut out other energies, and choose when you will allow them, or when you will allow yourself to be open to them, and when not, or you can generate a combination.

In this I would be more advocating that you allow yourself to remain open, and alter your perception in relation to the situation as it is not frightening to you. If it were distressing to you in a fearful manner I would be more likely to suggest that you buffer, and be engaging this openness more incrementally. But as it is not fearful to you it is merely bothersome or unnerving. There are manners in which you can address to that and allow yourself to remain open but not be distressed or irritated by it.


ELIAS: It would be your choice, what you would prefer to do.

BENJAMIN: I enjoy the incorporation of the game. I sometimes do see it that way. I try to. I know that I am opening up to it. I am allowing it so therefore, I would like to know why that is and to sort of assess it, and usually nowadays - recently - I know that I can change my perception and then it changes the way I view it completely and immediately. I can change it so I prefer to view it as a positive thing than a negative. So I do feel it is easier.

I am having more fun than previously. It was very depressing and it was - I viewed the whole world was against me, victim mentality. I just thought the worst. I thought I was going crazy, but I do know now. I do know that it is - I simply may change my perception of it to a positive state and I can have fun with it and see why it is that I am drawing this information to me. What can I learn from it, and I can have fun with it. So yes, thank you.

ELIAS: Yes, or it may not even necessarily be a situation of what can you learn form it. It may merely be as simple as it is an example and an expression of your interconnectedness with all that is, and in that being interconnected it sparks your empathic sense. It is developing rapidly, and that allows you to connect with other individuals regardless if you view them to be strangers, for within consciousness none of them are actually strangers, and in that you can play with the situation recognizing and knowing that the reason that you are aware to the extent that you are in relation to other individuals is that you are interconnected with them. And in whatever situation may be occurring, or whatever conversation may be occurring, or whatever actions, you can recognize your participation as an aside and you can allow yourself to play games with it.

Such as if you are connecting with another individuals conversation and you feel your participation, regardless that you are actively verbally participating. It matters not. You can engage the subject matter that is being discussed and play with that, and within yourself you can generate your own evaluations of, “with this subject how does this apply to my personal individual guidelines?” “How do I view this subject?,” and “how would I engage this subject?”

Or you can even entertain and amuse yourself by imagining very different aspects of the subject in a humorous way, and projecting the energy that you are transforming the conversation in a manner in which now it has become a humorous and entertaining subject matter.

Such as a hypothetical example. Let us say two individuals are incorporating a conversation in relation to the weather, and in that they are also discussing their plan to be generating a gathering with friends for an outdoor meal, and therefore the subject of the weather is an important factor in their conversation, and you may feel yourself drawn into this conversation or the experience of the individuals participating in it, and in that - knowing that you are merely experiencing your interconnectedness - you could hypothetically play with the subject matter.

Therefore you could imagine different types of scenarios that incorporate different weather configurations that you would view as amusing in the situation with the gathering of individuals. Therefore, are many different manners in which you can play with that interconnectedness, and in that rather than being a situation of constant chatter of outside sources that could be bothersome. It can be a situation in which there is a continuous game occurring in which you can be creative, and be inventing many different types of scenarios in every aspect of the game.

BENJAMIN: Yes. I understand.

ELIAS: (laughs)

BENJAMIN: I will definitely play with this, and not fear it. Thank you. I have another important question.

For a while now I see T.V. static, lots and lots and lots of specks. I used to have to focus on it and now I see them everywhere. It is getting more vibrant and easier to perceive, and through these specks I’ll notice colors start to, its like a storm that’s already there of colors moving around, floating around, merging and transforming and molding and evolving and within the static, and its an overlay of dimensions.

There is this dimension and its kind of the same and it has rules and the physicality and the table, and the chair I’m sitting on, and I see it and I imagine others see it equally or similarly, but then through the static its almost as if there is a whole another dimension, or a whole another energy system because within the static, within these colors, within these impressions I also see - it looks like glowing eyes - other beings, people waving at me every now and then, people floating. I see energy colors that will hover over my body. I see flashes of light out of my peripheral. I see a whole bunch of really interesting things. Can you talk about that?

ELIAS: What you are doing which once again is related to the interconnectedness and it is related to you expanding and opening your awareness. You are seeing more of your reality than you were previously. I have expressed many times previously there is much more within your reality in your dimension than you are aware of and within your space arrangement, and in relation to objects every physical manifestation within your reality is created by consciousness, is consciousness. They are different configurations of consciousness with different vibrational qualities, and not all of them you deem to be living, but they are all moving for consciousness is in continuous motion.


ELIAS: And in that what you are doing is you are allowing yourself to actually sharpen your physical senses and use them to actually engage more of your reality.

Now, in relation to other beings so-to-speak this is a combination. At times you may be viewing configurations of energy of other essences, but at times you are viewing other manifestations that occupy your space arrangement, but are merely not participating in your actual reality. They incorporate a different reality, but they are present. They are very present within your same space arrangement, they merely do not participate in your official reality, but that is not to say that you cannot see them or engage them and be aware of them even with your physical senses. You can.

Your senses are more attuned to perceiving much more than you generally allow them to engage, and in this I would express that this is another aspect of expanding and shifting and being aware of much more of your reality. I would be congratulating of you.

BENJAMIN: Thank you. Well I’m not crazy. (laughs) That’s always good.

ELIAS: No you are not crazy. (laughs)

BENJAMIN: Well thank you very much its been wonderful and I bid you farewell.

ELIAS: You are very welcome my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting..

BENJAMIN: Absolutely!

ELIAS: ..and I shall be offering my energy and my presence to you continuously in encouragement and in supportiveness of your expansion.


BENJAMIN: Thank you. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. To you my friend in tremendous affection and in great lovingness. Au revoir.