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Mary’s talk at the May 2016 Group Session

Mary’s Talk
"Update on Polly"

Saturday, May 28, 2016 (Group/Hinsdale, New Hampshire)

(A video of this talk is available here.)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Adam (Avril), Ann (Vivette), Anon (Lystell), Brighter (Joilee), Brigitt (Camile), Carole (Aileen), Daniel (Zynn), Denise (Azura), Hernan (Hernan), Inna (Beatrix), Jared (Twen), Jean (Lyla), Jean-François (Samta), John (Lonn), John (Rrussell), Lynda (Ruther), Magdalena (Michella), Melissa (Leah), Natasha (Nicole), Rodney (Zacharie), Sandra (Atahfa), Val (Atticus), and Veronica (Amadis).

(Audio begins after Mary explains that she will give an update on Polly.)

MARY: So anyway, she has been doing really good up until this past week. Then she kind of did a little bit of a nose dive, but up until then… Which, in January, you know, the oncologist told me that she only had six months to live, and that by now she would be really bad, and that she wouldn’t be doing very good, she’d be on her last legs. And she’s not.

And I attribute a lot of that to everybody sending so much energy to her and for Reiki healing and things like that, because I think it really has helped a lot and I appreciate it. Because I’m going to be a puddle when she isn’t here anymore, so I think that I need to express to all of you how much I appreciate that, because I really do. (Laughs)

But I did let her out of her contract about the quilt because I don’t know how long this quilt is going to take me to do! The dead guy did – for any of you who don’t know – suggest that I involve myself in a project about her and including her, back in January.

So I decided (laughs) – Carol’s here – I decided to make a quilt, which I haven’t done in probably thirty years. I used to, but haven’t done one in forever. So I decided to make a quilt. Of course, me, you know, as we can see by the kitchen, I can’t do anything small. (Group laughter)

So I got all this material. I’m cutting like a mad woman, and piecing and whatever. And the quilt ended up being like this ginormous, huge quilt, which will fit my queen-sized bed. (Laughs)

But it was a really great idea, because it’s about her. I found material that you can put in your printer that will print pictures on material, which is really cool. So I have some pictures of her in the quilt. It’s at the house - you guys can’t help for see it, because it’s in the way. And then in each corner I found squares, fabric squares, with pictures of places all over the world, places that we’ve been. So that there are, in each of the four corners, there are sixteen pictures of places that she’s been with me.

And through the whole project - which I thought was interesting because he said include her, not just make it about her - well, she’s included herself in the project by every step of the way: during the cutting, during the piecing together, during everything, she’s been laying on top of it the whole time. (Group laughter)

So she has been involved with it, too. So that’s been a really good… I did have a conversation with her at the beginning and told her she needed to stick around until I was finished with it, but it’s taking so long that I figured maybe I would let her out of that contract (laughs), because I don’t know when I’ll be done with it.

It has sixty-three blocks, and I am in the quilting phase of it. That’s the part where it looks like it’s embroidered. I’m in the quilting phase of it now, and I’ve got twenty-two blocks done and I have forty-five more to go. So it’s going to take me forever.

So it’s okay if she doesn’t stick around. But I appreciate everybody’s help, so thank you all.

All right. So I guess we’re on to the dead guy now, because things have been good so I don’t have any concerning things to talk about or share with everybody. I’m like, things are working out, and they’re going pretty good. (Group cheers)

I hope everybody else is having good things happen, too. I think things are on an upswing. I think things are moving in a positive direction this year.

(Mary’s talk ends after 6 minutes)