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Sessions 2020

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1/7/2020Session 202001071 AudioDetails Extending longevity, becoming more like Essence, perception is translation, the potential of LPs : Nuno(Lystell)
1/7/2020Session 202001072 AudioDetails Allow Yourself to Be You : Naomi(Kallile)
1/15/2020Session 202001151 AudioDetails The one is all, the all is one : Julie(Fontine)
1/25/2020Session 202001251 AudioGroupDetails Self-Awareness and Interconnectedness :
Participant listNuno(Lystell), Mauricio(Kaffka), Markus(Mikah), Marij(Kammi), Marguerite(Metra), Lynda(Ruther), Leonor(Kitzell), Kirill, John(Rrussell), Jeff B.(Galina), Jean(Lyla), Debbie(Tamarra), Barb J., Mary(Michael), Philip(Paetre), Robert R., Rodney(Zacharie), Scotty(Gianni), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
1/31/2020Session 202001311 AudioDetails Feelings, Whales and Compassion : Ann(Vivette)

2/20/2020Session 202002201 AudioDetails Expressing but Not Defending : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
2/29/2020Session 202002291 AudioDetails Interacting with Others: Your Behavior Guidelines :
Participant listBarb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carolin, Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Elaine, Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Kathleen(Florencia), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Markus(Markus), Phillip(Paetre), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Rudolf, Sonja(Sabine), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

3/1/2020Session 202003011 AudioDetails Differences, Relationships, Not Following Feelings and Healing : Steph(Rachel)
3/7/2020Session 202003071 AudioDetails Preparing for Sleep and Dreams; Differences and Self-Judgment : Ann(Vivette)
3/9/2020Session 202003091 AudioDetails Coronavirus Hype; Reacting vs. Flowing : Jason(Spensar)
3/11/2020Session 202003111 AudioDetails Creating Outcomes, More on Corona Virus, Experiencing Yourself as Essence : Nuno(Lystell)
3/18/2020Session 202003181 AudioDetails Coronavirus Panic: A Time for Action : Scotty(Gianni)
3/19/2020Session 202003191 AudioDetails Cycles of time and the Shift; The Coronavirus : Jean-François(Samta)
3/28/2020Session 202003281 AudioGroupDetails Choosing to Be Disengaging in Relation to This Mass Event :
Participant listAlice, Ann(Grace), Barb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Debbie(Tamarra), Diana, Elaine, Jean-Baptiste(Araili), Jeff(Galina), Jennifer(Margarite), Jennifer(Whitney), John(Rrussell), Julie(Fontine), Karen(Turell), Katrin(Duncan), Kevin(Douglas), Loretta, Lynda(Ruther), Lynda(Sydney), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Mark(Ogean), Natalie, Philip(Paetre), Robert, Robin(Aimon), Rodney(Zacharie), Sonja(Sabine), Valerie, Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
3/30/2020Session 202003301 AudioDetails The Main Points of This Mass Event : Gerry(Casatt), Dan(Gerard)

4/1/2020Session 202004011 AudioDetails The Trauma of Self-Structuring : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
4/2/2020Session 202004021 AudioDetails Relying on Your Intuition; Self-structuring : Ann(Vivette)
4/9/2020Session 202004091 AudioDetails Using this Event to Expand; Encouraging those Around You : Markus(Markus)
4/16/2020Session 202004161 AudioDetails The Process of Revealing Yourself : Nuno(Lystell)
4/19/2020Session 202004191 AudioDetails Covid-19 Reopening; Intermediates and Redefining Conflict : Marcos(Marta)
4/25/2020Session 202004251 AudioGroupDetails Geography, Culture and Different Mass Expressions of the Coronavirus :
Participant listMary(Michael), Andrea(Pædro), Barb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Deborah(Oshah), Fleur(Letticia), Jean-Baptiste(Araili), Jeetha, Jeff(Galina), Jennifer(Margarite), John(Rrussell), Karen(Turell), Katrin(Duncan), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Phil(Paetre), Robert, Robin(Aimon), Rodney(Zacharie), Sean, Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), and Wendy(Myiisha)

5/1/2020Session 202005011 AudioDetails Allowing What You Want; Genuine Sharing & Being an Example : Ann(Vivette)
5/2/2020Session 202005021 AudioDetails Biofield Tuning And The Mass Event : Jean(Lyla)
5/2/2020Session 202005022 AudioDetails Shifting Alliances; Aiding Your Intuition : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
5/9/2020Session 202005091 AudioDetails Benefits of Humming and Singing; Focus/Essence Impressions : Scotty(Ashtaria)
5/24/2020Session 202005241 AudioDetails Getting Ready for the New Normal : Anon
5/30/2020Session 202005301 AudioGroupDetails How Can You Help? :
Participant listRobert, Philip(Paetre), Paul(Paneus), Nuno(Lystell), Marij(Kammi), Magdalena(Michella), Lynda(Ruther), Kirill, Kimi(Kiatia), Katrin(Duncan), Julie, John(Rrussell), Jeff(Galina), Jason(Posha), Debbie(Tamarra), David L., Corina, Christopher, Christine(Lurine), Carleen(Neliswa), Brigitt(Camile), Barb(Shouno), Rodney(Zacharie), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

6/3/2020Session 202006031 AudioDetails Covid-19 and This Mass Event : Jean-François(Samta)
6/6/2020Session 202006061 AudioDetails Revolutionary Change During this Mass Event : Ann(Vivette)
6/10/2020Session 202006101 AudioDetails Expressing Satisfaction in Everyday Actions : Jason(Spensar)
6/16/2020Session 202006161 AudioDetails Freedom is Always Hard Won : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
6/20/2020Session 202006201 AudioDetails Medical Procedures; Earthing; Focal Points & Misc. : Jean-François(Samta)

7/4/2020Session 202007041 AudioGroupDetails Experimenting with Structure :
Participant listAxel(Ricarro), Barb(Shono), Benzi(Sumarian), Christoph(Fiodra), Christopher, David(Auroia), Ester(Ashule), Jeff(Galina), Jennifer(Margarite), Jim(Yarr), John(Rrussell), Julie(Fontine), Julie(Laya), Kimi(Kiatia), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena(Michella), Marij(Kammi), Maxim, Paun, Phil(Paetre), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Sandra(Atafah), Tomas(Fernando), Valora(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy S., Wendy W.(Myiisha)
7/8/2020Session 202007081 AudioDetails Coronavirus Spark: Why Now?; Personality Traits : Ann(Vivette)
7/10/2020Session 202007101 AudioDetails Counterpart Actions Between Essence Families [Excerpt] : AJ(Matheo)
7/17/2020Session 202007171 AudioDetails Session 1 of the Accepting Differences Triptych : Ann(Vivette)
7/18/2020Session 202007181 AudioDetails Session 2 of the Accepting Differences Triptych : Shin(Baphell)
7/20/2020Session 202007201 AudioDetails Session 3 of the Difference and Acceptance Triptych : Jean-Francois(Samta)
7/27/2020Session 202007271 AudioDetails Stoking the Glow : Gillian(Ari)

8/2/2020Session 202008021 AudioDetails Energetic Turn of the Masses; Corona Protests in Germany : Jens(Samira)
8/5/2020Session 202008051 AudioDetails Men and Boats; The Importance of Not Taking Sides : Ann(Vivette)
8/12/2020Session 202008121 Details The Pivot : Lynda(Ruther)
8/18/2020Session 202008181 AudioDetails The Interplay of Perception with Imagery : Nuno(Lystell)

9/1/2020Session 202009011 AudioDetails Self-Structuring Socializing; Enjoying Exercising : Jason(Spensar)
9/2/2020Session 202009021 AudioDetails Perception, Pulsations of Consciousness, Black Quartz : Nuno(Lystell)
9/16/2020Session 202009161 AudioDetails Black Quartz, Diminishing Importances, Accepting Elias' Energy : Nuno(Lystell)
9/23/2020Session 202009231 AudioDetails Aligning Energy Centers and Labradorite : Leonor(Kitzell)

10/4/2020Session 202010041 AudioGroupDetails Flow, Interconnectedness and Cooperation :
Participant listBarb(Shono), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Christopher, Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Kathleen(Florencia), Kevin(Conrad), Kirill, Leonor(Kitzell), Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Mauricio(Kaffka), Melissa(Leah), Naomi(Kallile), Robert, Scotty(Gianni), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
10/6/2020Session 202010061 AudioDetails Balancing Interaction; Exploring Romantic & Financial Interests : Rudolf(Sayla)
10/13/2020Session 202010131 AudioDetails Association and Bodyweight, Fear After Death : Leonor(Kitzell)
10/16/2020Session 202010161 AudioDetails Interconnectedness and Flow : Brenda(Leonora)