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Sessions 2018

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1/3/2018Session 201801031 AudioDetails Attention Span : Fatma
1/14/2018Session 201801141 AudioDetails Climate Change, Trump, & Recalling Subjective Information : Tim(Coulum)
1/14/2018Session 201801142 AudioDetails Sexual Harassment and The Women's Movement : Jean(Lyla)
1/24/2018Session 201801241 AudioDetails Guidelines: Loyalty, Consideration & Roles : Fatma
1/26/2018Session 201801261 AudioDetails Guidelines: Honor, Responsibility, & Equality : Fatma
1/26/2018Session 201801262 AudioDetails Guidelines: Justice, Selfishness, & Honesty : Fatma

2/2/2018Session 201802021 AudioDetails Imagination Sparks Inspiration : Ann(Vivette)
2/4/2018Session 201802041 AudioDetails Expanding Satisfaction :
2/5/2018Session 201802051 AudioDetails Part 1 - Mood Influences Your Attention : Fatma
2/5/2018Session 201802052 AudioDetails Part 2 - Value, Worth and Importance : Fatma
2/5/2018Session 201802053 AudioDetails Part 3 - Letting Technology Steer Your Boat : Fatma
2/11/2018Session 201802111 AudioDetails Viva Conceit! : Jean(Lyla)
2/18/2018Session 201802181 AudioGroupDetails Healing with Energy :
Participant listBarb, Debbie(Tamarra), Elena(Deena), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Lynda(Ruther), Lynda(Sydney), Marij(Kammi), Mary(Michael), Mauricio(Kaffka), Nuno(Lystell), Philip(Paetre), Scotty(Elliouse), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
2/26/2018Session 201802261 AudioDetails Letting Go of Blame : Terri(Uliva)

3/5/2018Session 201803051 AudioDetails The Power of Letting Go : Jason(Spensar)
3/5/2018Session 201803052 Details A Change in Primary Aspect : Anon(SC)
3/15/2018Session 201803151 AudioDetails Today I Have Enough Money : Lynda(Ruther)
3/18/2018Session 201803181 AudioGroupDetails Main Subject: Challenges :
Participant listBarb, Brigitt(Camile), Deane(Leland), Debbie(Tamarra), Fatma, Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Ken, Lynda(Ruther), Mary(Michael), Paul(Paneus), Phillip(Paetre), Pilar, Tammy(Vallia), Todd, Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha)
3/19/2018Session 201803191 AudioDetails Dating, Changing Careers and Caring for a Disengaging Parent : John(Arry)
3/21/2018Session 201803211 AudioDetails Connecting with the Younger Generation : Rose(Quillan)
3/24/2018Session 201803241 AudioDetails Not Following Feelings : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)

4/2/2018Session 201804021 AudioDetails Being More Intentional : Jason(Spensar)
4/6/2018Session 201804061 AudioDetails Creating Illness : Ann(Vivette)
4/15/2018Session 201804151 AudioDetails Make Something Else More Important : Debbie(Tamarra), Phil(Patre)
4/19/2018Session 201804191 AudioDetails Crediting Yourself; Benefits of Walking/Jogging : Lynda(Ruther)
4/28/2018Session 201804281 AudioGroupDetails What Is My Energy Doing? :
Participant listJeff(Galina), Robert, Phillip(Paetre), Mary(Michael), Marij(Kammi), Lynda(Ruther), Karen(Shyela), John(Rrussell), Debbie(Tamarra), Deane(Leland), Barb, Rodney(Zacharie), Val(Atticus)

5/7/2018Session 201805071 AudioDetails Giving Up the Fight : Jason(Spensar)
5/11/2018Session 201805111 AudioDetails Harnessing All Your Focuses & Affecting Climate Change : Fatma
5/17/2018Session 201805171 AudioDetails Energy & Water; More on Harnessing Focuses : Rose(Quillan)
5/21/2018Session 201805211 AudioDetails Redefining Importances; Nutrition: Fat & Fiber : Jean(Lyla)
5/21/2018Session 201805212 AudioDetails It is Easier than You Think : Sandra(Atafah)
5/25/2018Session 201805251 AudioDetails Water & Diet Questions : Lynda(Ruther)
5/26/2018Session 201805261 AudioGroupDetails Stop Fighting with Yourself :
Participant listMary(Michael), Barb, Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Fatma, Ivan, Jeff(Galina), Jeff T., John(Rrussell), Keith, Kimi, Lynda(Ruther), Michael(Delal), Paul(Paneus), Phillip(Paetre), Sonja, Val(Atticus), Wendy(Myiisha), Veronica(Amadis)
5/27/2018Session 201805271 AudioDetails Hydration & Skin Elasticity; Reducing Compartmentalization : Brigitt(Camile)

6/4/2018Session 201806041 AudioDetails Engaging with & teaching children : Ann(Vivette)
6/7/2018Session 201806071 AudioDetails Gut Health Advice and Rippling Energy : Jean(Lyla)
6/9/2018Session 201806091 AudioGroupDetails Jump Off the Boat! :
Participant listMary(Michael), Abby, Alex S., Brigitt(Camile), Daniil(Zynn), Debbie(Tamarra), Denise(Azura), Hernan(Hernan), Ivan K., Jason(Spensar), Jean(Lyla), Jean-François(Samta), Ken G.(Marcel), Lisa, Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena(Michella), Mark W., Michael C., Natasha(Nicole), Phil(Patre), Sandra(Atafah)
6/14/2018Session 201806141 AudioDetails Irritation and No Resolution : Jason(Spensar)
6/17/2018Session 201806171 AudioDetails Why Am I Holding Back? : Jason(Posha)
6/29/2018Session 201806291 AudioDetails Suggestibility, Connecting, Diet, Exercise & Rest : Lynda(Ruther)

7/2/2018Session 201807021 AudioDetails ACV, Digestion, Water, Gut Health, Butter : Karen(Turell)
7/2/2018Session 201807022 AudioDetails A Son's Experience of Psychosis : Alicia(Tisara)
7/4/2018Session 201807041 AudioDetails From Fear to Safety; Swimming in a Magnetic Ocean : Gina(Liliana)
7/5/2018Session 201807051 AudioDetails Gluten Sensitivity; Exploring a Career Change : Ann(Vivette)
7/5/2018Session 201807052 AudioDetails Determination, ACV, Losing Weight & UFOs : Jason(Spensar)
7/8/2018Session 201807081 AudioDetails Benefits of CBD Oil; Perception & Healing : Carleen(Neliswa)
7/11/2018Session 201807111 AudioDetails Questioning my choices; Who do you want to be in this moment? : Linda(Ruthanna)
7/17/2018Session 201807171 AudioDetails Progress in Letting Go : Terri(Uliva)

9/1/2018Session 201809011 AudioDetails A Different View of Goals : Ann(Vivette)es 
9/17/2018Session 201809171 AudioDetails Running & Diet; Contentment & Intentional Choices : Jason(Spensar)
9/20/2018Session 201809201 AudioDetails Following a Passion isn’t Always Exciting : Linda(Ruthanna)
9/25/2018Session 201809251 AudioDetails Trust is Not a Feeling; Separation & Healing : Jean-François(Samta)
9/25/2018Session 201809252 AudioDetails Behavior as a Signal : Jean-François(Samta), Jean(Lyla)

10/5/2018Session 201810051 AudioDetails Relationship Contribution, Independence Trade-off’s & Control : Ann(Vivette)
10/10/2018Session 201810101 AudioDetails Connecting with Self; Differences : Jean-Francois(Samta)
10/22/2018Session 201810221 AudioDetails Confidence is the Indicator Your Perception is Different : Jason(Spensar)
10/26/2018Session 201810261 AudioDetails Artificial Intelligence, Self-Awareness & Being a Creator : Ann(Vivette), John(Lonn)
10/26/2018Session 201810262 AudioDetails Defining Perception : Ann(Vivette), John(Lonn)
10/26/2018Session 201810263 AudioDetails Control, Imagination & Consciousness : Ann(Vivette), John(Lonn)
10/27/2018Session 201810271 AudioGroupDetails The Science Wave: Catching Up to Einstein :
Participant listDenise(Azura), Mary(Michael), Lynda(Ruther), Lisa, Kyla(Amie), John H.(Lonn), John(Rrussell), Brigitt(Camile), Bonnie(Lyla), Ann(Vivette), Sandra(Atafah), Tariq(Jessik), Val(Atticus)
10/28/2018Session 201810281 AudioDetails Recognizing Interconnectedness : Brigitt(Camile)es 

11/14/2018Session 201811141 AudioDetails The Power of Perception; Caffeine & Regeneration : Jean-François(Samta)
11/24/2018Session 201811241 AudioGroupDetails Practicing Genuine Self-Love :
Participant listMary(Michael), Angelika(Natalia), Barb, Barbara(Lemure), Benzi(Sumarian), Beth(Simmi), Bharat(Karmana), Brigitt(Camile), Christina(Melian), Christine(Lurine), Christoph(Alexander), Cindy, Debbie(Tamarra), Diane(Theada), Elaine, Greg, Jane, Janine, Jantine(Adell), Jeff(Galina), Jennifer, Jens(Samira), John(Rrussell), Jonathan(Sobini), Kathleen(Florencia), Keith, Kenneth, Kevin, Kim(Kiatia), Laurie(Annelise), Lily, Lynda(Ruther), Marij(Kammi), Mark(Pinzu), Matthew, Mauricio(Kaffka), Melissa(Leah), Mutha Ashok(Beck), Mysty(Michella), Nuno(Lystell), Paul(Paneus), Perry, Peter, Pilar, Prince(Jonndue), Rob, Robert, Roberto(Francine), Robin(Aimon), Rodney(Zacharie), Rose(Quillan), Sandra(Atafah), Scott, Scott(Cedric), Sonja, Tariq(Jessik), Terri(Uliva), Todd, Togi(Gianni), Tom(Malhai), Toni, Vivienne(Eliza), Wendy(Myiisha), Whitney, Yinka(Adriana)

12/16/2018Session 201812161 Details Artificial Intelligence : Scotty(Gianni)
12/17/2018Session 201812171 AudioDetails There is an Equal Amount of Evidence to Support Whatever Direction You Move In : Jason(Spensar)
12/24/2018Session 201812241 AudioDetails Seeing What You Are Doing : Lynda(Ruther)