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Sessions 1999

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1/3/1999Session 350 Details Creating Your Own Crystal Ball : Jan(Meude), Jim(Marthowh)es 
1/3/1999Session 351 Details Spirituality in the Workplace :
1/13/1999Session 352 Details The Belief System of Responsibility : Kristin(Stephonne)
1/26/1999Session 354 Details Lines of Probabilities : Mike(Mikah)
1/27/1999Session 355 GroupDetails The Belief System of Sexual Orientation :
Participant listErik(Mosten), Jennifer(Margarite), Katheryn(Pouinea), Laura(Lynya), Michelle(Sebata), Nathan(Robertt), Richard(Zephel)
1/31/1999Session 356 Details Energy Centers : Jim(Yarr)es 
1/31/1999Session 357 Details Too Good To Be True : Lynda(Ruther)

2/1/1999Session 358 Details Weight, Shyness, and Mirror Actions : Bobbi(Jale)
2/6/1999Session 359 Details Mathematics and Duplicity : Rodney(Zacharie)
2/9/1999Session 360 Details Dissatisfaction with Self :
Participant listLetty(Castille), Marcos(Marta), Stella(Cindel)
2/12/1999Session 361 GroupDetails Vertebrates/Mammals/Marsupials :
Participant listBetsy(Mary), Carole(Aileen), Joanne(Hariett), Tom(Thomas)
2/16/1999Session 362 Details Orientation vs. Sexual preference : Katie(Muriel)
2/21/1999Session 363 Details Nonphysical Actions of Essence : Mike(Mikah)
2/24/1999Session 364 Details A List of Belief Systems : James(Chui)
2/25/1999Session 365 Details Essence Families, Color, and Intent : Dale(Jene)
2/28/1999Session 366 Details Becoming a Bridge to Yourself : Lynda(Ruther)
2/28/1999Session 367 Details The Energy Exchange : Nicky(Candace)

3/5/1999Session 368 Details Trigger Actions : Jim(Yarr)
3/7/1999Session 369 Details Physical Affectingness/Healing : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
3/9/1999Session 370 Details The Belief Systems of Sexuality and Emotion : Cathy(Shynla), Vicki(Lawrence)
3/12/1999Session 371 Details Issues of Adequacy : Frank(Christian)
3/16/1999Session 372 Details Moving Beyond the Quick Fix : Nicky(Candace)
3/19/1999Session 373 Details Kids, Adults, and Conflict : Carter(Cynthia), Sarah(Lydia)
3/19/1999Session 374 Details Dream Walkers/Seers/Fragmentation : Mike(Mikah)
3/20/1999Session 375 Details Creating Your Reality Outside of Mass Beliefs : Monica(Bridget), Tom(Thomas)
3/21/1999Session 376 Details Sumari/Milumet : Dale(Jene), Mary(Karla)es 
3/23/1999Session 377 Details The Camouflage of Responsibility :
Participant listFrieda(Brenda), Joanne(Tyl), Paul(Caroll)
3/26/1999Session 378 GroupDetails Soft/Intermediate/Common – An Explanation : Jen(Margarite), Tim(Marlet)es pt 
3/28/1999Session 379 Details Probabilities/Regional Areas/Mirror Actions : Tom(Malhai)

4/2/1999Session 380 Details Conflict in Relationships : Gina(Bahlah)es 
4/9/1999Session 381 GroupDetails Sexual Orientation: What Is Sexuality? :
Participant listArif(Pater), Aysquel(Bartholomew), Betsy(Mary), Joanne(Hariett), John, Kaan(Ian)
es de 
4/12/1999Session 382 Details Focuses, Dreams, and Impressions : Vivien(Miriam)
4/15/1999Session 383 Details Religious Beliefs/Cause and Effect : Deane(Leland)
4/18/1999Session 385 Details Interaction Between Physical and Nonphysical Essen : Marisa, Marisa(unknown)
4/19/1999Session 386 Details The Camouflage of Helpfulness : Letty(Castille)
4/24/1999Session 387 GroupDetails Orientation/Mass Events :
Participant listBen(Albert), Brendan(Brian), Craig, Dave, Ellen(Allissa), Eric(Cuffee), Frank(Christian), Frieda(Brenda), Isabel(Larkshire), Janice(Jaseer), Karen, Merrie(Miora), Rodney(Zacharie), Stella(Cindel), Vann(Wynne)
es pt 
4/27/1999Session 388 Details Becoming Bored with Not Becoming : Mike(Mikah)
4/29/1999Session 389 Details Beliefs/Finances : Ken(Connor)

5/1/1999Session 390 Details Kids, Monsters, and the Darkness : Claire(Keenan), Marisa(Glen)
5/4/1999Session 391 Details Healing/The Empathic Sense : Roi(Lisette)
5/7/1999Session 392 Details Beneficial vs. Efficient : Nicky(Candace)
5/9/1999Session 393 Details Soft, Intermediate, and Common : Lynda(Ruther)es 
5/11/1999Session 394 Details Projections/OOBs :
Participant listLuanne(Inez), Marj(Grady), Ted(Cara)
5/16/1999Session 395 Details Conflict Within the Now : Katie(Muriel)
5/16/1999Session 396 Details Physical Manifestations : Letty(Castille)
5/18/1999Session 397 Details Objective Imagery of Subjective Movement : Lynda(Ruther)
5/18/1999Session 398 Details Redefining Effortlessness : Mike(Mikah)
5/19/1999Session 399 Details Individual Methods of Motivation : Lynda(Ruther)
5/20/1999Session 400 GroupDetails Fatigue/Sleeplessness/Lack of Appetite :
Participant listGeri(Abel), Hal(Andrew), Katie(Muriel)
5/23/1999Session 401 Details A Feeling of Disconnection : Donovan(Winston)
5/25/1999Session 402 Details Running Away form Conflict : Dawn(Sarah), Michael(Delal)
5/26/1999Session 403 Details Aspects/Who Is This Person? : Jen(Margarite)
5/26/1999Session 404 Details Different Orientations in Relationships : Dawn(Sarah), Michael(Delal)es 
5/27/1999Session 405 Details Dismantling Shrines : Daryl(Ashrah)
5/28/1999Session 406 Details Orientation: Intermediate : Marcos(Marta)es 
5/28/1999Session 407 Details The Camouflage of Confidence : Tom(Malhai)pt 
5/30/1999Session 408 Details The Creation of Physical Reality : Joe(Holden)es pt 

6/2/1999Session 409 Details The Belief of Monogamy : Leslie(Margaret)pt 
6/4/1999Session 410 Details Is Avoiding Trauma a Good Thing? : Deane(Leland)
6/7/1999Session 411 Details The Belief System of Parenting :
Participant listJene(Rudim), Trish, Trish(unknown), Vikki(Celeste)
6/8/1999Session 412 Details Translations of Color : Jim(Yarr)
6/8/1999Session 413 Details The Intensity of Emotional Expressions : Lynda(Ruther)
6/11/1999Session 414 Details Relationships/Intimacy : Gail(William)
6/15/1999Session 415 Details Addressing to Beliefs : Mike(Mikah)es pt 
6/27/1999Session 416 Details Offering Helpfulness to Others : Rodney(Zacharie)es 

7/1/1999Session 417 Details Blocking the Orientation of Soft : Daryl(Ashrah)
7/8/1999Session 419 Details Counterpart/Mirror Action : Elveta(Nadia)
7/9/1999Session 420 Details Each Choice Is Merely a Choice : Marcos(Marta)
7/9/1999Session 421 Details No Absolute Definitions/No Cause and Effect : Deane(Leland)
7/11/1999Session 422 Details Turning Your Attention : Sue(Catherine)
7/14/1999Session 423 Details Religious/Metaphysical Beliefs : Joe(Holden)
7/15/1999Session 425 Details Personal Responsibility Issues : Mike(Mikah)
7/18/1999Session 426 Details Complicating Simplistic Situations : Letty(Castille)
7/19/1999Session 427 Details A Very Large Hamster Wheel : Anony(Mous)pt 
7/20/1999Session 428 Details Chapter Focuses : Katie(Muriel)
7/21/1999Session 429 Details Intolerance of Difference : Jim(Yarr)
7/23/1999Session 431 Details Step three: Addressing to Beliefs : Frank(Christian)
7/28/1999Session 432 Details Personal Responsibility/Self Worth : Julie(Lanyah)
7/28/1999Session 433 Details Different Orientations within Relationships : Jo(Tyl), Paul(Caroll)es 
7/30/1999Session 434 Details Distract, Relax, and STOP : Nicky(Candace)
7/30/1999Session 435 Details The Spider and the Web : Mike(Mikah)
7/31/1999Session 436 Details Translations of Nonphysical Actions : Rodney(Zacharie)es 

8/3/1999Session 437 Details There Is Nothing to Learn : Joe(Holden)es 
8/4/1999Session 438 Details Turning to Self in Excess : Jan(Mona)
8/5/1999Session 439 Details The Great Monster of Fear : Daryl(Ashrah)
8/6/1999Session 440 Details Look to the Now : Carla(Ronald)
8/6/1999Session 441 Details What Shall You Do with Freedom? : Jen(Margarite)
8/8/1999Session 442 Details A Discussion of Acceptance : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
8/8/1999Session 443 Details Reconfiguring Energy : Marisa(Glen)
8/10/1999Session 444 Details Probabilities :
Participant listJoanne(Gildae), Luanne(Inez), Marj(Grady), Marlene, Marlene(unknown), Ted(Cara)
8/13/1999Session 445 Details Begin at the Beginning : Anne(Shea)
8/15/1999Session 446 Details Orientation vs. Preference : Ben(Albert)es 
8/17/1999Session 447 Details The Possibility of the Impossible :
Participant listJoanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady), Ted(Cara)
8/18/1999Session 449 Details Misinterpreting Your Inner Voice : Gina(Bahlah)
8/19/1999Session 450 Details What Is an Expression of Essence? : Joe(Holden)
8/21/1999Session 451 Details Creating Menopausal Imagery : Letty(Castille)
8/22/1999Session 452 Details Manifesting Money : Lorraine(Kayia)pt 
8/22/1999Session 453 Details AIDS/Immune System Diseases : Jim(Yarr)
8/24/1999Session 454 Details Psychedelics/Fasting/Karma : Nathan(Robertt)
8/25/1999Session 455 Details The Language of Perception : Paul(Caroll)
8/26/1999Session 457 Details Creating a Window into Self : Daryl(Ashrah)
8/27/1999Session 458 Details Exploring Financial Gain : Mike(Mikah)
8/27/1999Session 459 Details Y2K: Extremes & Polarizations : Betsy(Mary)
8/28/1999Session 460 Details Actions of Disengagement : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
8/29/1999Session 461 Details Some Thoughts on Thought : Howard(Bosht), Margot(Giselle)
8/29/1999Session 462 Details The 'O' Word — Opportunity : Jene(Rudim)

9/2/1999Session 463 Details Rape, Murder, and Belief Systems : Joe(Holden)es pt 
9/7/1999Session 464 Details The Measurement of Self : Tom(Malhai)
9/9/1999Session 465 Details Dropping the Veil of Protection : Daryl(Ashrah)
9/9/1999Session 466 Details Near Death Experiences/Spirit Guides : Stephen(Ornah)es 
9/14/1999Session 467 Details The Empathic Sense : Gina(Bahlah)
9/15/1999Session 468 Details The Game of Invisible Friends :
Participant listJimmy, Jimmy(unknown), Joanne(Gildae), Marj(Grady), Mike, Mike(unknown)
9/16/1999Session 469 Details The Responsibility of YCYR : Joe(Holden)es de 
9/16/1999Session 470 Details Thoughts vs. Beliefs Redefining Healing :
Participant listJacob, Jacob(unknown), Katie(Muriel)
9/19/1999Session 471 Details Moving from Childhood into Adolescence :
Participant listJames(Kashel), Lois(Lois), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
9/19/1999Session 472 GroupDetails Expressions of Emotion :
Participant listBen(Albert), Elisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro), James(Kashel), Pauline(Wilbourne), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
9/20/1999Session 473 Details Parental Respons :
Participant listElisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro), James(Kashel), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
de pt 
9/21/1999Session 474 Details A Relationship with a Relationship :
Participant listJim(Silas), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
9/22/1999Session 475 GroupDetails Beliefs: Sexuality and Duplicity :
Participant listAnne, Bert, Carole(Aileen), Dale(Jene), Diane, Elisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro), Greta, Jan(Meude), Jim(Marthowh), Julie(Laya), Marguerite, Monica(Bridget), Susan, Susan(Gilbert), Tom(Thomas), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
es de pt 
9/24/1999Session 476 Details Physical Affectingness of the Energy Exchange : Vicki(Lawrence)
9/25/1999Session 478 Details The Strength of :
Participant listElisabeth(Sebastia), Gerhard(Doro), James(Kashel), Vicki(Lawrence), Vivien(Miriam)
9/28/1999Session 479 Details Playful Energy Deposits : Lisa(Taulyn)
9/29/1999Session 480 Details Expectations within Relationships : Sheri(Milde)de 
9/30/1999Session 481 Details Aspects/Alternate vs. Probable Selves : Joe(Holden)es 

10/13/1999Session 482 Details YCYR – Concept vs. Reality : Letty(Castille)
10/14/1999Session 483 Details Turn Your Attention to Self : Marcos(Marta)pt 
10/14/1999Session 484 Details Moving Back Into the Storm : Daryl(Ashrah)de pt 
10/16/1999Session 485 Details Creature Consciousness : Lorraine(Kayia)
10/16/1999Session 486 GroupDetails The Action of Fragmentation :
Participant listBarbara(Illsa), Ben(Albert), Darlene(Yau Lin), Denise(Li Ho), Diane(Lydia), Gary(Hezrah), Joanne(Gildae), John(Bairllo), Joyce(Lester), Kathy(Cita), Lidia(Cufi), Lorraine(Kayia), Luanne(Inez), Marianne(Leeza), Marj(Grady), Meira(Mikyle), Patricia(Treice), Regan(Tourlow), Rodney(Zacharie), Ted(Cara)
es pt 
10/19/1999Session 487 Details More Info on Orientation : Lynda(Ruther)
10/20/1999Session 488 GroupDetails Explanations and Definitions :
Participant listClaire(Keenan), Eleanor, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jennifer(Margarite), Julie, Kerry, Leah, Marisa(Glen), Natty, Tamara(Aldenn)
es de pt 
10/21/1999Session 489 Details Domestic Creatures : Lisa(Yaulyn)es 
10/23/1999Session 491 Details Paramhansa Yogananda : Rodney(Zacharie)es 
10/26/1999Session 492 GroupDetails A Temporary Identify Crisis :
Participant listJoanne(Gildae), Luanne(Inez), Marj(Grady), Ted(Cara)
10/26/1999Session 493 Details Bridging Science and Religion : Paul(Caroll)
10/27/1999Session 494 Details Focuses as Mirror Images of Essence : Leslie(Margaret)
10/28/1999Session 495 Details Redefining Healing : Jene(Rudim), Mike(Mikah)
10/29/1999Session 496 Details Noticing Automatic Responses : Lynda(Ruther)

11/1/1999Session 497 Details Why Am I Blocking Happiness : Joseph(Dainel)de 
11/4/1999Session 499 Details Exploring Probabilities : Joe(Holden)pt 
11/4/1999Session 500 Details Noticing Automatic Responses : Daryl(Ashrah)es de 
11/5/1999Session 501 Details Exploring Regression Therapy, ... : pt 
11/11/1999Session 502 GroupDetails The Camouflage of Individuality, ... :
Participant listBecky(Kyle), Bobbi(Jale), Carole(Vollard), Carter(Cynthia), Cathy(Shynla), Christy(Maka), Drew(Elgin), Drew(Matthew), Eric(Dohm), Gail(William), Guin(Sophia), Jene(Rudim), Jenaro(Archer), Jim(Yarr), Jo(Tyl), Julie(Lanyah), Laura(Alon), Lou(Barrah), Michelle(Charice), Mike(Mikah), Nicky(Candace), Paul(Caroll), Ron, Ron(Olivia), Sue(Catherine), Tony, Vicki(Lawrence)
11/13/1999Session 503 Details Opposites in Harmony, : Carole(Vollard), Vicki(Lawrence)
11/19/1999Session 504 Details Relationships and Wants : George(Joffree)es 
11/20/1999Session 505 Details Individual Expectations, : Fran(Sandel)
11/24/1999Session 506 Details Complicating Simplicity, : Paul(Caroll)
11/26/1999Session 507 Details The Bible Code and The Game, : Rodney(Zacharie)de 
11/27/1999Session 508 Details You Are All Inspired By Calm : Georgia(Jacob)
11/28/1999Session 509 Details Margot’s Strange Experiences, : Margot(Giselle)

12/4/1999Session 510 GroupDetails Acceptance, Tolerance, and Patience, ... :
Participant listBrad(Elleil), Carlos(Isadora), Crizi(Jako), Gary(Hezrah), Joe(Holden), Justin(Valeer), Lenora(Annabelle), Meira(Mikyle), Naomi, Richard(Blake), Tony(Antonio), Warren(Gennah)
es de pt 
12/8/1999Session 511 Details Experiencing Fear in Dream State, : Daryl(Ashrah)
12/10/1999Session 513 Details Identifying Differences in Energy, : Tom(Malhai)
12/11/1999Session 514 Details  Soft and Common, : Michael(Micheline)
12/12/1999Session 515 Details Exploring Individual Intent : Mindy(Pantha)
12/13/1999Session 516 Details Beliefs: Dream/Sleep State : Letty(Castille)
12/13/1999Session 517 Details Psychics/Clairvoyants, : Marisa(Glen)es 
12/14/1999Session 518 Details Exchanging Aspects of Self : Jan(Mona)
12/15/1999Session 519 Details Intimate Relationships : Melinda(Sena)
12/19/1999Session 521 Details The Camouflage/Mask of Control : Howard(Bosht)
12/20/1999Session 522 Details Relationships: Sexual Intimacy : Joseph(Dainel)
12/21/1999Session 524 Details Acceptance and Emotion : Marcos(Marta)
12/22/1999Session 525 Details Qualities of Color : Jim(Yarr)es 
12/22/1999Session 526 Details Exploring Emotional Qualities : Elaina Joy(Soskia)
12/23/1999Session 527 Details Noticing — A Powerful Tool : Pat(Whitley), Rob(Zalika)
12/24/1999Session 528 Details Noticing Automatic Responses : Frank(Ulra)es pt 
12/28/1999Session 529 Details Suffering and Compassion : Rodney(Zacharie)de 
12/29/1999Session 530 Details The Physical Insertion of the Shift, : Tyl(Paul)es 
12/31/1999Session 531 Details Neutralizing Beliefs : Lynda(Ruther)
12/31/1999Session 532 Details Mass Expressions of Disease, : Steve(Anton)