Session 201407241

“Importance of Redefining Love in the Religious Wave”
“Obligation and Responsibility”
“Working with Crystals”

Session 20140724-1
“Importance of Redefining Love in the Religious Wave”
“Obligation and Responsibility”
“Working with Crystals”

Thursday, July 24, 2014 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jean-François (Samta)

(Elias’ arrival time unavailable)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Ha! (Both laugh) Good afternoon, Elias.

ELIAS: And what are you accomplishing?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Well, as you probably are aware, there’s been a lot going on, and so today I’m going to be wanting to discuss healing.

Just before we go into that, I just have a quick question for somebody. John/Illianni, would he be directing of Auguste Rodin?


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: And what about Roger Vitrac?

ELIAS: Observing.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Is he also observing lifetime to André Breton?


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So for the last ten days to two weeks, I have been experiencing a rather important crisis with my colon and my digestive system. This particular episode, was that in a way triggered by the EFT (1) session I had done a few days before it started?

ELIAS: I would express that was a contributant.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: During that session I had tapped into some rather powerful emotions that seemed to be related to my childhood, so that would be the element that would have been contributing, right?


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: And this colon crisis…intestine thing…it’s connected to the parasite symptoms that I have been experiencing previously, right?


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: I thought I had been creating significant movement in relation to that issue in recent months. You know, in what we had discussed before, but I can also see that the dynamic of feeling responsible for others did continue, particularly in the area of my work interactions, and I also identified another expression that participates in this “pulling away from self” energy dynamic that you describe is the element of obligation, feeling obligated.


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So, I would also say that what I’ve been experiencing during the last two weeks is very much a crisis of power. So, (pause) can you tell me more about the imagery of the increase of the symptoms?

ELIAS: First of all, let me express two significant factors that are interconnected. One is that what you are experiencing and what many other individuals are experiencing are very much associated with this present wave. And the other factor is in relation to this wave, it is creating a situation in which it is prompting individuals to redefine certain expressions in a manner that is more accurate and real.

Now; what that means is one of the subjects that is being addressed to or being prompted in MANY individuals, if not most, is the subject of love.

Now; this may seem initially to be entirely unrelated to what you are experiencing physically, but in actuality it is very strongly connected, for in order to actually generate a genuine expression of self-love that can be promoting health and empowering you as an individual, this is, in a manner of speaking, a basic point of criteria.

Now; in this, what is being prompted to be addressed is not the WORD love, but what it actually IS and in difference to how each of YOU actually define it. You define it in relation to your experiences, which is very different from how you define it intellectually, and this is a considerably significant factor. Now, you expressed already in this conversation that you already generated a correlation between the experience that you generated recently and the increase of the physical manifestation and discomfort. Correct?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: The correlation between the symptom and what else?

ELIAS: And the recent experience that you generated.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Oh, yes. It seems just an increase of what was already a problem there.

ELIAS: Correct. But, in that, you generated this EFT experience, correct?


ELIAS: And that surfaced some element, some experiences, and emphasized them to you, correct?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Yeah, it brought to the surface some emotional disturbances that I would also say are present, even though I’m not continuously or usually aware of them on an objective level.

ELIAS: Correct, but that is the point. In this, you generated the correlation that that experience has also been connected to your physical symptoms.


ELIAS: Which is correct.

Now; how does that fit in relation to this wave and this subject of love? How it connects is…let me express a question to you. First, how would you objectively define love, in this moment?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Love is a genuine appreciation. It’s…I mean I’ve heard you say before it’s not a feeling. Love is an appreciation, a genuine appreciation, and a state of being?

ELIAS: Very well. That would be your definition of it presently, yes?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Yes, and it’s an intellectual definition. I’m not necessarily saying that I’m experiencing that in this moment.

ELIAS: Very well, then what would you express would be your own definition of love? (Pause) What is your idea of what love is?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: You know what, I’m not exactly clear on that, but it seems to be connected to this idea of being there for each other, for another person, being able to count on them. And saying this, I can see how that relates to this issue of feeling responsible for other manifestations and my own disappointment of not having felt that coming from the parents, which is connected to what I was feeling during the EFT session.

ELIAS: Precisely. Now you are moving closer to the point, for in this, what I would express to you is defining love as what it ACTUALLY is is the expression of knowing and appreciation. Now, what does that mean?

Now; let us also examine what type of definition you develop of love in relation to your experiences. One, love is not safe, for the individuals that are supposed to love you do what?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: They’re not able to, or they reject you, or they communicate to you that you’re not enough, or…

ELIAS: Correct.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Or you’re not wanted.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, the individuals that you look to that are supposed to love you, or that even profess to love you, behave in manners that are devaluing, or that are destructive, and that express that you are not important. And as you grow, you continue with the idea of what love SHOULD be, if it is expressed, but you have already developed a definition that love is suspect, that is not safe.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: You can’t trust it.

ELIAS: Correct. As you grow, you begin to develop that distrust not only with outside sources but with yourself also. If YOU love that is also suspect, for love itself is not to be trusted and not safe. Therefore, if you love, it is expected that it will create difficulties and harm and that ultimately you will be hurt.

Now; you do not THINK about love in those terms. When you think of love, you think of feeling good. You think of being valued. But your experience has generated a different definition of what love actually is, and that creates considerable difficulties, for if love is unsafe and if love is suspect for it is harmful, how can you move in a direction of expressing a genuine love with yourself? You cannot. You will fight with it, and you will reject it.

Now; in relation to the ACTUAL definition of love, what I will express to you is a slight expansion on that, in that love is genuinely an expression of knowing and appreciation, which, for the most part, in almost every expression of love, it automatically creates a by-product which IS a feeling, a signal, which is affection. In this, when you express genuine love, of knowing and appreciation, you automatically will generally also express that feeling of affection in combination with it.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: But the feeling is not the source of that action…

ELIAS: Correct. It is a by-product. In this also, when you allow yourself to genuinely evaluate in relation to this word love—this concept—you WANT precisely what it is. You want that from other individuals, and you want it from yourself. You want other individuals in the expression of love to KNOW you, and therefore in KNOWING you, to accept you and to appreciate you, and therefore, also by extension, to recognize your importance and your value. THAT is love.

In this, you naturally want that from other individuals, and you also want it from yourself. But how can you express that to yourself, and how can you receive it from other individuals if your definition of love is invalidating, suspect, unsafe, and damaging?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Well, it’s a kind of sabotage.

ELIAS: It is, for in that, you do not even know what to look for in relation to what love is. Therefore, you substitute, and you generate criteria of what you think will be comfortable for you and what you think will be satisfying to you in relation to expressions from other people or in relation to yourself.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So, the matter is about addressing to this dichotomy between the current definition that has evolved over time and the actual experience of what it is and what it can be.

ELIAS: Yes, for the reason that this is so important is that it DIRECTLY connects into deserving.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Well I can see I have a lot of issues with that also. Yeah.

ELIAS: Precisely. For in an actual genuine expression of love, you ARE deserving. You are not deserving of, in your terms, simply put, bad things happening. You are deserving of everything you want, everything you desire. You are deserving of being comfortable and content and satisfied ALWAYS. In this, you are not deserving of being responsible for any other individual or situation. You are responsible to yourself. And responsibility to self is not negative; it is empowering. For responsibility to self means (emphatically and deliberately) you always have choices. You are never subject to; you always have choices.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Now at the beginning of this you mentioned that a lot of people are experiencing...


ELIAS: It is not as black and white as most individuals automatically think, such as with the subject of pressure or obligation or responsibility, it is not necessarily a matter of moving away from it or saying no. It is a matter of, metaphorically speaking, saying no to yourself in different capacities, which relates very directly to what we have been discussing in relation to love. Is this an action that is expressing love? No. And acknowledging that. If you are feeling obligated, if you are feeling responsible, if you are pressuring yourself in relation to a particular action or a particular individual, pause momentarily and ask, “Is this an expression of love? Is this what love is?” For many of your actions in relation to obligation and responsibility you think of as being motivated by love, but it is that love that you were taught that is incorrect that you are basing your actions upon. And one of those actions is being selfless, or placing the other individual first.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: How very Buddhist.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And in that, these are very automatic associations with what you think of or you evaluate as love. And it is not.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay, so that’s a lot to work with, and I see it’s going to be developing in a process and incrementally…


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: As far as my immediate situation is concerned, are there any actions or substances that I can do or incorporate that I can do and are in accordance with my preferences that would help with the symptom itself?


ELIAS: That, but much more sparingly.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: What about when it started to get bad, I started doing some hands-on energy healing, mostly in the area of the belly. I had the impression at times that it was beneficial. Has that been affecting?

ELIAS: Yes, and I would encourage you to continue.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay. That was my question. Okay. More questions about…

ELIAS: How much water do you intake per day?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Well, now with all the different herbs, the different infusions, I drink quite a bit of water, maybe at least three, four liters.

ELIAS: Excellent. Very well.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Also, you know, last night something…

ELIAS: One moment! Now, you are expressing that you consume three to four liters of water, but in combinations, correct?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Yeah, they’re infused with the herbs. At this time, that’s what I’m doing. I mean, usually I drink a lot of water on its own, but now I have to incorporate, I mean I was incorporating all these herbs, so I’m not drinking eight liters of water, I’m still at three, four, but a lot with the herbs.

ELIAS: Very well, and in that, how much water do you consume with lemon?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Not that much. Maybe a cup a day.

ELIAS: Very well.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Is that too much?

ELIAS: No, though I would express not to exceed that, for though lemon can be excellent and does incorporate excellent healing properties, it can also generate the reverse in too much quantity.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: Very well.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Last night I had some of the dizziness symptoms in the throat, but not so strong, and in the mouth. I mean, what has that been about? Because that is new. I mean, yesterday wasn’t too bad, but the other days it was really strong, and I thought like the nervous system is being affected. What is that about?

ELIAS: And your assessment? It’s very connected to what we were discussing previously.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: When I did the EFT session and I when I did…I had another session during the crisis and it was a kind of healing session, but it turned out to be more like a regression, and I felt like a big block of energy in the blue energy center…

ELIAS: Precisely.



JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So those emotional energetic blockings of the blue energy center are what is behind this, this strange dizziness in that area?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: And what would be required is allowing myself a free flow of expression.

ELIAS: Excellent! Yes! Excellent, my friend.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: I’m starting to connect the dots.

ELIAS: You are! You very much so are, and I am very acknowledging of you. Yes, that is correct that in this, it is not a matter of panicking, and it is not a matter of attempting to change it, but relax, allow the expression, acknowledge it, and in that, recognize this is energy releasing. It is energy moving its way out, in a manner of speaking.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So it is beneficial, actually.


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Ah, my God! I was just thinking something is going to break, and I was disengaging. You know, I wrote my will this week.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I express you are not disengaging.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay. And what’s with all the emergency vehicle imagery I’ve been seeing, like, Jesus, it’s just uncanny the amount of ambulances and police cars and fire trucks. They’re parking in front of my window and just passing by all the time and, like, this is…

ELIAS: I would express this is very understandable imagery that you are presenting to yourself that is very reflective, precisely reflective of what you are doing.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So it’s not necessarily advice, “Go to the hospital”?


JEAN-FRANÇOIS: (Relieved) Oh, thank you.

ELIAS: No, it is not necessarily that, and it is also not necessarily imagery of urgency either; it is more STRONGLY alerting.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Right. Are there any crystals you would recommend I work with in this? And first of all, did I hear you correctly saying that crystals incorporate effects in and of themselves, as opposed to substances and sounds, to which we…

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. Yes, they incorporate properties and qualities in and of themselves, and therefore, yes, they can be helpful or they can be aids to you for they do express different qualities.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: So when I do this hands-on energy work, if I put a pink quartz under my hand, is that beneficial?

ELIAS: Yes, I would express rose quartz draws out; it absorbs energy. Therefore it absorbs unwanted energy. But it is also important to empty a rose quartz. A rose quartz is the only stone that requires that action, in that it does require being emptied, and how you do that is you place the stone OUTSIDE in direct sunlight for approximately five to ten of your minutes.

Now; it matters not—and I have expressed this previously, and I will again—it matters not if the day is cloudy. When I express to you place the stone in direct sunlight outside, that means do not place it under a bench or under a covering. Place it in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight. It matters not if there is cloud cover; the stone will interact with the sun regardless, and it will empty. It is merely a matter of placing it outside within five to ten of your minutes, and that will be adequate. And it matters not how MUCH the stone absorbs, that is adequate time to empty it. But it is important that you empty it each day.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Once a day is enough?

ELIAS: Yes, that is plenty. But it is important that you do it. Otherwise the stone will lose its potency.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay. And just putting it outside my windowsill is enough, or does it have to touch the ground?

ELIAS: Yes, that is entirely acceptable. No, it does not have to touch the ground.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Well, thank you so much, Elias. I very much appreciate this conversation.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I would also suggest that you incorporate a lapis stone. That may also be helpful. Lapis enhances in a manner that is calming.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: I put it under my hands when I put the hands on, something like this?

ELIAS: Yes, you can. It is soothing.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: And I would use that for like what—ten, fifteen minutes?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. I would express that you can incorporate for less, or you can incorporate it for longer, and it will definitely not incorporate any adverse effect.

JEAN-FRANÇOIS: Okay. All right. Well, wishing you a good time, and we will speak again.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall greatly be anticipating of that, and I shall be offering my energy to you in support and encouragement and aid in what you are engaging.


ELIAS: Until our next meeting, my dear friend, in tremendous affection and in great lovingness, in the genuine sense of what it is (Laughing), until our next meeting, au revoir.


(1) Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping

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