Session 3008

”Connecting with Elias”
”Your Own Greatest Benefit”
”Card Cataloging Sessions”
”Advice to another with AIDS”
”Cross Culture Intervention”

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rex (Ummbya)

ELIAS: Good morning!

REX: Good morning to you Elias.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss my friend?

REX: My first question why did I have such a hard time getting thru Mary/Michael and make this connection with you finally?

ELIAS: What is your assesment?

REX: Because I’m stupid. (Both laugh) I don’t know I guess I wanted it too much you know and expectations.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of wanting too much, I am understanding what you are expressing and what creates that line of thinking, but it is not a matter of wanting any action too much, it is a matter of what you do with that want and whether you remain balanced or whether you allow your excitement to create obstacles and thusly what you do with that and how you respond to that.

REX: My impatience.

ELIAS: Correct, I would express that when you present an obstacle, it is a matter of paying attention to that and not moving in the direction of reaction. I will express to you my friend in this wave in communication, this wave addressing to emotion that is presently occurring, in this as this wave is winding down and making way for the next wave in consciousness, one of the last aspects of this particular wave is emphasizing this action that most of you are very prone to and that is reacting. Reaction is a detrimental action. It is not balanced and it is very much associated with automatic responses but in extreme. When you generate reactions, what occurs is it clouds your perception and it disempowers you tremendously, for the reacting to any aspect, any expression creates a situation in which your energy moves to a stop point, in which you automatically are in a perception that you do not incorporate any choices.

Beyond not perceiving that you have choices, another aspect of reacting which is destructive, is that it does not merely discount yourself, the other individual and the situation, but it moves beyond that in a destructive manner for reacting influences the individual that is doing the reacting to act and behave in manners that are aggresive...

REX: Tell me about it....

ELIAS: ...and when you do that, you create a punch action in energy which is very oppositional and when you do that, you create precisely the reverse of what you want. Reacting is a destructive action and in this, this final aspect of this wave is very concentrated upon addressing to that particular action, therefore you may discover that you may be reacting to many situations but this is your opportunity to stop and pay attention to this reaction.

REX: I do that. I’ll diffuse the situation before I get into it, before I get into too much of the heavy anger, I might be in the frustration stage and I’ll say ”well boy you really didn’t like that didja”. I’ll have a little conversation with myself you know.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Yes, now the point in this is to pay attention not necessarily to discount yourself or to chide yourself, but to notice to pay attention and to recognize that you DO incorporate choices and to evaluate what choice is to my greatest benefit...

REX: There you go, boy you sure put that in the oil-spill session (#3001), there you stuck in my thick head about what is the most beneficial for me in this particular situation, I’m starting to use that one.

ELIAS: Yes, for in that it is also a matter of not being confused or deluded with that question of what is my greatest benefit in this present situation or in this present moment not focusing on the other individual and also recognizing what you want, but if what you want involves other individuals not to be projecting in the manner of allowing what you want to overide what is to your greatest benefit but to balance them together. Therefore if you want a particular action to occur and let us say that action involves another individual, let us use as an example of engaging a meal with another individual, let us say you choose to go to a restaurant with another individual and you generate the plan and you set the time and the other individual phones you and expresses they are not going to be able. Now in this you notice the reaction and in that it is allowing yourself to pause momentarily, notice that reaction and recognize, yes you do incorporate want, but what is to your highest benefit in that moment. Is being frustrated or irritated or angry beneficial in that moment?

REX: Yeah, lets go to the moment.

ELIAS: Not necessarily therefore what would be beneficial, what would be your highest benefit at that moment, and it may be to acknowledge that yes, you still want to connect with this individual and therefore perhaps you may choose to respond to the other individual and express yes I would want to continue in this direction and I do want to connect and share and...

REX: To be with you.

ELIAS: Address to yourself the recognition of ”What am I reacting to”?

REX: That I don’t have a choice, I just got cancelled out.

ELIAS: Correct, or that is an aspect of it and what other aspect is there, that you’re disappointed and recognizing why you are disappointed for your perception is expressing that another individual dictated your choice for you therefore...

REX: Yes that’s the bottom line...(Sings ”You took my choice”)

ELIAS: Therefore you do not have the choice which is not true therefore it is a matter of reevaluating and recognizing, very well what am I doing in this moment, what type of energy am I projecting in this moment that is generating this situation and perhaps it may be simply to offer yourself the opportunity to address the reacting.

REX: Yeah I know you’re being a bit subtle but you’re also showing me what I went through with this rescheduling of this session untill I finally got ahold of your ghost ear.

ELIAS: (Laughs) But I would express to you my friend, this applies to any situation in which you set into motion a plan and that plan may not materialize in the manner that you initally anticipate and in that...

REX: There’s the rub man, that is really something, that is really viable, if you can just say, well it didn’t happen this time but it will happen some way somehow, I don’t have control of all that, I’ll just let it go...thank you...

ELIAS: I would express that in that it is also a matter of recognizing that whatever is occuring is to your benefit...

REX: Wow, OK, Right On!

ELIAS: ...whether you recognize that or not in the moment, even if what is occurring seems to be what you would term as bad or uncomfortable, there is a reason that it is occurring therefore it is a matter of merely allowing yourself to pause for a moment and generate that calm energy, which I am aware can be difficult, but to allow yourself momentarily to stop and to merely notice the situation, inquire of yourself what you are doing, and at times what you are doing may not in your assesment be necessarily bad so to speak, it may be that you are generating such an intensity of excitement that you are becoming slightly scattered and not entirely paying attention.

Now excitement is an action and an energy that you view as being good and welcomed and therefore it is not necessarily that you are generating the wrong action but that in certain actions when they are expressed to a point that they distract you from paying attention to what you are doing, that is excess and it is not balanced--this is not to say that excitement is not fun or that it is not in your estimation good, it is but even that...

REX: Can scatter...

ELIAS: ...can generate you to be scattered and not paying attention to what you are doing.

Now this is not to say you should not become excited, that is a desirable expression but not to react to your excitement with irritation, that you can be passionate in some expression but to acknowledge that and pay attention to it and not move in the direction of reacting to your expression by becoming frustrated or angry, in that recognize that whatever is occurring is benefiting you and you are obviously creating, but allowing yourself that moment not in frustration, not in irritation, not in reaction, but in a moment to clearly evaluate what is to my highest benefit in this moment, and at times what may be to your greatest benefit may be an action that you do not necessarily feel the most comfortable with.

Now let me clarify that and explain, for what I am speaking of is feelings not that you are actually are not comfortable, but the feelings, now remember I have explained many times your feelings are not an indicator of what your energy is doing therefore your feelings are not always an accurate gauge as to what is your greatest benefit, in this if you are merely following feelings as a gauge in relation to what you are doing it is very likely that you will generate reactions quite frequently and that you will generate actions that are not necessarily to your greatest benefit, fear being a feeling as a case in point. Fear usually motivates individuals to generate actions that are not to your greatest benefit but there are other feelings that can be experienced that can be acted upon or can influence directions that are also not to your greatest benefit.

As another hypothetical example you may be engaged in an action, let us say you are reading a book and you are very engrossed in this story and in the action of reading the book, a time framework approaches in which you have set a designated action to occur, let us say that you have designated a particular time to be writing a letter or let us say you have designated a particular time to be writing bills, that may be a greater example for the action of reading the book versus paying the bills would generate a feeling that the book is much more enjoyable than paying the bills. Therefore the feeling may be that you are comfortable reading the book and you want to continue reading the book and you do not want to continue the action of paying the bills for you automatically view that to be an uncomfortable feeling but in that moment it may actually be that the action of paying the bills would be to your greater benefit than in continuing to read the book.

Now this is not a matter of responsibility, it is a matter of genuinely paying attention to yourself in a balanced manner and recognizing the guidelines that you have set for yourself. The guidelines that are designed to create comfort for you that you have designed, and in that recognizing, that moving in the direction of your own guidelines is actually more comfortable regardless that the feeling in the moment may seem less comfortable, for in your design of your guidelines for your comfort, generating that action of stopping reading your book and generating the action of paying those bills may incorporate several of your minutes that interrupts reading your book, but in those several minutes your feeling may be somewhat uncomfortable or agitated but you also avoid long hours and hours or days and days or even longer of uncomfortable constant being by not engaging that action.

REX: You stimulate your creditors or whatever....

ELIAS: But even regardless of those outside actions that could occur within yourself, you have not followed your own design.

REX: On a greater expansive sense, you’re talking about accepting the blueprint of the reality and accepting the beliefs that are, so you may then make a choice of what you then may want to do.

ELIAS: Correct.

REX: And then when when you find you’ve got these bills out of the way and the satisfaction in that--well now I’ve got that done, now I can go back to reading my book...

ELIAS: Correct.

REX: ...which would be the choice--it’s a mini version of that greater choice of honoring your belief systems and saying, you know I believe that but maybe I can do something else this time.

ELIAS: Correct, but this is how those greater picture avenues are affected in the mundane actions.

REX: OK, why am I card cataloging everything besides for my own information, sort of a redundant question, what I decided some time ago--I got a halfway library here of all of your sessions and I decided to do them all though there are high points that are more poignant than others, but I just decided to do them all so I’m still in 2002 so I’ve got a ways to go (laughs) but what’s my intent with that?

ELIAS: I would express that it is twofold. One, it is for your benefit individually it offers you an avenue in which you connect with the information and it allows you a comprehensive assimilation of the information and I will express that it also generates a ripple affect in that your action ripples out and is influencing of other individuals in their assimilation of the information and this will also stand futurely.

REX: OK, alright, well I was considering, I don’t know what the reality of this might be of all the choices but you know to have a hard copy of some of this stuff if--boy I don’t want to get negative and go there--but if a time comes when some of our systems go down, which--I don’t know, probably another question there, (Elias laughs) I’d have a hard core library of the whole dam thing which might be nice, I’m sure others are probably doing it.

ELIAS: I would express that this is a benefit and it will stand futurely and therefore your influencing in the present in the assimilation of other individuals and you are generating an action to influence futurely also in relation to this information.

REX: Yeah, may project with some of the young ones when they’re older maybe not as old as me (Elias laughs) they’ll have hard copy--The Elias Books, hey I’ll go study the Elias Books, you know the Elias information. That’s a good start for you kid (Elias laughs) just like all the Seth...break in communication, several seconds of disconnect...

ELIAS: Continuing...

REX: Supreme Ghost (Elias laughs), having a hard copy of some of the information, a prime ”Widening Your Awareness 101”.

ELIAS: And will be of benefit.

REX: OK, good, glad, I love the answer.

ELIAS: And your contribution...

REX: Oh boy!

ELIAS: Or one of them. (Ellias laughs)

REX: Here’s one I’ve gotta ask and know my path towards it. I just found out that one of my twin boys has AIDS. Of course I don’t find out that directly because there has been some alienation between us and there hasn’t been a good amount of camaradarie, it all starts with, when I was uncomfortable with their choice of gayness and thinking oh God you know reading all this stuff about the potentials of certain sexual activity creating the inception of the virus--whatever the hell it is--how should I comport myself in this situation?

ELIAS: And what is your perception of this?

REX: I want to give him some form of the information without pontification, hey you made a choice and you can ameliorate this choice, each time you make this you can over time, make the choice.... What kind of information should I give him?

ELIAS: First of all my question is not in relation to information, my question is what is your perception now of his choice to be engaging in same gender relationships?

REX: Oh my God I don’t--of course I’ve changed a lot along that line myself, I don’t have a problem with that.

ELIAS: Very well.

REX: Because it’s something I’ve enjoyed a couple of times myself.

ELIAS: Very well, I would express that to begin with your most supportive action would be to move in the direction of establishing a foundation of a relationship.

REX: Yeah, I gotta do that yeah.

ELIAS: And in that I would express that it is important in being supportive to listen and once again, not react but to allow the other individual to become familiar with your energy in a new manner in the manner of your energy being projected to him in acceptance not in defense.

REX: Right on!

ELIAS: And in that, that you would allow him to express himself in whatever manner that is comfortable for him even if you disagree, reminding yourself inwardly that it is not necessary or required for you to agree with him in any given subject matter but that you can allow his expression even if it is different and even if you disagree and that it is not necessary for you to express the difference for it is not necessary for you to convince him of your point for your point or your opinion is not greater or more valuable or more right than his therefore this is the beginning point, the establishing that type of foundation of a relationship in which he begins to feel comfortable and safe in interacting with you by recognizing that you are projecting an energy of allowance not with judgement and once you establish that, your two greatest avenues of supportiveness are to listen, without attempting to fix, and at times to share your own experiences without attempting to instruct and without the expectation that the other individual receive the information of your experiences and will generate some specific action with it but that you are merely sharing your experience with the other individual to allow that experience of interconnectedness.

That there are points of understanding and therefore there are points of commiserating, there are points of recognition and relating but even when there are not points of understanding which that is inevitable for you are all different therefore you each interpret some experiences that are different that the other individual may not incorporate therefore they do not generate a genuine understanding but regardless of that, if you have established that allowance it matters not whether you understand all of each others experiences or not you can allow the expression of them and in that be open to your own receiving.

This is a significant point my friend that generally speaking when individuals want to be connecting, want to be supportive, they are focused upon the other individual and what you can do for them. What is an equally significant expression of this is recognition that any interaction is a shared experience therefore it is not one direction and therefore you can also receive and it is important to recognize and to generate that allowance also for your own reception that there may be aspects of the other individual sharing and their expreriences and their information that you can also gain from.

REX: Yeah, I got that and I kinda felt...there was a part of me that was neutral...oh boy what am I going to get out of this!

ELIAS: Yes and in that you allow more for the interconnectedness and that allows you to expand also.

REX: Yup!

ELIAS: I would be greatly encouraging of you my friend. Yes you are correct, he does incorporate choices and he is creating his reality but this is not for you to instruct him with.

REX: Yeah I know I won’t do that but one of the things I feel like I can also break through some of the major concepts that he has developed in relation to me and the way I am and the homophobia which is created in their camp and which I am not, it is just a fear of...I had a parental belief system of what could happen and it happened.

ELIAS: I am understanding but in that it is not necessary for you to offer explanations and justications, if it is requested you can offer your explanations of your direction, but if it is not requested it is not necessary for you to explain or for you to justify, what is important is that you begin now with a different type of energy which allows the other individual to approach you and to move in the direction of knowing you differently.

REX: Use my energy language.


REX: OK...boy I can’t hear you--what’s going on? (At this time it seemed everytime I spoke, I shut off Elias--very spooky.)

ELIAS: Can you understand privately?

REX: Everytime I talk to you the communication shuts off--it’s kinda wierd.

ELIAS: I would suggest that you breathe and you relax. (Elias laughs and laughs)

REX: OK, Question?


REX: I worked for an underground newspaper for a few years and the global conspiracy thing has come back up again, I kinda put it on the shelf, knowing we create the whole thing, but I’d like to ask about its reality, especially when I was thinking about the ripple affect of possibly Henry Ford and I was just wondering if the money exchange behind the wars if that’s being changed now.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

REX: Well, we are waking up to the fact that our incursions in Afghanistan, very interesting it’s changing from more of a military to an infrastructure support if we want to help them we gotta give them the best things we can give them instead of just going over there and just shooting them up!

ELIAS: (Laughs) but, as you are aware it is actually a matter of motivation and whether the motivation is to be helpful or not which I would express to you that the expression and the idea of general agression, violence and war is not helpful in any situation. Therefore if you are engaging war type activities with other groups your intention is not to be helpful. There is a different intention that is being camouflaged by the intention of being helpful. Your intention to generate war in your Central Eastern Countries is ludicrous in the idea of being helpful.

REX: There is now a subtle and increasing awareness, it already has a birthplace in military counter-insurgency in that there is a realization that you can’t just shoot-em-up, you gotta go in there and really offer some form of helpfulness or it’s not going to happen so...

ELIAS: And even that my friend is questionable for it is a matter of evaluating what is the motivation which to this point the motivation is the idea that one group of individual’s direction is better than another group of individuals...

REX: We’re talking about the Taliban...

ELIAS: That one culture, one idea, one philosophy, one direction is better than another and therefore it is a matter of attempting to convince another group of individuals that your direction is better and more beneficial to them and therefore discounting their direction entirely and essentially discounting their culture and their existance and in this...

REX: Right and it’s the same parallel with the AIDS information you just gave me.

ELIAS: (Emphatically) Yes!

REX: And it’s like...the different beliefs in our culture and their culture, I went through this with the Philippine culture also, knowing that if you are a politician you’re automatically on the wrong side and yet in our culture, I get a little negative you know, we’ve got a bullshit culture, just watch our commercials, everybody is telling you what’s best for you and we have the same form here as they have over there.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would agree, I would express that your ideas of freedom are quite distorted and in this, genuine freedom is the allowance of yourself to move in your own direction to be self directing and to generate your own choices in relation to your own guidelines, your own preferences and your own interests not dictated by any outside source.

Now understand there is a difference between influence and dictating but in this, not being dictated to or allowing yourself to be dictated to in any of your choices and therefore moving in your own self directedness, that is freedom and I would express to you that even in your country or any other country that expresses itself as a modern civilization, you do not allow that and this is the reason that there is such difficulty and challenge and even trauma in shifting for this is what you are shifting into, that self directedness but it is difficult for it is very unfamiliar.

Your history dictates that you are dictated to, and it matters not what the philosophy is whether it is governed by religion or government or societies, they all incorporate rules that dictate to you what you should and should not do.

REX: Yeah, and that’s part of our shakeup in the monetary exchange control which is seemingly at the bottom of all the economic problems right now and the upset of some of the countries in Europe.


REX: OK, just a small question, I’ve been making and using a product called colloidial silver--silver colloid which is particles of silver, ionization in suspension and what is its real efficacy because I’ve been using it, seems like it keeps me going, keeps me healthy, what’s your take on that?

ELIAS: I would express in the same manner that I would express to any aspect that you consume. The most powerful aspect of it is whether you connect to it and what you believe in relation to it. Now remember what you believe is not necessarily the same as what your beliefs are for what you believe is essentially what you trust and therefore if you trust that a particular substance will generate a particular action, generally speaking it will, and this is this is not good or bad it is efficient. It is efficient for it allows you to utilize different aspects of your reality in manners that are beneficial to you. Therefore I would express that if you are utilizing an aspect of your reality in a manner that is beneficial to you and you trust it, I would encourage you regardless of what it is.

I would express that you may be privy to some interactions with myself and other individuals in which I may express certain substances being beneficial to that individual in response to a particular question, but in that what I am doing is what they themselves could easily do if they were paying attention to their own body consciousness.

I am merely tapping into their body consciousness and their energy and assessing what is most beneficial in the moment for their body consciousness but they themselves could very easily do the same if they were listening to their body consciousness.

You are listening to your body consciousness in which you are noticing that you trust a particular substance and therefore it is being successful in the manner that you want and beneficial to you and therefore you continue. If you were generating an adverse response to it I would wager to say you would likely stop engaging it for you would also be listening to that with your body consciousness correct?

REX: OK, I hear the beeper, you’ll stay in contact with me and I’ll stay open OK?

ELIAS: I will most definitely my friend. I’m always with you and shall continue to do so.

REX: That’s good I’ll tell you.

ELIAS: I offer you tremendous encouragement my friend and tremendous affection.

REX: Oh boy, thank you!

ELIAS: To you in dear friendship and great lovingness as always.
Au voir.
REX: Au voir.