Session 213

"A Sense Of Urgency"

Wednesday, September 3, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Stella (Cindel).
Elias arrives at 12:56 PM. (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

STELLA: Good afternoon, Elias. (Pause) Now I've become mute! (Pause) Actually, I always start with the same thing. I have a lot of questions, which I do! (Elias chuckles) There's nothing wrong with that, I think. It's alright for me to have a lot of questions, except I just want a lot of answers! The reason for my wanting to share with you is some stuff that I've been experiencing, and also, there's some uneasiness in accomplishing. I don't know. I feel like I need to do something else or that I need to be into something else. There seems like a need for that, and I feel like I don't have much time to accomplish whatever it is I need to accomplish. I get bored with stuff very easy. I do! Anybody looking at my life would say, "It's a perfect life." I have a perfect life, I really do, but there's this urgency within myself and I don't seem to know what it is. I really don't. I have no idea. Maybe I would like some guidance from you, of what this urgency is.

I was telling Vicki and Mary about feeling like I've wasted so much time, and that I started to not waste time about seven years ago when my life turned around, when I left my ex-husband, and somehow my life took on a different aspect, different meaning, different everything, and I've been doing things quickly and changing quickly and a lot of stuff. I did feel that I had wasted a lot of time, and I feel like I don't want to waste any more time. And to my surprise, Mary said some things, like perhaps I haven't wasted any of my life, although it feels like I have.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you that you may not "waste time," for you are creating within every moment in the direction of your attention and in the direction that you are choosing to be experiencing. Therefore, every moment within your existence is experiencing. Therefore, you are accomplishing within every moment.

As to your feelings within this present now, this you shall view futurely as being a common feeling with many individuals. This is a byproduct of moving into an allowance of this shift. As you move into allowing yourself to be widening your awareness and you view your awareness to be becoming wider, you allow more experiences; and as you allow more experiences, you also become impatient, for you hold a belief system that "faster is better."

Within your society, individuals view that accomplishing within a shorter time framework is better. This is merely a belief system and a perception, but it is affecting. Therefore, you also view your past as non-accomplishment or wasting time, for you are viewing that you were experiencing more slowly. This in actuality is incorrect, but this be your perception of how you view your own movement. In this, you differentiate within recent years and you express that presently you are not wasting time, for your movement in your perception is faster. It matters not. You shall all accomplish regardless of slow or fast. In actuality, you present yourself perfectly with what you may understand and you may deal with at any given point without losing your identity.

Within the action of this shift, as I have stated, as you allow more of the action individually, you also become impatient, for this creates excitement of new elements that you have not allowed within your experience previously. In this, like children, you wish to be continuing faster and better and more, although as I have expressed to Mylo, you may be confusing yourself quite a bit if you are moving too quickly. The elements of this shift are vast. They are also very unfamiliar. Therefore, it is quite easy within physical focus to become very confused and temporarily lose your identity within this particular focus.

STELLA: When you say lose identity, I don't quite understand that, because I feel like in the past I had no identity and now I feel like I do have some identity. So I don't know. What identity?

ELIAS: You hold a perception of yourself. Each individual holds an identity of themselves. Although you hold belief systems at different times that you may lose your identity and not know who you are objectively, in reality you do not lose your identity. You always know YOU. You always are familiar with your thought processes, and that unidentifiable element that you think of as you; your consciousness, your soul, your self, your feelings, your thoughts, all of these things you identify as you within this focus. You have held this from the time of entry into this focus.

Within the action of this shift and opening to greater abilities and opening in consciousness to more aspects of what you truly are, you may temporarily, if overwhelming yourself with too much information within any given time framework, you may temporarily confuse your identity and you may believe temporarily that you ARE another focus; therefore losing the touch-tone with this focus, which is you. Another focus is another element or aspect of your essence, and in a manner of speaking is you, but also is independently not you.

STELLA: Independently not me?

ELIAS: Correct. The reason that you may connect with any other aspect of you, or focus of you, is that they are all now. Your time framework is a perception. It is a creation within this dimension and it is a reality within this dimension, although beyond this, it is merely a perception. Therefore, all of your focuses, all of your aspects of essence, are now. They are beside you, not in front of you or behind you. Therefore, in the same manner that you are you and Lawrence is Lawrence, another focus of you is the same. It is you, but it is not you. You may merge with another focus, similar to what you have expressed that you have experienced recently in mergence to your dear friend, but within mergence of another focus, you let go of this present identity that you view as you and BECOME another focus. Within the experience that you allowed yourself recently, this was a beginning point, an offering to yourself for your understanding of what you may accomplish, but you continued to hold the recognition of your own self within the action of mergence, correct? (Stella nods) Within the action of mergence of another focus of your essence, the experience shall be more intense, for you shall BECOME the other focus temporarily, and this focus shall appear to your perception to not exist.

STELLA: To not exist?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you may confuse yourself within your identity!

STELLA: This has kind of been happening in my lifetime in this focus. I think I have experienced this quite a lot of times with this other focus. Sometimes I have felt like I have a split personality. It's like being this schizophrenic, and although I knew I wasn't in the terms that the psychologists would call it schizophrenia, I thought there was something different about MY schizophrenia! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Many individuals view this shift as being started recently, within a time framework of what you may view as a few years. Therefore, they do not associate their experiences throughout their focus as being connected to the action of this shift.

STELLA: (Sighing) Oh.

ELIAS: This shift in consciousness, if being placed into a physical time framework of starting, began at the turn of this century. Therefore, it has been progressing within this entire one hundred years. Therefore, if you are choosing to be entering into physical focus within any given year of this century, you are also choosing to be entering into the action of this shift from physical birth.

STELLA: I understand.

ELIAS: It lies not ahead of you, but within you. (Pause)

STELLA: Okay. So basically, I should not have to think about doing anything, or even changing anything. Should I just go along with this? This urgency to do something else is just very strange to me. It's like, "God, will I ever be satisfied?" Should I just go along with what's happening?

ELIAS: I express to you that as you are allowing these experiences, you shall also be allowing impressions to be listened to within you, and this, being your language to yourself, shall offer you directions in movement; and as you do not allow for the listening to your impressions, be satisfied with what you are creating. Your impressions shall direct you. You need only listen, and your self shall speak to you of which directions you may be choosing to move within.


ELIAS: Much, much of your history, as I have stated previously, within this dimension has followed the creation of allowing certain individuals to be leading you. Therefore, leading yourselves is unfamiliar, but also very much an action of this shift. And how greatly exciting shall this be, that you shall lead yourselves and allow for much more of an expression of your own creativity!

STELLA: Yes. Okay, another thing that I found out just about two days ago. I was listening to some music, and I was sort of in a meditative state somewhat, and I was listening to some sort of music that is like Middle Eastern type of music, and I realized that I'm very much a person, which I did not know until now, that identifies with tone and sound. I'm not very visual, and I thought that was terrible because I wished that I could close my eyes and see a lot of stuff and I don't, so it was wonderful to know that I am very ... I mean, the tone or the sound, the music has a lot to do with it. Music does a lot to me, and there's an identification with this Middle Eastern type of tone or music. Is there a connection with me and that part of the world? I know you told me Turkey via my counterpart, the heavy lady, and you said I would be surprised. I hope she's not skinny!

ELIAS: Not quite!

STELLA: (Laughing) But anyway, I thought maybe there was a connection there. But there's like the wailing of whatever sounds they make, and sometimes they make sounds with their tongues, and sometimes I wish I could do that. I love that sound! And at the same time, it makes me cry ... see, any of those sounds would make me cry, would make me sad, would make me happy, would make me yearn for something. It does a lot of this stuff to me, and I was wondering if I have any kind of connection with that part of the world?

ELIAS: This also is a presentment to yourself, in an opportunity to view how you may manipulate your present focus with your outer senses and your inner senses to be connecting with other aspects of your essence. In actuality, you hold a focus with these individuals of Michael and Lawrence ... as your gypsies! (Grinning)


ELIAS: Therefore, this bleeds through into this focus, offering you information of your connection to these other individuals physically, and also offering you the opportunity to view your abilities in connecting with you. You may practice with this skill in tones, and you may offer yourself much more information if you are so choosing.

STELLA: Okay, and how would I ... just kind of going with it?

ELIAS: Correct. It is unnecessary to be visualizing. Within physical focus, not all individuals choose this direction of attention. You identify with your own inner senses individually, but one is not to be discounted in opposition to another. They are all equally effective in speaking to you. Therefore, I suggest to you that you may allow yourself the experience of tones and allowing yourself to merge into these tones, and in this action, notice the impressions that come to you. You may be allowing thoughts to drift into you, and this may be your direction in how you shall be connecting with the information of another focus. You may also attempt concentrating your attention upon connecting with tones and allowing your empathic sense to be experiencing, and within the incorporation of both of these aspects, you may also experience "sensationally" another focus.

STELLA: Hmm! Will I know that when it's happening?

ELIAS: You shall recognize the experience, for you shall BE the other focus temporarily.

STELLA: Okay. Do I have any counterpart action with Lawrence?


STELLA: Oh, Lawrence! (Dramatically, and we all laugh)

ELIAS: Quite mirroring!

STELLA: Really? So it wasn't a slip of the tongue or the hand when I was on the computer and I called her a counterpart? That's neat! I'm trying to actually trust myself a little more in what I feel, what I hear, what I see, whatever it is, and not discard it and say, "Oh, that's stupid!" Just to own it, and say it's okay, and learn from it. I've been able to do that a little bit more, I think. Okay, with regard to the connection that I also feel with Letty and Marcos, it's very strong. Basically, I've only known them for a very, very short time, which is only in the last six months since I went to work at this bank.

ELIAS: Objectively!

STELLA: Yeah. Objectively, right! It's just interesting, the whole atmosphere, everything that's happening at this place, and me. I feel like everybody's very receptive to me, very receptive, and I've been able to touch a lot of people and they've been able to touch me, and I think I'm connecting in a lot of ways with a lot of individuals at this bank. So it's an interesting job. Every day is different. Every day I hear something different. They want me to touch them and lend energy and stuff, and I just laugh, but it feels nice.

ELIAS: This also offers you a tremendous opportunity to be manipulating your own abilities. You have offered yourself the opportunity for much practice.

STELLA: Yes. I think it's happening, yes. Much practice, yes. And also a sense of myself, of perhaps loving myself more or taking care of myself more ... nice things about me that I didn't have before. Because I think I've hated myself so desperately in the past, I really have, and there's a sadness behind that, that I have done so much "damage," quote/unquote. But I think as a result of that, I appreciate myself now a little bit more, and I want to appreciate myself even more and accept myself more. And that's where the issue of this heaviness or this sadness comes in, because although I don't do any of the stuff that I did with the bulimia and the anorexia, and I refuse to deprive myself anymore or hurt myself in that area, the feeling is still there, of not liking myself because I feel so fat.

ELIAS: This be why you continue this counterpart action with this other individual, for you have not allowed yourself an acceptance yet. (Note that Stella is in actuality rather petite)

STELLA: Yeah, and that's what I want to get to. I definitely, really want to get there, and I know I will. I have accomplished enough to know that I will, and I'm working towards that each day. I think a lot of it right now is also mass belief systems of how you should be, what you should be, the weight I should be. I don't do any of the things people say, like I haven't weighed myself in two years. I have no idea how much I weigh, and neither do I go by the sizes any more ... I buy large! And anyway, it's sort of like I have stepped away a little bit from this kind of mass belief system which is so pronounced in people, of constantly worrying about weight and stuff. I realized it, so I will accomplish this.

ELIAS: Very good! STELLA: Yes, I will. I just want it right now! I want to be able to do it right now! (Elias laughs) So going back to Marcos and Letty, I had a dream with them, about them. There was a desk or something, and there were a lot of papers on the table or the desk, and we were going through, doing some sort of research, and all of a sudden, I was the chosen one to do the research. The word that made an impression on me from this whole thing -- we were somehow involved in something very, very important -- was Tijuana. Tijuana came up, and it's like, why Tijuana? Tijuana is in Mexico, I know, and somehow this had to do with Tijuana.

Now Tijuana, I'm thinking, is a border. It's a connection with the Spanish. It's got all these connections, Tijuana, and here I am with Letty and Marcos and we're supposed to be doing something. I know that there's some sort of important meaning to this dream. I have a feeling with Letty and Marcos. I know that Marcos and I have come a long way in the sense of ... I see Marcos and I as being little, like when you're a little kid and you get into things and you explore things together and you giggle and you laugh, and that's how I feel, even sometimes when I talk to him. We laugh a lot, and he asked me if I was always this funny. I didn't know I was funny, I'm telling you! I didn't know I was funny! A year ago, nobody could have said I was funny. So I'm finding out about myself that I could be funny, and I could have a sense of humor, and that's a new one to me! And people seem to laugh. I make jokes and people laugh! It's like, oh my god! This is so strange! (You're not funny, Stella -- you're hysterical! We should put you on stage!)

So anyway, with Marcos, we have this kind of relationship. Where does that come from? Were we little together one time, or siblings, or god knows!

ELIAS: As I have expressed, you do hold focuses with each other. This also -- you are correct -- holds significance in your imagery within your dream state, for these individuals within your imagery are your symbols of two countries; one being based within one country, one being based within another country, and the countries are adjoined, and you are the border ...

STELLA: Hmm! I'm the border?

ELIAS: ... connecting in consciousness these two countries symbolically, in being the bridge that offers the information. Therefore, your desk with much papers. This is the sharing of the information.

STELLA: Hmm! Oh, I love it! It's wonderful!

ELIAS: Quite creative!

STELLA: Another thing that I guess I put on the back burner is with my mom, and I want so desperately to have some sort of connection with this woman. I am capable of having a lot of love in my heart, and I know that. I have shown it with different people, and I wish that I could do that with her, and I can't seem to do that. So in a way, there's a sense of guilt or whatever, or just a wish and a hoping that I could one day connect with her.

ELIAS: This also is directly related to acceptance. I have been offering for some time framework information and addressing to the issue of acceptance, and it continues. I have stated to all of you that the base of this shift is acceptance in ALL areas. Therefore, you shall present yourselves with this element in every area of your focus. As you allow yourself to be accepting, you shall accomplish what you wish to accomplish.

STELLA: Okay, so that acceptance would be the acceptance of myself?

ELIAS: Of yourself and of the other individual; the acceptance of how you create your reality and how the other individual creates their reality, and they may be different, but it matters not.

STELLA: Yeah, I needed to hear that because in a way, I talk to her about all this stuff, and I kind of want to because she's very much a victim. She has the mind of a victim, and very much of what I used to ... everything I despised about her, I became. And now that I've seen that one can change, I want to impart that to her. Basically, really what I would like is for her to be happy.

ELIAS: But look to acceptance of the other individual's choices. Regardless of your wish or want for another individual, they create their own reality, and this is where you present yourself with the opportunity to be accepting.

STELLA: I think I'm very accepting of my husband, and we're totally different, and it's really interesting that I have been able to do that with him, because in my accepting of his beliefs ... he can be so judgmental, he really can. He's incredible! But at the same time, I laugh about all his quirks and stuff, and I have fun with it. And I do talk to him about what I'm doing and stuff, and I know he doesn't want any part of it, but yet he listens. But the kind of relationship that we have I think is a beautiful relationship. We're so different. We are SO different. We really are so different! And so I was thinking the other day that maybe I can impart some of what I'm doing with him with my mother and have that total acceptance of another human being, except that I know with her, we have such a history. See, with my husband, with Dick, we don't have the history that I have with my mother.

ELIAS: It matters not. STELLA: It matters not. Okay. Well, this would be challenging. This would be quite a thing for me. But I want to, and I've always wanted to. I've done a lot of stuff with my mother, different things, so I think this would be wonderful if I could accomplish this. I think I will.

ELIAS: Be remembering, this is the action of the shift.

STELLA: This is the action of the shift. Okay.

ELIAS: And this be exciting within your focus!

STELLA: Yeah. So I don't have to look for another job. I don't have to do ... I don't have to! I've tried all this stuff!

ELIAS: Wait for your impressions; you speaking to you.

STELLA: I will, I will. My son, I never speak about my son, and I love him so dearly, and the connection we have is so special. Can you tell me a little bit about our connection, or where in the "past," quote/unquote ... it's a beautiful one, considering all the stuff that has happened.

ELIAS: I challenge you to investigate this yourself! Within the new game, you may direct yourself and you may view your connections with this individual within viewing other focuses. You hold the ability to accomplish this. Therefore, engage the action! (The "new game" is a "past-life regression," or what we call a TFE)

STELLA: Okay. I will do it. Thank you so much, Elias. I appreciate it. You know, I call you a lot!

ELIAS: I am quite aware! (Grinning)

STELLA: Do you mind or don't you mind, if I call you the way I call you? It's like, "Oh, Elias! Oh, Elias!" (Laughing)

ELIAS: It matters not. Do not be discounting of yourself! I am aware of your calling. I shall be inquiring of Olivia to be creating of another phone for ... quick service! (Grinning)

STELLA: Quick service! (Laughing) Okay. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are very welcome. I am listening, and I also express great fondness for this essence, and you may call upon me as you wish. I shall bid you a very loving au revoir this day.

Elias departs at 1:42 PM.