For New Readers

For new readers of the Elias material we recommend to begin with the following sessions:

Session 185“Room 106”
Session 270“An Introduction and an Overview”
Session 284“Strange Times”
Session 345“Would you like some cheese with that whine?”
Session 488“Explanations and Definitions”
“The Concept of Acceptance”
“Beliefs: Reincarnation”
Session 1110“Initiating, or Designated Beginning, Focus”
“No Essence Is Intrusive”
“Probable Selves, Alternate Selves”
“Can I Change into a Dog?”

We would advise the new reader to try to read first the Group Sessions, since Elias always delivers some new material in them. Elias has Private Sessions and Group Sessions.

The private sessions are also very interesting, they incorporate questions and answers where you always find something similar to what you have been wondering about in your daily life, but generally speaking the material is not always new, even though you may find it. Also in the Private Sessions you will find yourself able to apply the material of the Group Session according to the questions in discussion.

Therefore, it is good to learn the material of the Group Sessions in order to easily understand the Private Sessions.

Recent Group Sessions

Session 202105081What Is Your Greatest Challenge?
Session 202010242Interconnectedness
Session 202010041Flow, Interconnectedness and Cooperation
Session 202007041Experimenting with Structure
Session 202005301How Can You Help?
Session 202004251Geography, Culture and Different Mass Expressions of the Coronavirus
Session 202003281Choosing to Be Disengaging in Relation to This Mass Event
Session 202001251Self-Awareness and Interconnectedness
Session 201910261Become a Beacon: Challenge Conformity
Session 201909281Regeneration, Part II
Session 201908312The Angst of Broken Rules and Remembering One Word: Importance
Session 201907211Dis-ease in the Science Wave
Session 201905251The Science Wave: Breaking the Rules
Session 201902021Healing: Don't Attempt to Eat the Elephant in One Bite
Session 201811241Practicing Genuine Self-Love
Session 201810271The Science Wave: Catching Up to Einstein
Session 201806091Jump Off the Boat!
Session 201805261Stop Fighting with Yourself
Session 201804281What Is My Energy Doing?
Session 201803181Main Subject: Challenges
Session 201802181Healing with Energy
Session 201710211Self-Awareness
Session 201705201Express Yourself
Session 201704231Webinar: Choose a Direction and Take a Step
Session 201703191Webinar: Cooperation

Also, on the upper part of the page where the sessions are listed, (as also on the upper part of each session) there is a link named Terms – you may click on terms and you will have the list of words that may be of interest to you, when you are not familiar with them or appear confusing. Click on the word you are looking for, and you will have the explanation, which will help you to become more familiar with the way Elias expresses his material and what he really is expressing.