Session 1452

“Calming Small Ones”
“Having Enough Time”

Friday, October 3, 2003 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Jens (Ranatad)

Elias arrives at 7:12 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

JENS: Hi, Elias! I’m here again. (Elias laughs) It was much fun to talk to Mary. It’s much better to talk to Mary than to you!

ELIAS: (Laughs) There are several individuals that hold this opinion! (Both laugh)

JENS: Today we will talk only half an hour. We will do the rest at another date.

ELIAS: Very well!

JENS: Last time, we were talking about appreciation, and the biggest problem for me is that I express very much disappointment or dissatisfaction. I hadn’t even noticed that until now, but now I have started to notice that.


JENS: Perhaps I’m not correct, but I think much of that comes from responsibility, from my belief of responsibility. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Yes, and discounting yourself for what you expect of yourself in relation to your responsibilities and what you actually produce.

JENS: For example, I’ve noticed that I’m going back to the roots, to previous sessions about emotions and this kind of thing. Could we do a little role-play, or something like?

For example, this midday, my daughter, she should sleep but she was upset about very many things. I wanted to sleep, too. In this moment, I noticed “I want to sleep right now.” This was the first thing. Then I noticed my disappointment and that I’m angry about my daughter because she doesn’t want to sleep. She was sleepy but she was still screaming and crying. I don’t know what else. At this moment, I normally try to turn my attention to self, to not care about other things around myself, and relax.

ELIAS: And are you successful?

JENS: This midday I was successful after some time and some fear, because my other daughter was making noise outside of her room and she disturbed the situation. This is the next point, that in this kind of situation my wife or other people are disturbing. So it’s an expression of responsibility. I feel I identify the signal of fear, it’s a projection of future, okay. But what to do in this moment? Sometimes I am successful, but there are other times... For example, last night I was completely not successful with both children. I was very upset. I had slept for one hour and then my older daughter started to cry and scream, and then after a few minutes the other one did the same, and it was terrible.


Now; what is significant, as you are aware, is to be paying attention to what you are actually expressing and doing in the moment, which I am aware may be quite challenging at times, for the distraction may be strong enough to interrupt your concentration in association with yourself.

But in this, express to me, in the moment that you view yourself to be successful, what do you actually do? When you express to myself that you are turning your attention to yourself and you are not concerning yourself with what is occurring outside of yourself, what does that mean? What are you actually doing in that moment?

JENS: I tried to distract myself from the trigger. For example, if my wife or my older daughter is making noise outside, I try to distract myself and say to myself, “She can sleep,” even if they are making noise.

ELIAS: Very well.

Now; examine what you are actually doing. In this, your attention is not actually upon yourself. It continues to be projected outwardly in protection of one small one, and generating a thought process in which you think that you are creating a type of energy expression that shall be dictating certain behaviors of all of the players, which is incorrect. Remember, thought does not create; it translates. Therefore, regardless of what you are thinking, it is important that you pay attention to what you are doing and what energy you are projecting.

Now; you also mentioned that you attempt to focus your attention upon yourself and you attempt to relax. But recognize in this that genuinely relaxing your energy is not necessarily what is occurring. Rather than attempting to protect and rather than attempting to avoid and distract yourself, pay attention genuinely to you and evaluate within yourself what it is precisely that you are responding to within you, first of all. In this, in this type of a scenario, which we shall incorporate as an example and which may be incorporated in many different manners with other situations, this is an adequate example.

Now; in this scenario in which your partner may be expressing distress and the small ones may be crying and they may be distressed, and they may be uncomfortable or irritable, and you have incorporated little sleep and therefore you also are fatigued, in this, pay attention to you, but not to the exclusion of them. Knowing that an interaction is occurring and in paying attention to what you are generating within yourself, rather than avoiding in relation to the other individuals, you may participate by engaging the small ones in a direction in which you want to create a specific outcome. In this, engage the small one and express a genuine calm and relaxing WITH the small one and not merely attempting to relax within yourself, for in this scenario that may be quite difficult.

I am also understanding of the challenges that it presents in association with your beliefs concerning responsibility and also your beliefs concerning how you shall be perceived by other individuals. Therefore, in merely attempting to turn your attention to you to the exclusion of the other players in the scenario, you trigger your own beliefs concerning not being responsible and that your partner shall view you in a negative manner and that that shall generate further conflict. What you are actually doing in that situation is compounding the frustration and the conflict that you are attempting to alleviate. You are accomplishing quite the reverse of what you want.

Now; as you move in conjunction with the scenario, as you engage the small one in a comforting manner but also paying attention to yourself and what you are projecting in energy, you may reconfigure your own energy to be expressed in a calm and accepting and nurturing manner, which is nurturing to you and which is received also by the small one, and shall be responded to. In this, genuinely express a relaxing energy within yourself, recognizing your own frustration and what is generating that, and that it is not a scenario of blame, which is an automatic response. Without even thinking, there is an automatic response in frustration of blame, in association with the small one’s behavior.

Now; if you turn your attention to you and you allow yourself a moment of evaluation, you shall begin to recognize what you are responding to within yourself: your own sense of a lack of control; your own frustration of creating a scenario in which you are reflecting your own fatigue and your own lack of allowance with yourself. In that, you may begin to reconfigure your energy merely by recognizing these expressions and begin to genuinely relax, knowing that there is no blame for the behavior is reflecting your own frustration. As you begin to accept your own expression, recognize your own frustration and your fatigue rather than fighting with it or attempting to ignore yourself and not acknowledge your own energy — for once you acknowledge your own energy, you automatically instantly judge your own energy as bad.

Now; in this, without generating that judgment as you recognize your own tension and frustration, you may begin to relax your energy and move into an actual interaction with the other individuals in a relaxed manner, in which you are acknowledging of your own fatigue and you are allowing yourself to relax and generate a genuine calm. That action automatically validates the other individual as a confirmation of your acceptance of them, also.

This is a natural by-product of your acceptance of yourself in that moment, and your allowance of yourself to be gentle and nurturing with yourself and to be offering yourself the energy that you perceive that you require in that moment. That changes the energy that you are expressing outwardly, and that is immediately received by the other individuals that are participating.

In that, as you generate the gentleness and the calm, they respond for they have been validated, and there is no expectation of them that is being expressed. You are not expressing an expectation that they alter their behavior, for you are concerning yourself with the type of energy that YOU are projecting. Therefore, there is no expectation that accompanies that, and that is received also immediately by the other individuals participating. They sense it, they understand it, and they are responsive and their energy is reconfigured.

In these moments that you generate these types of scenarios, what you are doing is expressing a strong communication to yourself to be gentle with yourself and to be nurturing with yourself. When you are not, you perpetuate the scenario and it escalates.

JENS: How can I be gentle with myself? I am always fatigued! I have no time for myself. I’m working for money and the rest of the time I’m busy with my children. I was very often in a situation to give up, to resign to... It’s not only traumatic... At least to my opinion, an element of trauma.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and it is a matter of beginning now, beginning now to be expressing in all of these scenarios that gentleness within yourself and to allow yourself to be relaxing within your energy in each of these scenarios. I am expressing to you, regardless of what you are physically doing, whether you are engaging your employment or you are interacting with your partner or you are interacting with your children, you may be expressing this type of energy and you shall discover that the more you are present with yourself in all of your nows, the more time you actually incorporate.

The reason that you perceive that you do not incorporate enough time to be generating all that you must be generating in your perception is that you are not holding your attention in the now. You are projecting your attention in many different directions and not paying attention to what you are actually doing in the moment.

The more you project your attention, the more you feel that you have little time or even NO time. For the actual time that is incorporated in actually creating any expression is slipping away, for you are not paying attention to THAT time. You are not paying attention to the NOW time, and that generates with most individuals a tremendous expression of fatigue, for it is quite fatiguing to continuously be projecting your attention. It is much more easily expressed to be incorporating your attention and your energy in the now than it is to be projecting in anticipation of anything.

And I am not expressing projecting in anticipation in association with extended time frameworks. What you do is you project your attention for the most part merely a few minutes or perhaps even one-half of an hour to the future. But that is a projection which brings you out of the moment and holds you in this expression of tension and fatigue. For in bringing yourself out of the moment, you do not afford yourself the choices of reconfiguring your energy to change what is occurring. You merely THINK of what you possibly may...

JENS: I have to project my attention a few minutes to the future, because I hear a noise from my younger daughter and I have to deal with that noise within a few minutes.

ELIAS: I am understanding, but in that moment you automatically begin projecting an energy of tension, and that is immediately expressed. Regardless of whether you verbally express any communication and regardless of whether you actually physically move, that energy is automatically and immediately expressed outwardly and it is immediately received. It is not even necessary for you to be occupying the same space as the other individuals. You may be physically occupying a different room, and that energy is real and it is expressed and it is received and it is responded to. Therefore, you hear the noise from one small one, you automatically react and express an energy of tension outwardly, and what is set into motion is the circle of an expression of energy that merely perpetuates precisely what you do not want.

JENS: (Laughs) That’s it! My attention would be projecting ... no, no, no, to right now?


JENS: Not two minutes to the future, not half an hour to the future, but to now.

ELIAS: Correct, and to pay attention to what type of energy you are actually expressing. This is important. For once you recognize what type of energy you are projecting, do not discount yourself and do not judge yourself but recognize that in that moment you also incorporate the opportunity to alter that expression, for you are aware. You cannot alter the expression if you are not aware of it. And how you may be aware of it if you are not paying attention in the moment?

JENS: I can hope...

ELIAS: Rather than expressing a hope, express an awareness.

JENS: Wait a second! I have noticed that at my last session, you said at the end that perhaps I will continue to express appreciation to myself.


JENS: There are two explanations for that, that you won’t express that perhaps in the future because I have disengaged or there will be no need for it because I appreciate myself.

ELIAS: In generating that appreciation of yourself, my friend, you shall automatically relax your energy and you shall genuinely begin to allow yourself to move in directions to create what you want.

JENS: After I had my last session, I came back to my home and tried to do what you said, to appreciate what I have created and what I create. It worked for perhaps one month or six weeks I guess, and then August was over and I hadn’t won in the lottery, except small winnings of two euro in the middle of August. But I didn’t create what we are talking about last time. To my opinion, it was a tricky answer from you and it was tricky impression from me, because I wanted to address to certain issues. To my opinion, the numbers are still correct, the numbers are still valid. Could you say something to that?

ELIAS: (Laughs) It continues to be valid, but listen to what you have expressed. You want to be addressing to certain issues and beliefs that you incorporate that are limiting to you. THAT is the point and therein lies your genuine freedom, my friend, whether you...

JENS: Win the money, I know. I’ve noticed a lot of...

ELIAS: I am aware.

JENS: In dreams I’ve noticed a lot of this stuff. I dream a lot in the last two and a half months.

ELIAS: I am aware. (Chuckles) You have offered yourself considerable information in this time framework.

JENS: Yes, I think so. I was talking with Mary that I’ve identified during the last two months nearly four hundred people that I’m observing essence or counterpart or something like that. I have a connection to them, and all of them, or almost all of them are living at present and are famous or some kind of authority or something like that.

ELIAS: And perhaps you may now allow yourself to draw upon that energy of those connections in validation of yourself, and allow yourself the incorporation of that energy to encourage yourself in being present with yourself.

JENS: I do it. For example, there are days where I hear only Shania Twain singing and Sting. To my impression, Sting, his essence name is Victor and he is observing me.


JENS: In addition to that, there’s another connection, I guess. I am observing essence of his present wife, Trudy Styler.


JENS: And Shania Twain, essence name Elvira, I have observed her for a longer time framework and now she is a new observing essence of me. The number of essences that are observing me has increased. Last time, I had three observing essences, and if I’m correct, 26 or 27 at present.


JENS: Is 26 a good guess?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

JENS: I have changed so many things and I easily can access this information. It’s amazing. But to do this in real life, in my family situation, is a big challenge.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this is what you are presenting to yourself. You already have offered yourself validation as to your impressions and what you may offer yourself in information concerning your connections with other individuals or other essences. Now the challenge is to be actually paying attention to YOU in your objective waking experiences and allowing yourself the greatest challenge, which is to be familiar with yourself as YOU and to be genuinely aware of what you are doing and what energy you are expressing, and allow yourself the freedom to be manipulating in the manner that shall generate what you want.

JENS: I thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JENS: We will talk quite soon, probably about... I don’t know what we will be talking about.

ELIAS: Very well. And perhaps you shall experiment and you may express to myself at our next meeting your successfulness in your experimentations! Ha ha!

JENS: (Laughs) I would love it! But it’s not so easy!

ELIAS: But you DO incorporate the ability.

JENS: One little question at last. Adrien is a focus of myself in Regional Area 4 and could be described as a close friend of you?


JENS: It’s amazing how often I know so much information about myself. (Elias laughs) Thank you! Have a nice day! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting and I shall be encouraging in my energy with you, my friend. In great affection to you, until our next meeting, au revoir.

JENS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 7:52 AM.