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Sessions 2020

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1/7/2020Session 202001071 AudioDetails Extending longevity, becoming more like Essence, perception is translation, the potential of LPs : Nuno(Lystell)
1/7/2020Session 202001072 AudioDetails Allow Yourself to Be You : Naomi(Kallile)
1/15/2020Session 202001151 AudioDetails The one is all, the all is one : Julie(Fontine)
1/25/2020Session 202001251 AudioGroupDetails Self-Awareness and Interconnectedness :
Participant listNuno(Lystell), Mauricio(Kaffka), Markus(Mikah), Marij(Kammi), Marguerite(Metra), Lynda(Ruther), Leonor(Kitzell), Kirill, John(Rrussell), Jeff B.(Galina), Jean(Lyla), Debbie(Tamarra), Barb J., Mary(Michael), Philip(Paetre), Robert R., Rodney(Zacharie), Scotty(Gianni), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
1/31/2020Session 202001311 AudioDetails Feelings, Whales and Compassion : Ann(Vivette)

2/20/2020Session 202002201 AudioDetails Expressing but Not Defending : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
2/29/2020Session 202002291 AudioDetails Interacting with Others: Your Behavior Guidelines :
Participant listBarb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carolin, Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Elaine, Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Kathleen(Florencia), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Markus(Markus), Phillip(Paetre), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Rudolf, Sonja(Sabine), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

3/1/2020Session 202003011 AudioDetails Differences, Relationships, Not Following Feelings and Healing : Steph(Rachel)
3/7/2020Session 202003071 AudioDetails Preparing for Sleep and Dreams; Differences and Self-Judgment : Ann(Vivette)
3/9/2020Session 202003091 AudioDetails Coronavirus Hype; Reacting vs. Flowing : Jason(Spensar)
3/11/2020Session 202003111 AudioDetails Creating Outcomes, More on Corona Virus, Experiencing Yourself as Essence : Nuno(Lystell)
3/18/2020Session 202003181 AudioDetails Coronavirus Panic: A Time for Action : Scotty(Gianni)
3/19/2020Session 202003191 AudioDetails Cycles of time and the Shift; The Coronavirus : Jean-François(Samta)
3/28/2020Session 202003281 AudioGroupDetails Choosing to Be Disengaging in Relation to This Mass Event :
Participant listAlice, Ann(Grace), Barb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Debbie(Tamarra), Diana, Elaine, Jean-Baptiste(Araili), Jeff(Galina), Jennifer(Margarite), Jennifer(Whitney), John(Rrussell), Julie(Fontine), Karen(Turell), Katrin(Duncan), Kevin(Douglas), Loretta, Lynda(Ruther), Lynda(Sydney), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Mark(Ogean), Natalie, Philip(Paetre), Robert, Robin(Aimon), Rodney(Zacharie), Sonja(Sabine), Valerie, Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)
3/30/2020Session 202003301 AudioDetails The Main Points of This Mass Event : Gerry(Casatt), Dan(Gerard)

4/1/2020Session 202004011 AudioDetails The Trauma of Self-Structuring : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
4/2/2020Session 202004021 AudioDetails Relying on Your Intuition; Self-structuring : Ann(Vivette)
4/9/2020Session 202004091 AudioDetails Using this Event to Expand; Encouraging those Around You : Markus(Markus)
4/16/2020Session 202004161 AudioDetails The Process of Revealing Yourself : Nuno(Lystell)
4/19/2020Session 202004191 AudioDetails Covid-19 Reopening; Intermediates and Redefining Conflict : Marcos(Marta)
4/25/2020Session 202004251 AudioGroupDetails Geography, Culture and Different Mass Expressions of the Coronavirus :
Participant listMary(Michael), Andrea(Pædro), Barb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Christoph(Alexander), Debbie(Tamarra), Deborah(Oshah), Fleur(Letticia), Jean-Baptiste(Araili), Jeetha, Jeff(Galina), Jennifer(Margarite), John(Rrussell), Karen(Turell), Katrin(Duncan), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Marguerite(Metra), Marij(Kammi), Phil(Paetre), Robert, Robin(Aimon), Rodney(Zacharie), Sean, Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), and Wendy(Myiisha)

5/1/2020Session 202005011 AudioDetails Allowing What You Want; Genuine Sharing & Being an Example : Ann(Vivette)
5/2/2020Session 202005021 AudioDetails Biofield Tuning And The Mass Event : Jean(Lyla)
5/2/2020Session 202005022 AudioDetails Shifting Alliances; Aiding Your Intuition : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)
5/24/2020Session 202005241 AudioDetails Getting Ready for the New Normal : Anon
5/30/2020Session 202005301 AudioGroupDetails How Can You Help? :
Participant listBarb(Shouno), Brigitt(Camile), Carleen(Neliswa), Christine(Lurine), Christopher, Corina, David L., Debbie(Tamarra), Jason(Posha), Jeff(Galina), John(Rrussell), Julie, Katrin(Duncan), Kimi(Kiatia), Kirill, Lynda(Ruther), Magdalena(Michella), Marij(Kammi), Nuno(Lystell), Paul(Paneus), Philip(Paetre), Robert, Rodney(Zacharie), Val(Atticus), Veronica(Amadis), Wendy(Myiisha)

6/3/2020Session 202006031 AudioDetails Covid-19 and This Mass Event; Grounding Energy : Jean-François(Samta), Tammy(Vallia)
6/6/2020Session 202006061 AudioDetails Revolutionary Change During this Mass Event : Ann(Vivette)
6/10/2020Session 202006101 AudioDetails Expressing Satisfaction in Everyday Actions : Jason(Spensar)
6/16/2020Session 202006161 AudioDetails Freedom is Always Hard Won : Debbie(Tamarra), Philip(Paetre)