Session 45

“Ron’s Truths Box”

Sunday, October 15, 1995

Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Guin (Sophia), Jo (Joseph), Tom (James), Jim (Yarr), and a new participant, Jeri (Fromasch).

Elias arrives at 6:27 PM

ELIAS: Greetings. We are viewing a new individual this evening to our company. Welcome!

JERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: I am Elias, (laughter) a personality essence non-physically focused, not incorporating physically focused aspects presently but focused in connection with physically focused individuals, incorporated within the essence group or family of Sumafi as what is called a Seer, with present focus as a Seer within this dimension and others also. I incorporate many aspects and elements of my essence. I am timeless. (Pause) You are ... who? (Much laughter)

TOM: You are who? I’m James, stuck in this physical focus.

ELIAS: (Looking around) Do you know who you are?

JO: I’m dazed and confused!

ELIAS: You will say to me that you are your name, and who are you beyond this name? Who do you glimpse other than this physical focus? Do you glimpse anyone? Have you incorporated a viewing or a glimpsing of anyone? (Pause)

VICKI: I think we kind of maybe did. When we did a few of our little meditations on other developmental focuses, we might have had a tiny glimpse.

ELIAS: Absolutely! Then I ask you once again, who are you? (Pause)

GUIN: No time to prepare for this ... this isn’t good! (Laughter)

JO: Stumped us! (Laughing, and a pause) We’re students!

ELIAS: You have asked me whom I presume to be! (Pause)

VICKI: We are one focus of our essence in this physical focus.

ELIAS: Very text-book good! (We all crack up) And do we have any idea what this one focus is? (Pause, looking at everybody) No! But you may incorporate your visualization of your camera. Therefore, if you were a machine as this camera equipment, you would know who you are, but you are not a camera. Therefore, you incorporate a focus, but what are you that you are focusing on?

JO: Experience?

ELIAS: This is what you do. This is not what you are. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, we are all a personality essence also, correct?

ELIAS: Absolutely, as I am also. And what is a personality essence?

VICKI: I don’t know! (Laughter)

JO: A consciousness?

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is incorporated within an essence. There are many degrees and areas of consciousness and awareness within your essence. Is your essence an individual, singular entity?

JO: Yes and no. (Laughing)

ELIAS: But how may this be, if you sit here as an individual?

CATHY: Because we choose it. I don’t know!

JO: Because we sit elsewhere as an individual also.

ELIAS: Now, you are sufficiently confused!

JO: Yes! (Laughing)

TOM: I feel like I’m unconsciousness now!

JO: Well, we didn’t know there was going to be a quiz!

ELIAS: Do you incorporate a soul?

TOM: A soul being what? Our essence?

JO: In a manner of speaking.

ELIAS: I’m asking you!

TOM: Yes.

ELIAS: Then what is your soul?

JO: Your essence? TOM: My essence, right. James. (Pause) If I’m wrong, tell me, but I don’t think I am!

ELIAS: Your soul is your essence. You are correct.

TOM: Okay. (Pause) Then if my soul is my essence, then these physical focuses that I’ve had, is it like an “E-ticket” ride at Disneyland for my essence, on his senses?

ELIAS: Why would you discount your experiences?

TOM: I’m not! No, no, no, no, no, no! I’m not discounting my experiences, not at all! E-ticket, I used the word, the terminology “E” ticket as an example for my essence. What I’m trying to say is not what I’m feeling. (Pause) You know what I’m trying to say, Elias, so tell me! You’re smiling at me! That goes right to a question. Can I ask a question, Elias? It’s pertaining to that. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Yes, you may ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Okay.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... although it is my turn! (We all crack up)

TOM: Yes, that’s right! I’m sorry. No, you’re right. No, you are right. I am sorry. I am sorry! I’m the student.

ELIAS: I was playing with you! (Grinning) You may ask your question.

TOM: Okay, okay. It’s pertaining to session #38.

ELIAS: (To Vicki) We are numbering our sessions?

VICKI: Yes, we have been.

Cathy’s note: From 6:38 to 7:11, I accidentally taped a program over Elias’ words. Oops! There are no accidents!

ELIAS: I will say to you that if you are experiencing time periods where you find yourself asking yourself if you are real and if you are really here or who am I, then you are real! (Laughter) You would be surprised that your counterpart, as a splinter, will not ask these questions, for it is not necessary. They are not blocking information, for you have not allowed the information to this splinter. It is as if you are asking your finger, “Who are you?” It will not answer you and say, “I am a finger. This is my purpose!”, (laughter) but it does its purpose. (Long pause)

Ah! More face rubbing! (Laughter) Well, I may say, we may take a moment to all do face-rubbing! (Laughter) You may ask questions, for this will be enough information of this presently, for you will need to incorporate time, so to speak, to evaluate this information. But you will have questions, and I will be ready! (Pause)

TOM: Is this open for questions, Elias?


TOM: Our new physical focus here tonight. (Indicating Jeri)

ELIAS: Fromasch.

TOM: Fermash?

ELIAS: (Slowly, to Vicki) Fromasch.

TOM: Spell that.

JERI: I’ll spell it, maybe. F-r-o-m-a

ELIAS: (Interrupting) Another good Frenchman! (Tom laughs) Not a murdering one, though! (Jo laughs)

TOM: A good Frenchman? It wasn’t a murdering Frenchman?

JO: Not a murdering Frenchman.

TOM: Do you want to find out a little about your background?

JERI: Love to.

ELIAS: You will excuse me for one moment. Thank you. (Long pause) These essences have been connected previously, so to speak. I do try to keep you within simultaneous time, but as we are speaking physically focused, I suppose we will use past and future tenses. Therefore, in this sense we speak of past as being connected together, also within this geographical location of this country. (Pause) Ah, connected within Yarr’s focus! This essence incorporated Native American manifestation during the same focus as your fur trapper. This essence identifies more female within physical focuses than male, incorporating many developmental focuses within European background, with an interesting direction, moving to northern African experiences. This became a fascination, temporarily, within Ethiopian and Egyptian focuses. This, I will say, is common to this essence group, for the Egyptian people incorporated great thought and teaching processes which were a direct result of this essence group. Therefore, many physically focused individuals within this group share this experience. (Pause) This essence, within other physical focuses, has enjoyed the experience of motherhood many times. I sense difficulty within this present physical focus as a result of a previous focus within the geographical location of England, to which incorporated much superstition, a time period of fourteen-thirties; this being a very dark period, which some experiences have carried forward, so to speak, to this focus, of sorcery, incorporating fears. (Smiling) You need not worry, for there are no evil spirits. We incorporate no need for protection from things that do not exist, although they do exist within your imaginations, which makes them quite real within your own focuses. (Pause) This is a gentle essence. This is enough for present.

JERI: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: We will break briefly, and maybe Michael may collect his consciousness and decide if he is coming or going, and if he wishes to be incorporated or not after our break.


ELIAS: And now, we incorporate your questions. (Pause)

VICKI: Okay, I’ll go if nobody else wants to go. So, back to the splinter thing. Would a splinter in this physical focus quite often have a belief system, say, of nothing? Of no after-life? You come here, you live, you die? Would that be common?

ELIAS: Sometimes; not always. Splinters often incorporate belief systems, just as aspects of yourself. Sometimes you transfer belief systems that no longer serve you, but were at one point a fascination. Therefore, these splinters sometimes incorporate the fascination also, but do not go beyond this. They do not incorporate the questioning that you do. This is not necessary for them. They are not questioning themselves or wondering of other aspects of themselves, for they themselves are all that is. They do, within their wider consciousness that they are unaware of, incorporate all information of you as being a splinter of you, but within physical manifestation, they focus singularly within the awareness of your projection and follow this path. (Pause)

This is not to say, just as I have stated before, that any splinter at any given point may not experience an awakening within agreement of you and split farther, allowing it to choose its own path, so to speak, and become fragmented. Generally within physical focus, when you have physically manifested splinters, within their consciousness ... although it is not a waking consciousness ... they are aware that their purpose is to be served for experience for the totality of essence, and possess no desire to deviate. (Elias pauses, listening) VICKI: (Whispering) Here comes Mary’s question!

ELIAS: Michael is asking a question also in this manner. I will express, the answer to this question is affirmative, as splintered of Lawrence; this being why the individual focuses basically on what you would view as extra-terrestrial beings and also a mild interest in metaphysical elements, but incorporates a fear aspect which is believed to be needing protection from this, stemming from a religious belief system that no longer is functioning within Lawrence and is unnecessary; therefore this being allowed to be projected to a splinter. This will explain to you your impressions. This also will serve as an example of our discussion between Lawrence and I personally, of impressions not always being interpreted correctly. The identification was there. The interpretation was not completely correct. This also: You will now understand the disdain, for this is aspects of the self that have been discarded as not serving the individual, as you, any longer, therefore being unnecessary and hold no more fascination; this also being the explanation why Michael views an attraction, for this is a splintered consciousness of a twin.

VICKI: That’s very interesting!

ELIAS: You will find that if you are waiting for your answers until your consciousness is ready to allow the incorporation and understanding, it will become quite easy to you to understand aspects that, if I were to be shouting them out to you initially, you would be shaking your heads in disbelief!

VICKI: And do I understand correctly that a splinter would not have other physical focuses unless they made an agreement to fragment?

ELIAS: This is correct; but they do incorporate, as I have said, your experience. Therefore, they may view other developmental focuses within dreams. They also may possess a feeling of other developmental focuses or an identification with certain time periods or elements, this being a reflection of aspects of the individual essence; just as this individual identifies with France and identifies partial memory within dream time of French battles which have been distorted to coincide with historical events, but the memory parallels the actual events.

VICKI: Okay. I just have one more question in this area, and I’ll stop. So I have to ask, is my mother a splinter? (Laughing)

ELIAS: This would not be correct. You may be wishing this to be correct, (laughter) but this essence has shared physical focuses with you and has incorporated itself with you, but is not a splinter. (Long pause)

RON: “K”. Well, I have a question. I’m awake! (Laughter) I know that you have ... through all of the sessions you have mentioned certain truths, and I would just like to hear sort of a run-down of the truths that have come up in our sessions, as opposed to belief systems. I’m aware of some, but I don’t know if there’s ... I know I’ve missed some as well. You could give me some that you haven’t talked about too, if you want! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Some truths. (Pause) Truths are constants that may not be eliminated or annihilated. Energy is a truth. Color is a truth. Vibration is a truth. Reality is a truth. You creating your reality is a truth. Consciousness and its different areas of awareness are truths. You are a truth. Belief systems incorporate a much wider area, for they incorporate much imagination, but even within this, you incorporate truth; for all thought becomes imagination, and all thought is energy, which is truth, which is also reality. Therefore, all imagination is a reality, which is also a truth! (Smiling)

RON: I guess I didn’t want to be that confused! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are wishing me to give you a small box that is saying, “This is Ron’s box of truths.”

RON: Well, yeah.

Vicki’s note: Following is one of the funniest spontaneous exchanges that I have had the pleasure to witness at a session. We should take this guy to the Comedy Store!

ELIAS: I will put this box ... (here, Elias picks up a box of tissues, holds the box up in front of him, looks at Cathy, and says) Did you notice? (He then places the box in front of Ron, sitting to his right, and says) To Ron: This is Ron’s truths box! (Amidst much laughter, he proceeds to pluck tissues out, labeling them one by one, giving them to Ron, saying) This is reality truth! This is essence truth! This is (this tissue gets tossed over his left knee) belief systems! This is color! This is music! This is ... (here, he pulls out quite a few, placing the entire pile in front of Ron) essence! (We are all cracking up) This is a very big pile of truths!

RON: Thank you very much! (Laughing)

ELIAS: You may itemize and number each one.

RON: I’m going to!

ELIAS: And we will incorporate this belief system ... (here, he picks up the belief system tissue, saying) Watch this! (He tosses it over his right shoulder, while we all crack up again. Very funny!) I am getting better! (Grinning widely) Belief systems are those inventions that you create to explain what you do not understand. Truths are unchanging. Reality is a truth, but your viewing of reality is a belief system.

RON: I knew that!

ELIAS: (Humorously) I was already sure that you did! I am sure this was not much helpfulness to you, but if you are wishing to be spending a few eons with me, I may explain to you truths. Amazing, how one small word within your language incorporates such vast amounts of knowledge. I will say to you that all of the truths are within you and accessible to you, and that you may find these truths yourselves. Do not take what another essence expresses to you unquestioningly as truth. You possess the truths already. Do not be misled by belief systems, which are incorporated by others to be misleading. I do not ask that you believe me. I instruct that you believe you. This will lead you to your truths and you will not let you down, so to speak. (Pause) I will find the cup myself also ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Excuse us!

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... for I am incorporating quite clear human vision this evening and may see every expression on every individual’s very lovely faces, including our little one! (Referring to Caleigh, the dog) And we are having no more questions???

TOM: I got a question, Elias. It’s pertaining to Jeri’s mother. (To Jeri) Oh, what is your essence name?

JERI: Fromasch.

TOM: Fromasch? It’s about her mother. She’s got a question about it, and I’ll read it to you. (To Jeri) Can you read it?

JERI: I wouldn’t even know how to word it, but I was just wondering if my mother is alone going through this Alzheimer’s disease, or is there some kind of a guide that takes her along the way. I don’t know how to phrase the question, and I’m not even sure what I’m asking. I’m just ...

ELIAS: Ah! This being in actuality a very good question, for within transition within physical focus you do incorporate much helpfulness. Essences are very willing to be instructing and helpful. What appears to others to be lunacy at times, or rantings and ravings of an individual of things that do not exist, or pure fantasy, are actually recollections of experiences. These individuals are deserving of your wonderment, for they are not incorporating the distress that you believe them to be experiencing. They do experience a portion of distress or unhappiness or sorrow, as you perceive this; this being the physical aspect of this transition. When they are “blinking in”, they are realizing their physical focus. They are mourning their own transition, just as you each mourn for one’s passing; not for a death, so to speak, but for a disconnection and loss of this companionship. These individuals are mourning, in this respect, for their own physical focus; for they are realizing that they are detaching from this physical focus and this body, and this consciousness has become a good friend. They are connected with it. They do experience a joy and compassion for this physical focus. Therefore, temporarily they experience a separation and a sorrowfulness for this separating, but when they are “blinking out” they are experiencing wondrous adventures! They incorporate difficulty in explanation of these adventures, for individuals label them as senile and do not believe their stories, so to speak. These are not stories. They are experiences.

As they move deeper into this transitional state, they blink out more than they are blinking in, as they are moving farther from the physical body into the non-physical manifestation. The area of consciousness becomes wider, and the separation from physical form becomes more dim. Sometimes within this period they may experience, during their blinking in period, a forgetfulness of what they were experiencing while they were blinking out; this being no different than you when you are aware that you were dreaming, but you cannot recall what the dream was.

They are aware that this transition is happening. They do not understand, and they do not know how to express this to the individuals around them. Each time they are blinking out, there are individuals there instantaneously to be with them, to be instructing them. Some are physically-focused individuals experiencing the same focus of blinking in and out; this which you call senility. (Pause, as Jim arrives) We are welcoming to Yarr.

JIM: Good evening, Elias.

ELIAS: Some are recognizing the affection for their physical creation of form and not wishing to be blinking out completely. Therefore, they make the choice to be helpful and instructing to those about to pass to a new focus. They may turn and view their physical bodies; and these instructing individuals, while taking form from essence, may incorporate a young, vital image and view the older motionless body with great affection, realizing its experiences and how it has served their experiential developmental focus very well. For this reason, they choose to allow the physical expression its own time, if it is wishing, partially ... or in terms that you may understand, to continue. Even though the consciousness may not be incorporated continuously, they will choose to allow this to continue; realizing that this friend, in affection, may be allowed to continue until it decides to cease. This is a choice that you may make. I have expressed to you that your body expression does possess a consciousness separate from your consciousness. It is a collective consciousness of the cells incorporated within a physical manifestation. After a period of time, the consciousness of this physical expression may continue without your consciousness physically inhabiting it continuously. Therefore, in affection, some individuals allow this occurrence. Some do not. Some choose to be discarding of the physical expression and moving into their new focus, or readying themselves to be physically incorporated once again, as per their choice. As we have spoken before, this being a more desirable transition choice for physical focus, as you may incorporate helpfulness from many other essences which will be easing your way, so to speak. Transition experienced after you have ended physical focus is experienced solitary. Therefore, it may incorporate much more of what you term to be a time element, and also may, depending on your belief systems, incorporate a much more frightening experience, or traumatic.

Within physical focus, this in actuality is a very beautiful transition. I am understanding that within families of these individuals, this may tend to be a very uncomfortable situation, for they do not understand that you are incorporating great care and concern for these individuals. This many times creates conflict for the families. Understanding of the actuality of the experience may be helpful.

You may think to yourself that this individual has lost all sanity. In actuality, they are incorporating a true understanding of simultaneous time. There are no barriers, and they view this. Therefore, they may at one moment seem to be experiencing their childhood and a trip to a beach, and within the next moment they may be experiencing a terror for anticipation of a college grade, and within the next moment they may be experiencing their children when they were small, and they were a young, blossoming mother.

They may view you as being a small child, as they view you physically at the age that you are. They are seeing in actuality both, one focus superimposed upon another; the younger child being the more predominant picture that they view, and the more audible voice that they hear. Therefore, they respond to this more. Each of these aspects are temporary. This you may view in actuality as not confusion, but a recognition of viewing all aspects of the self at the same time; therefore incorporating less separation and being more prepared for non-physical focus.

JERI: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. She will be fine, and you also will be.

JERI: One more question. I don’t mean to take up so much time, but it kind of goes along with this. Can or does my essence speak to my mother’s essence?

ELIAS: Absolutely; and also, within this and within physical focus, realize that when she is speaking to you, that you are thinking that she does not recognize you. She does. She only recognizes you differently than you appear at this present moment, but there are many aspects of you also that she may recognize. You now are not the same as you were at eighteen, or at two, or will be at seventy. She may view all of these aspects of you and speak to any of them. Therefore, when you are viewing what you think is a vacant look, it is only a peering beyond a physical manifestation in the broader reality.

JERI: Thank you, Elias. (Cathy’s note: I cannot hear our new gentle essence, she speaks so softly, but I can feel her words)

ELIAS: You are very welcome. (Pause)

CATHY: Is my mother incorporating the beginning of this process?

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Another wishful thinker! (Much laughter)

CATHY: “K”. Fine! (Laughing, and another pause)

VICKI: Are we going to play our game tonight?

ELIAS: Ah, the game! Yes! We may begin our game! (To Vicki) Obviously, you have questions!

VICKI: Oh sure ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Look at these eager beavers!

VICKI: (Continuing) ... it’s been a fun week for the game!

ELIAS: I am realizing of this. (Pause)

VICKI: Well, shall I go first?

TOM: Might as well.

JO: Start!

VICKI: Sure I will!

ELIAS: I will interrupt for one moment, and I will express that you (Guin) may inform your dear friend, good connecting and recognizing!

TOM: (Interrupting) For James?

GUIN: She will be very happy to hear that.

ELIAS: And she may not be distressed with my games, for they are harmless, but very fun!

TOM: (Interrupting) Who are they talking about?

GUIN: She’ll get more used to them! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Continue.

VICKI: Well, I will start with Michael’s question. He would like to connect a tiger with the essence of Mikaki.

ELIAS: One point!

VICKI: My question for this evening is, I would like to connect a white seal with the essence of Elias.

ELIAS: One point!

TOM: (Interrupting) How did you get that?

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Now you may also incorporate a bit of information to Michael, as he has forgotten. Express to him, think white seal, and feel what he remembers.

VICKI: Okay. (Long pause)

ELIAS: And no other???

GUIN: Well, I’ll go, ‘cause I have, I got a few, so if a couple are wrong, it’s okay. I would like to connect an owl with Mamandy.

ELIAS: An owl ... one point!

GUIN: That’s a bummer though. I can’t ask my other questions!

VICKI: I have more tonight too, but oh well!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have more questions! I have more questions! (To Vicki) I shall give you Ron’s truths box ...

RON: (Interrupting) Wait! That’s mine! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (To Ron) Excuse! (To Vicki) You may not have Ron’s truths box! You will have to find another box for your questions! (Laughter) VICKI: Okay ...

JIM: I have one. I would like to connect Miranda with Mercury.

ELIAS: Ah, planets! One point for Yarr!

JIM: Thank you.

CATHY: Okay. I’m going for moon on Mobowah.

JIM: (Laughing) That’s catchy!

ELIAS: (To Vicki) This is sounding like a tune!

TOM: An old song!

JIM: I think you got a hit there!

ELIAS: We will be asking Ron to be writing a song, of “Moon over Mobowah”! (Pause, and then to Cathy) You may try again!

JIM: (Interrupting) Catchy tune, but no Oscar!

JO: (Interrupting) I would like to connect cannabis with Miranda!

ELIAS: This will not be an incorporation in plants! (Much laughter)

JIM: (Laughing) Even the ones that are real obvious?!

JERI: This is fun to watch!

ELIAS: We will give one point to Elias! (Laughter, and a pause) Nor will we incorporate peyote, either! (More laughter)

JIM: Mushrooms, everything is out! (More laughter)

CATHY: (Continuing) Mobowah with earth.

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: You’re going to make me go to the one I don’t want to. How about the fear emotion with Mobowah?

ELIAS: Incorrect!

CATHY: Fine! Topaz for the gem!

ELIAS: Correct! (Much laughter)

JERI: What was it? (Everybody starts talking, trying to explain) GUIN: You always save the ones you know for like last.

ELIAS: Shynla will keep trying, until she is receiving a point!

JO: I’d like to connect fire with Miranda.

ELIAS: Incorrect! (Pause)

JO: How about earth with Miranda?

JIM: We already did.

JO: Oh, you already did that?

JIM: Mercury, the planet Mercury.

JO: No, no, I don’t mean Earth. I mean in the elements; fire, wind, earth ...

ELIAS: Earth with Miranda ... one point! (Long pause) And James???

TOM: Yes, James. Don’t even talk to James about the game. James is so far un-in-touch with the game. I’ve looked at this game board so many times, Elias, and I just get lost!

ELIAS: You may try!

TOM: Well, you know what I do, you know what I do. Games. It’s like Monopoly to me. It’s, you know, I can take it or leave it.

ELIAS: Ah, but it is fun! (Much laughter)

TOM: But, but, but ... it is! Don’t get me wrong! I enjoy it! I enjoy the hell out of this, watching you guys and listening and laughing, but I get so much interest in these transcripts! I broaden my mind so much!

ELIAS: And you must also ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Yeah, I know. It’s not fun.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... incorporate fun!

TOM: I know. I know. I know!

ELIAS: And playing games ...

TOM: (Interrupting) is fun!

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... is fun, and it is connecting ... TOM: (Interrupting) It is connecting, I know.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... and it is instructing.

TOM: Ah! Okay, gotcha on that one.

ELIAS: Not all knowledge comes from books.

TOM: (Interrupting) And transcripts, and Elias.

ELIAS: (Continuing) Therefore ...

TOM: (Interrupting) James better connect with something.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... make an attempt!

TOM: How about James with diamond? (Pause) Try again, I know. James with Mobomba. Who is he?

JO: (Speaking slowly) Mobowah.

TOM: Mobowah. No, I can’t see Mobowah with James. I, I’ll work on it this week for you.

ELIAS: Agreed.

TOM: Agreed. Promise. And you know I’ll do it!

ELIAS: This is acceptable.

TOM: Thank you. Yeah, James hasn’t got a point yet, has he?

JERI: (Says some inaudible words of encouragement)

TOM: No, I ain’t got anything! How can I (inaudible)

JO: The trick is, to connect yourself with (inaudible)

ELIAS: Ah, but you will.

TOM: I’m sure I will, now that I have to concentrate on it.

Typist’s note: This conversation goes on, and is partially inaudible. I am not going to attempt to include the rest of it.

Typist’s suggestion: Maybe we can all try to save “conversation” for the break, and before and after sessions!

RON: I’d like to connect Paul with the planet Earth.

ELIAS: Paul with Earth ... one point! (To Vicki) This was a surprise, connected with grounding! He is so predictable! I ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Did you get help on that, Vicki?

ELIAS: (Continuing) I, on the other hand, incorporate much surprise!

GUIN: Elias, I wanted to ask you about adding more categories to our game.

TOM: (Interrupting) Oh, Guin!

GUIN: (Continuing) Would food be another category?

TOM: (Interrupting) Wait a second. Wait a second! Low fat foods? High in protein or high in cholesterol?

GUIN: I just want to know if foods are going to be a category!

TOM: (Interrupting) Apples or oranges?

GUIN: Food, period. Food.

TOM: (Interrupting) Okay. In and Out?

GUIN: (Obviously getting frustrated) Let me find out first!

TOM: (Interrupting) That’s a broad, broad area.

ELIAS: (Finally jumping in) No.

GUIN: Okay, what about senses?


TOM: (Interrupting) Your essence, sessence. Senses?

GUIN: (Continuing) As in hearing, touch,

TOM: (Interrupting) Feel, smell ...

GUIN: (To Elias) Those kind of senses, right?

ELIAS: You are limiting to outward senses. No!

GUIN: No, but I mean, in that you don’t mean senses as in like the scents of an incense. Never mind. I get it.

TOM: (Interrupting) Senses. That’s all senses, right Elias?

ELIAS: (To Vicki) Or we may be incorporating “centses”, as pennies!

TOM: (Interrupting) Centses? Okay, I connect Tom with a nickel.

GUIN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Michael ...

TOM: (Interrupting) That’s all the senses.

ELIAS: (Continuing) Michael is going to be incorporating distress with my game! And now, I will incorporate a new game! (Grinning)

TOM: (Interrupting) Boy! Maybe I got a chance!

ELIAS: You may incorporate with this game more easily, or maybe not!

TOM: You already know I will!

ELIAS: Our new game will be a dream game.

TOM: (Interrupting) Oh, great! Past dreams, do you count them?

ELIAS: (Patiently) You may.

TOM: Okay. I connect Tom, my physical focus, with James, in my last dream. (Laughter)

ELIAS: We will express a point for James for trying! (More laughter)

VICKI: (Interrupting) I would ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Hey ...

VICKI: (Re-interrupting) I would like to express something to James!

TOM: Okay.

VICKI: (Who is experiencing extreme conflict just thinking about the difficulty involved in the transcribing of this session) You’re gonna transcribe this tape, and write every single word you said down! (We all crack up)

TOM: What? Am I talking too much?

GROUP: Yes! (Amidst much laughter)

TOM: I didn’t know there was a limit!

ELIAS: There is no limit. TOM: Well, I just got informed there was!

VICKI: It will just be your tape to transcribe, that’s all!

ELIAS: Elias will over-ride this ...

TOM: (Suddenly realizing that he is talking over the top of Elias) Excuse me, Elias? I’m sorry! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Elias will override this suggestion, and you may speak as you wish. (More laughter, and moans and groans from the group)

TOM: Thank you. Okay, dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams ...

ELIAS: Now: Within the beginning of our dream game, you will be constructing a focus. Therefore, each piece which is inserted into the design will be deserving of a point. You may construct a new city, which will be belonging to you. Remember, this will be for what you term future focuses to view; and as the Seers, what do you wish to leave them? They shall ...

TOM: (Interrupting) What do you wish to leave them?

ELIAS: (Continuing) They shall uncover your city and your instructions and your imagination. What will you leave them to be finding, ruins or imagination? I would construct a living city to be discovered. Therefore, you have many elements that you may create to be placed into this creation of this city, and you have vast leeway for imagination. Enlist the help of your essence aspects, and your blinking out, to help you to construct an imaginative scene, remembering that each piece that you place into this city will be added to all others, and all will be incorporated together. Therefore, do not be creating upside-down buildings hanging in the sky, for who will live there? Each creation that you design becomes a reality. Remember this. (Pause) We will begin our new game, simultaneous with our present game, Sunday. (Pause) Good dreaming!

JO: I have a question; unrelated, but a question. My counterpart friend, Ed, dreams constantly that he’s killed in various ways, and always ends up in a cold, dark, small space, but a very comfortable space. I wonder if you could give me an interpretation of that?

ELIAS: Now, I will express to Joseph; how may you interpret this? What would you express to Elias that this symbolizes?

JO: Wanting to be in a comfortable space?

ELIAS: But you are eliminating the incorporation of death.

JO: I don’t think death is necessarily an uncomfortable thing. ELIAS: But he is being killed and incorporating death in a small, dark place, but being comfortable. Incorporate two words.

JO: I’m drawing a blank.

ELIAS: My most favorite words; belief systems! Many of you are quite comfortable within your belief systems, not wishing to be letting go of these, but they are also quite confining and not allowing of an awareness, which would be symbolized by light.

JO: Knowing his belief systems, that’s quite correct. Thanks.

TOM: I got a question. What’s my relationship with my parent’s past life? Also, my transitions between past physical focus, were they short or were they long? I only ask that question simply because in one of the transcripts you were talking about children that were uncontrollable, and you said their transitional times were too short.

ELIAS: So, you are trying to correlate ...

TOM: In some fashion, yeah.

ELIAS: Incorrect. You are not jettisoning into the physical focus and not allowing yourself time for transition. You have allowed yourself time for transition. You have chosen the focuses that you have experienced for exactly those reasons. You have had some transitional periods longer than others, this being incorporated by what you may term a stubborn streak ... (looking at Vicki) which some essences have no idea of this at all! (Laughter) You also ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Everybody’s pointing fingers at themselves!

ELIAS: (Continuing) You also, in like kind with many other essences, have incorporated in non-physical form within transition time, so to speak, a stubbornness of ideas, and wishing to move through certain belief systems then, and refusal to incorporate any other focus until this was accomplished; this being to your benefit many times within physical focus. You choose the experience that you have for excitement.

TOM: I’ve got plenty of that!

ELIAS: You will find that many individuals, within this time now, incorporate the same element. They may choose to do this in different ways, but your race has become so bored with their belief systems that they must incorporate other elements to stimulate them. Many times, essences incorporate emotional aspects to be the stimuli. Emotions incorporate a wide area of experiences and may be felt from very slight to very extreme, giving you quite a variety of experiences and also occupying yourself quite effectively. TOM: Thank you. You’re right on.

ELIAS: This being in common with Michael and Lawrence, who create conflict to avoid boredom! (Laughter) Therefore, they may relate to you quite well!

TOM: Thank you.

ELIAS: Unlike Sophia, (smiling affectionately) who incorporates self-judgment or denial to avoid boredom, this being more destructive. We must work on this!

GUIN: I’m trying!

TOM: Well, let’s go around the room! Don’t stop there!

ELIAS: Individuals all incorporate different ways to keep themselves stimulated. This also, relating to our previous discussion, will show you the difference, of those of you who are actual aspect personalities of essence as opposed to those who are splintered counterparts, not worrying about boredom, for they do not become bored. They are quite pleased being mundane. (Pause)

VICKI: I have one more question from Michael. He wants you to comment a little more on the book that we are reading.

ELIAS: Ah ...

TOM: (Interrupting) The book, the book ...

ELIAS: (Continuing) So now it is becoming more clear! I will acknowledge this as an awareness, or a partial awareness, of identifications, which Lawrence incorporates also; this being a connection of the twins. Other individuals may relate to this information, or story, as a story very well-written. Lawrence and Michael will relate to this on a different level, so to speak. I will explain to you that the individual author of this and many other books was quite connected within physical focus, not only with one essence but with all others also, which served as inspiration.

This ... as were all, not some, not one, but all of this author’s fictional compositions ... is in actuality a viewing of reality, this reality being directly connected with Michael and Lawrence, unbeknownst to the author; this being why you feel an identification. I will also express an acknowledgment of connection of characters, of two and two, for they are correct. Now you will understand why I was expressing that you would be connecting with this illustration much differently. (The book is Oversoul 7)

VICKI: That was an understatement! ELIAS: This will serve to spark memories and aid in widening awareness. There are no accidents! (Pause)

CATHY: I have a couple of validation questions, if you were done with your thought. Were you?

ELIAS: (Grinning) My thought was past before it was begun in language! (Laughter)

CATHY: Is Amos still channeling through Lynn?

ELIAS: You are speaking of physically ... they are connected ... as within physical focus, no.

CATHY: Is Amos preparing Sue?

ELIAS: This is dependent upon an agreement. This is a probability, but it is also a choice.

CATHY: Thanks.

ELIAS: This probability, though, will be quite convoluted if certain elements are not eliminated first. There are belief systems incorporated that must be dealt with and moved through before any true connection may be incorporated with essence. Otherwise, much distortion will occur; and within this process, many times you will end up with gibberish. (Pause)

CATHY: Would the reading of our transcripts be helpful for her? (Pause, then answering her own question) If she chose to read them.

ELIAS: If she is choosing to be reading of this material, possibly. Once again, this incorporates belief systems which are blocking, and also individuals who are influencing in continuing and furthering these belief systems. A moving through and a dropping away must be incorporated first. (Pause)

CATHY: Damn this physical focus! She’s so far away!

ELIAS: (Grinning) Only as far as your thoughts, for your energy knows no physical distance. You may incorporate helpfulness in conjunction with offering information if you are wishing, for your connection is strong. (Pause)

CATHY: Yes, it is. Thanks, I think! (Pause)

ELIAS: Yarr is quite quiet, in the distance.

JIM: I have a question. I’ve been feeling a different, pulsating energy in my chest, centered in the very center. ELIAS: Yes.

JIM: I know this is something else that is (inaudible)

ELIAS: You may incorporate more than one ...

JIM: (Interrupting) Yes. One essence.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... more ...

JIM: (Interrupting) Pardon me?

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... more than one essence.

JIM: It’s a different feeling. So this is another essence?

ELIAS: This is correct.

JIM: Oh. That’s what I thought.

TOM: (Interrupting) Do you get a point for that?

JIM: Huh?

TOM: A point!

JIM: I got my point long ago, when I felt it. (Laughing, and then to Elias) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: Is this a healing energy as well?

ELIAS: This is correct. This is a preparation. You may be choosing to follow this direction. It has incorporated with your own desire quite easily, and the flow has begun. You need only trust your ability to follow, and allow this energy to be actualized.

JIM: Exciting! Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing more questions? (Pause)

TOM: Thank you for the entertaining night!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and thank you!

TOM: Well, you’re welcome!

ELIAS: For I am always entertaining! Then I will be departing ...

TOM: (Interrupting) See you when I’m building my castle!

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... and I will be expressing fondness to Fromasch, and a hopefulness to be viewing this individual again; and I will leave you to your constructing, and creating, and connecting, and blinking ...

TOM: (Interrupting) And face-rubbing!

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... until our next “close encounter”! (Laughter)

TOM: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! What good book you got for me to read?

ELIAS: I will be leaving this to the physically focused individuals, as these books are physically focused; and anyway, I am much more interesting than any written pages ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Okay. I’ll read your stuff.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... and if you are wishing to be reading of written material, you may be reading my volumes ...

TOM: (Interrupting) I will do that.

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... or not ...

TOM: (Interrupting) Maybe not!

ELIAS: (Continuing) ... or you may be experiencing, instead!

TOM: I think I’ll experience!

ELIAS: I will bid you all a very fond and loving adieu.

Elias departs at 9:39 PM.