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Session 1011ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you that although essence is not a thing, it may be more closely associated with the idea of an entity. In this, each focus is an attention of that entity, which may or may not be expressed in physical form. There are countless attentions of each essence. Some of those attentions are manifest in physical form; many are not. FRANK: As focuses? The attentions are focuses, even though they're not objective? ELIAS: A focus essentially is specifically defined as a focus of attention. Therefore it matters not whether the focus of attention is choosing to project a physical manifestation or not. The essence is choosing to be exploring all avenues of self, physical and nonphysical. The physical expression of exploration is merely another creative avenue in which the essence may experiment with the manipulation of energy of itself to invent new manners of exploring itself.
Session 622Within this physical dimension, essence manifests focuses in quite specific manners to be creating of certain types of functions and perceptions. In this, you may focus within this dimension in a type of functioning manner which manifests in four categories, so to speak. Now; these functions — which are identified as emotional focus, thought focus, religious or political focuses — are influencing of your perception. Your perception is the tool that you incorporate in this physical dimension which creates your reality, and in a manner of speaking, processes information concerning your reality. In this, the type of focus that you incorporate — such as an emotional focus — is influencing of the function of your perception; how it shall process the information that you intake and how it shall express the creation of your reality. In this, emotionally focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center. All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality. Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally focused individual. Individuals that are religious focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought focused shall process information through the purple energy center. This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension. Now; this particular function is influencing of how you create your reality, for it is influencing of your perception within this physical reality. In this, in similar manner to your physical nervous system within your physical body, it is influencing of the functioning and the creations of different elements of your physical body. Your blood flow, your organ functions, your physical movement and motor abilities are affected by the influence of your physical nervous system. This nervous system that you incorporate physically is an integral element of your physical body functioning. In similar manner, the type of focus that you create in any particular manifestation is also influencing of all of your creation of your reality. It is influencing of your personality type, it is influencing of your perception, and it is the manner in which you process information in relation to this physical reality. Now; in simplistic terms, emotionally focused individuals respond inwardly to information and stimulus through the yellow energy center and the responsiveness of their emotions. This is not to say that individuals that are emotionally focused do not also process information and incorporate the functions of all other types of focuses, but that they initially input and output their creations and their reality through the expression of emotion. Individuals that incorporate thought focus within a particular manifestation input and output through the action of thought initially. Those individuals that incorporate the focus of religious focus input and output through feeling; not emotion, but through feeling. Those individuals that incorporate political focus input and output through sensation. Therefore, each of these identifications of a particular design of manifestation within any focus creates a type of color lens, so to speak, through which the individual shall perceive their reality.
Session 80I do not use the word lifetime, for when I incorporate this word, I use this to mean the totality of your physical experience, which encompasses many of what you term lifetimes; but as there is no beginning or ending, this is separating. Also, each lifetime, as you term this, is a focus. It is a focus of essence, and occurs simultaneously to all other focuses. Therefore, all of which you term to be past lives are individual focuses of your essence, viewing and experiencing physical development. Therefore, I incorporate this word developmental focus. You also possess many future developmental focuses, as you do past; for all time is simultaneous. It is only relative to your own physical perception. Therefore, as I have expressed to other individuals, you do not progress upon a linear scale. You are not moving in a line, from past to present to future. You are all encompassed at once, within a state of continual becoming. All of your focuses are simultaneous. This is a difficult concept. For the present, we shall speak in terms of time as you understand.
Session 854Yes, for all of your manifestations are simultaneous. Therefore, you are not engaging reincarnation. You are not re-manifesting again and again. This focus that you incorporate presently is unique to itself and may not be recreated, for it is uniquely your expression. The identification of a final focus or that which is interpreted as a continuing focus or a beginning focus are merely designations of position. A beginning focus is that which occupies the position of initiating all of the manifestations within one dimension. They all occur simultaneously, regardless of your linear time frameworks. A final focus is also a designation of position, that focus which generates the signal to disengage all of the focuses within a particular physical dimension. It is not necessarily what you may term in linear time to be the last focus in time frameworks, for you incorporate future focuses of yourself. This matters not, for you are designated as a position, a signal, rather than a time framework. A continuing focus identifies themselves as not incorporating the role or the position of the signal of being the initiating focus or the disengaging focus.