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Group Session Transcripts and Audios

Session Year


166"Inner Senses/Differential Time"Sunday, April 20, 1997Transcript
167"Questions Upon Questions About Questions"Sunday, April 27, 1997Transcript
171"The Secrets Session II"Sunday, May 4, 1997Transcript
173"Genetics/Families"Sunday, May 11, 1997Transcript
176"Genetics/DNA & RNA"Sunday, May 25, 1997Transcript
179"Genetic Encoding/Unrecognized Elements"Sunday, June 1, 1997Transcript
182"Genetics/The Fireworks Analogy/Dimensional Fragmen"Sunday, June 8, 1997Transcript
184"A Family Reunion"Friday, June 20, 1997Transcript
188"BeliefSystemsBeliefSystemsBeliefSystems"Sunday, June 29, 1997Transcript
190"A Wave in Consciousness"Sunday, July 6, 1997Transcript
193"Duality and Change"Sunday, July 13, 1997Transcript
196"Change/Healing/Acceptance"Sunday, July 20, 1997Transcript
200"The Pyramid"Sunday, July 27, 1997Transcript
203"Shifting Probabilities"Sunday, August 3, 1997Transcript
205"Questions"Sunday, August 10, 1997Transcript
208"Essence Family Intents/Creation of Physical Realit"Sunday, August 17, 1997Transcript
210"Essence Family Intents/Source Events"Sunday, August 24, 1997Transcript
212"Responses to Mass Events/There Is No Separation"Sunday, August 31, 1997Transcript
215"Essence Family Counterparts"Sunday, September 7, 1997Transcript
217"Acceptance 102 in Nine Easy Steps"Sunday, September 14, 1997Transcript
221"Photons & Slits"Sunday, September 21, 1997Transcript
223"Sequential Creation/A Century of Change"Sunday, September 28, 1997Transcript
226"Weird Group Energy"Sunday, October 5, 1997Transcript
229"The Reality of Reality Is Becoming a Reality"Sunday, October 19, 1997Transcript
233"Glimpsing Future Probabilities"Sunday, November 2, 1997Transcript
237"Dream Walker Interaction/Gramada"Sunday, November 9, 1997Transcript
238"Dream Walker Interaction/Vold"Sunday, November 16, 1997Transcript
242"Dream Walker Interaction/Ilda"Sunday, November 23, 1997Transcript
246"Dream Walker Interaction/Sumari"Sunday, November 30, 1997Transcript
247"Dream Walker Interaction/Zuli"Sunday, December 7, 1997Transcript
250"Dream Walker Interaction/Tumold"Sunday, December 14, 1997Transcript
252"Oh When the Saints Came Marching In!"Sunday, December 21, 1997Transcript
253"Fear"Sunday, December 28, 1997Transcript