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Session 253

"I expressed examples of individuals and experiences. If you are experiencing joyfulness, happiness, a gift, you are receiving of this, you are experiencing this, and you allow this to fly away. You do not hold to it. Therefore, you view happiness or joyfulness as fleeting, for you merely view it for what it is -- an experience -- and you allow this experience to fly away. You do not hold to this experience. But if you are creating of what you believe to be a negative experience -- a painful, a fearful, a hurtful experience -- you hold to this. You play your game of your cat and mouse; and even as the mouse is dead, you continue to bat with the mouse and play and examine and toss about this dead mouse, for it fascinates you! "

Session 255

You have allowed yourselves en masse a time framework that you allow yourselves to move into natural expression. A natural expression of essence is to be expressing, in THIS particular physical focus, within giving and compassion and lovingness to each other. Therefore, you allow yourselves what you term to be a season for this. You allow yourself a mass expression each of your years to be celebrating those natural expressions of yourselves, to be connecting, to be allowing less separation, to be identifying within your belief systems all that you hold to be beauteous and good.

Session 258

VICKI: It just seems to be such a vague action, this action of accepting oneself.

ELIAS: Not vague at all!

VICKI: Vague as far as DOING it, to us here in physical focus.

ELIAS: Each time you are discounting of yourself, you are not accepting. This may be quite obvious to you. This is an objective action. You need not search for clues. You are not dealing with your elusive subjective activity. This is quite objective!

Session 259

"I may sit before you all for the next twenty years and expound upon the subjects of how you create your reality and offer you exercises and offer you information, and you shall NOT be accomplishing objectively until YOU are noticing and YOU are offering yourself objectively your own information; for although you believe yourselves to pay close attention to these words, you pay closer attention to your own selves. You pay closer attention to your own experiences and the information that you offer yourself, for this within yourselves is MORE REAL than my offering to you. "

Session 259

Another element that you hold very strongly within the area of duplicity is the belief system that you are you, and essence is a thing outside of you which is directing of your reality. This stems from your belief systems dealing with duplicity. You devalue yourselves. You discount yourselves, and therefore you hold belief systems that there is some element outside of yourself that is greater than you and may be directing of your focus, for the focus is less than essence, which it is not.

Session 260

The most efficient method for altering your reality in areas that are creating conflict is to be addressing to those belief systems that are influencing of your creation. The most efficient method for this action is to be looking to what you are creating within the NOW.

Session 261

Within the now, you may view your choices more clearly.

Session 264

If you ARE truly focusing your attention within the now, you shall be offering yourself information in regard to your conflict, and you shall also be allowing yourself to dissipate the conflict itself by focusing upon the moment.

Session 270

The acceptance of a belief system is the entire lack of judgment connected with the particular belief system in any area.

Session 278

Shall I express to you the secret of physical focus, the secret of acceptance of a belief system, the meaning of life? You shall be the first! I shall offer it personally to you, and you may express this to the multitudes!

The secret is ... it matters not!

Session 279

If you are approaching the situation from the angle of neutralizing the belief system, you are attempting to engage an action in like manner to attack of a belief system. This shall not accomplish what you wish to be accomplishing!

Session 297

Relationships are not limited to male/female or intimate relationships in romantic areas, but the belief system of relationships is much broader and much more affecting than individuals allow themselves to view and to notice. In this, all of the different aspects of any type of relationship cross over each other into all other types of relationships. Individuals lean in the direction of separating and boxing different types of relationships into certain categories, and in this action they do not allow themselves to view all of the other affecting elements that are attached to the belief system of relationships.

Session 302

If I shall express to any of you, within all of my engagements with you within physical interaction, any quote that shall be remembered, it shall become It matters not, for your expressions are merely those of experience. You are immensely - underline immensely - vaster than your comprehension of yourselves within this one particular physical focus, and this vastness of self is available to you. You are not limited to the understanding of only this one focus. You hold ALL of essence within you. It is NOT a being outside of you. Your relationship with yourself is not a relationship which is engaged with some elusive entity that floats about outside of you. Information that you allow yourselves to connect to is NOT outside of you. ALL of the information is held within you.

Session 323

I encourage you to offer the information, and as it is accepted, you may continue to be offering of the information. But if an individual is not drawing themselves to the information, you shall also hold an awareness of this. The point is not to be creating of judgments, but merely to be offering information to individuals for their own helpfulness and lessening of their own trauma. You are not in the business, so to speak, of conversion, for there is no thing to be converted to! You are not offering a philosophy to convert individuals in the direction of following your philosophy or my philosophy. You are merely offering information of reality that may be helpful to individuals that draw themselves to the information, that they may be lessening their own elements of trauma within the action of this shift in consciousness.

Session 331

Your attention in this direction merely is perpetuating!

Each time that you are placing a judgment upon yourself in ANY area, you are perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, and you are reinforcing your own strength in energy in holding to this belief system. You are not accepting of this belief system.

Session 341

ELIAS: Quite, for as you move in the direction that is not in alignment with your intent, you also shall be creating more of a thickness within your focus.

Therefore, it shall appear to you as the difference between moving through your air and moving through MUD. (Grinning)

Session 343

Therefore, I express to you that your most helpful engagement with yourself in this area is to be allowing yourself to view each aspect of what you experience in the area of conflict and irritation, and each time you are experiencing these elements, you may express to yourself that you are confronting yourself with an aspect of the belief system, and in that, you may address to the aspect of the belief system that you are viewing and allow yourself to be accepting of that, and therefore lessen your own conflict. As you hold to these aspects of the belief system and justify within yourself, you merely reinforce the belief system and all of its aspects, and in that action, you are moving yourself into what we have designated as the trauma of this shift, which we are offering information to be avoiding that action.

Session 344

Many individuals view these expectations of self as their motivating force. You need not hold expectations of yourself any more than you need hold expectations of other individuals, and this shall not deplete your motivation or your desires.

Session 346

You allow yourselves to become more familiar with you and your own consciousness, and you allow yourselves to begin to accept and trust - genuinely trust - yourselves, and in this you also open to more of your own communication of essence, and as you allow more of your own communication, you also open yourself to more of your own abilities. I have expressed from the onset of these sessions, there is no thing that you may not accomplish within physical focus! It is merely your belief systems and your lack of trust within yourselves that prevent you from accomplishing and limit your abilities. Within this very present now, if you are choosing to be moving your physical form through objects of physical matter, you may. It is your choice, but you do not believe this!

Session 350

The truth of reality is that you are learning within this physical dimension [that] no other action or choice that is created within this reality dictates to you your choices and your reality, and this is quite different from all of the messages you have received previously! I express to you that IT MATTERS NOT. Your behavior, your choices, your experiences, your acceptance, is not dictated to you by any other individual, situation, circumstance, action, behavior, event. It is all magnificently YOUR choice, and THIS is the truth of you create your reality!

Session 351

This is the baseline of this action of this shift in consciousness, and this shift in consciousness is that movement which shall be creating of these very desires that you hold, in opening your awareness objectively to the wonders of consciousness that within physical focus, you have not allowed yourselves to view previously.

Session 354

But what you are offering yourself presently is the opportunity to be allowing yourself to be trusting of yourself, and allowing your situations and probabilities to merely unfold themselves.

Session 355

As you lend energy without expectation, you concern yourself with the present now, and merely validate the individual and their expression and their BEINGNESS. In expressing energy in validating another individual's beingness, there is acceptance, and in this acceptance, there is a receiving of energy, and in this receiving of energy, it shall be assimilated and constructed within their own framework of their reality to be the most beneficial. It is unnecessary to be projecting futurely.

Session 356

In this, your greatest affectingness shall be to acknowledge these aspects of belief systems and not be placing judgment upon them, accepting that you hold these belief systems [and] allowing yourself to move into a temporary expression of this, that you may also allow yourself to let go of some of the energy that you project so very strongly into these aspects of belief systems.

Session 357

The key to all of this movement in addressing to belief systems or participating within this shift in consciousness is the movement into the acceptance of self - acceptance and trusting of self - and the knowing that there is no element outside of yourself which is creating of your reality, but that YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself.

Session 358

I have expressed this many times, and individuals - and yourself - continue to not quite understand that this is the base line to all of your creations and all of your conflicts in every area, involving every aspect of every belief system. The key is to look to self and to allow yourself to begin the acceptance of self in every area of your expression. In doing this, it shall matter not, and you shall eliminate your conflict.

Session 360

I may not stress to you enough the importance of focusing your attention upon self and allowing yourself to be accepting and trusting of self, for this is ultimately the most influencing action that you may be engaging within physical focus.

Session 374

Let us express a small analogy in this area. If you are following a rabbit, and you are concentrating and watching upon this rabbit, and you view this rabbit to be disappearing into a hole, and you focus your attention singularly upon the continuation of viewing merely the hole that the rabbit has disappeared into, you may not notice the rabbit reappearing behind you, as it has emerged from another hole and presents itself to you once again.

In this, I am expressing to you to be noticing of ALL that is around you, all that is occurring and is presented about you, and in this, you may be opening to your periphery, and in that opening, you shall be offering yourself information more efficiently to be widening your awareness and to be offering yourself your accomplishment.

Session 390

I express to you that it is unnecessary that you hold an understanding of all elements of your reality objectively, for you DO hold an understanding subjectively.

Session 398

I have not expressed to any individual that you may be acquiring all that you seek without action. I AM expressing to you that your action may be effortless, but this is not expressing to you that you may not engage any action at all, for this is how you have created this physical reality, that you engage action, and this produces a thing. You seek a thing, and in the production of that thing, you must be implementing action.

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